Marc Spears: Chicago interested in Josh Howard

According to Marc Spears of yahoo sports, Josh Howard has been working out in Charlotte, and the Bulls are among the teams interested.

Free agent F Josh Howard, a Winston Salem native, has been working out with Charlotte this week, sources tell Y! CHI, NY amongst interested.

Josh Howard's another name in the list of guys who had a few high quality years, hasn't done anything recently after suffering a bunch of injuries, and is trying to hang on in the NBA.

Now there are two scenarios where adding Josh Howard would work out great:

1: We can create a pill that takes past the last six years of his life and puts him on our team as he was in 2006.

2: We ignore his first name and just send out press releases saying we added "Howard" to the team in a hope to trick opponents into thinking it's Dwight Howard.

Both plans are flawed, with the magic pill we should aim to get Jordan back instead, and if we're going to go with the name trick on a washed up injured veteran why not go with Jerome James?

In all seriousness, there's no reason to believe Josh Howard can play at an NBA level, there's no reason to believe the Bulls are interested, and given that they can't even legally offer him the veteran minimum because of the hard cap, it's impossible that they add him for the season anyway.

This sounds more like a piece where Spears wanted to do his buddy a favor and put him out in the press to drum up interest than any possible real interest being had.

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  • Josh Howard huh? Why don't we just hum The Star Spangled Banner, and smoke a ten foot bong in his honor. Talk about washed up dregs.

    I will say, as much as I have lambasted the Bulls, if by a miracle Deng and the entire team was completely healthy I could possibly see this being a .500 ball club, but that would be a miracle. And as much as I criticize Thibs as his head coaching job makes him play act somebody he's not which is a want to be bad ass, you take that unnatural setting away, and he's not a bad guy. I'd certainly take him as a human being over Doug Collins or Scott Skiles any day. If he gets smart and goes back to defensive asst./associate head coach with some team he could help bring them a championship no doubt.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I don't know anyone who doesn't like Doug Collins. What's your problem with him?

  • In reply to RichG:

    "Show LeBron some respect" You post on another teams blog to lecture posters on why they should respect a rival and national NBA nemesis who beat second raters in London by seven points and a bunch of kids in OKC one of the weakest Finals teams in years. No real pressure which he has always folded under. Now it's "show Doug Collins some respect" Really, you're kind of pathetic. Don't bother me.

    And who in the hell do you know in Florida who knows or cares anything about former Chicago sports figures and why would they? I had to endure Uncle Nutzy which was his nickname here, and talked to a former NBA player in Stephen Bardo who played for him. A drifter Detroit, Washington, he admits he doesn't understand today's players and says they checked out on him for a while. They had an opportunity to play wounded and old teams in the playoffs. He gave up his ranting and raving lunatic identity, but deep down he's still the same emotionally unstable too high too low A to B franchise pick me up who long term wears out his welcome. Stay on TV where you play a rational, well respected announcer albeit a misguided one at times for sure. Some of his NBA Finals game calls with Bob Costas were inane and brutal.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Even Doug has stated it's refreshing to have fans of other teams post on this blog. After reading some of your vulgar rants, I know of some Anger Management classes in Chicago you might be interested in. Just say the word and I'll fill you in.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I am not sure I understand your thought process; this team had the best record in the NBA each of the previous two seasons. If, by some miracle as you say, "Deng and the entire team was completely healthy"; then one would have to think they would be competing for the best record in the NBA again, not possibly being a .500 ball club.

  • Doug,
    Why are you so down on Josh Howard? He played 43 games last season and averaged 8.7ppg with 23mpg. Seems like he would fit as a backup wing. His stats look very similar to Kirk's. I'd rather have Josh one the min than Kirk at the MLE. Here are their stats last year. Hard to tell who's better.

    1 Kirk Hinrich 2011-12 31 48 31 25.8 2.5 6.1 .414 1.0 2.8 .346 0.5 0.7 .781 0.2 1.9 2.1 2.8 0.8 0.2 1.2 2.1 6.6
    2 Josh Howard 2011-12 31 43 18 23.0 3.3 8.4 .399 0.2 0.9 .243 1.7 2.3 .773 0.9 2.8 3.7 1.2 0.7 0.2 1.2 2.1 8.7

  • In reply to TheStig:

    While I agree with you that Howard is not a garbage player, I don't think it is completely fair to compare his stats with Hinrich. I won't say I saw Howard play more than one time, but he plays a different position and I think he had a more prominant role in Utah (that's where he played, right?). I've heard several people say that the Hawks did not know how to use Hinrich. The real point is though is that it doesn't seem to matter. The Bulls don't have a spot for him.

  • This is getting ridiculous with the Bulls said to be interested in everything under the sun and moon. What about getting a powerforward which can allow you to trade Gibson if he's asking for ridiculous money??? our depth at the wings/guards is ok. our bigs not so great after the first 3.

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