Dwyane Wade thinks Rose may need to recruit one day

ESPNChicago had an interview with Dwyane Wade discussing Derrick Rose, recruitment, and the Chicago Bulls where Wade effectively said, if you want to win, you'll need to recruit guys eventually.

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"Derrick's still young (23)," Wade told ESPNChicago.com Thursday afternoon during a charity event for his Wade's World Foundation. "When I came into the league (in 2003), when all of us came into the league, you never can tell me that this day would come where I play with guys like LeBron (James) and Chris (Bosh) because I wanted to be the young gun. I wanted to be the one who leads my team to a championship, I had that mentality.

"And then you get to a point where you understand, even with me winning a championship in my third year, it took Shaquille O'Neal, it took Gary Payton, Antoine Walker, James Posey, all these guys to make it possible. This league is very good and you're not going to win it alone. So when you've had a very good team like Derrick has had, you don't need to recruit, but when you've hit rough stages and injuries hit and all these things, and you have a year like we had where we won 15 games (in 2007-08), and now we've got to rebuild back, it becomes a little different. Hopefully, he doesn't have to experience that, but things change."

"The process through free agency, I wasn't talking to anyone from certain teams, like players, it was more so the front office. It was more so a decision I had to make. I understood that if Derrick would have had a problem with me coming to Chicago, I would have never been a priority, or never even been interviewed to come there so I understood just from that (process) that he would have been fine with me and him sharing the same floor."

Wade didn't go completely nuts with it, he said the Bulls are a good team now and didn't throw Rose under the bus as a reason as to why he didn't come to Chicago, but I think there's plenty of truth in what Rose is saying here.

First, nothing was going to make LeBron, Wade, or Bosh come to Chicago in 2010. We realize that now. They wanted to play together, they won a title playing together, they'll be favorites to win more titles playing together. While it seems almost unfair to have so much talent on one team, they got exactly what they wanted, and if I remove the decision, pre-partying, arrogance, and general jackassary, it's a pretty great story that three great plaeyrs who are great friends take less money to win titles.

That said, would it have made a difference in Dwight Howard's decision to come here if Derrick Rose called him up all the time and said something like: "Dwight, man, you've got to come here. We'll crush Miami at their two weakest positions, and you can take the spotlight, you know I'm a reserved guy who doesn't want it anyway". Howard famously didn't want to come to Chicago, but all of the pieces for him to want to come here should have been in place.

Would Derrick Rose have been able to push him over the edge? Maybe. Maybe not. We'll never really know but don't underestimate the pull of being desired. Ray Allen is playing for his once hated rival for less money because the big three all recruited him hard, because management promised him they wouldn't dangle him in trade rumors, because they made him feel wanted more so than Boston did.

Derrick Rose will do anything physically to win. He'll do anything on the court to win. Will he do anything off the court to win though? I get that he's a reserved guy. I get that he doesn't want to offend his current teammates, and his situation recruiting LeBron / Howard is fundamentally different than Wade whom didn't need to throw one of his best friends [in Rose's case Deng/Noah] in order to recruit guys to play on the team.

That said, if the Rose is serious about winning, Wade is right. You've got to do everything you can. I just hope Derrick learns this lesson by the next time an opportunity to get a star comes up. Unfortunately, it may take a crash and burn of the team for it to sink in.


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    Perhaps this whole adidas rehab thing will help open him up more and he'll be more willing to recruit. Because after all this, it's hard to use the "Oh, he's just reserved" angle anymore. I don't know if recruiting guys will necessarily work, but it sure as hell can't hurt.

  • I don't know how much it could have done recently, but I have to think if he gave Howard a hard sell we would have had a shot.

  • Most MVP players NBA or otherwise keep themselves in the eye of the national media with at least a few TV interviews here and there including on national shows like ESPN or even Today.

    Derrick does not strike me as someone who makes those decisions however; be it Reggie, other family, his agent etc. Beyond marketing, it's just about acknowledging fans and fan access which after all is what's driving all his millions in revenue.

    These Youtube vids if done in conjunction with a few media outlett interviews I have no problem with. However as the lone source of contact with really he has been a huge NBA star I just find it somewhat lacking.

    Derrick we all know is undoubtedly a nice guy and a fiery competitor. Yes that should probably be enough, but without a comitted to winning elite franchise or mentor type coach in a Phil, Pop, Riley, or even a Larry Brown before he lost it(interest), Rose seems a bit lost IMO.

    If you believe things happen for a reason, such as 1.7% odds of landing Derrick Rose a rare, superstar potential and at times a reality, then you try to see the reason D-Rose ended up against astronomical odds in his hometwon?? Even if you buy the Stern 'interventions'/paybacks, still how many teams can claim they appeared to be a part of that in getting a coveted No.1 pick? Not many.

