Teague agrees to cheaper rookie deal

Marcus Teague officially signed with the Chicago Bulls yesterday, agreeing to a deal at 100% of the rookie contract rather than the standard 120%.

Few players have ever agreed to less than 120%, about one per, but the ones that do agree to such a deal are typically drafted near the very end of the draft. Ultimately, the Bulls had Teague over a barrel in that he's not necessary to anything they're doing this year [or possibly ever] while Teague had few other options than to hope bad publicity would make the Bulls fold.

While the story of the Bulls going cheap on their latest rookie contract sent ripples through the die hard fan base which is always concerned about the Bulls going cheap, the Chicago market is too broad for such news to really impact the Bulls whom will have no trouble selling tickets and merchandise this year regardless of whether Teague is in the fold.

The move opens up around 200k of extra salary room under the hard cap the Bulls are operating under due to using the MLE rather than the taxpayer MLE to sign Kirk Hinrich (the BAE used to sign Belinelli also forces the hard cap). The Bulls can't exceed that hard cap (74.307 million) using exceptions including the veteran's minimum.

The Bulls are now $758,550 under the hard-cap figure which is $95,839 shy of the room required to sign a veteran player to the minimum of $854,389. The Bulls could add a rookie free agent [which has a lower salary], but that player would still count as the 854k when computing luxury tax.

The Bulls could also add a standard veteran free agent when the season has gone on long enough that the pro-rated salary drops below 758k. Personally, I can't see the Bulls adding anyone to the roster, I think they'd rather pay less tax and will likely attempt to escape the tax all together by moving Rip Hamilton at the deadline he (or the team) is not performing at a high level.

Of course, takers for Rip may be limited, but it might be possible for Chicago to find a team that would take on Rip's salary if the Bulls cover the remainder of it for the season. The question will be whether or not they'll also have to throw in a sweetener to get him off the roster [like a 1st rounder]. If so, any lingering thoughts about the Bulls making basketball decisions will be out the window.


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  • From the Bulls FO perspective, this team is set ... and I can understand their logic. First, they have to satisfy the cheapness that is Reinsdorf, and they'll do that by not paying any lux tax.

    Second, minus D Rose, this team has the veterans that they've invested serious coin and time into, and they will make or break this team this year. How Rip plays, for example, rightfully will determine whether or not he will last on the Bulls. He was a huge disappointment last year, as he showed in flashes how good he could be for this team, but he turned out to be brittle and then was outplayed against the unproven Sixers in the playoffs. Then there's Booz. He's sure to be amnestied next year, but if he played like this Jazz days (yes, highly unlikely), then maybe they stick with him. Lastly, there's Deng. Can he produce with that wrist injury? Will they trade him with his value still relatively high, coming off an All-Star season? The fate of this team and their own respective careers is in their hands.

    Third, can the youth brigade replace the seasoned role players. Can Butler replace Brewer? Can Teague replace JL III? (I wish that wasn't a serious question.) Can Gibson take the next step into an All-NBA defender? Can he regularly hit a wide open 15 footer?!

    Fourth, how will the new vets fare under Thibs? Can Hinrich go back to playing solid ball? Can he adequately play PG in this crazy fast league? Can he stay healthy? How will Bellini play? Nobody really knows, but he has a shot at replacing Rip in the starting lineup if he plays mad ball. Nate Rob also has a huge opportunity this year, as he should be able to outdo what CJ Watson did last year. Can he do it? And can Nazr play solid D? He will score better than Asik, but otherwise will all of us Bulls fans be missing our Turkish Hammer more than ever? Can Vlad hit the occasional 3, like Korver did?

    Lots of questions. Should be a very intriguing season. Notice I didn't mention Noah, as I think he's going to play lights out. After all, he's on Vita Coca. Seriously, he's going to be ready to roll. And hopefully so will D Rose in the very late part of the season ...

  • For some, the talk of getting NBA League Pass is real. Watching Bulls games if they are near .500 probably means some guys are playing well. Yes I'd catch some of those games.

    If we're talking portion of die hards who think "I'm watching the Bulls no matter what the owner does to cut payroll or who in thee hell they trot out there" then the Tanking question probably is not on the table. Questions become will Deng be at 90% or better, can the team win many games without Derrick for a second year in a row?

    If we(Doug, Trib etc.) took a poll: will Deng be A) back to his old self or B) Limited by his injury that was never repaired, what would the result be? I'm guessing better then 50% would say limited. Was it double and tripple teaming that caused his god awful shooting percentage in the Olympics?

    Then can Taj, Jo, Booz, and Rip stay healthy? If any of those guys miss significant time with no Derrick what kind of team will the Bulls really be?

    Will Thibs be able to lower his expectations as players who lose on a nightly/consistent basis because of poor team offense just don't take too kindly to incessant btiching?

    What are the odds that the Bulls slide down into the 30 something wins i.e miss the playoffs basement?

    Was sticking with Boozer, Jo, and Lu an imperative for chemistry and cohesion or an overvaluing that leads to stale energy and complacency?

    Personally, I'm going to be very surprised if Lu is the Lu of old and Derrick doesn't miss most of the season. Which means in my mind they will not be very good as in miss the playoffs, but not bad enough to get a Top 7 Lottery pick. In other words.. Limbo. "Come ahn mayn doo da limbo wid me"

  • wonder if the Bulls can restructure Hinrich's 2 year deal to allow for a vet min to be signed. I'm assuming they're looking to add another big man. Why else would the Bulls stiff teague out of his money and if its for playing less tax, JR is really giving himself a bad name around the league which players and agents pay attention too. JR who reportedly has a networth circa 400 million dollars should stop being so damn cheap and give this fervent hotbed of basketball crazed lovers we call Bulls fans the best possible team out there.

