Rose buys into Giordanos, Scal says no thanks, and the return part 2

With not much going on, here's an update of the latest Bulls happenings [or non happenings] from Friday onward.

Derrick Rose buys into Giordanos

I would have preferred if he bought into Lou Malnatis, but maybe that'd be like going to the Miami Heat. Maybe he grew up on Giordanos and wants to stay loyal and get them the undisputed Chicago pizza championship. It will be tough though, because much like the Bulls, they're just underpowered in the talent department with no obvious way to upgrade their taste to get past Lou's.

Scal turns down the Bulls

Brian Scalabrine opted not to become an assistant coach for the Bulls, instead he took a broadcasting job for the Celtics. Great life choice for Scalabrine there. Broadcasting is much easier than coaching in terms of grind [though it's a grind too as you still have to travel all over].

While it may have been tough to turn down Thibs simply because of their relationship, I'm sure he also knew how much work it'd be as an assistant under him. Let's face it, Scal's got an assistant coach position anytime he wants one, and it wouldn't surprise me if he could pull a Mark Jackson and go straight from the booth to head coach if he wants to at some point later.

Having met Scal a couple times, I think he'll be great in the booth.

The return part 2:

Not much new here at all really. Derrick discusses doing more stability exercises which he hadn't done before [though we heard that in the first episode a bit] and how basketball improved the life for his family, how close he is to his friends etc... It's hard to see how they're going to stretch this out into six episodes unless they space them out much further to generate some more new content in between.


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  • +1,000,000 on Lou's. Giordano's is delicious and all, but it's kind of the fast food of Chicago pizza places

  • Lou's sucks!

  • Does the performance of the Vikings Peterson coming back from his torn up knee give knew hope for a Rose comeback?

  • He's making a few more extra bucks, good for him. Now if he can get that midrange jumper going to the tune of Dirk Nowitzki-Kobe Bryant style, he'll totally be banking.

  • Lou's has Giordano's beat hands down, but it is still Scottie Pippen to Pequod's as the Michael Jordan of Chicago pizza.

  • My favorite is Chicago Style Pizza & Oven Grinder Company. I have tried Uno's, Due's, Giordano's, Geno's East, & Lou Malnatis and honestly they all taste too similar. I like the completely different flavor and style of CSP&OGC. But I will concede that Lou does have an amazing pizza.

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