Bulls Beat #248 - Howard's a Laker

The Bulls didn't seem involved with the Dwight Howard talks and may have fallen into the NBA's middle class.

Bulls Beat #248 - Howard's a Laker

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  • Elite: MIA, OKC, LAL, BOS

    NBA Purgatory (1st and 2nd Round Exits): SAS, LAC, NYK, CHI, IND, BKLN, MEM, PHI

    Competitive enough to get 7th-8th seeds, not bad enough to get top picks): ATL, DEN, MINN, UTA, HOU, DAL, WAS

    Bottom Feeders (Lottery teams): TOR, GSW, PHO, SAC, CLE, DET, MIL, NOH, CHA, ORL, POR

    By purposely locking themselves in at the $74mil hard cap (so they could use the excuse 'we couldn't improve or add anybody to the team', they locked themselves out of getting Bynum as well.

    If PHI got Bynum for Iggy (expiring deal), Harkless (unproven), Vucevic (got 3min in 13 playoff games), a Protected 1stRounder, and all they had to do was take on the fair contract of JRich, Bulls should have been able to get Bynum.

    Deng (Iggy), CHA Pick (Harkless), Mirotic (Vucevic), Butler/Teague/Future 1st (PHI's Protected 1st) is better than PHI's offer. Bulls could have easily thrown in Taj as well.

    But the problem with this deal is that the Bulls would have had to take back JRich's contract or Glen Davis's contract, and by locking themselves in at a $74mil hardcap, even if they wanted Bynum, they wouldn't have been able to get him.

    Cheap Owner + Uncreative/Balls-less Front Office = Basketball Purgatory

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    This could have been our 2012-13 Title-Contending lineup:

    C. Bynum (Nazr)
    PF. Noah (Boozer, Radmonovich)
    SF. Butler (JRich)
    SG. Hinrich (Belinelli)
    PG. Rose (Nate, Teague)

    And for the 2013-14 season, if they Amnestied Boozer, Bulls would have about $17mil in cap space to sign a FA....THEN they could resign Bynum since we have his rights (at least that's what I think we could do...since I'm basing this off of the Nets's ability to resign Lopez after they spent all their cap money).

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Not buying Boston over us if Rose comes back healthy. I think the Nets will be better than the Celtics as well.

  • Can't say I share your optimism that things aren't so bad. IMO the team lost 10 wins due to downgrading the bench mob, they're a low 50s win team now even with a healthy Rose. Really I don't see how anyone can just brush this off as no big deal: we've spent two years praising the bench mob and now they leave and we're going to turn around and say they didn't matter much and things will be fine without them?

    Rose coming back early would be a worst case scenario, it's pointless him playing as the team is no longer even a dark horse contender. I just can't see how they beat Miami then go on to beat one of LA or OKC. They really need to hold him out the whole year and tank it up. Getting vastly underpaid talent on rookie deals is the only way they can win a championship with Rose if they're going to go cheap. Hopefully JR is preparing the way for Rose to miss the whole year by floating the "we wouldn't want to risk him playing when not 100%".

  • Won't Bynum possibly be available if he SAT to get full max and didn't want to stay in Philly? I'm sure there are at least a couple options in the next couple years Doug. Not that I think the Bulls front office could ever get a big deal done.

    If the Bulls were to give up a first rounder to dump Hamilton I think I would cease to be a fan. That kind of cheapness would leave such a bad taste in my mouth and create such a long term bleeck outlook that I would have a tough time putting time into following them.

    I would much rather have Lakers win than the Heat. Kobe can have all the rings he wants. Won't change the fact that he had superior talent around him and didnt take a break and play baseball during his prime. Wonder in Phil has given any thought to a comback.

  • In reply to UnstopaBull:

    I don't see any feasible way to add Bynum, nor do I see the Bulls pursuing him given that he'll cost far more than Noah.

  • bynum doesn't interest me since he most likely will be asking for a max contract like hibbert got. I think the main problem we seen with the bulls the last few years is not having that secondary dynamic scorer and playmaker next to Rose. Somebody who can score 20 points a game and playmake(like a James Harden) but those kind of players are hard to come by. I like Noah for his contract although he's pretty much maxed out being a 10 10 guy but those numbers don't do justice to other things he brings like ball handling and playmaking/passing. We need our version of James Harden or the closest thing we can find.

  • 1) No real problem letting most of the Bench Mob go. They all had a few good games, they all had some real duds, but in crunch time, not a one was solidly consistent, as we saw for two years. So, see if you can upgrade for cheaper. Made sense to me. If the current bench turns out worse, still not a huge loss -- the guys the Bulls had weren't going to put them over the top.

    2) It would have been a good year to take on some expirings to get some #1 picks. And it would have been a good time to buy some #2 picks. Yeah, there would have been some misses, but whoever hit may have been both solid and cheap. Those are low risk/high reward gambles. But those deals are not always available.

    3) I would not have given up Mirotic in a deal for Howard (unless he would have signed an extension, which he clearly was not going to do). Mirotic is NBA unproven, but he is 20, still developing yet winning awards, is 6 '10" and can hit 3s and play at the rim -- in short, he might, notice might, turn into an NBA Allstar. (No GMs saw Nowitski developing like he did).

    The Bulls took a flyer on Mirotic, but he sure looks promising for a #23 pick! I'm glad they didn't screw it up and trade him (unless they were getting an Allstar who was signing the extension.) Even if Mirotic only becomes a solid starter, he was a steal.

    4) If Mirotic progresses and comes over in 2014/15, then the Bulls "only" need to sign an Allstar SG and amnesty Boozer, and they will be in contention for the championship. Especially if they keep Taj and he progresses.

    5) If the Bulls get under the cap this year or next, then they could even keep Noah, resign Deng, sign the SG and go into the tax for 2 years to shoot for the ring. Honestly, a solid Mirotic, Deng, Noah, with Rose and another Allstar SG in the backcourt -- they would give any team fits!

  • I still don't think anyone can blame any team for not getting in on this deal. The Nets had a much better offer to Orlando and Houston was better aswell. The Magic took the worste deal possible. As for the idea of getting Bynum, it looks good on paper. The problem is, what does everyon complain about with Deng, Hamilton, Noah, Boozer? Injury prone. Bynum has missed a lot of games over the years. How much do you really trust him to stay healthy. Plus, the guy is the definition of bone head.

    Just have to say, Why are people so high on the Nets? Didn't they just give big raises to the guys that were on last years team? The only addition was Johnson. I think he makes them a playoff team, but I think they will be fighting with the Knicks for the 6,7, and 8 spots.

  • If this team dumps Rip's contract without replacing it (at some point) with a contract of approximately equal value, their trade flexibility for next season will be dead in the water.

    Then your salary structure would look like this: at the top, the contracts of your very best players, then an enormous gulf, and then, all the way at the bottom, the contracts of guys making a few million dollars a year.

    Then the only way you can make a trade is to include one of your best players, just so that salaries can match. And since the Bulls are already at a talent disadvantage to other elite teams, they can't afford to lose ANY talent if they don't need to.

    They've already murdered their trade flexibility for this season. I hope they don't murder next year's as well...

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