Last day to trade CJ / Brewer and my lengthy twitter responses

C.J. Watson and Ronnie Brewer's contracts need to be waived or guaranteed today. The expectation is that the Bulls will waive both players unless they're able to trade them while on CSN last night, Aggrey Sam noted the Bulls were back and forth on Asik, but were presently considering letting him go to Houston rather than matching.

Missed opportunity

IF the Bulls end up not doing anything with Brewer/Watson's contracts then it will result in a missed opportunity for the franchise. They could have trivially moved them for extra draft choices on draft day by taking on salary. They could have kept them on the books this year in order to have more salary to match in a trade at the deadline as well as to improve the team while they play.

In short, while neither player is of particular importance to the franchise, the contracts could have been used as assets to bring back other assets to Chicago. The Bulls will likely let both of these assets disappear for nothing.

My hope is that Golden State wants to claim C.J. Watson with their traded player exception, and the Bulls can work out a trade with the Warriors. The Bulls would get nothing back in this trade most likely (a top 55 protected 2nd rounder) while sending out Watson for nothing. However, they would get a 3.2 million dollar trade exception to grease the wheels on a trade in the future or perhaps take on a small contract in the draft to buy a 1st round pick.

Not matching Asik makes little sense in the big picture

I get why the Bulls wouldn't match Omer, but if they decide not to match him, then they missed out on the best players they could have had this off-season. Without Omer, the Bulls could have used the full MLE and pursued Mayo, Lee, Rush, and other players. However, the Bulls instead went after Hinrich with the MMLE to leave flexibility open.

It occurred to me yesterday that the Bulls have no option whatsoever to S&T Omer to Houston. The most Chicago can sign him to is a 3/15 deal not the 3/24 deal Houston signed him to. They are literally in a match/no match situation the whole time. Shoot down some previous ideas, but my apologies.

I don't really mind letting Omer go at the price he's offered, but it's disappointing to let Omer go and then run the rest of the off-season like you did.

Kyle Korver has a guarantee date of Sunday?

K.C. Johnson reported the Bulls have to make a decision on Korver by Sunday. This isn't something that was known previously. Mark Deeks of Shamsports had noted that Korver had no guarantee date except the Janaury. It's possible the Bulls have simply said they'll let him know by Sunday rather than having a hard date, but it's a ridiculous business decision to give up on the flexibility of Korver in a trade if you don't need to.

It'd be an incredibly "personnel" friendly decision to let Korver out of his contract early rather than hanging on to him as trade bait until the last second. If the Bulls don't want to keep Korver, they need to attempt to trade him to get a traded player exception. A team under the cap takes Korver, waives him to remove his cap hit and gets money from the Bulls to compensate them. They lose 500k of cap space, we gain a 5 million dollar TPE, they get cash to make it worthwhile.

It seems like an obvious transaction to me to attempt and one which should have multiple teams willing to sell 500k of cap space for some cash. Again, it just opens up a ton of flexibility for a potential deal later.

My apologies

I've been wrong about several cap things [and corrected myself] this year including the following:
1: Any thoughts about Omer S&T
2: Apron teams not allowed to do S&Ts this year (starts next year)
3: Watson/Brewer's guarantee dates

Rough year for me when trying to convey the Bulls cap situation. I generally pride myself on attempting to deliver accurate detailed cap information, and I'm disappointed in myself for letting you guys down at points this off-season. I'll strive to do better.

Are the Bulls trying to avoid the tax?

With C.J. and Brewer almost certainly gone, Bulls (allegedly) leaning on not bringing back Asik, and Korver likely gone as well, the Bulls would get under the luxury tax threshold. Chicago has discussed making "basketball decisions not financial decisions" this off-season.

However, IF the off-season breaks down that way [and I don't believe it will], then we have to seriously question that. The Bulls will have replaced CJ, Brewer, Korver, Asik with Hinrich, Teague, increasing Butlers role, and vet min guys.

The Bulls won based on their depth and just dumped all of it. In addition to dumping it, they didn't take the opportunity to trade any of it away at points where they could have accepted salary for the contracts. This gets back to my Ben Gordon litmus test from a few weeks ago.

I had said the Bulls passed up a tremendous opportunity with Gordon and unless they did something else with the contracts it would be atrocious. Chicago could have trivially traded Korver + Brewer for Gordon rather than waiving the pair. Gordon would help the team more than either of them anyway, and would certainly be a big addition to the roster as it presently exists. His contract sucks, but it wouldn't really hurt anything in terms of flexibility with how the rest of the off-season went.

