Bulls Beat #255 - Preseason

Bulls Beat #255 - Preseason

I discuss the play of various Bulls players through three preseason games.

Bulls Beat #255 - Preseason

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  • Yeah it's going to take a few months for this bench to learn the system. It's been pretty painful to watch them get their asses handed to them by Thibs.

    But I wanna give them more time and see what they do in real games with bigger crowds. I just think players rise to different levels when the games matter. I thought marco belinelli would be a better player but he seems kinda passive which I think will change later on in the season when he learns nobody can score but Rose. But I thought he might be able to start at the two and now I think I was completely wrong.

    I think Butler will come around once he gets his wind and his sea legs.

    I'm not so sure about Nate Robbinson he's kinda sloppy but CJ Watson was also in a Golden State of mind when he first came here. I don't know though what to think of Robbinson I just don't understand how he could be in the NBA that long and be so selfish he is just a poor point guard and frankly I'd rather have a slow steady player that could run the offense (Mike James) than a hyper spaz turnover king. But thats just me.

  • I agree that Brewer and Korver playing together helped them to a degree BUT they did struggle at first. I remember really hating Korver and CJ Watson those first few months because they never seemed comfortable and Korver was dog shit on defense but he got better.

    As for Kirk he seems to be really enjoying playing on this team because he knows he's getting the ball back. I was never a Hinrich fan but after seeing the basketball IQ of CJ Watson for 2 years I think having Kirk back is great. I assume he'll be a starter at the two at some point when Rose gets back..

    Rose, Hinrich, Deng, Taj, Noah that seems to make the most sense once Rip is injured or traded. I mean I'm guessing at some point (maybe the playoffs) thats going to be the 5 in at the end of the game.

  • Lastly I hope they bring Korver back next season unless there is a better option.

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