Bulls online community loses a great one, rest in peace George Zieman

For those of you on realgm, you've undoubtedly heard the news already. For those of you who aren't, you're probably asking who George Zieman was. George was one of the long time greats on the realgm Bulls message forum. He had around 40000 posts over the past eight years, joining right around the time I did.

George and was a giving member of the Bulls community. He was a salary cap expert, forum moderator, global moderator, and always willing to give back. Most people will never have been a moderator on a message forum that can get over a 1000 posts a day, but believe me when I say, it's not an easy or trivial task.

The typical burnout rate for forum mods is probably two years, and I believe George did it for seven and was still going strong up until his death. To our community, losing George was losing a celebrity. I was shocked, distraught. I still haven't come to terms with it. I knew George was struggling with his health, but he'd always been a rock on our forum, and it's still difficult to imagine the Bulls community with out him.

George spent most of his online time contributing in meaningful ways. Besides the immense amount of work he did as a moderator, he would patiently answer question after question about the NBA salary cap. He was an outstanding contributor to our forum and in life. I found out after his passing that he won a presidential charity award for all of the hours he put in giving back. It didn't surprise me at all, because George was always about helping others.

We met in person just twice, once he came to my annual NBA draft party and once we just met for dinner. It was a pleasure both times, and I'm sorry that I didn't get to spend more time with him in person.

The Bulls online community has lost one of their true giants.

Rest in peace George

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