The Chicago Bulls need to be smart with their small market budget

The Chicago Bulls are still seeking a way to trade Kyle Korver, not to obtain assets to help the team win, but to save his 500k buyout. A ridiculous notion for a team as flush with cash as the Chicago Bulls. They've already let Brewer and Watson go in order to save money as well.

All reports are that the Bulls are torn on what to do with Asik, matching him puts them in the luxury tax for the next two seasons unless they let Taj Gibson go, and while I want the Bulls to match Asik, I only want them to do so with the assurance it won't hinder other moves due to salary fears.

I like Asik. I think he's a premier big man defender in the NBA rather than just a big body who can get some rebounds and play a little defense. The Bulls won't replace him with a low salaried player. He's a Tyson Chandler type with a big less athleticism, and I can see why a team would make him their starting center.

That said, he's also largely redundant on this roster with Joakim and Taj. He's the one I value least of the three because he's, by far, the most offensively inept. If the Bulls are going to get scared off by the repeater tax and future tax bills then they need to say goodbye to Asik.

Everything they've done this season indicates this is the case. Going into next year, if the Bulls don't amnesty Boozer, they'll be sitting at a salary around 72 million assuming a 9 million dollar first year for Gibson for just Rose, Deng, Booz, Noah, Gibson, Butler, Teague, Hinrich, and the Hamilton buy out. That number is already likely in the luxury tax area and the Bulls still won't have a starting shooting guard on the roster unless someone thinks Hinrich is that guy.

Chicago may amnesty Boozer that season, and while everyone loves to rip on Boozer, the Bulls aren't going to have the assets to pick up another quality big man to replace him with. I wouldn't be surprised if it came to that, but if so, Chicago will likely be considerably worse for the move.

Scary enough, given our roster make up, I'd probably rather keep Boozer than Asik. Either way, I think it's fair to say we can expect the Bulls to stay under the tax unless a superstar is coming. I believe what I've always believed about the Bulls with regards to the luxury tax. They will pay it if and only if it enhances profits. Reinsdorf will not hesitate to pay a 10 million dollar luxury tax if the team generates more profits than the team not paying it.

Adding a player such as Dwight Howard, whom the Bulls aren't pursuing, while paying the tax would be such a scenario. However, keeping the best team possible on the floor or adding quality role players on good deals will not qualify. The Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, L.A. Lakers, New York Knicks, and New Jersey Nets are all willing to do that, but the Bulls are not.

The Bulls will pay the tax to add a superstar that adds to the bottom line. The team is run like a business where only the bottom line matters. Not the fans. Not the product. Not the ring. Just the cash. That's it. The basketball side is sick to win, they want to win desperately, will do anything to win, but they are cut off at the knees by the business side. We've already seen that this off-season, and we can expect the trend to continue.

Gar Forman promised the Bulls would make basketball decisions not financial ones. He'll have to get up and explain to fans why C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer both stated that management wanted them back but couldn't keep them due to the luxury tax. He'll have to explain why Kyle Korver will be replaced by a vastly inferior player. He may or may not have to explain why they let go their #1 off-season priority, Omer Asik.

Jerry Reinsdorf probably likes the Chicago Bulls like you like the guy working next to you. We all hope our co-workers are doing well, but if they get into trouble we're probably not volunteering to pay their mortgage for them. Jerry Reinsdorf assuredly wants the Bulls to win, but not at the cost of profits. That's the simple fact, and this team will be handicapped by it for as long as he runs it. It doesn't mean the Bulls can't win, but it means their margin for error is very slim. Small market teams need to be flawless to win championships. They don't have the margin of error to make 1-2 bad signings or screw up a draft pick here or there. They can't spend their way out of messes.

The Bulls are a small market team in one of the biggest markets and need to make all moves under the belief that there's no financial bailout coming for mistakes.

Twitter responses

@Riles23 so is an Asik S&T off the table or is it something that could happen?

It is off the table. The Bulls can only offer Asik 5/5/5/5 (and change on the end of those 5s) while the Rockets can offer 5/5/14. This is due to a loop hole in the Early Bird rights + Gilbert Arenas clause. Since the Rockets can offer 9 million more than the Bulls, a sign and trade would cost Asik nine million over three years only to gain back five million in year four since he'd have to sign with the Bulls offer.

If Asik was willing to give up that much cash to do the Bulls a favor, he'd just sign with them outright.

