Marquis Teague still hasn't signed a rookie deal

So Mark Deeks over at noted that Marquis Teague is the only rookie that hasn't signed a contract yet. Typically, rookies who sign late do so in order for the team to have more flexibility to sign other players or make a trade. However, Mark speculates that the financial angle might be involved.

You can check out Mark's full article to see the complete breakdown of finances.

In short, rookies are on scale contracts but can receive anywhere from 80%-120% of the scale. Virtually everyone signs for 120% as there have been only a few exceptions. Mark counts six of them in the time he's been following contracts which is about one per year over that time period.

Memphis attempted to do this with a couple of players recently and was absolutely destroyed in the press though perhaps one factor with that was they were attempting to do so with Xavier Henry who would have been the only lottery pick to ever sign for less than the 120%. Basically, there's nothing that says cheap like trying to short your rookie players.

This is especially true, because rookie contracts are already amongst the best value contracts in the NBA.

So there are a few possible reasons why the Bulls could not have locked up Teague yet.

They actually are trying to offer him less

There are two obvious reasons why they might be attempting to offer him less.

First, they now have a hard cap at 74.3 million, and they can't squeeze another minimum salary player under it presently without losing salary. That could be a problem with only four big men on the roster, and if they can squeeze Teague enough to fit in the vet minimum then they'll have additional flexibility to add a roster spot.

Next, they could simply be trying to save on the luxury tax bill that they're presently set up to pay. Every dollar they can save on paying Teague is actually two dollars. That said, even if they could convince him to sign for 100%, that's a total of 342k after tax payment which is a fairly paltry figure. I would like to think that even the Bulls aren't that cheap.

They're looking for a trade

Once they sign Teague, the rules around trading him change. While Teague is unsigned, the Bulls can trade away his rights without taking a salary back. Once he's signed that will no longer be the case. They also would be unable to trade him for 30 days after signing him.

This strikes me as fairly unlikely. The Bulls legitimately seemed fairly overjoyed that Teague fell to them, so I don't see why they'd be shopping him, plus if he fell to them then 28 other teams weren't particularly interested either, so his value wouldn't appear so high.

This makes Kirk Hinrich's deal look all the worse

The Bulls had theoretically agreed to terms with Kirk Hinrich at the MMLE, but when he actually signed we found out that it was for 900k more than that using a portion of the nontaxpayer MLE which instituted the hard salary cap [as did signing Marco belinelli at the BAE].

I'm not sure why the Bulls felt Kirk Hinrich was worth 2/7.8, because based on his past two seasons he certainly wasn't, and I'm not sure if any other teams were offering more than the 2/6 MMLE, but if the Bulls were going down that road both O.J. Mayo and Brandon Rush signed for 2/8 which seem like much better options than Kirk Hinrich to me at the same price.

In short, if the Bulls were looking to save money, what they spent on Kirk was fairly puzzling. PGs did go at a premium this off-season with guys like Kidd and Miller whom were expected to be potential targets at the vet min both signing three year nine million dollar deals which may have forced the Bulls hand.

Mark's sources say it's the money thing

In his article, Mark clearly states that the Bulls are offering less than 120% for financial reasons rather than for trade reasons. You have to wonder if Teague's horrific summer league played a role in that offer. Teague struggled mightily in summer league, but beyond simply struggling, he also appeared lazy and uncaring.

I think any team can accept a player needs to refine his game, particularly when they draft a project, but no team is going to accept lousy effort and since the Bulls didn't bring in Teague for an interview, they may have missed some of these negative personality traits when drafting him solely based on scouting.

Either way, as Mark said, "Why poke the bear?". There's been no squawking by Teague and his agent yet which is why I expect this still likely gets resolved with a 120% contract eventually, but the Bulls already have a horrible financial reputation around the league when it comes to paying players and spending to win.

Why enhance this by trying to save 340k this season (170k x2 for luxury tax purposes? It's a ridiculously paltry amount of money for an NBA franchise while the money being taken from Teague amounts to a 20% loss in salary which is huge for a player of his age and potential to completely wash out of the league.

This has the makings of a horrific PR move for the team with very little upside which is why I expect the team comes around sooner rather than later.


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  • Shouldn't have drafted him in the first place. I booed when the pick was announced much to the chagrin of my Kentucky native wife.

