Derrick Rose posts youtube video updating his status

Derrick Rose posted an 18 minute youtube video updating his status and discussing various topics. Here's the cliff notes.

Q: How you doing?

A: I'm doing fine just trying to stay positive and do everything normal. Doing stuff with Adidas and coming out to L.A. seeing the new scenary out here making me feel good, my friends are out here making me feel good. Just doing therapy five days a week, weekends I'm not doing anything.

Q: What do you think about all the moves going on in the league?

A: The league is changing, definitely changing. For the Bulls, we've got a good group. Obviously we had some good pieces like Kyle and some other good players left. That's the league. Since my rookie year we've had people leave. I've never had a guard I've played for with a long period of time. That's what the Bulls are looking for, hopefully it's what we get.

Q: You can't replace the bench mob, but do you think in time this group can add the same depth?

A: In time? Yes. I think with the core we have I think we've through a lot. We've added Kirk, he'll fill in that spot for a bit. He's a winner. Thibs is a winner, he'll love him. He still has his house in the city, so he'll be comfortable here back in the city.

Q: I don't know how much you talk to Thibs, but what's his take on everything to you?

A: I always talk to him. I talk to him almost every other day. Not only about basketball but life too, but basketball is his main thing. He's just trying to improve the players asking me what I think about the player, but the decision isn't really up to me. It's up to the guys in the front office and I just have to roll with it.

Q: How tough is it to work on recovery instead of working on your actual game to take that next step?

A: It's different. Definitely different. Starting from the beginning all over again, but I look at it as a blessing. It could be worse, this injury could have stopped me from playing basketball. Thank god I'm still walking, I'm making it back as soon as possible, as quick as possible. Just trying to keep things going, my spirit's up, being around my guys, being here today with Adidas. They've been there for me everyday. It's definitely been hard.

Q: What do the therapy sessions consist of?

A: I have to get here at 11, stretch a bit, work on the scar tissue for a bit. Get on the bike for a bit, then do about an hour and a half of therapy.

Q: What do they have you doing?

A: Bike, whole bunch of basic moves with bands on my knees to get my quads working, my hamstrings together. It's been so much man. I think all my other injuries have healed, so I'm just working on the knee now.

Q: How difficult were all the injuries outside of the knee last year and the season in general?

A: It hurt. It felt like a wasted year. All year through the injuries I kept thinking I'll just be ready for the playoffs, and first game I tear my ACL. Can't stay mad or irritated for months, can't do that. It will bring you down. Being around my family and having them take care of me. It's been the first time in my life I've slowed down since high school.

Q: Has it been a good thing to relax and be able to be around your people with less responsibility?

A: It's been damn good being around my family. knowing that they're the ones taking the load off me now. Doing everything, asking if I need anything, going with me to therapy. Just showing that they appreciate me and care, that's what keeps me go.

Q: What was going through your mind when it happened?

A: I remember everything. I remember jumping in the air and coming back down and hearing that popping sound. I felt it actually tear. I laid all the way out and it felt like it just let go. I didn't have that much pain after that, I did at first, but I didn't want to yell or anything. The arena went quiet, you hear everyone whispering and saying 'not again'. First game back, we had the win, and I was just hoping nothing serious. Got to the hospital, got the MRI, the whole time praying, getting out and Dr. Cole came out and told me it was tore. I couldn't believe it. It was the closest I've gotten to death. The wind was just taken out of me.

Q: After you had time to reflect on it and the team was still playing, what'd you think of the team's chances and watching them? It felt like all season they were just waiting for you to get back

A: My biggest thing was learning. Learning from this experience. Learning the game. Learning Thibs coaching style. Seeing how everyone plays in the league because it was the first time I got to sit back and watch the games and watch the playoffs. It was hard, but it's a new year. I'm focused on my knee and trying to get better.

Q: Are you sick of people feeling sorry for you?

A: Yeah. The injury could have been way worse. You have some people who feel worse than I am. I know I'm going to be alright. I believe in God. My spirits are up. I believe in myself, and I'm going to be back even stronger.

Q: Rod Strickland's been in the league 17 seasons, and he said out of anyone he's met he believes you'll come back even stronger from the injury.

