Would swapping Boozer and Love put the Bulls over the top?

There aren't many targets left available for the Bulls to chase as a secondary star. One of them who seems to share a similar attitude to Derrick Rose about winning, dancing, recently complained about the lack of progress with his franchise, and is a legit all-star is Kevin Love.

Here's the old image of Kevin Love not dancing like a goof ball at the Olympics
Kevin Love doesn't dance

Which of course reminds you of this

Anyway, lack of dance moves aside, Kevin Love is really good, potentially demanding a trade within the next two years and fills lots of needs for Chicago. Presently, unless the Bulls draft a superstar somehow, he represents the next best plan I've got to add a significant amount of talent to the team.

I'm not going to discuss how the Bulls could pull off such a trade, because quite frankly, they probably can't. However, let's take a wild leap of faith and say they somehow managed to do so by giving up future considerations, so they're largely able to keep the team in tact. Just for the hell of it, let's also say they can do it this summer giving us a core of Rose, Hinrich, Deng, Love, Noah with Taj, Butler, Teague, and a new cast of role players coming off the bench.

If everyone is healthy, I'd presently put the Bulls fourth in the NBA, and even swapping out Boozer to bring in Love, I'm not sure the Bulls move up even one spot. I think the Thunder likely come back significantly improved internally, the Lakers maybe fall off next season with Nash/Kobe/Gasol all on the decline and all aging another year, but the Bulls are still clearly behind the Heat in this scenario unless Miami has some significant injury.

That's the trouble with beating superteams. There's no tangible way to ever become a favorite over them without creating your own superteam, and there's no reasonable way to bring in three superstars unless you have highly favorable circumstances and the players force their way to you.

Chicago has done plenty to create highly favorable circumstances over the years, but it's never quite worked out. They've always seemed like the second choice for most teams and didn't make it on to Howard's list at all. The good news is that if Kevin Love does force his way out of Minnesota, the Bulls are probably one of the team's he'll be most interested in.

That said, even Kevin Love may not be enough.


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  • Well,that's a nice dream! Would it put the Bulls over the top? No. However, with Mirotic, a healthy Noah, a healthy Deng, a developed Butler, and a good bench -- that might do it.

    However, the T-wolves would want a lot more than Boozer to consider that trade. Bulls are more likely to pick up a good SG as a FA in the future. Then if they can afford everyone, or if they hit a pick that turns into an Allstar, that could be enough. But they are going to need at least 2 more Allstars (or close to them) to challenge Miami.

  • Make me a Bulls Fan Again

    Doug, it's been a sad summer for Bulls fans.

    But the thought of Kevin Love joining Derrick Rose did get my interest.

    Would it make the Bulls championship contenders? No. Would it prove to me that Jerry Reinsdorf is interested in winning a championship? Yes.


  • Would be an OK trade yes, would it get the Bulls even to the finals... NO!!! It's a dream scenario because the Bulls management and owner are too incompetent and cheap to even think about pulling off such a trade. So again... PIPEDREAM!!!

  • I agree it would be a nice add but doesn't change the Peking order any. Although would give us a bit of seperation between the second tier teams in the east like 76ers, Pacers, Nets and Knicks.

    That said the genius’s in the front office would never be able to pull off such a move.

    Now we know what Pacers fans felt during the Jordan years.

  • Love starts his new extension next year (4 total years with a Player Opt-Out after 3 years).

    Let's assume Love does in fact want out and demands a trade. That trade wouldn't happen for at least 2 years from now (MINN has no reason to trade him sooner, but if he has 1 year left before he opts out, he can make the trade).

    So if Love wants out and MINN trades him in 2 years, guess what other team has contracts they can give up in 2 years? LA Lakers...with Pau (expiring contract then)...who MINN could pair up with Rubio in hopes of keeping Rubio there. I'm pretty sure LAL doesn't mind taking back salary as well.

    But let's just say Love pulls a Melo/Dwight and only wants to go to 1 team (yes, I know Dwight changed his mind every other month)...and Love ONLY wants to go to the Bulls....is he willing to 'walk' to CHI and take less money than he could in a trade? Probably not.

    So the only realistic way would be a trade. The only way I see this supposed trade going down would be if the Bulls gave up Noah, Taj (@ $8-10mil per), Mirotic, CHA's pick, and Butler or another 1stRounder.

    Then the Bulls would probably have to take back some 'bad salaries' like Barea's expiring $5mil and Roy's 2 years.

    So all in all, even with all of these 'ifs' and 'buts', hypotheticals and assumptions, and being super optimistic, in the end...the Bulls would just decline to make this trade because the Bulls would have to take on salary.

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    we dont need em.....we're good.....ull see.....cant wait for nate rob....to come off the bench every 4th quarter with 20 points in his pocket.....and low-ki.....we have a 4 point guard threat now.....whoever says we had a bad offseason is living in denial....the majority of our team now is a 15-20 point threat...plus we got tibbs....he can make anybody in the nba an allstar....as long as they're not total garbage and have an ounce of common sense and talent....watch what butler,teague,belinelli,and nate do to the league this season w/o drose...they all know what team they're playing for...and they know that its time for chicago to take the chip...and they cant wait to help take down every superteam in the league simply to kill the purpose of having one and taking the easy route to win....oh not to mention the bulls beat miami easily w/o drose so stop being ignorant....any team that sleeps on the bulls this season....will get beat by like 15-20 points or more...we hope other teams sleep on us.....PLEASE!....make it easy for us to get this ring!

  • I'll preface by saying I know it's entirely hypothetical and there's no way the Bulls can get Love for just Boozer.

    It depends on what you mean by over the top. The Bulls might not be outright favourites, but if they had Love instead of Boozer them winning a championship would only be a minor upset rather than a complete dark horse run like it would be with the team as currently constructed.

    In fact if the team had Love and Rose returns healthy and they kept the other key players like Noah and Deng I'd say over the next 5 years the Bulls would be odds-on to win at least one championship, even if they're not the front runner in any one year.

    Kevin Love is just really good. People can call his rebounding numbers inflated but I think that's unfair, his major advantage over Boozer is on offensive rebounds which are way more valuable than defensive ones and much less subject to team mate competition. He also gets to the line a lot more and would stretch the floor better with his range. With Love a a genuine second option we'd hoped Boozer might be when he was signed it would take a huge amount of pressure off both Deng and whoever the SG ends up being.

    Really if your option is a team built around Rose and Love isn't good enough to even compete then it's pretty much blow it up time. If two top 10 players can't get it done you've basically said you need either LeBron, Howard or Durant to contend, and they're the top 3 players in the game. So may as well trade away everyone, tank and hope you draft a player who will be top 3 once Howard and LeBron start to fade in a few years time (unfortunately Durant is probably too young to wait out!)

  • If Kevin Love does become available a year or two years from now! I believe the Bulls have a legitimate shot at landing him. Being him and Derrick Rose are friends who trained together during the summer Keep in mind that Love has called Rose the best player he ever played with and is intrigued by the Bulls winning atmosphere.. Maybe the Bulls can offer Deng, Mirotic or Gibson, and multiple draft picks for Love. The Bulls will then have a solid core of Rose/Love/Noah.

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