@NoahLaPorte Woj just tweeted that Thibs didn't want to get rid of ANY of the players on the roster.

It will be interesting to see how this impacts the Bulls negotiations with Thibodeau. Thibodeau came from a Celtics organization that was committed to winning. He's now seeing that the Bulls are not committed to winning. This is actually true at most NBA locations thought.

I'm sure it was a sobering and depressing moment for Thibs, and it wouldn't surprise me if it hurts our contract negotiations with him.

@bcook1132 Dude gave all he had, playing w/ sprained ankle and plantar fascitis most of the year. My guess is Thibs loved him

I think Thibs will like Hinrich more than Watson, but I think the overall in/out moves for the off-season hurt the roster.

@cory4280 why the bulls are keeping together a team currently not constructed good enough to beat the heat or thunder in the playoffs

There really isn't much other choice. I think they'd like to get another star player in here, but it's not easy to get star players. If there were 60 of them out there and every team could have two then they wouldn't really be stars anymore. The one move that could solve this is trading for Dwight Howard, but management won't pursue him.

I'm not sure if Howard has just done something disastrous with them behind the scenes, because I'd take him and try to convince him to stay rather than use the plan they are on now which is to bring back a worse team to go up against a team that was better than you last year and improved considerably.

@Hendu0520 lol would be nice, why do people act like we haven't seen Taj start? He wasn't that great when Booz was out

I'm not a Boozer apologist, but I think people overstate how bad he is, and I think we'd be a worse team if he was subtracted. He's a frustrating player at times, but he's still a quality NBA big man. He's just not a 15 million dollar per year one. If Boozer was on an eight million dollar per year contract, we'd think he was an awesome value.

@IAmWillMarsh If Bulls fans are frustrated with Boozer, I can only imagine what the reaction to Josh Smith would be

I don't know if Smith would be more or less frustrating than Boozer, but I do think there is definitely a grass is always greener side of things going on here.

@nwfisch I'd Trade Boozer to a team and expect a similar or lesser return than Joe J, time to clear space for later and take a chance.

Any more crazy billionaire's on spending sprees out there? Nope. However, even if it were a possibility, if the Bulls wanted to dump Boozer for cap room then they could simply amnesty him. A huge chunk of his contract would get picked up by someone else.

@Rudens23 it would look really bad for Bulls management if Houston who wasn't on DH list trades for him and he winds up resigning later on

It looks really bad for Houston if they gutted their entire roster in an attempt to get Howard and fail to do it or he leaves. I admire them for taking the risk, the odds of Howard staying there strike me as much lower than the odds of him staying here, as even if they're successful, they have nothing around him.

@godrose1 if Bulls sign and trade korver to Atlanta for 2nd rounder and TE who would Bulls try to trade for?

My guess is they wouldn't use it this year and would consider using it next off-season.

@Riles23 any way the market plays out that a guy like Lee or Mayo has to take MMLE? long shot, but im hoping.

Yes, but the latest intel I've got on the Bulls thinking makes me believe they wouldn't pull the trigger on using the MMLE even if they had it back.

@Puertoricotech can we. Get a s&te with Houston for. J. Richarson if the trade. For Howard gets. Done?

If we wanted Richardson we could get him for Korver from the Magic right now. They'd probably throw in a 2nd rounder or two as well.

@Dan_the_Man_94 What is the chance of us even getting DH?

Like the lottery, no one ever won without a ticket. We're not buying tickets. If we did, I think we'd probably land him.

@Chaflyyyyyy did the Bulls match Asik's offer?

Houston hasn't officially made the offer yet. They're expected to make the offer today or Saturday. The Bulls will have three days to match once it is made.

@gaveduck what the latest on korver trade

I think Korver trade talks are dead. They died with Minny/Portland, and I would think if anything were going to happen with Atlanta that it'd already be done. It's not like there's a lot to negotiate here.

@sgredv I am concerned alot of teams passing us with trades? Agree or not? What should we do next?

I think the only team that really may have passed us in the East is the Nets though New York will probably come back tougher more due to coaching change and a full season to gel with Lin and the hopes of a healthier roster. Boston losing Allen and getting Terry is probably a push, but everyone else is still older and slower, and I think we were pretty far ahead.

