Brooklyn on the verge of a superteam? Should the Bulls get involved with Howard?

Brooklyn on the verge of a superteam?  Should the Bulls get involved with Howard?

The Brooklyn Nets got tired of trying to woo Dwight Howard and pulled the trigger on a trade for Joe Johnson. The Nets are now still trying to trade for Howard in a scenario which would involve multiple sign and trades [ie, highly unlikely], but Howard still hasn't expanded his list of teams he'll sign an extension with.

While Brooklyn will be in cap hell when it comes to putting their team together and have signed up for a scenario that likely will lead to an utter crapload of luxury tax built around some players that are probably slowing down rather than ramping up, you have to admire how their ownership was committed to the team.

Finances be damned, the Nets were going to make a splash. Now the question is whether or not they'll carry that same attitude into this thing two to three years from now.

However, presently the Nets could look like this:

Deron Williams [17.7]
Joe Johnson [19.7] / MarShon Brooks [1]
Gerald Wallace [10]
Mirza Teletovic [5] / Reggie Evans [1.5]
Brook Lopez [who knows]

Deron Williams would likely need to take a small pay cut in order to facilitate a trade of Dwight Howard. If my math is right, the total salaries of the team with Howard added and MarShon Brooks subtraced come out to around 72.4 million for six players when you count Deron Williams at 17.7. If they sign six rookies to the minimum [which is considerably cheaper], they could fill out a roster for a shade over 75 million.

The final tax apron hasn't been computed yet, but most people estimate it will be a shade over 74 million (which is the minimum it can be). In that case, if Deron signs for a million dollar pay cut, the Nets could still work something out. Now the Magic have come out and said they have formally ruled out trading Howard to the Nets so this all might be irrelevant.

That said, let's just assume that the Nets come to terms with Brook Lopez after which they'll still have room to add players at the veteran minimum instead of the rookie minimum. That's a pretty darn good roster with a very good player at every position except possibly Mirza Teletovic who isn't proven [however, he's an extremely good European player].

All in all, even without Howard, the Nets probably did enough to get Deron Williams to come back, and they also likely did enough to vault to compete for the #2 seed in the East. I like the Bulls better, but the Bulls will likely finish with a lower seed if their team gels since Rose will miss so much of the season.

Either way, while I think their moves will ultimately fall well short of winning a title if they can't close the deal on Howard, they took a team without a whole lot to offer in theory and turned it into one that now looks like a serious threat by their willingness to go all in.

The Bulls, with far more assets, could have made an even bigger splash but wouldn't even consider paying the type of tax involved. They want their profits. The Nets will likely lose money for years, but their owner is committed to winning not profits. Say what you want about Joe Johnson's near worst contract in the NBA, but the guy could play. If Chicago didn't care about profits they could have traded their non guaranteeds and Rip Hamilton for him.

I'm not upset we didn't make that move given that I know the team doesn't have the backbone to continue to spend even when the prices get so high, but I have to admit, I'm jealous of the Nets ownership already. If we had that commitment here, we'd be a lot closer to a ring.

So does Chicago get back in the Dwight sweepstakes?

They should. Even if there's no extension in place. Noah + Deng for Dwight Howard likely trumps the other offers on the table right now for Dwight, and I think you can convince Dwight to stay. You also make yourself the premier destination for perimeter ring chasers because you have more opportunities to become a meaningful contributor than Miami with a team that could easily beat them.

Worst case scenario is Howard walks, you amnesty Boozer, and you've basically got a blank slate to work with cap wise with just Derrick Rose, Taj, and rookie deals on the books which isn't that bad of a scenario to rebuild with.

If things work out, you've given yourself a true contender that can go toe to toe with the Heat attacking them at their two weakest positions on offense with Rose/Howard. Quite frankly, I don't see how you can't get involved in this. At some point you need to stop being risk adverse and go for it.

If you can pull off the trade, then no Bulls fan is ever going to blame the team if Howard walks away later. We'd all accept it as an appropriate risk to have taken. A championship style risk.