The Bulls would get a likely lottery pick from Detroit for making such a move considerably strengthening their future assets even if they immediately waived Ben Gordon. In other words, this trade helped them long term and short term and only hurt the bottom line. However, they didn't make it.

Now if they didn't make it because something better was going to happen that's great, but they didn't make something better happen, and we haven't even heard of an attempt to make something better happen. In the end, they just opted to have one less potential lottery pick and a weaker roster.

Twitter responses

Due to some late night tweeting, I've gotten plenty of feedback on twitter to go over. Here are my more extended responses to try and clarify points.

@jklein78 The Bulls could also consider trading Howard at the deadline to build more assets for subsequent years.

If the Bulls trade for Howard, they won't trade him again at the deadline. They'd never get the assets back that they gave up to get him in the first place. They'd instead play hardball with him in the off-season. A trade to the Nets would likely be dead in this scenario as well because the Nets would likely be unable to do a S&T once the season starts.

@NBATradeIdeas A second shot creator is available (Brooks) 4 CHEAP (lott-protected 1st)..and GarPax is yet again sitting on their hands

I like Aaron Brooks, but he fills no long term need because he can't play SG, and the Bulls have Hinrich and Teague to back up Rose for the next two seasons. I wouldn't give up a 1st rounder to get Brooks based on the present roster composition, but he's someone I would have gone after ahead of Hinrich if I felt we could get him without Phoenix matching [though that seems unlikely given our offer would be very cheap].

@cory4280 congratulations Bulls fans with dh12 going to the nets we becomethe 4th best team in the east aka atlhawk

I still have pretty serious doubts this trade ultimately gets done. However, if it does, then the Bulls will certainly be behind the Nets. However, let's not exaggerate. A healthy Bulls team mops up the Celtics/Knicks IMO.

@Rudens23 Rockets not on Howard's list but still trying to get him. Don't know why our management doesn't have the courage to do the same

It's a mystery to me as well. I laid out all the arguments in yesterday's article. It's pretty low risk for Chicago IMO because you immediately move into a flexible cap space plan if it doesn't work out.

@BobbyC_TheTribe Do any of those moves move Bulls closer to a title? Answer is probably no, so nothing insulting.

Yes, trading the Bulls non guaranteed players for future draft picks pushes you closer to a title. Trading them to get trade exceptions pushes you closer to a title. Trading them to get Ben Gordon AND a likely lottery pick pushes you closer to a title.

The Nets are looking for extra 1st round picks to complete the Dwight Howard trade because they need sweeteners. Why do you think it wouldn't be valuable for us to have them? Instead we're going to have nothing.

If you can have nothing or two mid/late 1sts what would you choose? Nothing or a TPE what do you choose? Nothing or Gordon and a lottery pick? Something is better than nothing when pursuing a title in all cases.

@_BryanCrawford Define competitive? Still gonna make the Playoffs. No need to spend money on a washed season.

@Greg_Whelan you don't think Noah, Boozer, Deng, Hamilton, Rose, Taj, Hinrich, Butler is enough to be a competitive rotation?

By competitive, I mean they will have no chance whatsoever to beat Miami or a Nets team with Howard. They'll be very good, but they'll be the Pacers or Hawks.

The reason to "spend money on a washed season" is that the assets you get for that money are valuable beyond that season. Getting extra draft choices saves you money long term on cheap talent, keeps infusing your team with talent, and helps you complete trades that improve the team.

Trade Exceptions allow you to make better trades or add talent for nothing later [that's how the Lakers got Steve Nash].

I'm not upset that the Bulls didn't rent a bunch of players who'd be gone in one year. I'm upset because we have assets and may let them go without getting anything back. The Bulls will come back worse this season than last season [even after Rose is healthy] and have less trade flexibility and assets to improve than they had this off-season.

Next year they won't have the flexibility of 13 million in expirings to make a big deal.

@BobbyC_TheTribe None of those would push Bulls into luxury tax. Saying Bulls should match Asik to avoid "insulting" fans is pointless.

To clarify, I meant if they don't bring back Korver, Brewer, Watson, or Asik and tell us that their decisions are basketball based rather than financially based is insulting. The order of my tweets and 140 character limit made that point get broken up a bit.

