Bulls Beat #247 - Loose ends

Bulls Beat #247 - Loose ends

I discuss the Bulls roster, Hinrich contract, lack of Thibs extension and a variety of loose ends

Bulls Beat #247 - Loose Ends

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  • This fucking Teague thing takes the cake. It tells you everything you need to know about this cheap ass, convoluded, dishonest really franchise. Dishonest with their fans, players, other teams, probably their own mothers.

    Pax and Gar's history of resigning players in Ben Gordon, Luol Deng etc. has not been pretty. Every time you hear about personnel moves it's haggling and interminable waiting. You could argue Reinsdorf tied their hands, but their actions and comments certainly didn't come across as straight forward.

    Case in point, losing B.G. for nothing rather then seeing the handwriting on the wall with Raymond Brothers was regrettable. They were completely disingenuous in those Omer trade talks with Memphis trying to foist a guy they had already kicked to the curb in Ronnie Brewer on them rather then the guy they obviously wanted in Asik. Serious NBA franchises who expect to be taken seriously as in respected just don't pull this crap IMO.

    Now you've got them haggling with rookie contracts and an established coach in Thibs after Gar Forman unsolicited said front office moves would be basketball based not financially based. Why would he even make that statement as an agenda to simply put that out there? If it's not financial, then f-ing sign Thibs. Dont' squabble with a lower tier contract rookie over less then a million dollars. You look like fools making such claims which are obviously unsolicited, defensive posture in essecne lies.

    The best thing that could happen for Bulls fans is if Taj and Thibs did terminate contract talks, and just walked to other teams. If it wasn't for Derrick Rose that's likely what would end up happening simply becaue they would be alienated by the Bulls doublespeak disingenuousness and cheapness.

    An organization that wants to win, you hear about trade talks generally such as with a Lakers or Dallas, and the next thing you know they're done. For example the Houston talks you know they want Asik and will send you Courtney Lee so you either make the move or you don't. Instead the Bulls try to haggle i.e rip them off going after more valuable players. That "negotiation" went on for days going knowhere.

    The last franchise in the NBA I'd want to deal with would be the Chicago Bulls if I'm a legit winning player or franchise. Simply, they suck. I hope for the good of fans that Reinsdorf and his inept minions Gar/Pax simply continue to lose assetts like Omer for nothing in Taj and Thibs. Let the chickens come home to roost after this cheap ass summer of gutting where Gar Forman tells you it wasn't about money - what a dickhead. Anybody who would stay in bed with Reinsdorf after this botched chock full of talent draft, team gutting, this summer of ineptitude and doublespeak and then makes such a cockamamie claim out of left field about not being about the money is not only a clueless dolt, but also spineless and honestly fairly desperate.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    That's not to mention this Hinrich bullshit. Chronically, chronically injured the last two seasons I don't care what the f-ing injuries were plus when he did play he sucked. And you overpay for $8 Mil over two years? You couldn't get a better player/guard then that for that money? O.J. Mayo or Klank Hinbrich.. hmm? I'll take Klank and pay him more money then necessary to boot. Cause one thing we Bulls are is loyal.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You're so angry, eternally, why don't you go kill yourself? That would solve your forever problem with management and players. But you won't because you're just a big mouth and, worse, a fake!

  • I was one of the few trying to remain optimistic by saying this would be a 45 win team and make a playoff run with derrick back but after reading rumors that the Bulls are trying to dump Rip Hamilton so they don't have to pay luxury tax just pisses me off. Not to mention some of the stupid offseason moves, I was one of the few who didn't mind the dumping of Korver, Brewer and Watson but when they had a chance to get the superior combo guard in OJ Mayo over Hinrich and picking Teague over the better Doron Lamb just makes you question how smart the Front Office is. Are they trying to lower Thibodeau's asking price by giving him less talent to work with? I wouldn't be surprised if they are offering 3.5 million a year for him and forget about Taj Gibson since they plan on using the amnesty on Boozer in the year 2020 or something ridiculous. I won't even go to the Deng for a lottery pick because they will never get that high a pick again for Deng, even in a weaker draft pool.

  • Totally agree with your synopsis of the Bulls offseason, with one small(actually large and tall) exception. Offensively, I like Bellinelli and Robinson, not a big fan of VladRad, but he is way better than Scal, and provides a stretch 4 off the bench that the Bulls have never really had. We could all be wrong, but I am looking forward to Butler for Brewer, he could become the Taj of small forwards. However, losing Asik for NayZay(as you say) is a huge loss, and will likely come back to bite the Bulls in the ass.

    Noah, Bozo and Taj are all injury prone. While Taj hasn't missed a ton of games, he seems to be at risk to tweak if not destroy his ankle on just about every play. I am paranoid that this will be the season that he suffers a serious ankle/leg injury.

    Secondly, even if there is no injury, just the increased playing time for Bozo will constitute a disaster, especially since a good deal of that extra time will come with Bozo at center, the most important defensive position in Thibs scheme.