So far, there's no whispers about the Bulls being involved, but they did say they were interested only if Howard agreed to an extension during the last Howard drama.

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  • This is a dead issue imo cause Howard wants no part of the Bulls and quite frankly now seeing how the Bulls owner really is... a complete joke and one hell of a liar, I don't blame Howard for not wanting to come to Chicago. Deng plus Noah wouldn't beat what the Lakers can put together for the Magic with their trade assets surrounding Bynum. But the only edge that the Bulls would have is the Lakers definitely said they wouldn't do the trade without Howard signing an extention. Again to me theidea of getting back into the Howard trade talks with the Bulls shouldn't even exsit. Unless the Bulls decide to trade some core guys, this team is screwed offensively for a long time to come. Rose better come up with a way to get his owner to get him some help cause its what's going on in todays NBA. OR he'd better find a way to find his way out of Chicago and from the non creative and cheap team that is his Chicago Bulls.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Our offer would beat their offer because we can take on Hedo's contract.

    If need be, we would even take on JRich's contract (reports are ORL wants to package him off to).

    HOU and GSW are already 2 known teams who would trade for Dwight blind, but knowing the Bulls and have safe they are, they wouldn't do the tsame.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I doubt that very seriously, Bynum plus whoever else the Lakers would send to the Magic would be the better deal. I guess we will agree to disagree.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You think ORL views

    Bynum ...for... Dwight

    as better than...

    Noah+Deng+Rip ...for... Dwight+Hedo's contract+JRich's contract?

    If so, I guess we'll just have to disagree.

  • Who is this Teletovic guy?

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    According to Youtube he is the european MJ. lol

  • In reply to Chad:

    According to delusional Nets fans, he's the next Dirk Nowitzki.

    Oh wait no, that's Bulls fans in regards to Nikola Mirotic.


  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Ha Ha... Yeah you're right, Bulls fans are really fantasizing over thus Moron guy. Sure he can play in Europe, but let's all wait and let the guy get to the NBA to see weather he's the next Toni Kukoc... Ha Ha!!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    exactly, like Linas Kleizas. They guy struggled in nba with nuggets then went back in Europe. There, he was among the 3 best players. After, he joined the raptors this season. He plays 20min a game for 9 ppg. I don't trust that Mirotic.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    for what it is worth, he shot 92% from the free throw line, 57% on 2 point field goals, and 44% on 3's. That would make him by far the best pure shooter on the Bulls and puts him in the Steve Nash, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird type of shooter.

    You can argue about how his field goal percentages will transfer to the NBA, but a 90% free throw shooter is a 90% shooter in any league. and 90% free throw shooters are always good shooters from just about anywhere on the floor.

    My guess is that he would immediately be the second best offensive player on the Bulls, and that he is a better pure shooter than Kukoc ever was.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Those are really impressive stats for Europe but again, he needs to prove he can get those stats in the NBA. Some of you guys really need to get off this guys jock, I mean he won't be here for another 4 years and some of you want to believe he will be here before then, keep dreaming.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:


  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Obviously I'm making a joke, but we really just don't know how these guys will pan out. I'm just looking at some of their stats and Mirotic at 21yrs old might be on the same pace as this Mirza guy who's 26yrs old right now.

    And to be honest, I think this Mirza guy surrounded by the talent the Nets just put together, if he can average 12pts on spot up 3pt shooting, that will be good.

    (Individual) 2x Euroleague Rising Star (2011, 2012)
    (Individual) FIBA Europe U20 MVP (2011)

    (Team) Spanish King's Cup (2012)

    (Individual) Spanish League Rising Star Award (2008)
    (Individual) Spanish King's Cup MVP (2009)
    (Individual) All-Spanish ACB League Team: (2012)

    (Team) Basketball League Belgium Champion: (2005-06)
    (Team) 3x Spanish Supercup Champion: (2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09)
    (Team) 2x Spanish ACB League Champion: (2007-08, 2009-10)
    (Team) 2x Euroleague Final Four Participation: (2006-07, 2007-08)
    (Team) Spanish King's Cup Champion: (2008-09)

  • Gar and Paxson don't have the cahones to pull off that trade. We are talking about perhaps the most conservative FO in the league taking on the riskiest trade in recent memory. That has zero chance of happening unless by some miracle Howard does a 180 and adds Chicago to his list of destinations that he would resign with.