The Bulls, for all of our bitching, probably aren't going to be much worse than last year once Rose is fully healthy. Kirk's an adequate CJ replacement, Teague gives us something we were lacking last sesaon, and I think Butler has potential. They'll miss Kyle's shooting, but overall, I think Kyle did his best against crappy teams that we could largely have beaten without him. Disciplined teams typically weren't burned by Korver.

The key for the Bulls will be health. Is Deng going to have surgery, how long is Rose out, can Boozer stay healthy two seasons in a row, how about Noah, Hamilton, and Hinrich? The whole roster is riddled with guys who haven't had a good history of staying healthy with the MVP and one of the next most important players both potentially missing a good chunk of the season. Noah's also still rehabbing his ankle, so don't be surprised if he shows up to camp out of shape as well.

The biggest problem for Chicago may be the lack of margin for error if guys are injured this season, particularly if Asik doesn't stay with the team.

@jamfan41 So are the Bulls waiting to waste their time and miss out on another free agent?

They can't afford anyone right now. They only have the vet minimum, and really, like it or not, the roster is mostly full. Most teams play a nine to 10 man rotation in the regular season. Here's the Bulls rotation right now.

1: Rose
2: Noah
3: Deng
4: Boozer
5: Hamilton
6: Gibson
7: Hinrich
8: Teague
9: Butler
10: Asik???

If they match Asik, where do they even have room to play another guy? If not, they'll still not have much money to spend, but it's not like there's any quality big men available on the FA market anyway.

Adidas and Dwight Howard

I tweeted something to the effect that Adidas was blocking Howard from Chicago in terms of his shoe deal much to the dismay of everyone which caused about 50 tweets back to me on various topics about why I'm completely wrong in this instance. I probably did put out an inaccurate off the cuff guess in terms of money by saying 5-10 mil per year. It's probably much less than that, more like 3-5 mil per year, but it's definitely a factor.

The shoe companies have tremendous influence in these things, and you're crazy to think otherwise. I was once told by a Nike rep about a trade of one of their guys prior to it being leaked to the press anywhere.

Dwight can't just go jump to Nike and get a similar deal. Nike has a crapload of players under contract and has little incentive to offer Howard a premier shoe deal with everyone else locked up. For Adidas, Dwight is the #1 or #2 guy depending how you feel about Rose. There's just far more money with him.

He does have a market clause in his contract, and I was told Chicago wasn't in it because they don't want him sharing the market with Derrick Rose. Sure, it's possible this is bad information, but the pieces fit, so I believe it. I think if the Bulls get Howard, that Adidas will not try to convince him to leave Chicago, because it'd make them look terribly stupid, but I do believe Howard would lose a ton of money from them if he came here.



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  • The bulls may actually be in a position to force Houston to offer them something to match on Asik. Houston is the front runner for Howard right now, but Orlando wants them to take all of their bad contracts as well. Since Houston made the promises to sign Asik and Lin to offer sheets, they won't have enough cap space to take all the contracts if Lin or Asik isn't matched. Houston has already said they are going to amnesty Scola so they are very serious about getting the room to deal with Orlando. Orlando wants young players and draft picks which Houston has. Atlanta is offering Horford and Teague. The Lakers can offer Bynum, but he might leave next year just like Howard. So Houston has the be st deal if they can take back all of the bad deals. Would Houston be willing to offer something to sweeten the pot for the bulls?

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Houston could just not make an offer to Asik. It would be unethical, but they haven't officially signed him yet. There's no way they can send us something to match though.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    It is considered a very big deal to back out on an offer sheet like that. Also, if Houston is getting Howard, do they want to be paying Asik $14 mil in the third year when he is only playing 5-10 minutes per game. Does Asik still want to go to Houston and play even less if Howard is going there? Houston could definitely offer us a pick or picks for our second round pick with top 59 protection.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Very unethical. Even worse than when a player and agent back out on a verbal deal (a Boozer). There is actually zero chance that Houston will do this.

  • In reply to sfpaper:

    Portland already did it with Hibbert. Once they became convinced that the Pacers would match, they decided not to offer Hibbert an offer sheet.

    The Asik situation if a bit different, but withdrawing an offer sheet is not unheard of. If Asik was a top priority they would have already offered him, but they went with Lin first. If Houston does somehow manage to get Howard, I bet they don't make the offer to Asik.

