Deng likely to avoid surgery, but should he?

Deng likely to avoid surgery, but should he?

Deng's finished up his stint at the Olympics leading Great Britain to a victory over China. Afterwards he discussed his plans to be ready for the Bulls training camp to open this year and postponing surgery until after the 2012-13 season or perhaps never having it at all.

It's crazy the level of hyper-criticism Deng must be eligible for, because I want to write a piece saying he's nuts. Imploring him to simply have the surgery, that both he and the Bulls will be best off if he's truly 100% healthy rather than worrying about his wrist with every fall.

"Did I look like I needed (surgery)?" Deng said Monday evening. "I'm fine right now. I feel great. There are a lot of things I want to improve in my game that I want to focus on now. I want to be a better player than I was last year.

"I have time to make decisions and be healthy by the time we start (training camp)."

Do you look like you need surgery? Well, I notice you're still wearing a wrist guard.

Obviously Deng knows more about how he feels than I do. He knows how much the wrist bothers him while I can only speculate that playing without a few ligaments in your wrist probably sucks and limits you some. I also think it's commendable that he doesn't want to let the Bulls and his teammates down by missing the start of the season.

I'd imagine he feels even more pressure because he knows Rose will be out during that stretch. I just wonder what type of advice he's getting from Chicago. Are they excited he's going to be ready right away even if it means he won't likely be at his peak during the playoffs? I hope not.

This whole thing feels so short-sighted. Deng might miss a month of the regular season, and the Bulls might struggle mightily over that month, but in the end, I'd rather hit the playoffs with a .500 record and Luol Deng at his peak than with a 47-35 record and Luol Deng playing at 85% and still worried about wrist pain.

Would it surprise anyone if instead of missing 15 games up front that he misses 5-10 games later in the season to rest his wrist again due to the pain accumulated from playing a grinding season with through the injury?

If Deng simply doesn't believe surgery is the best course of action then maybe that's something different all together. Maybe he simply doesn't want to have surgery at all, and it's not necessarily related to the timing of the regular season. He obviously has the right to decide the best course of action for his body, and if he believes the best course of action is no surgery than I'm game.

However, if he's simply doing it to support the team and his teammates, the best support he can give them is to have the surgery immediately and be 100% healthy by the end of the season rather than at the beginning of it.


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  • To his question I would say 31% shooting during the Olympics probably says you need surgery.

  • Players openly whacked Luol Deng's injured wrist time after time such as LeDouchebag James. IMO other teams seem to view the Bulls as soft. Derrick has suffered some cheap fouls both being slammed to the floor and whacks to the face such as Nowitzki's obvious clout on the bridge of Derrick's nose in Dallas. Yet he did nothing. Deng apparently hasn't done anything about the cheap shots either. As long as he's viewed as soft they will continue to hack and whack that wrist.

    I believe Doug and some other posters have been against the Bulls defending themselves. If Deng and Rose along with Jo, Taj etc. other Bulls retaliated in seemingly "unrelated" hard fouls and then clued said recipient in that if they don't want to incur that type of cheapness they will quit cheap shotting Rose, Deng's injury trying to hurt him. I honestly doubt it would go on. And IMO without doubt the Bulls Deng, Rose etc. are one of the most passive and ineffective teams when it comes to dealing with/complaining to the refs.

    As for Deng's injury status, if he plays a month or two and he's obviously hampered then it will show he was simply wrong and the team will suffer for it. If Deng were hampered or out and Derrick really isn't ready to play until late Feb. or March then the Tanking question becomes legit. Similar to posters who say the Bulls shouldn't retaliate for cheap fouls or attacks really the same guys will probably say you "can't" tank because it's "wrong."

    San Antonio and Miami definitely tanked. But the Bulls in Gar and Pax along with Thibs are not even capable of handling the media and players in a way that defuses the issue making it a viable option. You could develop every worthwhile player on the team offensively with all the time(losses) in the world to work on their games meaning short term failures. And at the same time secure a top 5 pick. Thus a win, win situation.

    If the Bulls were heading into the 2011-12 season with this year's loaded draft on the table it would be hugely tempting to employ such a strategy. However, I'm betting such a loaded increased odds of hitting draft will not occur two years in a row. Plus again the Bulls are too stodgy, unsophisticated, and repressed to pull off the necessary front and information control to stonewall successfully including having no player answer any question remotely referring to Tanking(which is what Miami did). The players gave both ignoring the question answers and obviously prepared politico spin answers(see Chris Paul/D-Wade).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Don’t you mean LeRing James? The gold medal he’s about to secure is for Chicagoans too, so let’s try to show a little respect.

    As for tanking, it’s a smart ploy when done at the right time. Down the stretch of the 2007-2008 season, I rooted for the Heat to lose every game. Unfortunately, it only netted us Michael Beasley, but the Summer of 2010 made up for that.

  • In reply to RichG:

    LeBum and LeChoke for most of his career who just beat a bunch of kids in OKC, lost to Argentina to give away the gold in 2002, and gagged to the last real superstar and old school offensive veteran team he faced in Dallas. He literally quit on his own team in Cleveland during a playoff series against the Celtics. Respect?