    That said adding Howard would epic and filling the losses of Noah (who has yet to prove himself in the playoffs) and Deng (whose 16 and 7 won't be impossible to replace) would be well worth the risk. I would do it in a second as Deng isn't going to age well and I have a feeling Paxson will want to keep his boy around too long and for too much money.

    That said I do envy the Nets owner for sure. Assuming they don't land Howard they could still make some noise as 1-3 they can matchup with any team. The fact that they get zero defense (and rebounding) from Teletovic and Lopez is going to kill their championship aspirations. If they do add Dwight then I would say that has to put Bulls as the clear cut #3-4 team in the east based on roster talent. Especially considering the steep decline of Boozer and RIP. Dwight would shore up the post defense and put them into contender status as a clear top two team in the east.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Some say conservative, some say safe, some say the end, they manage NOT to lose, as opposed to manage to win.

    They want to take as minimal of risks as possible and hope everything pans out.

    And if it doesn't, Reinsdorf still collects his gobs of millions.

    If by saying Noah has 'yet to prove himself in the playoffs' you mean he isn't a 20-10 machine...that's fine, but every year in the playoffs (besides the 2010-11 season, Boozer's 1st year here...who was also injured), he's played ABOVE his regular season averages.

  • In reply to Chad:

    The worst whore is a stubborn whore, and that's you, Chad.
    Did you say Noah has yet to prove himself in the playoffs? What about that epic 7-game series against the Boston Celtics? Remember that epic steal of the ball from Paul Pierce and drive, the length of the floor, finishing it with an emphatic dunk for a three-point play which took the matchup to a 7th and deciding game? Were you asleep?

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Yeah so he did good like 4 years ago. Last two seasons when we actually had a chance he was a no show. Including getting benched during crunch times of the "epic" ECF playoff run of 2011. Who was that closing out games at center for the Bulls? Oh yeah that was Omer Asik. Who also bumped up his regular season stats during the playoffs. Its called a shorter playoff rotation and you get more minutes which boost your stats it doesn't mean you are a gamer...

  • In reply to Chad:

    "Yeah so he did good like 4 years ago."
    Is that an admission that you're prone to wild statements, designed to misinform while promoting your hate of a player?
    Why did it take you so long to respond to my post?

    As far as Thibs' decision to use Omer Asik instead of Noah, let me tell you here and now, it almost cost him his job. And, I don't think he's safe. Has Thibs gotten his new contract?


    Shouldn't the Bulls have the full MLE to throw at him? Or am I wrong?

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    I think the Bulls are about about $65mil right now, but that's not including Asik.

    If they match Asik (which I would do...and then trade him at the trade deadline next season), they won't have the Full $5mil MLE.

    If they don't match, i wouldn't be mad at them for doing it

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    Well, they could have used an MLE on him as an RFA, but Houston could have matched, clearly they would not have.

    So you guys still want to trade Asik for a guy that his own team doesn't even want to keep.

    I suspect that the Bulls will not use the full MLE. If they do, they will have $70 million committed to only 8 players, and an effective hard cap of $74 million. Meaning that they have only $4 million left to spend on the remaining 5 guys to fill out the roster.

    If they match on Asik, they will not be able to use the full MLE.

    Without a boozer amnestitization, the Bulls have very little that they can do, the most being using the mini MLE and bringing back their own guys.

    I am a bit surprised that the Nets used their full MLE, since they are now hard capped at that same $74 million, about the only thing that can curtail the spending of their billionaire owner.