    So if the exestential angle doesn't grab you, then it's just one of life's inexplicable mysteries. And you simply are left waiting for the next chapter be it a comeback, slow decline, or remote odds short lived career. Hopefully for Derrick's sake it's the former, but it just doesn't seem right somehow for No. 1(jersey) with all the talent and fire to win to be 'stuck' in a sense on what is right now in my estimation anyway a lowly regarded franchise league wide with no real mentor or second star to aid him.

    Why are we(is he) here? Just now, with an unfortunate and serious injury, a gutted team and franchise run on the cheap, no real mentor it appears IMO or a second star on the horizon, I hope there is a bright new chapter waiting in this script. Let's hope so anyway for Derrick's sake..

  • I disagree that Derrick should change his approach. He's all about winning and even more about doing it the right way. He is a leader by example, and by not recruiting anyone he's telling his teammates "you're my guys, I trust in you and you can trust in me". It's the FO's job to get the players, not Derrick's. He's got principles and he shouldn't change them "just" because of a championship. There's more to life than a trophy. Our actions define who we are, our willingness to follow our principles, to fight through adversity. Wade, Lebron, Bosh, Howard, Melo I think of them as childs in (super)men's bodies. They seem spoiled and always try to do it the easy way. To be honest, those are not players whom I respect as human beings (at least not from afar, all I see them do is whining and bitching around if something doesn't go as they please).

    Everyone should just stop trying to change Derrick and his ways. He shouldn't scream at refs, he shouldn't cry about the FO and threaten to leave if he doesn't get what he wants and he shouldn't beg other players to come and help him out. He should just be who he is and be proud of it, because he's doing it the right way. There are very few decent guys out there, and I believe he's one of them. So let's be proud of him instead of criticize him for it.

  • In reply to Rincewind:

    I don't see recruiting players as contradicting the "he wants to win" or "win in the right way". If Derrick went out and convinced Ray Allen to come here would that be winning the wrong way?

  • In reply to Rincewind:

    "He's all about winning and even more about doing it the right way."

    Said about a guy that probably cheated on his SATs to go play for a stacked team at Memphis coached by notorious cheater, John Calipari.

    I'm a Derrick Rose fan, but c'mon.

    Derrick is, ultimately, going to be the only thing that gets someone to come play for the Bulls outside of a lucky pick or obscene amounts of cash (see: Boozer, Wallace). No one is coming to be worked to the bone by Thibs or for the honor of basking in the greatness that is GarPax.

  • In reply to Rincewind:

    Great post Rincewind! I agree 100%

  • I said it once and
    l'll say it again, 'Its all about collusion.' If Rose doesn't collude with other stars he's not going to win a championship. And no I didn't say 'cheat', for that person that ran and got his dictionary, for the league obviously condones it. I use the shadowy word 'collude' because, for me, it lessens the game.

  • I guess everyone wants Rose to recruit because you all know that Dumb and Dumber aren't going to build a contender or bring in star player without him being gift wrapped and delivered by D Rose. But those two idiots would probably even whiff on that.

  • I don't remember hearing anything about Kobe calling Howard and recruiting him to the Lakers, yet somehow that's where he is. Did he recruit Pau? Did Jordan recruit Rodman? Did Paul Pierce recuit the big three in Boston? Did Dirk recruit anybody to Dallas? Why is it that Miami got together and now that is the way it has to be done? If Rose wants to talk to a player, fine, but I don't want him to change. I want players that want to play with Rose because of who he is and how he plays. He shouldn't have to sell himself to others, He's above that.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I predict that Derrick will continue "acting the right way" and not recruit for the next few years. As a result of that, he will become more and more frustrated by the fantastic ineptitude and lack of testicular fortitude of GarPaxDorf and demand to be traded by either the 3rd or 4th year of his new contract. As a Bulls fan, I will be perfectly fine with that. As some of the posters have said, the Bulls absolutely lucked into getting the chance of drafting Rose and now are putting themselves in a position to not help him win a championship, thus wasting his prime years.

    Also, for those who do not think he should recruit I respectfully think you are delusional. This isn't Hoosiers/Hickory High School basketball. NBA Superstars run in small circles, and you need to do some bit of recruiting. Now, from what I've read/seen, Derrick's closest NBA buddies are Russell Westbrook / Durant / Love. Why not try to pitch Love on joining the Bulls in 3 years, especially if the Wolves do not make the playoffs again? He needs to recruit, especially since the Bulls have a reputation for being cheap, Thibs being a hardass, etc. Otherwise, he'll probably be in a Laker jersey in 2016.

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