    Because of that and the absolute mess that it would make of the Howard situation, I am actually rooting for Houston to make a deal to get him.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    No, Portland did not back out. That is nonsense. Indiana had the ability to make the same offer as Portland (unlike Chicago in Asik's case). They guaranteed they would match. Portland believed them, so both teams agreed to let Indy resign him directly. It saves both teams headaches with paperwork and allows Portland to continue deals with Minnesota.
    Had Hibbert preferred to play in Portland, he could have forced the offer sheet to happen (although Indy could and would have matched).

    The difference here is that Houston and Asik's people negotiated this deal. It was agreed by both sides. There is no clause for "unless something better comes along". Otherwise Asik could have moved on to Portland after they lost out on Hibbert. He can't do that now, and Houston can't back out for Howard or Lin or any other situation.

  • In reply to sfpaper:

    You say tomato, I say tomaaato, Portland had a verbal agreement with Hibbert, when push came to shove, they did not present him with an offer sheet, I call that backing out, everything else is just an excuse, convenience or otherwise.

    All these reported deals are nothing more than verbal agreements, actually even less than that, since they are illegal verbal agreements totally unenforcable in law. There is/are no clauses for anything "unless something better comes along", or otherwise, there is absolutely no binding contract in existance until an offer sheet is presented and signed, it would violate the CBA if there were one.

    With the Knicks now reportedly not matching Lin, it would not be a shock if Houston decides not to make the offer to Asik even if it doesn't get Howard. How in the world can they justify paying Lin and Asik $30million combined in 2014.

    It may not be good for Houstons reputation, but being a lying scumbag hasn't hurt Carlos Boozers ability to get some other sucker(s) to pay him hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Lets face it, when it comes to money, every human being that has ever walked the face of the earth is nothing more than a whore, we are all just quibling over the price.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    No, you say tomato, I say tool. You don't for a moment believe that Portland backed out on Hibbert. It is obvious from your argument, you are not an idiot. Just an argumentative ass who can't admit being wrong.

    And nobody is talking about a binding contract. It is a verbal contract, and it will happen.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    HOU signing Asik to that offer sheet was basically insurance in case they couldn't get Dwight.

    But now that it looks like they're literally giving ORL their entire roster for Dwight, they are hoping CHI and NYK match Asik and Lin's offer sheets.

    And for the record, it's not some immoral code HOU would be breaking if they decided to pull their offer, it would just be a bad business move because it damages relationships (players, agents, teams, etc) for the future. And I agree, they won't pull their offer.

  • You've depressed me. Nothing I didn't already know or believe, but .... bl├╝rg.

  • Management can moan and groan about not be able to have the payroll go sky high but the fact is they put themselves in this position by overpaying role players. You make stupid financial decisions and it will come back to bite you. They vastly overpaid Boozer to save face in the summer of LeBron and they overpaid Deng by a big margin. Now its time to pay the piper.

    Still they had/have options availible to them but continue to be small minded in their basketball decisions. Unimaginitive and uninspired leadership from the FO is all I have seen during the GarPax reign. These guys will never put a championship team together because they think too small and safe.

  • In reply to Chad:

    There's a bunch of flaws with this thinking which I will discuss in tremendous detail, likely tomorrow.

  • The Bulls still need to find the korver replacement or offensive player for the second unit. I've heard names like Michael Redd. Just somebody for the vet min that will fire off shots ben gordon style without fear. He's probably the best "cheap" option we have even though he is flawed. They probably don't trust Teague to be the number 2 floor general, I can see them getting Jonny Flynn or cheap cost vet point guard for this year. One thing is for sure, this team will struggle to score points, I kind of like the idea if they can get Redd who looked pretty good the second half of last year if he's willing to come here for cheap. I've heard Anthony Morrow but he'll probably cost too much for their liking.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I think they will definitely take Redd if he plays for the minimum. I think Flynn is in the mix for a 3rd PG spot, but not a definite even if he'd take the minimum. They'll also need to add a big man or two depending on whether they match Asik or not.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I thought our red haired mascot was our fifth big. seriously, they need to not waste a roster spot on him because of rose's injury. the bulls still need a low cost wing scorer, another vet pg and like you said another big. Usually the Bulls only use 13 roster spots going into the season. Make Scalibrine an assistant coach or have him share duties with benny the bull. We need all the help we can get this year.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    You do realize that if the Bulls sign any players for veterans minimums that they will exceed the tax line. The only way to stay below the tax is to fill out the roster with "rookie" minimum deals which are for $468,000 per year.