    Respect that he cheap shotted Luol Deng repeatedly slapping his wrist, and you come on a Bulls bog to tell us how we should respect your team's player? You cloth your persistent posting on another team's website well but your recent lectures about Micky Arsion cutting the checks which nobody on a Bulls blog wants to hear that shit, and now demanding respect for an opponent's player who undoubtedly cheap shotted our guy? You really are a troll after all aren't you? Pathetic.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Somebody was saying James was on the 2002 US team that lost to Argentina which he was not. He was too busy trying to keep his mom away from his "friends" back in those days.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Would you call Jordan, Shaq, and Isiah Thomas bums and chokes? They were older than Lebron before they won their first championships. It’s been over two years since Lebron left Cleveland for Miami. I think it’s time for you to let up. Keep your hatred focused on Reinsdorf. It’s more deserved.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    LeBron is a douche no doubt but so are a lot of great players. The greatest of all time MJ is a total tool too maybe more so than LBJ. Just watch his HOF acceptance speech as he needlessly bashes everyone he played for and with. Totally classless. Amazing basketball player and I loved watching him though. You can't try to diminish LBJ's skills just because he is a d bag. He is a solid top 2 player in the NBA and has been for years.

  • So Teague just signed with the Bulls for 100% of his slotted salary instead of 120%...Was it really worth it for mgmt to save a few hundred thousand dollars? This can't look good to the rest of the league...,0,1528011.story

  • In reply to bpmueller:

    All agents will continue to warn players how cheap the bulls management is that's for sure. I can't see how Chicago will ever land a star player via free agency.

    As for Deng, he should just get the surgery because the bulls are not title contenders this year. He will only be helping his team try to win a 8th seed in the playoffs.

  • even if deng is ok which he claims to be. I would still like to see him in a reduced role and have jimmy butler play 15-20 minutes a game. I am high on Butler because i feel he can become a solid two way player that can provide energy off the bench. There's no reason to play Deng 40 minutes a game and he should be restricted to the mid thirty minute range. The alarming thing is Deng's continued poor shooting percentage which was bad even before his wrist injury. Do Thibodeau players take a nose-dive offensively since we've seen both Rose and Deng's shooting percentage trend downward over the last two years. I hope he focuses more on offense which should try to include more transition baskets, getting to the line and having a balanced offensive attack. The Bulls do have some of the best passers in the game like Noah, Boozer, Hamilton and others so I would like to see 20-25 assists a game but you need some scorers to get those dimes adding up.

  • Cheap soft and dysfunctional is the best way to describe the Bulls organization and some of their players. And I do respect teams and organizations that do try and win no matter the cost. Congrats to your team RichG.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Do you also respect players who don't recruit other players?

  • In reply to RichG:

    Nope I don't, that's why i said some of their players are soft, I won't mention any names. Players in todays NBA need to recruit other good players with the talent level where it is today which is very minimal.

  • Interesting how Doug's good post morphed into the Bulls being "soft" and then a hate parade on LeBron ... look, I'm no fan of that guy, either. But IF he did repeatedly hit Deng, that's just a typical douche move of the average NBA player, unfortunately.

    And it does expose the soft nature of this team. The exceptions? Gibson (a black belt) and Noah. But Deng, Booz, Rip, Korver and even Rose were a little soft in response to getting plastered. Of course, some people said the same thing about Scottie Pippen, but he had The Killer (MJ) behind him and then guys ready to lay some wood, like Ed Nealy, Cliff Livingston, Cartright, Rodman ... yes, guys stopped hacking MJ and Pippen, knowing full well they'd get theirs.

    Personally, I worry this current Bulls team will get even softer, as Asik was one tough, intimidating SOB. He ruled the paint.

  • In reply to Curious E:

    On the softness, I think that is one spot that Hinrich will help. He never backs off of anyone. I think Nate Robinson will go to blows at a moments notice too.

  • With Teague signed, they can't sign anyone to veteran min.. Does this also include Malcom Thomas? Does he qualify for Vet. Min.?
    I know he would probably not have a big impact, but I still would like him to be on the team.

  • So because James has won a championship his entire gag resume and reputation dissapear? I agree LeBron James is the best player in the NBA right now. That doesn't negate the point that he personally has quit on his team in a playoff setting(likewise Kobe), and gagged away many crucial series. If you look at his 8 turnovers in the clincher/loser stink bomb he dropped against the Magic, his Finals scoring particulalrly fourth quarter scoring before this season all were beyond sub par for his alpha status and capabilities. And even with Wade he folded vs a superstar on a tear with zero points in the final five minutes of fourth quarters i.e crunch time for the series. That's Zer-O as in no more then a dead man.

    Congratulations you broke through vs a bunch of kids(OKC) whose defense eventually crumbled in letting James stroll down the lane for easy basets. The point about "hating" him was the context of repeatedly hacking Deng on his injured wrist not the Cleveland rape(Not to mention the flop and wink in the playoffs vs the Bulls, purposely throwing his towel down so the equipment kid would have to go pick it up, the dancing against the Bulls in Cleveland which was just beyond ridiculous etc. etc). He's a spoiled shit without question. Too bad his mom did such a poor job with him. I guess she's to busy cussing out valets and banging teammates to worry about it. I'm sure there are many NBA players particularly younger guys who would do the same as in slap a guys injured wrist etc., but that doesn't make it any less detestable. Noah, Taj, Lu, Derrick all the Bulls true core competitors would never do this IMO.

    It's too bad at the same time they all appear somewhat soft though. You can stick up for yourself and your team still not be a punk ass.

    As for Jordan so many guys who comment on him were too young to really know him from his beginning in the NBA. Like many great figures he had a dark side and did turn into somewhat of an a-hole, but he was far from that in the beginning and for much of his run. Anyone as great as M.J. is not easily labelled and "understood." Those who think they can define him simply as a "tool" are being simplistic and naive. Phil Jackson said he never witnessed a greater love between two teammates then Michael and Scottie.(Place high school homo reference here). Despite the fact that at one point Jordan tried to rip Scottie Pippen apart during a basketball practice. What a tool!

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