It's all smiles a couple days through camp

The Chicago Bulls are getting to know each other in camp, and as expected, so far it's all hugs and smiles.

Rip Hamilton wanted Hinrich too

Per Mike McGraw, Derrick Rose wasn't alone in wanting to chase Kirk Hinrich. Rip Hamilton suggested the Bulls bring in him in as well.

“When things were going down and C.J. (Watson) left and things like that, I told them, ‘You should go after Kirk, because he’s a guy who can really help us right now,’” Hamilton said.

“He was competitive. He wouldn’t back down,” Hamilton said. “Offensively, you try to make a guy quit. You try to make him back down. You’re trying to get an edge. (Hinrich) would always come back.

“You gain respect for that, because sometimes guys back down and they say, ‘I’m not trying to come out and wrassle with you and things like that.’ But he always fought. It’s good to have him on the same side of the fence.”

My first reaction when hearing positive news about an existing player welcoming an incoming one is that it's fairly meaningless since it's the default action. Only a real asshat is going to say something negative about the new guy just for the heck of it, so it's the status quo.

That said, up and down the entire Bulls roster, people seem genuinely excited about Kirk Hinrich coming back to the Bulls, so it feels more genuine than the typical hoopla surrounding a new guy coming in and leads me to believe Kirk has more respect around the league than I'd have credited him for.

Do you really find this encouraging?

At the end of last season, left-handed dribbling was an adventure for Deng. So is he driving through traffic with his left hand in practice?

“Well, he never did that when he was healthy,” Thibodeau said with a laugh. “He’s handling the ball. He’s making plays with his left hand. He’s fine. He’s actually playing at a very high level.”

I guess there's some truth to that, but call me skeptical on the wrist is really healthy thing. He tore a ligament off his wrist. It doesn't grow back. He just is missing a ligament that's normally there and now isn't. Apparently this ligament isn't entirely necessary [or he'd need the surgery 100%], but I can't imagine any amount of strength training makes him as strong as if he had it.

All we can do is wait and hope for the best with Deng, but I'm not going to fault him for making whatever medical decisions he made. Surgery is always a serious decision. I wasn't one who was upset he went to the Olympics, I think he had to fulfill that dream. However, an immediate surgery upon return still seemed like the safest bet to me.

We can only hope he holds up.

Thibodeau's been working too hard

Per K.C. Johnson:

"I like the fact we have several guys who can play multiple positions," Thibodeau said after Thursday's practice. "We don’t necessarily have to go small against people. We can go big."

In fact, Thibodeau offered one situational lineup featuring Luol Deng at shooting guard, Vladimir Radmanovic at small forward, Gibson at power forward and Joakim Noah at center.

The Bulls could certainly go big in several ways, but why the hell would you put Radmanovic on the court while going big? Noah, Boozer, Gibson, Deng, Hinrich seems to make a world more sense doesn't it? Maybe he's struggling to find a way to get Radmanovic on the floor, but that's accomplished by going small with Radman playing stretch four not going big.

There's already a glut of players trying to take SG minutes, there's absolutely no need to put Luol Deng into the mix there especially given that he probably plays both power forward and center more effectively than SG.

The return part four

Some interesting video of Rose doing his rehab early in the video prior to it turning into a straight out Adidas commercial. You're not missing much if you miss it, but it's worth a look if you're addicted to Derrick Rose updates.


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  • People who know basketball respect Hinrich's game. It's why good teams kept trading for him. And it's why he's an improvement for the bulls bench versus last year if he's healthy.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    We had to give a pick to Washington to take him and Atlanta gave up nothing of value to get him. No other team traded for him. I'm not sure how "good teams keep trading for him".

  • Respect doesn't equal a quality player especially with vets on the decline. Guys respected Adrian Griffin and Keith Bogans...

    I think if there was any upgrade at all on the PG front it is neglegable at best. Not to mention how stupid it was to pass on young potential starting SGs. You know guys that can actually score which may have come in handy.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I would have been a lot happier if the Bulls kept Watson to back up the point then used the MLE on a SG, but once they let Watson go they had little choice but to chase Hinrich or some other PG [and there really were no better ones to chase].

  • since belinelli is said to be impressing during training camp, you figure he will get more minutes compared to what korver or brewer got. So if he gets 25 minutes a game, shouldn't this help Deng play less minutes? Also Thibs sounds 'impressed' with VladRad, I hope he plays Butler over him because defense on the second has been downgraded. Anyway, hopefully this solid depth at the wing positions allows the Bulls to move Rip for a second round pick at the trade deadline before Rose comes back. I'm sure some team out there will have an injury and need a wing....hopefully not us !

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    It will be interesting to see how Radmanovic fits into the team. He's someone I generally view as "out of the rotation", but the Bulls can use his shooting, so it wouldn't surprise me if he finds some type of niche somewhere.

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