Bulls to sign Fesenko to non-guaranteed deal

Per Marc Stein, the Bulls are going to sign Fesenko to a non-guaranteed camp deal with the expectation of signing him for the rest of the season in late November when they can fit him in underneath the salary camp.

Marc Stein's twitter:

Going online as we speak: ESPN sources say Bulls to sign center Kyrylo Fesenko by week's end after working him out in Chicago

Bulls been looking for proven big willing to take non-guaranteed deal now & possibly re-sign in late NOV when tax issues ease. Fes says yes

Fesenko's a nice guy to take a shot on as a fifth big. While he's had very little success in the NBA thus far, he's got height, reasonable athleticism, and might provide some defensive presence. Whether or not he can make any further strides is certainly a big question mark, but in terms of seven footers willing to take non guaranteed deals it's not really going to get much better.

Fesenko's profile thus far has been something like this:
Decent shotblocker
Pedestrian rebounder
Horrific foul rate
Gives you nothing on offense

In other words, he's Omer on offense but only a really poor man's Omer on defense which really isn't all that exciting on the surface, but of course, seven footers willing to take non guaranteed contracts are rarely exciting.


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  • IMO, Fesenko's strength is actually his offense. He has skill and utilizes his mobility even with such a big frame. I'd put his offense several notches above Aaron Gray (sure, not saying much, but that's way better than Omer!) while showing flashes of being Chris Kaman-lite. Don't know much about his defense though, but I'm sure it sucks otherwise he would have already been on an NBA roster. Sure, call me overly optimistic, but I think he can contribute!

  • In reply to HINrichPolice:

    Eh, he's a sub 500TS% center, there's nothing strong about that on offense.

  • In a year where Rose is a huge "?" ,our bench mob has been shown the door, Deng hasn't had wrist surgery, etc....I'm pretty happy that we brought Fesenko in! His size, both height and weight is Omerlike and he is young so I rather have that then a few John Lucas III non guaranteed guys on the roster!

  • we definitely need more size. We seen what thibodeau did with making korver a better defender, he might do the same with Fesenko. He's strong, has good HANDS and is good for 6 hard fouls against the lebrons and howards of the world. Asik is better but for that dirt cheap price, he might be a steal in helping our team against bigger centers like Howard and Bynum which Noah struggles with.

  • People keep painting him as just a big body that'll eat up space and provide fouls. That's not the case. He actually has offensive skill.

  • I like it. Its nice to have a seven footer on the roster.

  • Asik Rules

    I miss Omer. But then, we'll miss all of the Bench Mob.

    1) Can Fesenko catch a ball thrown into the post?
    2) Does Fesenko bring the ball below his shoulders every time he tries to dunk?
    3) Can he scare the living daylights out of any opponent trying to score a layup?

    Just wondering.

  • "Horrific foul rate, gives you nothing on offense." Doug T.

    Fesenko?? This pick up(of dog poop off the sidewalk) is meaningless. If Deng goes back to his career shooting percentages in the first three weeks to two months then the Bulls could be a solid team. If he's still hampered aka has not recovered fully from his wrist injury then it should be tank city,, but instead it will be the Chicago Hot Garbage(Bulls).

    Even if Deng is healthy, the offense on this Bulls team is likely going to be less then stellar. Anyone thinking otherwise we have no scorers outside of Deng. I've already got NBA League Pass. I just hope Kobe, Nash etc. can set the wayback machine for say 2008 or 2009. Please let Howard get healthy and not be a douchebag so L.A. can take out Miami. Offensively Mike Brown is challenged as in one dimensional so Phil please come out of retirement to coach this team. That's all I'm asking for. And please let Reinsdorf's favorite son the White Sox gag their way out of the playoffs or get swept. Oh and D-Rose regain full health and get the necessary time on the court 27 min a game for a 2013-14 total comeback.

  • Also, how do you pronounce Kyrylo is it like Carillo? Note the way he's first name ryhmes with his last with that O sound as in Oh NO not this guy again?! Seriously though if anybody starts a Fesenko fan club I am so joining.

  • I was on record as wanting Fesenko as our 5th big last season.

    I haven't seem him play enough to know what to expect for sure. However, Hollinger or one of the ESPN guys did an advanced stat analysis of him at the beginning of last season which showed that he was a significant difference maker in terms of on/off court defensive stats, much like Asik.

    The minute we lost Asik, we became a small(if not midget) team upfront with Noah, Taj and Bozo all undersized for their positions in one way or another. Fesenko, at least gives us back some legitimate size, though I doubt that he is a big as Asik.

    Obviously, you can't expect much from a guy who nobody else seems to want, but I actually hope that Fesenko displaces Nazi as the backup to Noah.

    FYI, Rose came in at #5 in ESPNs annual power ranking of NBA players. Is he really a top 5 player ahead of guys like Wade & Kobe?

    Personally, I think that he is a 6-10 rather than top 5 if you don't factor in age(his youth).

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He led a team without a second legit all star on it to the best record in the NBA in consecutive seasons and got them to the ECF (top 4 teams) the year he played in the playoffs.

    It's hard to argue from a success standpoint that he's not top 5.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Rose not a top five?!?!?!? He is the best point in the league and an MVP. Kobe can't get out of second round of the playoffs two years in a row with the Gasol and Bynum. Wade has dropped off and is not even close to the player that Rose is. Personally, I think it is unfair to rank some of these guys. What a PG does is different than what a C does, so how do you really compare? Labron is #1, but I would have Durrant, Rose, Howard, and maybe Chris Paul (in no particular order) rounding out my top five.

  • The only time I saw him play was in Utah and he started a few games for them. What I know of him, he is a solid guy to have as a third string center. In the end, though, I don't know if he will play any more than Radmonovic. Probably just an insurance player.

  • "FYI, Rose came in at #5 in ESPNs annual power ranking of NBA players. Is he really a top 5 player ahead of guys like Wade & Kobe?"

    Yes, it's Lebron, KD, Rose- that's it, that's the list.

  • In reply to Hoover:

    I would add Howard at the back of that. They are all premier talents with top notch athleticism.

  • Who cares!!! Let me know when the Bulls do something irrelevant in 2 of 3 more years.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    My fault meant to say relevant in 2 or 3 more years. Not even looking forward to the upcoming season knowing already who's going to win the championship.

  • I don't care if Fesenko has his worst season ever I love this pickup. The Bulls have been short a big man since Kurt Thomas left and got caught with their pants down in the playoffs last year when Noah went out and all that bench depth people kept talking about was under 6'8". Picking up a 5th big...always a good decision.

  • Four year extension for Thibs!!

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