I don't consider any single move a big deal. It's the [potential] overall lack of spending and watching assets walk away for nothing while saying that the decisions are basketball based rather than financially based that bothers me.

@BobbyC_TheTribe Even if Bulls bring every1 back do you see them as title contender over 2-4 years. I dont so why hurt future cap flex to appease

There are tons of moves they could have made that wouldn't have hurt their cap room in two years in order to improve the team both this year and in the future. Trading for short term salaries with draft picks or getting trade exceptions or even getting Ben Gordon wouldn't hurt the cap in the next year the Bulls have a chance to be under.

@_SincereUnique Do you think one of the summer league players (Jermaine Taylor) catches on to the main roster?

Summer league will get you a camp invite. A camp invite then gives you a shot to make the team. However, I'd predict the answer is no.

@brightlocs17 can you be #bulls gm since you know more than our current cheap-as-hell gm's doing nothing while other teams getting stacked.

I couldn't make Jerry Reinsdorf and crew spend money either.

@coolguy1997 was that trade scenario really an option for bulls? Was that offered?

(Re Gordon for Brewer/Korver) Who knows if it was really offered, but it was a better deal for Detroit than what they got for Ben Gordon, so they would have taken it if it was.

@chitownalumni when do we the Bulls get Bobcats pick and what kind of protection does it have??

2013: top 12
2014: top 10
2015: top 8
2016: unprotected

Let's root for a #1 in 2016

@DerekandJana Bulls too scared of luxury tax. Think they end up letting Asik go and resign Gibson next yr.

If ownership won't pay for both, it's the right decision, but if we're scared of the tax while trying to win a championship then it's a sad time to be a Bulls fan.

@TCBullfrog It's funny--the #WhiteSox always talk about not having money due to attendance; #Bulls don't spend either but never mention why

Beyond that, it appears there is ALWAYS room for the White Sox to make a big move if they need to make one.

@shaneyboy16 doug works for the heat not the bulls. the heat are the OLDEST team in the league only a co worker like doug

@shaneyboy16 could give that FOSSIL team so much credit

They just won the title, how are you not giving them credit? Also, there's only three players that really matter on the Heat and none of them are old.

@chitownalumni not to look to far ahead but if Love still unhappy after next yr I go all in. Rights to Mirotic, picks, and whatever players

Kevin Love should definitely be on our radar as a player to trade for. That's one reason it would have been nice to load up on extra 1st round picks using our non guaranteed guys. If he's still upset at the end of the season, you can then offer three or four 1sts for Love.

@DaMac0831 how does keeping asik help long term? Cant win a chip next year anyways. Dump the salary and go hard in two years with more $

He's a good player? Bulls could use him as an expiring deal if they need to make a trade in his final year, and they'll be unlikely to be far enough under the cap to make a difference. Having large expiring deals is the next best thing.

It also leaves them the flexibility to trade Noah in a deal to improve the team and gives them more options.

@DaMayor73 And you think adding a Ben Gordon gets us there? An undersized SG with no handles or defense? #funnystuff

It's even funnier stuff when someone takes a fragment of what you said, changes the meaning and then posts a witty reply. I don't think Ben Gordon wins a title for Chicago, but there are two problems with this.

There are very few singular moves that win you a title. Getting Dwight Howard [which I've strongly advocated even without an extension] is the only legitimately possible one right now. Other moves just make your team strong or weaker.

Ben Gordon vs nothing makes the team considerably stronger. He provides shot creation and shooting both of which this team badly needs.

Secondly, I noted that we would be getting a lottery pick in order to take Ben Gordon. If you want to ignore Ben Gordon because he's 6'3 then that's cool. Focus on the fact that you're getting a lottery pick for nothing.

Lottery picks also help teams win.

@corbinboucek Bulls are clearly playing for 2014, which from fan's perspective is terrible when you only have so long with Rose.

I could live for playing for 2014, but if you were doing that they you trade all of your non guaranteed contracts for assets that come due in 2014. You trade Luol Deng (FA at that point) for Harrison Barnes to reload for 2014.

We could have traded Korver/Brewer for Gordon + lotto pick then Deng for Barnes, then Watson for some 2 year deal and a pick, and then amnesty Boozer in 2014 and had likely two more lotto talents on the team and cap room.

Instead, we're doing a hybrid plan of not really going for it now, but not looking to truly maximize 2014 either. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if the right move falls into our lap then we go for it and hope to circumvent a true rebuild.