    If the Bulls are finagling to get rid of Korver's $500,000 it is almost certainly because they refuse to go into the tax, which Korver's waiver fee would put them into.

    Since, I don't have access to the exact numbers, I am not sure if the Hinrich deal alone guarantees them to be a tax payer, it is within a couple of hundred thousand dollars one way or the other.

    I say that the Korver machinations validate your worst fears about the Bulls future spending plans.

    Now, if they turn around and match Asik, then all bets are off.

  • Once a Bulls Fan, Always a Bulls Fan (Maybe)

    Doug, I always appreciate your articles...

    I think Reinsdorf takes Bulls' fans for granted. They are adrift in their decision making because they don't know how well or when Derrick Rose will come back from his injury. It's a decision making nightmare.

    This indecisiveness may cost them in ways not yet seen.

    As a fan, I know that Reinsdorf and Gar-Pax are in a holding pattern for 1 or 2 years. But now beyond any doubt, the Bulls' players will know it. How long will Bulls' players play without long term hope for Tom Thibodeaux? How long is it before we see Scott Skiles Syndrome on the Bulls again?

    I cannot remember any sports franchise being so immobilized with indecisiveness like this.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    Sorry, didn't try to hijack your comments as your post was not visible when I went to write mine.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    I think it might be time for the City of Chicago to get a 2nd professional basketball team.

    Reinsdorf having this monopoly here does not force him to spend some of those profits to making the best team possible in order to win.

    Most logical 2nd team would be MJ's Bobcats since I don't see Bulls fans leaving the Bulls to follow another team...unless it's MJ's team (who most fans became fans of the Bulls because of).

  • "F-ing fans. Can't live with em'. Can't live without em," Jerry Reinsdorf.

    Doug once again as a Bulls fan's best freind pointed out what at this point should be obvious, 'Reinsdorf doesn't care about the fans.' Only the bottom line which is maximizing profits in all years with no reinvestment in said inconvenient profit enabling fans. Why can't they just fork over their money and then walk away quietly appreciating their teams owner's 'fiscal restraint' as David Haugh gushes about.

    People talk about "over paying" for Boozer or Deng. Say they did overpay by a few mil each. The fact is with their huge profits that lead the league, how is securing two solid players even an overpay for a biggest of the big market teams(in terms of revenue)? It's only an overpay because they won't pay the tax i.e reinvest in the fans and tisk tisk reduce their monumental profit margin.

    I do disagree with Doug on Boozer though. IMO you can't give significant minutes on a contending team in the playoffs to a guy who shoots .433 and .422 back to back. That is a huge momentum killer especially when you take into account his average to below average defense which at times also hurts momentum. You could say the same about Gasol, but where did his numbers get the Lakers the past two years?(though he still has post skills but is clogged up with a duplicate in Bynum)

    If Boozer shot .470(which is borderline acceptable for a big anyway) then I'd agree that he's really not the problem only his contract size. However what his poor field goal percentage really indicates is that at this point he's nothing but a jump shooter. A big with no inside game, which is what we desperately needed and he was supposed to give us, and so he is a liability IMO.

    When you hear people around the league talk about the Bulls the guys they mention are Taj, Jo, sometimes Lu, and of course Derrick. Again, I think it's very under reported or remarked upon how little Derrick Rose's name is even mentioned in all of this cut and run Bulls disembowelment. What other MVP, injured or not, would be so little regarded or mentioned in this equation?

    Derrick you have to admit is one quiet superstar. Certainly you couldn't name one other player of that caliber in today's mega salary, mega promotion hence mega ego NBA who wouldn't be saying SOMETHING in the wake of all these free agent and league wide developments including gutting the Bulls team. Give him credit for humbleness he gets an A+ but what other killers who drive to a championship are THAT humble?

    And that's what's happening here make no mistake. The Chicago Bulls are being gutted. Before the injuries Korver was having a good year as a solid, soild player in my view with much improved D(to a non-liability/respectable level). C.J., before his injuries, is a solid player who can nail threes, drive the lane, and get to the foul line on ocassion. Look at his numbers year after year before he got here it shows he has solid production talent.

    Now, you have a has been who never was in Klank Hinbrich(OK he did shoot for a good percentage for three of his nine years), Teague who likely will be a poor shooter initially meaning the coming season, and Arthritis Formula Hamilton who has a stretcher reserved courtside. Butler still has yet to prove he can shoot or score(though by no fault of his own - Jimmy be sure to Thank regular season champion Thibsy).

