Bulls Beat #258 - Solid start

Bulls Beat #258 - Solid start

The Bulls kicked off the season 2-1 showing us exactly what we expected to see.

Bulls Beat #258 - Solid start

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  • GOD!!!... I hope some trades are made to get this team some offensive talent. Even when Rose gets back the offense won't be that much better. MAYO had 40 points last night, he could've been with the Bulls but I won't get into that cause I'm not trying to get PO on a Sunday morning. Hopefully Boozer and RIP have good first half of the season so some other team will be interested on trading for them in some kind of package to bring the Bulls some better efficient scoring talent. I don't see no other way the Bulls front office improve this team and give Rose better help. And I hope their not depending on the euro guy and the possible top pick from the Bobcats cause that would be very depressing.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You kind of got my blood boiling with the Mayo report, so I had to go check the box score. It looks like he "only" scored 30, mostly on 7-10 from the 3 point line.

    that is still a lot better return on $4 million per year than Klanks usual 1-8 night. In fact, in Rose's absence it will be interesting to see if any Bull scores 30 points this season, maybe Nate will go nuts one night.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    missing out on Mayo was terrible but even others like etwaun moore who has been playing well for the magic, scored 15 tonight, solid defender as well and could of been had for practically nothing. The Bulls are simply an organization that doesn't value scorers and three point shooters like other teams do. The Bulls expect Rose to have all the pressure and stress put on him to score while others watch or brick midrange jumpers....Part of the blame should also go on
    thibs since he is stubborn to make adjustments, when a team is continually attacking Boozer and scoring......and in return he is bricking his beloved fadeaways.........take him out and put gibson in.

  • While I agree with the general nature of most of your comments, I think that you are more than a bit too optimistic about the bulls prospects, both with and without Rose.

    Robinson and Noah have been the only 2 bulls worth watching. I am surprised by how strong and physical Robinson plays for such a small guy. Noah was great in game 1, but struggled in games 2 and 3 against Varejao and the overall frontline size of NO, especially since Bozo is nothing more than a complete pussy who can't cover anybody under 40.

    Deng seems to have become a permanent 40% shooter, which would be a great day for Hinrich. Hinrich, Bozo and Rip, 4-27 last night. Bozo and Hamilton are 2 veterans just collecting paychecks, going through the motions, while deluding themselves about their former greatness.

    As for being .500 without Rose, I don't see it happening unless we play all our games against the non playoff teams. I think that plan ends next Thursday, when we should get our first major ass spanking of many to come.

    If Rose were to miss the entire season, the Bulls would struggle to even be the 8th seed. My guess is that somebody from the bottom feeders(Milwaukee, Toronto, a healthy Wizards team) will surprise and make a run for the 8th seed.

    As for the playoffs, Miami aside, even with Rose, we can't beat the reconstructed Celtics this year. We are at best in the next tier with the Knicks, Nets, Pacers, a healthy Philly team and maybe even Atlanta.

    I am still trying to talk myself into buying the League Pass after the free preview expires. This team is simply no fun to watch. We will likely overperform somewhat just due to Thibs defense, but it will be ugly, uglier and and ugliest.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I definitely won't be purchasing the league pass although I am tempted to do so. It's just too much Miami love for me and it sucks knowing no one will challenge this team especially in the east. I'm sure Boston will try but won't get far at all. The league has the Heat sitting pretty for the next few years and this makes the league kind of boring with all of the watered down talent in the league not being able to stop them. The Lakers are looking terrible and need Phil back on the bench coaching and OKC made their team weaker with the Harden trade. So here's to Miami boring the hell out of everyone outside of Florida over the next few years barring any injuries.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Oh, and most games can be seen on the net for free with a little research, so again... no league pass for me.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Yeah, nba league pass is pretty poor compared to some of the other season pass programming. Barely ANY hd games, i feel like last season there was 6 or 7 hd broadcasts a week leaguewide. Combine that with the fact that here in Arizona my cable provider doesn't even include the nba network channel with the package and blacks out any games that are broadcast on it. I was so unsatisfied last year, im with Reece here. I'll save my money and watch streaming.

