The Bulls Show - Teach me how to Doug(ie) Thonus

I joined the Bulls Show with Mitch and Nillz last night to discuss the Bulls off-season and everything else Bulls.

Link to the Bulls Show

Mitch & Nillz reach a milestone moment and welcome their first guest to the show, Chicago Bulls blogger extraordinaire Doug Thonus. Listen in as the guys learn about Doug's beginnings as a fan and dish about the offseason. The trio also offer their outlook and predicions for the upcoming season.


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  • My bad, it is there now.

  • Yeah, I don't know about that headline(kidding). Interesting that Doug states he was a Magic Johnson guy. Personally I never liked the Lakers, Celtics, or obviously the Pistons. Bird, McHale, Magic, Kareem, Cooper, Iisiah Tomas etc. they all just semed to want desperately to project as bad asses.

    But again, it's always about the money. Back then you didn't have texting and pre game daily affirmation hugs between opponents. And most guys weren't placated with all that moolah as players were mostly making less then a Million dollars a year, For example NBA legend Julius Erving(Dr.J) past his prime but still 18ppg on .480 shooting was pulling in $1.45 MIllion. Granted that's like five times or more today but still $7 Million for Dr. J? No wonder most of those guys were pissed. They weren't making jack.

    But I always rooted for underdogs like Houston when (H)Akeem played Larry and Co. in the Finals. Back in the day(OK some of the newer rap generation lexicon I just feel lke an idiot co-opting, and it's embarassing when other guys over say 40 use these post generational wannabee hijacks). I guess like olympics host Bob Costas, who obviously has had work done or at minimum Botox, everyone wants to be forever young. Whatever.

    Anyway nice podcast. My point really was that I liked the Bulls because other then Michael I never thought that team conducted themselves that way. You could say Pippen became arrogant and Cartwright would "teach" with those flyng elbows but most games I never saw him have problems with other guys or appear as a bully or instigator. He just didn't put up with the bullshit as they used to say. Likewise Scottie. Horace Grant same thing, classy but firm as in did not take crap. It was a nice balance between punk and sap so to speak. Something Joakim seems to pull of fairly well, but not the rest of the Bulls including Derrick Rose.

    Anyway hearing Nillz wax about Kirk Hinrich and Doug reveal he loved watching the post Jordan Bulls, it just shows that for a lot of people it's just not about stars or winning. Personally, I can respect that, but when a team makes the kind of profits the Bulls have made in such a large market then after a time it simply becomes odious.

    But it's nice to have anti-ESPN guys out there who aren't just latching on to super star players and hot button names. As ESPN finds a way to bring up hot button Tim Tebow every single frickin' day. Fortunately guys like Dan Patrick still exist to call them out and give us an alternative.

    So 'well played' (lexicon hijack yet not post generational rap so somehow doesn't seem a ridiculous absorbtion) Doug, Nillz, and Mitch. I wouldn't mind more three way podcasts with you guys once in a while. Blogs and Podcasts, ahh, Democracy still in action(sponsored by..).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    sorry that Dr. J salary was 1985-86, Basketball-Ref.

  • Bulletin Los Angeles, Ca.: With the acquisition of Dwight Howard the Los Angeles Lakers payroll will exceed $99 Million bucks next season. Bravo! Bulls, you are not worthy.

    Funny how forsight and panning was used as Lamar Odom was traded simply for a $9 Mil TPE which oh by the way became the device to acquire one Steve Nash. Again, well played sir! Gar(th)/Pax please repeat after me, "We're not worthy!!" Course' I'll respect passing the colossal blame to Jerry Reinsdorf if you guys will resign from this scheming, rip-off, lying franchise.

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