Bulls Beat #250 - Purgatory?

Bulls Beat #250 - Purgatory?

Are the Chicago Bulls in baskeball purgatory? Basketball hell? I think not.

Bulls Beat #250 - Purgatory?

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  • The problem with not paying the luxury tax until something ''awesome'' or something that ''blows you away'' comes around is:

    a. You've set your standards so high that you turn down moves that could still help you (now or in the future), even if only by smaller margins. So as long as those smaller moves don't hurt your ability to make bigger moves too much (or at all), there's no reason not to make them.
    b. When you're avoiding the tax while waiting for a big deal to become available you may have to let walk/dump (or turn down opportunities to aquire) valuable players/assets/contracts that can not only help you make those trades in the first place (maybe you won't even be able to make the trade at all without them, where you could have otherwise), but would also leave you with more assets left over after such a trade that can still help you, be it directly or indirectly.

    Sometimes you have to show your financial commitment to winning PRIOR to having a team that is ''worth paying the tax for''. Otherwise, you either make it more difficult on yourself to make that next jump, or you outright destroy your chances to.

  • Agree completely. By not showing your financial commitment prior to winning you make it far less likely to ever be in position to win.

  • Can't say I agree at all.

    Here's my problem with the Bulls just need one piece: identify who we could get and how. I can understand the logic but I just don't see a path from here to there.

    You say we just need an efficient scorer. Well lets look at players who meet that description. Players who scored 20 PPG at 54 TS% or better:

    David Lee
    Eric Gordon

    I'd argue that what you say we need isn't even strict enough, because at least Lee and Gordon and probably Aldridge, in any reasonable trade, wouldn't be enough. Nowitzki, Wade, Howard, Griffin, Durant and LeBron are unlikely to be available.

    So what, all our eggs are in the get Kevin Love basket?

    The Bulls are in purgatory and they're in purgatory because they gave up on the only reasonable plan they had to get to a championship: stars are hard to get and none of them want to go to Chicago, so better off putting the best collection of role players together you can. Except woops, we just let 4 of them go to save a bit of change.

    I think you're right on one thing: there's no stars likely to move any time soon. So given there's no stars coming, and no willingness to pay for the collection of role players plan, it's purgatory. That's why the only remaining way out is to tank this season so hard that the Bulls get a top 3 pick. It's the only possible way the Bulls can land enough talent to win. It'll be hard - there's some crappy teams that the Bulls will really have to work hard to be worse than - and painful to watch, and no doubt competitors like Rose, Noah and Deng wont like to be told they're sitting because of injuries they feel they could play through. It has to be done though.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I think where the Bulls are at, there's no piece outside of Dwight Howard that would have felt like "enough". If the Bulls win, it will be with pieces that don't feel like enough, but have the chemistry / matchup advantages to put things together.

    Outside of that, I still largely agree with you. I said they're a piece away, but I also don't see how we can get from here to there.

  • Our definitions of Basektball Purgatory must be different. By my definition (team that is equally unlikely to win championship as it is to land a top 5 draft pick or attract high-quality FA; thereby perpetuating middling playoff runs at best), the Bulls bought themselves prime Purgatory real-estate, parked their double-wide, and popped open their lawn chairs after planting their Bulls Lawn Gnomes.

    With the best possible talent GarPax was going to put together these past two years, the Bulls came up short. Now that they've taken a step backwards, in addition to Rose being out for a long portion of the year, I'm not sure how anyone could say their ceiling is much beyond brief ECF appearance if everything goes right. Conversely, their floor is probably mid-late teens draft pick if things go mostly wrong.

    In short, the Bulls are looking a lot like Atlanta North or Jazz East.

    I think the one piece the Bulls are missing that would get them to a championship is a new & committed owner. Outside of that, I don't think any single move actually gets them there; given what likely needs to go out the door to make it happen.

  • I know most people look at the Bulls future as a glass half empty, but I'm not giving in to the doom and gloom perspective. Did anyone really think Ray Allan would be on the Heat a year or two ago? Do you think Philly fans thought they would have Bynum? Crazy things happen in this league. I could easily see the Bobcats pick being used in two years and it bringing in a big talent. Guys like Rivers and Lamb were picked in that 10-12 range and they are expected to be big producers for their teams. Same could hapen for the Bulls. Two free agents that I'm keeping an eye on are DeRozen and Henderson. DeRozen is a long shot, but I wouldn't be suprise if Gerald Henderson wants out of Charlotte and becomes available. He might not be the superstar that some want, but he would be a solid long term piece. I also don't put it out of possibility that Hamilton has one more good year in him. It sounded to me that they guy Doug described as the player needed was a healthy Richard Hamilton.

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