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    Sure, but he's not worth it. Lee is a guy with no stand out skills, a rich man's Keith Bogans if you will. Given the Bulls were paying Bogans like 1/4 of the MLE, and money isn't something this team is willing to splash around, the small upgrade of Lee over a Bogans type isn't worth the increase in cost.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    ehhh no, what does he bring on the table ? what does he have more than Watson, Korver or Hamilton ? It changes nothing for the bulls, adding a player like him.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    excuse me, my comment was destinated to Flashsonic.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    But a Rich Man's Keith Bogans is exactly what we need.

    A 3pt shooter who also plays excellent defense?

    he's the combination of Korver+Brewer.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Lee is more like a younger, healthier, shorter Rip, unfortunately that is old Rip, not young Rip.

    He is not as good of a shooter as Korver, and not as physical a defender as Brewer

    Someone will probably offer him more than the mini MLE, so I don't see the Bulls having a realistic shot at him.

  • I like your article Doug. There is a lot truth in. Bulls should do everything they can to get Howard. Because if they don't, they will have now 2 monsters to beat in order to win the east. GarPax and most of bulls fans are too conservative because they fear the side "risk" of trades. But it's the definition of a trade : Lose something to get another one that you judge more important. Therefore there's always a risk in any move. Let's go after Howard even if there's no insurance, he'll be a bulls after next season.

  • 1) Weren't you always a Bulls Ownership/FO skeptic like me, or have you finally converted over with their lack of not only spending, but vision in making personnel moves?

    On a side note, do you think the Bulls could get Doron Lamb or Will Barton from MIL and POR right now if they offered up Brewer+2ndRounder to a Skiles-run team, or Korver+2ndRounder to POR?

    2) If Rose was healthy, I would Absolutely agree 100% with trading for Dwight blind. I'm hesitant on your plan because I just don't see the Bulls amnestying Boozer.

    But I guess sometimes you just have to take a chance, and maybe with Dwight and WINNING, it convinces Dwight to stay...especially with the Nets blowing all their cap space this year, and next year...they won't be viable candidates (I think LAL, DAL, etc will be though).

  • You really like that roster for the #2 seed if they don't get Howard? This is a team that lost 2/3 their games last year! Their new Euro dude and Reggie Evans is really a wash if they're losing the former Mr Kardashian. So what if they've improved at SG? They've added Joe Johnson to the roster, not Michael Jordan. IMO they'll be a lot closer to .500 than the #2 seed.

    I really see no way the Nets get Howard from here. Their threat to sign him outright is gone without cap space. Lopez is pretty meh, with Howard the Nets first rounders are not worth much, can't see why the Magic pull the trigger on that deal. If the Teague/Horford offer from Atlanta is real then its way better.

    So congratulations to the Nets I guess, whenever you can take on the worst contract in the NBA and pay a rapidly decaying guy who relies on athleticism 10 million a year (after giving up your lottery first to do so) in order to secure the #8 seed you have to do it.

    To bring it back to the Bulls, if the choice is between having cheap ownership and stupid ownership, I think I'll live with the cheap.

    As far as the Bulls trading for Howard, I think there's very little chance the Bulls can keep him past the year, and very little chance with the roster they'd have of contending this year. So basically it comes down to a salary dump of all your contracts. Which would be with the aim of signing James Harden to the max next off-season. Do the Thunder match that? Not sure how they can with Durant & Westbrook, so maybe not. Is a Rose, Harden, Gibson core really better than staying the current course though? And if the Bulls want to blow it up, wouldn't it be better to tank outright next year by trading Deng and Noah for expiring contracts who aren't good players and also get a lottery pick?

    I just don't see a way to make a Howard trade worthwhile unless he signs an extension.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Yes, Nets would have the 2nd seed in the East.

    BOS will be 1 year older (but they'll be in the mix).
    ATL blew up their team.
    If Dwight stays in ORL, he's not going to be enthused.
    NYK still doesn't play defense.
    Am I missing a team here?

    If you think basketball works that way (Evans+Euro guy = Wash with Hump), then your logic must also mean in the first half of the season, the Bulls will score 20 less points because ROse is out and they will probably lose every game they play without Rose.