  • Noah pages 74-76 at Lollapalooza I guess this past weekend in Chicago. Looks kinda puny, unlike in prior offseasons where he bulked up a bit! I'm not expecting alot from the Bulls this coming season! :-(


  • Comming in late on this conversation, but I just don't have all these negative questions about this team. Do i have some questions? Yes, but I am liking the direction of the team right now. I think they have dramaticly improved the offense. Hinrich can run an offense (watson couldn't), Bellineli can create more offense than Korver, Vlad can contribute to a game more than Scal, Butler can score more than Brewer (just my opinion, and I love Brewer), and Robinson has the ability to dominate a game (doesn't happen much but it can happen). There defense takes a hit, but I think the reason they would have lost to the Thunder and maybe the Heat last year was because they couldn't produce offense. I think Deng will be fine, Taj will have a bigger role, and Rose will be back for the playoffs. I think this team has a chance to be in the Conference Finals if they don't have to many injuries (which can be said of any team). My biggest question right now is if Malcom Thomas can be signed as a rookie free agent or is he considered a vet free agent.

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    Meh. I don't know, this seems awfully cheap. If they sign another vet free agent, okay. Bit if not, i think I'll be watching only a few games now and then. The Bulls have given up, so I'm inclined to give up on them. They'll go back to being a "hey, haven't watched a game in a while" sort of thing. It's not just Rose being out, this team has no intentions of putting any big deals together unless they start losing money. Today's buzz about Howard going to LA, even if just rumor, reminds me how lame our management and owner are. Whenever there's a big story in the NBA, you just know it won't involve the Bulls.

  • In reply to El Brujo Negro:

    Yep...this is the only way that cheap skate owner of the Bulls will understand and that's not to support this organization. Their giving a lame excuse for the fans to wait 2 years to contend for a championship and I say that's a bunch of B.S. Bulls fans should take a break from the support of this organization not the team, don't go to games at the UC, don't buy as much Bulls merchandise, season ticket holders save your money for the next 2 years since the owner want the fans to wait. I say the fans should do what the owner is doing to the Bulls fan base... make hum wait as well.

  • I'm not buying this 2014 plan which will feature your usual over the hill players on the decline the Bulls like to target like Pau Gasol and not Rudy Gay. I think the Bulls should focus their energies on a trade, it doesnt have to be an all star caliber player like Eric Gordon or James Harden which will be hard to get. I think someone like Demar DeRosen, an athletic scoring shooting guard would be a great fit next to Rose but the Bulls suck at trading for younger talents so we just can forget it.

  • Of all the Howard trade rumors and scenarios, the one being talked about right now seems pretty believable as far as the pieces and teams involved see(Chi Tribune Bulls page).

    If Howard goes to L.A. and Kobe stays healthy a mid season deadline trade might give them another good offensive piece(s) to get them over the top. That team might have a better chance of beating Miami then OKC..?

    As for the Bulls dismantling, even Hoopsworld which mostly tries to stay balanced and give NBA franchises the benfit of the doubt, their Bulls guy Joel Brigham says this today:

    "I don’t think Chicago has to really do any rebuilding, but they’re definitely looking at their financial outlook carefully just in case they’re able to do something splashy in 2014. They can always amnesty Carlos Boozer should they feel so inclined, and Luol Deng’s big money will be up by then. Trading Joakim Noah wouldn’t be impossible, but I don’t think the team is anywhere near doing that, either.

    Despite all that, this year’s going to feel like rebuilding for sure, especially with Derrick Rose missing the majority of the year and the Bench Mob pretty much getting disassembled. Always liked Hinrich as a guy, but with him starting this is a very slow, kind of injury-prone and old starting lineup. Thibs better figure out a way to keep them playing their rears off (at least defensively, if nothing else) so they can stay in the playoff hunt. Lots of hungry teams in the East, so they’ll have to work even harder just to see the postseason.

    In short, I’m not looking forward to being a Bulls fan this year. We’ll give it another go in 2013-2014 I suppose." J.B.

    And there you have it Buls fans. Jerry Reinsdorf youz one greeedy bastard. NBA League Pass here I come, and no Bulls U.C ticket purchases now way, no how.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Forgot to mention the only fly in the ointment for the Lakers is Mike Brown who while probably a solid coach may not match up with Miami's Riley built system. "Paging Phil Jackson, please pick up the yellow courtesy phone(Buss family calling)." Maybe unlikely, but Phil said Howard was the best player to start a franchise with, and now he'd have him.

  • Lakers somehow got Dwight Howard and managed to keep Pau Gasol. They will be in luxury tax hell, but are instant western conference contenders again.

  • Definitely the best starting five in NBA history (if they were only in their primes):

    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Ron Artest
    Pau Gasol
    Dwight Howard

  • So the Lakers are offseason winners as usual. They snag Shaq and Pau over the years for practically nothing and now get D12. But the Bulls are winners too! Don't forget they managed to withhold a couple hundred grand from a rookie! Looks great around the league. Bulls: playing for mediocrity and taking it to the bank.

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    In reply to HickmanDarryl:

    haha...hey, HickmanDarryl, call JR, he may be interested...

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