The Red Knight Rises

I may be a little late, but I just caught this on youtube. Tremendous.


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  • At least it was better than the TDKR movie. Maybe we should have just hung him up and had some prison doctor punch him in the would have healed in three weeks!

  • Making Rocky comeback vids, all-right!

    Seriously, would D-Rose rather have at most a short lived playoffs, or another star to play with? I Lu is healthy and can play like his old/normal self then fine play the best season you can. But if Deng is limited or ends up needing surgery then there's just no reason you in essence waste a season.

    Derrick needs a scoring partner as in somebody who can shoot the ball and competes. If Deng is hampered again/ends up needing surgey after all then you really have no primary scorers except injury over due Boozer.

    Keep Derrick out until he's ready to go February(?), and then work him up to 25-27 minutes a game. Make it clear he can compete and work on his game, but we have no purpose but to lose those games, and get him a second scorer. Then you just hope you get lucky and this summer's draft has some potent scorers and find the guy whose also a competitor/solid indiviual in that respect.

    Problem is, Gar/Pax have never drafted or retained that player who is a quality prolific scorer. So it's very questionable even with a top 4-5 pick that they take the right guy anyhow. And would Thibs be on board with pulling a Pop/San Antonio, Riley/Wade etc., and not riding his few decent players to get the most wins, but rotating in weaker players for said losses?

    Again, if Deng is healthy likewise Taj, Jo, and the Bulls look decent then play to win. But if Lu is limited like last year then with no Derrick or Lu, come on, how else are you going to bring in another star talent then the draft? So pull an anti-Thibs, don't ride your best players, and just lose baby!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Maybe I'm just being picky, but Rose needs a partner who can SCORE the ball, not shoot the ball.

    Obviously, the idea would be a player who can shoot the ball and beat his man off the dribble and get to the rack, but since that's a rare commodity, if I had my choice, I would prefer a player who is 'ball-dominant' that can take his man off the dribble and get to the rack that can't shoot a lick, rather than a shooter who can only shoot.

    So when people throw out the idea that Tyreke, Monta, or even Iggy is not the SG we need I laugh. Those 3 guys has the handles to get his shot off. I just revert back to the ECF 4th QTs when Lebron gets on Rose and there is NOBODY else who can handle the ball and the ball eventually gets back to Rose with less than 10 sec left and he has to play hero-ball with a 6'8 version of himself guarding him.

    If we had one of those other 3 guys, Lebron would essentially be taken out of the picture since he's on Rose.

  • For what it's worth...there was a guy who made a 'Black Mamba Rises' trailer, and in fact, the guy who made the Kobe trailer accused the guy who made the Rose one of copying his idea.

    The guy who made the Rose trailer denied even seeing the Kobe trailer. Now that could totally be possible, but the two vids are way too similar, and the guy who made the Kobe one made uploaded his 6 days before the Rose guy uploaded his.

    For the record, I think the Batman trailer works better with Rose, and not just because I'm a Bulls fan. Everything just applies better. For instance, in the 'Black Mamba Rises', we're suppose to believe Kobe is returning to form, but actually he's not. He just got better players to help him. And then when Alfred talks about burying too many of the Wayne family, Kobe only had Fisher and the Rose one had 6 guys.

  • AWSOME!!! I'm expecting Rose to be dunking from half court when he comes back after all that. I want to see the movie again now too!

  • D-Rose's new knickname : "THE RED KNIGHT"

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