Derrick Rose: The Return part 1

Derrick Rose is creating a new six part web episode discussing his rehab called #thereturn.

Here's the teaser trailer for the new series:

Here's installment number 1.

In the video, much like in Rose's longer 18 minute interview, we hear Brian Cole saying that Rose had no base which is why he can get to 125% of where he was. Rose discusses the same thing, and we again here how he didn't do balance/flexibility training before. It's a somewhat comforting thought towards a positive outcome that there was still room to improve athletically with core strength giving Rose some headroom to get back to where he needs to.

I'll be honest, much of the emotional stuff adidas went to didn't do it for me. Sometimes I like to play a game called "If LeBron said it..." and wonder what the reaction would be. Derrick Rose describing his ACL tear, "think of your most downest day and times it by 100, and that ain't enough to describe how I felt at that time". Really? I'm not going to try and discuss how dark my life is, I've been extremely fortunate to have a pretty wonderful life thus far, but I'm fairly certain that my darkest days trump an ACL tear even without the 100 multiple factor thrown in.

Also, playing "world is against me" card? You've only got yourself, your family, your friends, and your city? That's a city more than the rest of us have when we're lucky, and plenty of people have family and friends bail on them too. I'm glad Derrick is getting all the support he needs, but I'm not sure why there's such a heavy doubter angle being played out in all these interviews. I would bet the vast majority of people who see Derrick wish him well and tell him he'll get right back where he was.

Athletes seem to typically play the "no respect" card in order to motivate themselves, but as far as I can tell, the truth is that most people are wishing him the best and taking a wait and see approach. I don't think it shocks anyone if Derrick Rose comes back and plays better basketball in the future than he ever played in the past. I also don't think it shocks anyone if this is the first step towards a shortened career.

At any rate, I'm glad Derrick is participating in creating the videos even if I'm getting all hyper-analytical because there's little else to talk about in late August. Rose is getting some good direction from Adidas overall in keeping his image out there rather than simply disappearing while recovering. I think it's especially good given that Rose hasn't been one to keep himself as the center of attention overall and could easily fade into the background otherwise.


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  • Doug, does some of what you're hearing about Rose's rehab remind you at all of the way a team like the Suns would have rehabed Derrick, with regard to things like increasing his lower body strength & balance for example? A lot of us were hoping for an approach like that, but I know he has his own doctors & probably the same team doctors. I don't believe they are experts in the field of biomechanics like the Suns training staff, but he does seem to be getting a wide range of rehab treatments, so maybe there is an element of that?. Hearing his doctor say he expects Derrick to be back at 125% is definitely exciting!

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I think they're doing all standard stuff right now in increasing his balance and core strength. I'm not sure if they're really doing any biomechanics stuff, but I don't have any insight into it outside of what anyone else does.

  • I think the "against him" vibe is not from people hoping he doesn't recover, but all the people saying "he's done" and he'll never be the same guy.

    Plus, replace "all the people" and change it "that one guy" (say, Skip Bayless) - that's all you need.

    Either way... the first commercial almost brought a tear to my eye. The first "episode" was okay.

    I just found out yesterday that my old roommate's brother has been directing this whole thing. Not sure what that role actually entails, but I thought it was "cool story bro" material. I hope for a small donation he can get one of my 14 pairs of Rose shoes signed.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    That's a definitely good "cool story bro" material there. My 10 year old daughter dropped a "cool story bro" on me the other day, and I had to do a double take, then laughed my ass off.

    I agree with your perspective that he's referring to people saying he's done, but I don't see a big legion of people saying that.

  • great to see his hard work and rehab. I hope he comes back with a more refined shot. He has to better pick his spots like Kobe and Jordan did. The bread and butter of Jordan and Kobe was mastering the midrange jumpshot which Rose can easily do if he continues to work. He's just going to have to be more of a traditional point guard and rely on jumpshooting more but like Kobe and Jordan, he can elevate and get his shot off anytime. The FO can't put out players like Bogans, Hinrich, Rip and expect derrick to be superman in the backcourt everytime, they need to find him a true partner in the backcourt that can help carry the load. Yes what a concept, a shooting guard that can score and dribble.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I somewhat disagree.

    Derrick needs to be a slasher, that's what he does. If you wanted to have a guy who's a great jumpshotoer we could have kept Ben Gordon.

    Rose is great because he gets to the basket and creates havoc, and while I want him to improve his jumper, if he ever becomes a guy who just takes lots of jumpers then he's likely no where near a superstar anymore.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Finding Derrick a back court partner to share the scoring load is something the front office is trying to do but the nba doesnt have a lot of great shooting guards out there right now. (Kobe, Wade, Joe Johnson, Eric Gordon then .......) I don't think the front office is going to be able to find a player available that can play both ends of the court at a high level. A guy that defends and knocks down open shots thats probably the best you can do right now.

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    In reply to dperrozzi:

    Definitely some truth to this. But at this point, I think the Bulls need to sacrifice a little defense in favor of a guy who can put the ball in the rack. Plus, if Thibs can turn Kyle Korver into a somewhat competent defender, he hopefully can do it to just about anybody that's at least willing to try.

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