Bulls Beat #252 - Extensions

Bulls Beat #252 - Extensions

I discuss why it's important to lcok up Gibson and Thibs, some LeBron vs Kobe vs Jordan stuff, and whether the Bulls will go ultra cheap this year.

Bulls Beat #252 - Extensions

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  • I'll address a few topics you threw out. If the Bulls and Thibs don't come to an agreement I won't really be sad. I'm not really in love with Thibs like some Bulls fans are I just think offensively he just seems to lack the vision I want in my head coach. I'd like a more balanced coach on this team. Thats just me.

    The only people who say Kobe is better than MJ are Laker fans born in 1991. So I don't even let that talk bother me.... but it does. I just try to ignore it by getting in debates on ESPN comment boards. Anyways it's almost silly to have to make a case for Jordan over Kobe. It's just so stupid. Thats all I have to say about that.

    I think this is going to be interesting times for the Bulls. Much of the weight will be on Deng, Noah, Taj and Hinrich (God I can't believe he's back) I think Boston and the Pacers pass them up but when Rose comes back things are up for grabs.

    I still believe the Bulls need to move Deng this Feb. Maybe if Kevin Love becomes available you try to make that deal.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    Agree on Thibs. Great defense, so-so offense, overworks starters, fails to give players the opportunity to develop.

    Love to the Bulls? O yeah!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I think Thibs played Omer a pretty good amount for a guy who as a project, rookie/2nd year, and on a team attempting to win a title. It's not like Thibs has had a ton of hot shot young guys to work with that he's failed to develop or play.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    I hear the Kobe/MJ thing a decent amount in the media outside of just Laker fans.

  • Did anyone else see the picture of DRose, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook on Westbrook's FB page? See Rose has friends, I definitely think we could get Kevin Love here if he decides Minnesota is a train wreck.

  • Being a huge Heat fan also makes me a huge Lebron fan, but I’ll admit it’s highly doubtful that Lebron or Kobe ever make it to Jordan’s level. Jordan won 6 NBA championships, was the Finals MVP in each of them, and never lost in the Finals. In addition, his competitiveness and mental makeup may never again be seen in our lifetime. Lebron might surpass Jordan in terms of athleticism, but that’s about it.

    As for Thibideau, I don’t think he should sign for less than every single last dollar he is asking for. He has all the leverage. Next year, there’ll be multiple owners (more committed to winning than Reinsdorf), waiting to break the bank for him.

  • My feeling is regarding Taj they should be pushing hard to lock him up before the season starts as his role and value are going to go way up. If they don't have Thibs and Taj resigned before the season likely means they are both gone as other teams no doubt will overpay to lure them away.

    Thibs might not be perfect but he is the best we can/will get that is for sure. I really have no idea what the Bulls plan is for the future but I find it hard to believe they will let both Taj and Thibs walk next season. If Rose somehow hadn't gotten the cheap and incompetent message from the FO by then it would be crystal clear. Someone who badly wants to compete for championships as Rose does isn't going to sit idly bye and waste his career for a team that has no plans on going all in. It's like Wade says nobody wins a championship by themselves.

  • In reply to Chad:

    So why in the world would Thibs and Taj even consider signing extensions? If there's "no doubt" other teams will overpay them, why should they sign with the Bulls for a "fair" price?

    Or do you want the Bulls to overpay them, so then the "cheap, incompent front office" club can complain that Taj is overpaid?

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