    When you look at Kirk's deal, the luxury tax, and hard cap, it's hard to support the cheap narrative, but that's little comfort because I'm starting to think they're just incompetent

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Incompetent for sure! Gar and Pax are the Dumb and Dumber of GM's. Kirk for 2 yrs 8 mil is dumb not to mention the position it puts you in trying to fill out the rest of the roster but knowing these idiots they probably didn't consider that. If you signed Kirk to the 2 yrs 6+ mil deal reported then you could have added Marco for the remained of the MLE and not been hard capped. That would have been smarter which is why it didn't happen.

    They deserve to get blasted if they are truely haggling with Teague to save 300k while racking in boat loads of cash each season. Teague should start an occupy Bulls movement.

  • It's so hard to be a Bulls fan when your FO is such cheap skates and we can't attract any super star, let along even average players here without paying a small market up charge!

    It is unimaginable why Thibs hasn't gotten a respectable contract offer yet after he gave us 2 amazing seasons, set a presidence for DEFENSE with a group of guys you thought would be impossible to do!!! Best record, even with such major injury problems too!

    Now they are are trying to screw over a rookie PG! OMG!!!

    Time to order up the NBA League Pass and not attend games and send a clear message that we Bulls fans aren't going to sit back and take this Bullshit! We deserve much better!

  • When I heard the Bulls drafted a guard from Kentucky on draft night I was very pleased.. until I found out his name was Marquis Teague and not Doron Lamb. Checking the scouting report I was initially encouraged: exceptional speed, excetional athleticism, very nice handle and then.. shoots with a hitch, unecessarily fades away on jump shot, breaks backboards on a consistent basis, frightens women and small children, you get the idea. Well, can't be this bad, let's check his college field goal percentage: 41%! The HORROR, The HORROR! I knew there was a reason this guy wasn't on most people's radars despite his No.18 mock draft board kl(r)anking.

    Summer League, as many have expounded on, can often be a meaningless exercise in rec league ball, but when a guy hits shots, he hits shots. Lamb with 14ppg on .455 shooting is certainly not a bad thing. Marquis Teague meanwhile chilling away at a .294 artic clip. Alrighty then. New nick, "Ice Teague." Have some!

    I know some are complaining about rushing to judgement on Teague and piling on, but I have to tell you, to me his shot looks awful. He holds the ball right before he shoots as if he's trying to palm it for a one hand dunk. It's hard to believe after drafting a guy who couldn't shoot in James Johnson who had a somewhat similar funky palming release that they'd make the same "decision" slash f-ck up(as in mistake) again.

    Also I have to say Tea's blazing speed and handle were enhanced somewhat by so many potent targets to leave open spaces on the court. Without a jump shot or threat of one(or shadow of one) guys are going to hang all over him somewhat diminishing his superior penetrating ability.

    And finally, as a NCAA champion who has supposed excellent leadership in all honesty watching the guy in interview after interview I find him subdued, dull even(?), OK about as magnetic as a piece of wood. Maybe they can trade him, unload him now as a "project" with great "upside" as in get his ass up and out of Chicago, with Hamilton's expiring for a late first rounder next year..? Hardy, har-har, har, har, har.

    Between Ice Teague, Klank Hinbrich's $8 Mil retirement bonus/signing, and the combustible Lil' Midget That Could aka Nate Robinson, this might qualify as one of the finest off season guard hauls in Bulls history. Gar/Pax you look Mahvelous!

    Seriously between Reinsdorf's bullying on coaching hires(D'Antoni, Collins), player singings(Deng) etc. and now this financial rythm method as in 'we're all in!, wait a minute Derrick's hurt, we're all out!' you can picture a disheveled John Paxson looking into the mirror and saying to himself on why he should stay on as Bulls VP of Operations, "Because I'm good enough, I'm th(s)mart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!"

    And to think next year's best result goes from contender to gutted shell whose best aim is to tank an NBA season. J.R you magnificent bastard!(ha, ha). Really with a top 5-7 pick available this year in a loaded draft, and instead we have to go through a wretched lost season for one?! Bulls FO, once again, "Well played sir!"

  • In reality, if not for our long national nightmare known as the Bulls off season i.e a hardy gutting and salary dumping, I wouldn't be so hard on Teague or some of these other guys they picked up. It's not their fault they've been selected by a cheap, ineptly run franchise. For all I know Teague, Belinelli are alright guys and I wish them luck along with Jimmy B. I just wish Teague could shoot! Damn.