  • In reply to KingOfCrumbs:

    Also with you on Mayo, it was confirmed that the bulls front office had interest in him at the deadline last year. Taking that into account, its unbelievable that they didn't sign him considering the low salary he commanded on the open market this past offseason.

  • Forget the ECF, I wouldn't back them even with Rose to be able to beat the Celtics or Knicks in a 7 game series. And likely they'd have to beat both those teams on the way to the ECF if they finish in the 6th or 7th seed and avoid the Heat.

    Really you've correctly identified the problem: that non-max players off their rookie deal are terrible value in the NBA. The Bulls managed to put together the best group possible like that for 2 years when they had the luxury of Rose being on a rookie contract. He's not now so unless they're willing to pay heavy tax (hahaha) it's only downhill from here.

    The reality is that the stars all want to go to LA, not Chicago, so any plan to get multiple stars and build the type of team that can win a championship within the self imposed budget limitations the Bulls have has to be done through the draft. That's why it's completely inexcusable the Bulls aren't using a season that Rose is out to TANK BABY TANK.

    I mean if we have to watch the team try to win games by having the shortest player in the league run around while everyone else stands and watches, can it at least be with a wink and a nod that we don't actually want to win the game anyway because we're playing for the other end of the table?

  • Agree about this team being boring. But it would be even worse if, not only are they boring, but unlike the past two years, you can't even watch with the expectation that they'll have an excellent chance to win. It would at least make the boredom more tolerable if you knew there was a good chance a win was coming.

    But it's more than just being boring, it's WHY they're boring.

    Obviously, you've got Rose being out.

    But then you also have the temporary feeling that this roster gives off. There's just not much intriguing about watching a bunch of vets, some who probably won't even be on this team next year, running around and trying to scrap out a bunch of wins. And, again, if they're not even going to win at some reasonable degree of frequency, that makes it even worse.

    And then, with Teague apparently not ready, there's also that you don't even have some new young drafted player to watch and hope for the development of, which would at least be something that could get you excited for the future. So there's really nothing to watch for except waiting for Jimmy Butler to get his last-half-of-second-quarter run, and watching him occasionally get the ball, and then pass it away.

    One thing that would interest me though, is to see Gibson get more minutes. Just getting him more time, and even more touches, just so you know to the greatest degree possible how good he can be.

    I know he's already 27, and maybe I'm partly being influenced by the Harden thing (and no, I'm not saying that I expect Gibson to do anything even remotely close to what Harden is doing), but I'd hate to see us hang onto Boozer for the next couple of seasons, only to then let him go and replace him with Gibson, and then watch Gibson excel and be wishing we had made the switch sooner.

    I'm not saying to bench Boozer. All I'm saying is I would like to see more of Gibson, both in playing time and role. And God knows they can afford to give him more touches, especially in the post, given all the possessions this team burns on jumpshots from inefficient jumpshooters.

  • Meh, I don't like Gibson's offensive game. I keep hoping that he will develop that midrange jumpshot because his postgame is often out of control, resulting in forced shots. If he could get that jumpshot rolling he could fit in on that first unit, but as much as people don't like Boozer, im not sure how a Noah/Gibson frontcourt can score inside on a regular basis. Boozer shooting the midrange jumper efficiently allowed Noah to operate inside with greater effectiveness offensively, in my opinion. This team isnt ready to be rid of Boozer yet, and any sort of amnesty/signing of Asik wasn't going to answer the question of who is going to score points on this roster with Rose out.

  • In reply to KingOfCrumbs:

    I see what you're saying, but I'd rather give Taj more of a chance on offense than shooting all these jumpers (especially if bricking becomes the norm), and repeatedly giving the ball to Nate and having him try to desperately create something just because the team is so weak offensively.

    I'm not saying to non-stop force feed him the ball or anything, but just to give an effort to get him more involved.

    Plus, you'd think that he's worked on his game in the offseason, so since you just never know what a player could improve on, it'd be best to give him a fair chance to find out, as opposed to just conceding that he is what he's always been.

    I really don't think there's anything to lose (and there's a lot to gain) by increasing his role some.

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