Is Kirk Hinrich the recruitment gateway drug?

Is Kirk Hinrich the recruitment gateway drug?

One of the most interesting quotes from media was day Derrick Rose announcing he recruited Kirk. This is the guy who has had a famous stance against recruiting seemingly do a 180 to get a role player guard who likely didn't need much recruitment to begin with [though he did give up significant money to come here, so perhaps that's not true].

Many Bulls fans have hoped for Derrick Rose to go out recruiting, however, we mostly had Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, and James Harden in mind more so than Kirk Hinrich. Does this open the door for Derrick to start recruiting more players in the future? Yes and no.

First, in Derrick's response about the topic, he talked at length about his past relationship with Kirk and knowing what type of player he was. That's one reason why missing the Olympics was such an understated loss for the Bulls and Rose. The Olympics were a chance for him to mingle with many of the players we'd have liked to see Derrick Rose recruit.

How epic would it have been to see Kevin Love and Derrick Rose share a man hug and a high five and then jointly look awkward and out of place refusing to dance while LeBron James and company goes soul train on the place?

Derrick Rose recruited Kirk Hinrich because recruiting Kirk was like bringing a brother back home to defend the house instead of bringing in a mercenary. The key for Rose to recruiting more is to form that close bond with great players around the league that aren't on the Bulls.

Still, for the first time Derrick Rose made a call to a player and helped convince him to come to the Bulls. He helped convince him to come here for less money and fewer years to be part of what Chicago was building. Not only did he make the call for the first time, but he saw that it worked.

Sure, Kirk was an easy guy for Derrick to recruit due to their past relationship, but when doing something you're not immediately comfortable with, it starts with baby steps. Only time will tell if this was aberration or a shift in philosophy, but if we see Derrick Rose putting the full court press on Kevin Love in a few years then the seeds were sown this off-season with Kirk Hinrich.


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  • Kevin Love?! Great....if our hopes and dreams revolve around Kevin Love, we're screwed.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    Love's probably the best player that's reasonably likely to want out of his existing team over the next couple of years. LaMarcus Aldridge is the other one that comes to mind.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    Love will probably somehow end up on the Lakers.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I pray that doesn't happen!

  • I don't understand the Kevin Love hate. The guy put up MVP type numbers last year, scoring 26 points a game with good shooting percentages & is the best rebounder in the game. Rose has never even come close to playing with a guy the caliber of Love. In Bill Simmons' list of trade value, Kevin Love comes in at #4 behind only Rose, Durant, & LeBron.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Who hates Kevin Love?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Too bad we didn't try to trade Deng for him 2.5 years ago(when he was still not a starter) as I suggested at the time. We would have Love instead of Bozo and would be paying him less to boot.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I suggested 1 even better (at that same time Rambis and Love had their disagreement).

    I suggested Taj, multiple draft picks, and some other pieces, but we were on the same page.

    Try to get Love before he gets to start and reaches his full potential (25pts-15rbs).

  • When Derrick says he "recruited" Hinrich what does that really mean? He knows Kirk from playing together and spending time together on and off the court for years. So he said, "Hey Kirk, man, you should come back to Chicago, we could use a tough, 'grimy'(as Derrick likes to say), vet with your game. So come on back."

    These opines about Derrick recruitng guys, I mean you will not find a more reserved superstar then Derrick Rose. Sure he can cut up and be expressive at times with teammates and guys once he really gets to know them. I just don't see Derrick Rose coming up to a relative outsider, and tryng to let alone being effective in coaxing them to come to the Bulls. And that's no knock on Derrick. Stud competitor, winner, self-sacrificing great teammate, but not a "voice" ooutside of his own circle.

    In regards to Kevin Love, as with many other comments and notions, many people really probably haven't watched a whole lot of this guy play outside of Bulls matchups and a few ocassional sightings. I for one was one of those people who dismissed Love for his lack of hops and athleticism figuring there's no way he's going to be effective in an elite Finals setting.

    However, I was wrong. I've watched this guy now since the FIBA Championships with Derrick and there's something intriguing about his personality and frankly his 'skinny Jesus' bearded metamorphism. This guys will to win is incredible. We talk about how adding a Mayo for example who is very questionable on attitude and motivation is going to help propel this ball club. Well IMO, what's going to help this ball club is getting non-glamour guys who are in reality winning effecting studs ready and waiting for the big stage like Chi Town and Derrick Rose.