A: I believe it too. I know it's going to push me even harder. It seemed like I missed all last year. I played games here and there, but I missed a lot of games. This year, I know a bunch of haters are saying a bunch of things, but that's going to drive me. People saying "is he going to be back, is he going to have his speed" that's going to push me as a player.

Q: Are you going to have a checklist of people doubting you, the bulls?

A: I wouldn't say that, but I'm watching everything, and my friends are telling me everything. That motivates me as a player.

Q: Do you feel like this is a turning point to take it up another level?

A: That's what I'm thinking right now. This is the foundation of everything. I'm working body parts I've never worked before. I was naturally gifted, but my balance was never good. The trainers and staff would say how can you play the way you play when you can't even balance on your foot, and you're not flexible. I'm one of the tightest guys they've ever seen. They never saw that, but me playing the way I play, it's weird. It's the beginning, and I'm not looking back.

Q: What can you do right now physically?

A: My lower body is huge. On Tuesday and Thursday's I lift lower and upper. Those days are hard and fatiguing, but everything else is good.

Q: I wanted to ask you about the shoes, what do you like best about them?

A: I like all my shoes, but these right here are the first shoe with the new logo. Every leaf is my brother, and my mom is the middle. The D and 1 are in the middle. Still has the spring frame for balance. The designer of the shoe was talking about Katana swords and it was a great weapon. Every little cut is like the handle of the blade. Still has the three stripes going towards the back. On the tongue it has my neighborhood. Still gives the kids the Chicago feeling.

Q: From now on you going to have your logo on all your stuff?

A: Hell yeah. I hope it's something that catches on that people like, kids like, it's something clean. I love this shoe, I hope it changes the game, and I hope people like it.

Q: Kids in the city love your shoes?

A: It's a blessing man, it's a blessing, kids rocking your shoe. This new one comes out in October with my apparel. Hopefully it catches on.

Q: When you think about next season, I know you want to get back on the court, but you want to be patient too, what are you thinking?

A: Just taking my time. I'm definitely 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule, but that doesn't help the healing part. I still need to take the time off for my leg to heal. Strength wise I'm getting better everyday, but scar tissue still needs to heal. Getting used to laying on my knees, my knee is still numb in some areas, hopefully I'll get over that or forget about it when the seasons is going on.

Q: When can you start doing basketball stuff again?

A: 12 weeks, I'm at 9 weeks now.

Q: You talk to other guys who've had ACL injuries?

A: You hear about stories here and there, but I never reached out to anyone to ask about it. Trainer told me about Jamal Crawford. You see Adrian Peterson, I've just been watching from afar.

Q: Bulls lost in the first round and seeing Miami win the championship what were your thoughts?

A: Hopefully not next year. Got to work real hard, push myself, that's the way I'm looking at it. That's just going to push me even harder.

Q: What's one thing you want to let people in Chicago know?

A: I'm good. My biggest thing is the people feeling sorry for you. I'm walking like I said, I'm able to play this sport again. I hope they continue to come out, cheer for the team. Next year, we're definitely going to need them and stay patient.

A few interesting contextual notes, Derrick spoke about wanting to play with the star guard and seemed to indicate that Chicago told him that was their long term plan.

To me, he seemed kind of down when discussing the bench mob leaving as if he wasn't all that happy about it at all.

For some reason it cracks me up when he says Thibs calls him everyday to talk about basketball and life, but basketball is his main thing.

The note about Derrick having horrible flexibility and balance and basically a lack of supporting muscles was interesting. I do think that makes his recovery more positive as it shows how much room he has to go from where he was by increasing his strength/flexibility in those areas.

Overall though, he was definitely seemed extremely driven and full of belief that he'll be back at full strength and ready to tear up the league again.


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  • Great Q & A session with DRose!

    He has the heart of a champion and will be stronger after this injury!
    Of course significant damage was done to his knee but will now work on his whole body physical and mental more going thru this adversity and not simply relying soley on his God given gift of his athletism which will take a hit after this injury.
    I wish he was a little more critical of JR, but he was promised a star SG and that hasn't happened yet so hopefully it will sooner than later to keep the Bulls competitive again soon, after this coming season, and keep DRose happy as he is the face of the Bulls franchise!

