Looking for some high end Chicago Bulls artwork?

I get contacted by vendors regularly looking to get the word out about their Bulls related products, and I almost always turn them down.  However, when I looked into RareInk I thought "this is worth passing on".   The NBA has partnered with Rare Ink to provide officially licensed high end basketball artwork.

Now, normally I'm not a big artwork guy, but I'd love to have one of these pieces hanging up in my office.   Throw a few of these in the art museum and I might last more than 15 minutes.  The last two Jordan shots in the gallery are particularly awesome.  I'd love to get that final Jordan dunk on a wrapped canvas [forwarding link to wife for Christmas wish list].

Hopefully they can capture some of the Bulls most famous moments in future pieces (Jordan hugging the trophy, flu game photo, Jordan's final shot, team holding up the trophy, and of course, some more D-Rose).


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