    I agree I don't see Nets getting Dwight anymore. They screwed that up taking on JJ's contract. But to call them stupid when they are about to go out and outspend everybody else...I guess Cuban is stupid and the Yankees are stupid as well.

    P.S. For the record, JJ is not the worst contract in the league, Boozer is. How did I conclude this? JJ just got traded...and nobody wants Boozer.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Indiana are clearly better. As are Boston if Ray Allen return or they sign Terry like rumoured. With a normal schedule being older wont hurt them as much as it did in the lockout season. NY play defense (you may want to look up Tyson Chandler in wikipedia if you haven't heard of him), offense was their problem last year, and having Lin from the start will help that hugely. Along with the Heat, they'd be the teams I'd pencil in for home court at this point.

    Then you have Atlanta still to make further moves (even if they don't get Howard, they should still be a playoff team with what they have), Chicago even without Rose (although I fear not paying the tax may gut the roster too much), and Philly who are young and still improving. Milwaukee should hang around and challenge for a spot like they always seem to do, and Detroit finished the year strong and should be back in the mix for the playoffs. I'd put the Nets in with this group of 6 teams fighting for the bottom 4 playoff spots. 7 teams if Orlando hang onto Howard for the year, we saw last year that even when only half motivated he's still good enough to get them to the playoffs.

    Maybe you think I'm too harsh on the Nets, but I'll stick with the .500ish prediction. I agree if everything goes right - Williams returns to Utah form, Johnson and Wallace half their declines, Teletovic adjusts quickly, Lopez stops being a less fat Eddy Curry - then their ceiling is a fair bit higher than that. I just think everything going right like that is a bit much to ask.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    My fault about IND...I forgot them. if they match Hibbert's Max Deal, then yes, they will probably be #2, but Nets at #3 isn't far off.

    I don't think BOS, even with a regular season, will be playing for the regular season (as Doc has rested his Big-3 the past several years).

    In regards to are right, Chandler plays defense, Chandler doesn't play defense for Melo, Amare, and Lin though...especially with Shump out for the 1st half of the season.

    You do realize right now, ATL has Josh Smith, Zaza, Devin harris and nobody else on the roster right? They have about $25mil in cap space right now, and if their plans fall into place, they will be adding 1 year deals so next year, JSmoove, Dwight, and CP3 will all be FAs (in other words, I don't expect to see them spending).

    Wow, you basically just named everybody in the East to be better than the Nets. I completely disagree with your prediction, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Boston wont play for the regular season but I think they can get home court. They really only missed it last season due to a slow start. Knowing the season will start on time I think guys like Pierce will be in better shape.

    I'm still more iffy on NY's offense than defense ... the question is really whether playing with a real PG can let Amare and Melo work together better. So long as Chandler remains healthy he'll do enough to hold the defense together. That's no knock on Shump, it's just interior defense matters more than perimeter guys.

    Yeah Atlanta's roster looks awful when you exclude Al Horford, who unless a Howard trade is made is still on the roster. Teague/Harris/Smith/Horford/Zaza plus whatever spare parts they keep from the JJ trade, and the MLE to work with. Not a great team but still in the playoff mix.

    I didn't say they would all be better than the Nets, just that they're all teams that would hope to get one of the 5-8 seeds. I think the Nets are somewhere in that pack. I think they should make the playoffs if healthy, but anything more than a first round exit is asking a lot from them unless they make further moves.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    You barely mentioned Philly which is the team I really see on the rise. I'm a fan of what Doug Collins and their front office has going on. And they just had a great draft, getting Moe Harkless and Arnett Moultrie, who will soon be kicking Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala to the luxury tax curb.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    They had Deron and Wallace and Lopez for a combined 40 games last year.

    So it's really adding a new starting 5 to the team. I don't think last year's record has any basis in reality.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I see them as being a top 4 team in the East next year. I would say:

    1. Maimi
    2. Indiana
    3/4 Knicks or Nets.

    I don't know how the Bulls would be a top eastern team with glaring holes at 1-3 for a large chunk of the season assuming RIP and Loul miss time.