    The entire Asik affair(not signing him to a 3 year deal, one year for each 2nd round pick we gave up to get him) is going to kill me for a long time to come. I hate to root against the guy, but I almost have to. If he performs as well as I expect as a starter, I will be even more pissed than I am now. The Bulls are now a small if not midget team, as Noah, Bozo and Gibson are all "undersized" for their respective positions.

    Granted, the league in general is heading toward small ball, center free lineups as Miami proved that you can win a championship without a single legitimate center. However, we will struggle against the teams with legitimate bigmen(5-10 teams), as Noah tends to get into foul trouble against those guys.

    After the loss of Asik, like you I am most puzzled/perturbed by the Hinrich situation. I think that we were bidding against ourselves, I highly doubt that anyone was giving Hinrich a penny more than the MMLE if even that. Why the fuck we did is an absolute fuck up. For a cheap ass bastard, Kirk Reinrich sure does some weird things in the name of sentimentality.

    Given that every single move that we have made this offseason was 100% money driven, making an exception for Hinrich was assinine. Maybe, Thibs really prefers Hinrich's defensive game to Watson's, that is the only explanation for giving him 2 years instead of just keeping Watson for 1. Both Thibs and GarPax seemed to say that they viewed Hinrich as a long term piece going forward.

    The Teague pick is looking worse with every passing day. Their should be a rule against drafting players that you didn't even bother to look at prior to the draft. My top 3 choices were Tony Wroten, Miles Plumlee, and Will Barton. Wroten(as expected) and Plumlee(totally unexpected) went before the Bulls pick.

    Memphis now has 2 guys that I wanted badly as backcourt mates for Rose, Tony Allen and Tony Wroten. They could be the best defensive backcourt in the NBA in 2 years.

    I certainly would have moved up for Wroten who with his size and athleticism would have been able to play next to Rose at 2 and for him at point. Plumlee would have been a far better(nevermind younger, and longterm) replacement for Asik as the fourth bigman than NayZay.

    Finally, maybe you could do a post on what the Bulls shoud offer Taj. Is he worth more than either Ryan Anderson or Illyasova. Both of those guys are better offensively than Taj, but not as good defensively. Taj is a better rebounder than Anderson but not as strong as Illyasova.

    Players usually get paid for their offensive numbers, both those guys are getting paid $8-9 million for 4-5 years. I can't see Taj getting more than either of those guys, so if the Bulls offered Taj 4-5 years at $30-40 million, I don't see how he doesn't jump on it. It is still a lot of money for a guy without a true offensive game, and a guy who may never be a starter, with Bozo in his way until/when/if Mirotic comes over.

    I totally believe, that the Bulls will trade Hamilton at the trade deadline, even paying the remaining $3 million on his contract for the right to do so. Deng should have surgery tomorrow, and we better hope for perfect health or this season will be a repeat of 2008, the year after we swept the defending champion Heat in the playoffs, I think.

    Sorry for going all RW on you just to agree with you, but it's another long hot Sunday afternoon in Vegas.

  • Teague: LOL, it's a joke really. I wish it was because they're having second thoughts about this awful pick and want to trade him, but I think they're just being cheap. So do without one more ivory back scratcher and pay him.

    Hinrich: He was still a crappy signing at the mini-MLE, what's a few more thousand on the fire, the Bulls weren't going to use the salary flexibility to make any moves anyway. I think Watson and Brewer having to sign for the min shows the way the Bulls need to be thinking if they're going to be cheap in the future: look to sign other teams discards who have nowhere else to go for more money.

    Deng: Hopefully he's delaying the surgery so as to miss as much time as possible to aid the tank.

    Rose & ACLs: It really varies a lot how long it sidelines you for ... in Australian football where ACLs are quite common players have been out from anything as short as 12 weeks to 2 years. Generally you're looking at close to 12 months though. Depends on the injury and how risky they want to go ... there's some surgery you can get that gets you back quicker (I think they graft part of your hamstring where your ACL used to be or something, don't ask me, I'm not a doctor) but nobody knows the long term effects yet so not many want to risk it. Rose's timetable for return sounds normal to me. Again, hoping they hold him out the whole year to help the tank.

    Asik: The Bulls will miss him. Chances of Boozer, Noah and Gibson all remaining healthy the whole year is low, so Nay-zee will play. Even if they do remain healthy, I don't like the Boozer/Gibson pairing at all. But them getting hurt and having no backup all helps the tank so it's all good.

    Thibs: It'll get done, this is just negotiation, I don't think him not having an extension yet is unexpected news. I do wonder if with the defensive blueprint in place it might be for the best letting him walk and hiring an offensive minded coach anyway. Boston seemed to manage to stay strong defensively using his schemes but without him there.

  • I think you nailed it on the head Doug. They pursued the Hard cap just to justify being cheap. That or GarPax combo has a lower IQ than even I give them credit for. I have tried resisting blasting them on being cheap because they do have a high payroll but I can't hold out after this stupid offseason. Haggling with a rookie over 200k when you just overpaid an old injury prone Captain Klank by several million dollars is insane! I truely can't believe the Bulls are run by such morons. If these idiots ever build a championship team I will be shocked.

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