    Personally, I understand if people downplay Kevin Love I really do, but IMO if the Bulls found a way to acquire him, it woud be an extremely wise and makes sense astute move as a non-glamour winner such as Love might just jump(barely off the floor) at the chance to join Derrick Rose, Thibs, Jo, Taj, etc. in other words a gritty bunch of ultra-competitive son of a bitches like himself.

    If the Bulls acquired Love and found a quality SG, they might be close to sniffing a championship. Provided they spend to dump Boozer and bring in some more quality depth

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Trade Deng and get that SG.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    "skinny Jesus Beard"!! Love it!
    Great post. I like the idea of getting gritty competitors. Love (in my opinion) is the best PF in the game. My only concern of him is his defensive ability, but I think he is still a better defender than Boozer. I think the greatest asset to getting him would be his willingness to be "the man". It seems he really wants that responsibility and does not shy away from anything. I still doubt that the bulls will get him in the end though, because I think they will lock up Taj long term and I think Mirrotic will be good enough that the team will spend whatever money they have at that point on a more pressing need.

  • Rose says 'mama we finally made it'...Rose blows out entire lower body...Bulls blow up entire team...Rose says nothing...Rose doesn't recruit...Rose sells shoes...Rose doesn't like teachers strike...Rose does dramatic video...Rose cries about the relief of finally making 36 million a year...'man hug?'...Rose only recruits short-legged gimpy elmer fudd like point guards. Next.

  • Doug, after seeing what OJ Mayo got, I find it hard to believe that Hinrich gave up significantly more money to join the Bulls.

  • In reply to RichG:

    He had a 3 year offer from Milwaukee starting at 4 million (or so goes the rumor).

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I find it hard to believe in a Sam Smith 'rumor' as I have found him to be shill for the Bulls.

    I know it's just a rumor, but usually there is a source somewhere that could be linked to a particular rumor, but with this current Bucks-offered-Hinrich-way-more, there are none, except for Sam Smith.

    At least with the initial 2yr $8mil deal back in July, there were multiple reports.

  • Kevin Love doesn't put us over the top so I am not as big a fan of the move as most of you seem to be but I thought I heard Love works out with Rose in the summer some times in LA with Russel Westbrook. So if you are hoping Rose gets in with Love I think they may already be friends and hang out durring the summer.

  • In reply to Chad:

    No player you can name that will be available will "put us over the top". You have to hope to get the best guys you can, hope for good chemistry, and hope other teams get worse or you get lucky.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Agreed. Other than probably a true handful of guys (of which are all locked up), Bulls should be adding better players no matter what.

  • Also would have preferred Rose maintain his non recruiting stance than land Captain Klank for two years. I may have to turn the channel when he and Nazr are on the floor together...

  • In reply to Chad:

    The Bulls should get a sponsorship deal going with BAC Local 74 whenever they throw out Hinrich, Teague & Nazr together:

    "This Bulls lineup brought to you by your local chapter of the International Union of Bricklayers and Craftsman. When you want bricks done right, have them done by union members."

  • Right, Chad I heard that Rose, Love, and Westbrook are buds and work out hard together in LA in the offseason. Well not last offseason obviously with Rose rehabbing but I'm sure they are buds already!
    Love just gets it done some how without that crazy athletism like another fellow PF Blake Griffin who has crazy hops or did at least!
    I really admire and Love that Love guy from the Timberpups!

  • fb_avatar

    Doug is reading way too much into what was Derrick's attempt at humor.....

  • In reply to BullzBrian:

    humor or not, Derrick called up Kirk tried to convince him to come back to Chicago. The part about recruitment was said tongue in cheek, but his actions were still exactly that.

  • There's no question about it, you go all out and get Love. He would LOVE playing with Rose unlike that idiot Howard(how can you not want to play for a sports mecca in Chicago???) Anyway Love would eat up the boards with Noah and be launching 3s all day long off of Derrick's penetration. While people were dreaming of Howard in the summertime, I was dreaming of Love-Rose pick and pop all day long offense.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    You don't go 'all out' because Love could just as easily 'LOVE' to play in LA as well.

    You really want to throw all your eggs in that basketball and when fail, throw that max money you set aside and overpay for lesser talent?

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