  • In reply to Chad:

    There you have it Bulls fans, this guy is not a Bulls fan. He has Indiana ahead of the Bulls, and the Knicks or Nets although he doesn't know what their final teams would look like!
    We surely have some idiots who post on this blog!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Dude you are just another delusional homer if you think the Bulls finish next season in the top 4 teams in the east. Bulls backcourt (PG-SF) is going to be downright fugly until Deng comes back which could be 20+ games. Until then you are just praying RIP isn't injured which he will be. Its very likely they get off to a really bad start and when they get Deng back should be able to stay just above .500 assuming no other injuries to key rotation guys. At best I see them fighting for the last few playoff spots.

  • Orlando has no need to be in a hurry to trade Howard right now. It likely behooves them to see how the free agency market shakes out, and then trade him before the season starts or at the trade deadline.

    Deng and Noah is a fairly mediocre haul for Howard, I am certain that Orlando will receive several far better offers, if they are patient. We would certainly need to add several draft picks, including Mirotic and the Charlotte pick to be competitive.

  • The plain and simple true that some Bulls fans don't get is. This team can't beat Miami straight up. They need to re-build anyway. In the finals (Playoffs) it's about Star players. Stars win ring. We have 1 star players (And thats only if he recovers from an ACL injury) and most teams now have at least 3 stars. Loul Deng is no star & at best a 3rd option and thier is no promise he'll be a Bull after his contract expires in two years. Joakim Noah is a good young center, but he is'nt a star either. The covitted Bobcats pick doesn't help until 2016. Its time to get in this Howard trade stuff full force. After playing here for a year the Bulls can offer him more money then any team in the league (Because they own his bird rights) And they will put him in a winning situation. And if he walks as the article says, You have a clean slate to build from, And go after Stars that will be Free Agents in 2013 and 2014. Which is a pretty nice list I must add. The time for conservative thinking is gone, Bulls need to step up and do this.

  • Responding to BigWay:
    1) I agree Orlando will likely wait for a great deal, which might not happen anyway. It also might be a good idea for the Bulls to see how healthy Howard is before making a trade for him.
    2) I would not trade the Charlotte pick or especially Mirotic without Howard signing an extension, which he said he will not do. Both of those are worth a lot more with today's CBA. Mirotic will be on a 4- or 5-year deal at about $5 million per year. Why trade that? And #1s, most of all lottery #1s, are highly cost effective.
    3) I think the Bulls will match Houston for Asik, if only on principle. Houston needs a big. If they won't give the Bulls anything for it, then match and trade him during the season. If Houston is stupid, they won't make many friends for future trades.
    4) YouBlewwIt posted: "On a side note, do you think the Bulls could get Doron Lamb or Will Barton from MIL and POR right now if they offered up Brewer+2ndRounder to a Skiles-run team, or Korver+2ndRounder to POR?"

    Probably not, they would come too cheap, but I sure like the ideas. The Bulls need some young players who might become starters and won't cost much for years.

    They should have bought those #2s!

    5) Bleacher report said that the Bulls had the Deng trade for a lottery pick, but the backed out. Does anyone know if that is true?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I agree The Bulls definitely should have bought a 2ndRounder and took one of those 2 SGs.

    As far as Bleacher Report goes, that's not actually a place to get news. It's more like amateur reporting/journalists...just people giving their opinions/take. I'm not trying to badmouth B/R because I go on there, I'm just trying to explain if you read someone's article saying they had a lottery pick for Deng but didn't pull the trigger, it could simply have been somebody's opinion.

  • fb_avatar

    Get over Dwight Howard, Doug. Unfortunately like most other NBA superstars, he has no interest in coming here.

  • In reply to BullzBrian:

    Doug is suggesting forcing Dwight's hand, because he doesn't believe Dwight will give up that 5th year and around $25mil to go somewhere else.