  • In reply to smiley:

    Maybe I'm inventing it, but he seemed pissed off when discussing the exodus of the bench mob.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    If you're using his history of NOT wanting to be proactive in the recruiting of star players because he wants to protect his current teammates, then I could see that.

    Their entire team built a bond...albeit a short bond for those 2 years ...when they together fought and battled to get the best NBA record twice, with the first year coming short, and the 2nd year plagued by injuries.

    Maybe Rose feels like there the breakup of the team was premature.

  • Good luck to Rose in his continued efforts in his rehab and I hope he knows something as far as trying to continue to improve his Bulls team that the fans don't know. Cause as I have stated before his owner is full of B.S. and doesn't care about Bulls basketball.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Hard to argue with your view on ownership right now.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The thing that bothers me Doug is that I seen this situation that the Bulls are currently in now coming 2 years ago. Yes they had the best record in the league two years in a row, but Rose is not built to carry a huge load that everyone expects him to carry. The kid needs help scoring meaning better perimeter and get to the basket scorers and I'm sure The owner knew this as well and he's done next to nothing to improve this teams scoring ability. He had his chance in this past draft to make some sort of moves but he's too worried about his baseball team. I have zero confidence in this owner. He won't feel the pressure til the fans show little support for the Bulls at the UC. I'm not saying to stop supporting the Bulls overall, just stop the sell outs at the UC, it may take some time for it to affect the owner but this is what needs to be done.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I agreed with you 2 years ago too, but it's awfully tough to get another star player to go with Rose. I'm not sure what we could have done 2 years ago. We could have probably had Dwight Howard this summer which makes it all the more depressing.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    If not Dwight, at least Bynum.

    I truly believe Bynum would have resigned with any team he was traded to as long as they offered him the full 5yr $100+mil max deal at the end of the season...and that includes the Bobcats.

    Whereas there was probably a small chance Dwight DOES leave and go to (let's say) DAL for the 4 years, Bynum would not have.

    Bulls could have Bynum right now, if they were willing to take salary, but because they hardcapped themselves in, even if they wanted Bynum they couldn't.

    Now, the only other true burgeoning 'star' who has the potential to jump to 'Superstar' available is James Harden. He will be a RFA next year, but the Bulls would have had to offer him the full max. If this was their plan, it will be definitely more difficult to trade Deng for an expiring or Unguaranteed contract AND Amnesty Boozer while he still has 2 years remaining.

    Which is why the 2014 plan that has been floated about is what everybody thinks the Bulls are going with (and everybody has killed). They'll just wait for Deng's contract to expire, Boozer have 1 year left which makes it more palatable for JR to Amnesty, and realistically, the best player they will get from the 2014 draft class is...Luol Deng.

    So in other words, their plan is crap.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I don't think they even have a plan...

    Paxson's plan is probably a 2013 plan to bring back Ben Gordon on a significantly above market contract.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    At least they never got our hopes up because everyone knew that Dumb and Dumber were too incompetent to A. make the trade or B. Figure out it was a good move. Not a shock that no body floated rumors that the Bulls were sniffing around. Not with Paxsons fragile ego probably bruised from Dwight saying he wouldn't resign with Chicago.

  • Worst thing about this is, if Rose DOES in fact get back completely healthy next year and it looks like the Rose might have a chance, by breaking up the [arguably] best bench in league doesn't help Rose win a title.

  • Ibaka will sign for 4/48. I don't see how Gibson should get more than 8 million a year after that. Ibaka is a proven starter, bigger, stronger, better shot-blocker, more athletic, and better offensively on top of that. But if the Bulls aren't willing to pay a realistic salary for Gibson, they better move him. Giving away one big guy for nothing is bad enough. Yeah, great organization alright.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    I agree - 8 or 9 million for Taj, meaning 30-35 million for four years. It is an extension, so they still keep him at 2.1 million for this season. Which means they need to get it done before the season starts. Much like they should have negotiated a deal with Asik before last season. If not, they should trade him before the deadline.

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