Fesenko embarrasses himself on twitter; to work out for Bulls

Kyrylo Fesenko announced on his twitter that he was coming in to Chicago to work out. He's also excited to see former Jazz teammates Carlos Boozer, Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver whom he's obviously quite close to given that he didn't realize two of the three are no longer here.

Fesenko's knowledge of the off-season apparently goes beyond not knowing who is and who isn't on the Bulls, because the Bulls also can't offer him a contract since it would put them over the hard cap that was instilled when the Bulls signed Kirk Hinrich to an above MMLE contract.

All that said, I'd really like Fesenko if he's willing to wait around a few weeks into the regular season for the Bulls to open up enough room to sign him for the rest of the year. He's young, tall, and shows at least some promise, and unless the Bulls are counting on Deng or Radman as a four, they still need a 5th big man. Fesenko would fit very nicely in that role.

Of course, that leads us back to the point where we can't actually sign him to start the season unless a trade is made that frees up cap room which is the longest of long shots at this point in the game.


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  • Sounds like he could land a position in the front office...

  • They can sign a rookie though right? Are there any out there that will be in camp?

  • I had my eye on this guy and thought it would be a good and cheap move for the Bulls to take a look at this big guy! He has size like Omer and is young! I can understand why we got Nazr for him being a vet, cheap, from Chicago etc but we should be able to sign Fesenko to the minimum but with all the talk of how cheap the Bulls are and then even screwing over their rookie...hard to see them going more into the tax on signing Fesenko. I'm all for it though as we could use his size and basket guarding as we aren't very tall currently.

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