    He's definitely not going to the Nets now that they have Dwill, Wallace, JJ, and will resign Lopez to a new contract.

    That leaves, HOU, LAL, ATL, and whatever else team that has cap space.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Dwight is very likely going to sign with whatever team Orlando trades with. That is huge money to pass by, and very few players end up doing that. It will come down to who makes the best offer. Sadly the Bulls have next to no chance of doing that. My guess - the Lakers end up taking back some bad contracts because they give away Bynum AND Gasol.

  • It's funny how with all the talk of largely dissapointed Bulls fans lamenting, "What a world, what a world!" as in no amnesty, no subsequent FA pick ups, no draft day trade, no second round pick ups etc., we haven't said much about Derrick Rose.

    Post injury with the way most of these guys have looked like their old selves by year two, it's hard not to believe Rose won't come back as pretty much the same player. If he has some legit offensive talent around him doesn't that expand his game and aid his confidence and monetum in his jump shot etc.?

    Does Derrick deserve after a resigning of one of the most popular MVP stars of the league who has given Bulls fans so many thrills and entertainment, doesn't Derrick who has comitted long term to this Bulls franchise deserve some help? Some action?

    Does he deserve to see other teams load up while he's told to wait until the summer of 2014!? If I'm Derrick, and the Bulls don't get off their ass, and amnesty Boozer, bring in some offensive talent, and why not Dwight Howard? Why not? Do something. Of course we know they won't do any of these things.

    Jerry Reinsdorf to D-Rose, "There will be no frickin amnesty Derrick. So GET OVER IT! I don't like what this innaction and cheapness says toward a guy who has been loyal to this franchise. If the desire to win burns in this guy the way it appears to then if I'm Derrick Rose and they stay handcuffed by $5-7 MIl a year on Boozer's amnesty I say, "F-ck you Reinsdorf. You have the most profitable team in the NBA and you have raked in ridiculous amounts of cash. Get off your ultra-conservative me first, greedy ass, and DO SOMETHING!"

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:


  • The Bulls would rather be consistently good and risk not losing money, then gamble and go for win the whole thing or take a chance and Dwight lose and speed up the recovery process. The FO/Reinsdorf does not want to take a chance on losing profits if Howard walks and we would be average again. However, in 2014, we could have maybe Mirotic over along with Rose/Taj and some other pieces by then. On top of that, we could have our fill ready for new FA.

    In the end, I hope if the FO does nothing, that fans start to get tired of just settling. I am hoping fans (outside of the fanatics) are getting tired of this as is. Yeah we have had great teams the last two years, but we have the chance to be even better. To me it is a bigger risk to alienate this fan base and D Rose in time than to play it safe to be good enough.

    I guess we want to win 3 1/2 quarters, but lose in the 4th.

    Thanks Doug for your articles.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    This is what I have been preaching for a while now. Fans should've been tired of the owners crap. Rose needs help then and really needs it now.

  • My fear is if we bring in Howard that he will tear the team apart by causing the same drama he caused in Orlando. I don't want an entire season of "Was trading for him the right play if he doesn't resign?" questions before, during, & after every game and practice.

  • Thinking about some of your posts, going after Howard makes even more sense than I had thought for 3 reasons:
    1) because he is more likely to sign a big deal in Chicago next summer;
    2) it shows the FA is working on the problem;
    and 3) if he does not resign, the Bulls will have mucho cap space to pursue other FAs in the summer of 2013 - altho that did not work out too well the last time with LeBron etc..

    What will it take to pry Howard from Orlando? How about Noah, Hamilton, Asik, pieces, and the Charlotte pick? That's about as high as the Bulls could go for an unsigned Howard. If Orlando does not have a deal at the deadline, they might do it.

    Analysts claimed that Asik, if he had been in the draft this year, would have gone in the top ten. Certainly Noah would have. One negative: Noah has a $2 million kicker clause in his contract. Orlando wants to trim salary. Who really knows what will happen. It's worth a try unless there are some real solid deals available.

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