    I'll tell you one thing, if these players get even slightly demoralized by the band being broekn up, Thibs incessant grating etc., things could get ugly. And if they do, K.C. Johnson and most of the Chicago media aka small business owners and lawyers etc. will be bashing the players, not Jerry Reinsdorf. "Well we see now what good going over the tax would have been with this poor effort group of quitters anyhow." Haugh et al.

    I for one think the karma of letting a very talented draft drfit by, dumping solid players to avoid spending, and a coach who is not a people skills person as in relating to players ala Pop, Phil, Riley, Larry, Doc etc. etc.and who doesn't know when to stop, is going to potentially have quite the backlash. For the players and fans sake I hope I'm wrong. Taj for example is better then having to be the scape goat by a pro business bought and paid for Chicago 'Media.'

    Did I mention next season has a real chance of being f-ed up?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think the next season is a near lock (at this point) to being f-ed up...

    Bulls pay Boozer 17-18mil a year that is superstar player money and I am quite sure no one thinks he is a star. He was a good player when they signed him but he was no star. They made a bad rash choice in the wake of getting pantsed By the big three. I would have been cool with them signing Boozer to a two or three year deal as he was probably best availible at that point. I wouldn't have gone five but GarPax went all in and gave him six years via a S&T. Flat out stupid. I know most everyone seems to blame Reinsdorf but Gar and Pax have screwed the team up salary wise and right now honestly I can't say I would blame them for not going into tax for a team that clearly isn't a threat this year or with an aging core likely next too.

    I mean call Reiny cheap all you want but Korver and Asik don't put us in a position to contend next year. Would I like a different owner? Hell ya! But I still put most of the blame on his two bufoons Paxson and Foreman. These two bozos couldn't build a championship team if they were gifted Dwight, LeBron and Rose. Super twin powers of incompetence.

  • In reply to Chad:

    By now we know what Boozer is, and what he isn't. I like how now that this whole situation is being blamed on him. I don't think anyone can honestly say that they would have been happy with mgmt if they missed on ALL the big name free agents in 2010. They dumped Hinrich for nothing so they could go all in. How bad would they have looked after doing that so they could whiff on all the signings?? Let's keep things in perspective. Although I do agree with you that I think next season is lost and that right now GarPax aren't committing to one strategy and as a result, getting stuck in the mud.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Here are the stars of the 2013 Free Agency Class...

    Taking the PGs out... (CP3, Curry (RFA), Collison (RFA), Holiday , RFA), Lawson (RFA), Jennings (RFA)), we have...

    Monta (ETO)
    Iggy (ETO)
    Tyreke (RFA)
    Harden (RFA)
    DeRozan (RFA)
    Roddy B (RFA)

    Josh Smith

    Taj (RFA)
    Ibaka (RFA)
    Al Jeff


    If the Bulls Amnesty Boozer (I don't think they do) next year and trade Deng's expiring, they may have about $15mil...enough to throw a max at one of these guys

  • Hey, fellas. how old is jerry ??? any chance he will finally die next year ? Once jerry die, the Bulls can finally have a shot at championship with a new owner and FO. I have had enough with jerry and his dogs. How could we let go CJ and Brewer for free ? For the love of Jerry's god damn money sake, we could have trade them as a expired contract for future picks rather than "NOTHING". What the f**k are the Bulls FO doing ??? I am very sick with all this crap and shit.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Let's just presume you were being hyperbolic in your wishes of someone dying in order to get a change.

    Maybe change does happen once Reinsdorf 'retires', but maybe it doesn't.

    I do know Jerry Buss and George Steinbrenner were the owners who spent all their money trying to bring in talent, and their sons (the new owners) are taking a more fiscally responsible approach.

    Maybe Michael Reinsdorf does go away from the Profit-First model his father used, but we just don't know.

  • By K.C. Johnson

    Tribune reporter

    2:53 p.m. CDT, July 13, 2012
    Pending a passed physical, the Chicago Bulls have traded Kyle Korver to the Atlanta Hawks via the Minnesota Timberwolves in a move that saves them $500,000 and nets what is expected to be a second-round pick from the Timberwolves.