    Side note: Kevin Love: while I've had my doubts about his athleticism and matching up in an elite star studded Finals setting, watching this guy at the Olympics, he is one of the most confident, dynamic professional sports personas I've seen in recent times. If the Bulls could ever swing a deal to get this guy I'd be all over it. Sadly right now going to Chicago would less then a stellar move for a rising star.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I can just imagine GarPax in the war room:

    "A low-assist, high-turnover point guard with no jumpshot that we didn't interview or work out? GIMME THESE!"

  • "Sorry you're posting too quickly, slow down(mutha f-cker)" - ha, ha.

    I know too many posts sorry, but I have to say Nate Robinson said all the right things after his signing. A lot of good things. If the Bulls use him the right way as in a Vinnie Johnson/Ben Gordon, allow him to be the focal point rather then part of a "half-court" offense (he had 4.5 assists per game in limited minutes on a 3 to 1 A/TO with the ball in his hands) when he's in, he's shown he can be effective when used properly. No reason Belinelli can't be a spark plug as well..

    Thibs is going to have to take off his hard hat offensively and stick to defense only drill Sgt.(except upon obvious selfish anti-team play). If Tom takes the next step and comports himself with some self-deprecation and mirth i.e realizes he Needs these guys, and forges some relationships or at least connections with some of these players as people that karma will go a long way towards having a chance at a surprise, sucessful season. IMO this whole season, as much as anything, in a Derrickless world, rests on Thib's shoulders. .

  • His bro Jeff in Atlanta is a good PG or at least ahigh energy guy which Marquis is said to be too!

    We however don't have a good track record of taking time to develop draft picks on this team!

  • In reply to smiley:

    When was the last time there was a good brother combo in the NBA?

    Brook Lopez = good. Robin Lopez = muy mal.

    Horace Grant = good. Harvey Grant = blah (not as bad as other 'lesser' brothers, but still)

    George Gervin = HoF. Derrick Gervin = WhoDat.

    Dominique Wilkins = Should be HoF. Gerald Wilkins = ain't no Jordan stopper

    So, if you're saying Jeff is good, given the track record through the years in the NBA, we can reasonably assume that Marquis will partake in varying degrees of suckage.

  • In reply to Salvamini:

    Pau and Marc Gasol.

  • In reply to sfpaper: did I miss that one?!?!?

    Anyhow, here is a list I saw that includes the ones I mentioned (also omits the Gasols, ironically enough).

    Hopefully, Marquis is able to buck the trend. I'd much rather seem him succeed; for the sake of the Bulls.

    ANDERSON - Willie and Shandon
    BARRY - Brent, Jon and Drew
    BRADLEY - Charles and Dudley
    CORLEY - Ken and Ray
    DAVIS - Brad and Mickey
    DOUGLAS - John and Leon
    FITZGERALD - Bob and Dick
    GERVIN - George and Derrick
    GONDREZICK - Glen and Grant
    GRANT - Harvey and Horace (twins)
    GUOKAS - Al and Matt, Sr.
    JOHNSON - Eric and Vinnie
    JONES - Caldwell, Charles, Major and Wil
    JONES - Nick and Steve
    KING - Albert and Bernard
    LEE - Ron and Russell
    LOPEZ- Brook and Robin
    McCRAY - Rodney and Scooter
    McGUIRE - Al and Dick
    MELCHIONNI - Bill and Gary
    MIKAN - Ed and George
    NATT - Calvin and Kenny
    NORRIS - Audie and Sylvester
    O'BANNON - Ed and Charles
    OGDEN - Bud and Ralph
    OTTEN - Don and Mac
    PAXSON - Jim , Jr. and John
    PEARCY - George and Henry
    PERSON - Chuck and Wesley
    PRICE - Brent and Mark
    PRICE - Jim and Mike
    ROLLINS - Kenny and Phil
    RUSSELL - Campy , Frank and Walker
    SCHEFFLER - Steve and Tom
    SHORT - Eugene and Purvis
    SIMMONS - Connie and Johnny
    SOJOURNER - Mike and Willie
    STITH - Sam and Tom
    THOMAS - Carl and Charles (twins)
    TRAPP - George and John Q.
    VAN ARSDALE - Dick and Tom (twins)
    VINCENT - Jay and Sam
    WILEY - Michael and Morton
    WILKINS - Dominique and Gerald
    WILLIAMS - Gus and Ray

  • In reply to smiley:

    I guess Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Taj Gibson, Omer Asik, and even Hinrich, Gordon, Duhon and Sefolosha didn't contribute in their time with the Bulls.

    Or are you talking about Tyrus? Even the Bobcats are waiting for him to develop.

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