    The Bulls had until Sunday to either guarantee Korver's $5 million option for 2012-13 or waive him and pay Korver $500,000. The Bulls had talked to the Hawks about trading Korver into Atlanta's traded player exception acquired in the Joe Johnson trade to the Nets.

    They ultimately used Minnesota to facilitate the deal.

    Twitter @kcjhoop


    The alarm clock shatters what has been the longest nightmare of your life. You check the blogs and NBA sites to see what's cooking with your Chicago Bulls and you find...

    Bulls amnesty Carlos Boozer pre-draft. Toronto Raptors bid and sign Boozer for $7 Million per year. Bulls left paying $5 Mil a year over seven seasons.

    Bulls trade Luol Deng to Sacramento Kings for No.5 pick and contract of Andres Biedrins. Bulls select Damian Lillard with the No.5 pick(acclaimed by many in NBA circles as the player most likely to be an offensive star).

    Bulls trade C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer for two second round picks which produce Darius Johnson-Odom and Marcus Denmon.

    Bulls trade Kyle Korver, Richard Hamilton($10 Million in expirings) plus cash for the No. 18 pick which they select Andrew Nicholson.

    Bulls sign guard Jason Terry. Bulls sign Courtney Lee.

    Bulls do not match $24 Million offer by Houston Rockets.

    John Paxson and Gar Forman are missing as castaways on a deserted island after there private charter goes down on returning from visiting with a Argentinian prospect.

    Jerry Reinsdorf sells the Chicago Bulls to Mark Cuban after he in turn sells the Dallas Mavericks.

    I win the lottery and go on a carnal rampage tagging every five star rated adult entertainer east of the Mississippi taking the two top 'finalists' Courtney and Amber in as house guests in perpetuity. Wife goes on permanent shopping spree in Europe never to be heard from again.

  • Its almost official pending his physical...BYE BYE Kyle Korver, you provided some exciting 3 point shots but you are a journeyman player that cant play defense. HE BELONGS ON A TEAM THATS A LEGITIMATE CONTENDER NOT PRETENDER as the Bulls were and is. He belongs on a team thats willing or shall I say whos owner is willing to spend to win a championship. This is the only explanation the Bulls owner has to only signing Kirk Hinrich and that is he is cheap. People have been coming up with every excuse there is to deny this fact. Rose is hurt, wont be back til probably 2013-2014 season, so Reinsdorf says... why should I spend my money on a crippled team when I have my White Sox to spend the Bulls fans money on. Reinsdorf says... F-CK A Bulls fan for now, the UC will be filled to capacity every night, those DUMB ASS Bulls fans, I will continue to take their money while I put any type of Basketball team on the floor, those idiots will continue to support me and this lame ass team just like after the greatest player to ever play the game retired. Reinsdorf says... I had to make up the 39 million dollars I had to pay Jordan in his last 3 years with the team. Fans should be outraged with the owner and the management of the Bulls, and I think RW said it best, the Bulls yuppie fans that actually go to the Bulls games, not all of them, will continue to support this Bulls team cause they have nothing else better to do than try to be on television, and some of the Bulls fans they do show on TV look like they know nothing bout the game, but thats just my opinion. All I can say is... Doug youre right when you say that the Bulls in a big market city that operates like a small market team . Again this is unacceptable to me amd Im not willing to wait 2 years for this team to do nothing. Rose and especially Thibs better wake up and leave this team cause its painfully obvious that they will contiue to waste their time trying to win another championship for the the Bulls with the owner that they have.

  • That title window didn't just get shut quick. It was slammed, nailed, barred, and then sealed by bricks (insert Capt. Klank joke here).

    If all this frustrates you, wait until just after the trade deadline, when the Bulls are in third place in the division, clinging to the 8th playoff seed, and start teasing Derrick's return from injury to distract from the fact they made no impactful moves (unless you count bringing back Keith Bogans); and then they never bring him back due to 'complications'.

  • I know this won't happen but I would like to see Rose call out ownership and management and demand they improve or get someone who can. Kobe did it and lakers got gift wrapped Pau Gasol. Although Bulls would probably target Ben Gordon and Kurt Thomas... Ah don't you just love Paxson and his retarded fetish for draftees and old dudes with heavily eroded skills?

    Maybe this would be best to do next off season after they likely suck it up this season. Then Rose should be pissed that GarPax F---d the team over quite thoroughly. If anyone could get those fools to make something happen it maybe Rose. Doubt he would though as he is not that type of person.

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