Hopefully we find that right move, but I'm not hopeful.


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  • If the Bulls just let Brewer/Korver/Watson go for nothing today, then I think we should be really disappointed in Bulls management. If they are set to pay the tax anyway, why not keep them all and try to make moves during the year? At worst, you have them in the same roles as last year with Derrick out, Lu possibly missing some games and Rip only playing 10 games a year.

  • I think the Brooks that the twitter question was about was MarShon Brooks by the Bulls being included in the Howard-to-Brooklyn deal. Brooklyn is looking at moving him to get more assets to send to Orlando. As much as he would help, I couldn't see the Bulls getting involved in a deal that helps Brooklyn become the next three-headed monster in the East. Plus any involvement in a Dwight Howard deal that doesn't end with Howard in a Bulls uniform would be the wrong move, not to mention a PR disaster

  • In reply to grizz632:

    Ahh, my bad, if the Bulls wanted that Brooks they would have drafted him. After a hot start, he was also abysmal last year, and I can't see the Bulls helping the Howard deal go through.

    No reason for Chicago to get involved in this one.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    He was off the board before the Bulls picked that year, but I agree the Bulls should avoid the situation entirely. I think just based on talent/potential that Brooks would be worth a protected future 1st round pick, but the added dimension of helping Brooklyn build their Howard trade is not worth anything you'd get back with Brooks

  • In reply to grizz632:

    Bulls had pick number 23 which they used on Mirotic and Brooks went number 25 I believe.

  • In reply to grizz632:

    Bulls drafted Mirotic at 23 with Brooks on the board. They also looked like they could have trivially purchased a pick to get another one given the number of trades going on and the minimal cost to move up to 23 to get Mirotic.

  • Enough with the BG nonsense. It makes you look really bad. BG isn't a good player and he has the worst contract in the nba now.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    1: No 2 year deal is that bad.
    2: Ben Gordon is considerably better than a vet min player which is what I am comparing him to
    3: Whether you hate Gordon or not, I would presume you like lottery picks vs not having lottery picks.

    I'm not sure why people have such a visceral reaction to Gordon so that they think he's worse than having no one and that he's so bad it's worth not having a lottery pick in order to have him on the team.

    That view is simply ridiculous.

    I'm not suggesting Gordon is worth his contract, puts us over the top, or does anything else. I'm suggesting he'd help fill some needs we have (shooting and shot creation) in the short term while the trade would give us a potentially extremely valuable draft choice.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree, apart from his contract Gordon did a lot of good while he was with the bulls, hit a lot of big shots, he is certainly better than nothing. The rotation situation in detroit was a mess, it probably messed with his rhythm, and he had some injuries. It's not like he forgot how to shoot in 2 years, he'd probably be better on the bulls. He's not even old. Too much hating going on with him, I'm sure he could do better than what hamilton gave last year.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Wrong again. JLIII's per minute numbers were better than BG's last year. He was a minimum vet.

    I'd rather have vet minimum with the cap flexibility than BG for two years and a long shot chance at a draft pick. And BG is not a "shot creator", he is a "shot taker". Again, I'd rather have JLIII as the designated chucker off of the bench.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    This year, the Bulls aren't using the cap flexibility, if they were, they'd already have used it with CJ/Brewer.

    Next year, Gordon provides MORE cap flexibility as a guy you can trade as an expiring to match salaries in a deal.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Not sure why you continue the Ben Gordon "lie", as it tends to discredit the legitimate point(s) that you are trying to make.

    As I demonstrated in previous posts, the true(actual) cost of acquiring that "certain" lottery pick for "free" is at a minimum $55-60 million in cold hard cash.

    That fact has nothing to do with loving or hating Ben Gordon, it is simple luxury tax math. There is not a single tax paying team in the NBA that would take on Gordon simply to buy a draft pick that will most likely fall in the teens, not the top 10. In fact you would be hard pressed to find anyone(taxpayer) who would do it even for the guaranteed #1 pick in the draft.

    The only teams for whom that Gordon deal makes any sense what-so-ever are teams that are far under the salary cap, years away from competing for anything and have to spend the cap money just to get to the CBA spending minimums, i.e. Charlotte.

    Amnestitizing Bozo the boozer tomorrow would cost less than acquiring Gordon, and be a lot more popular with the fans.

  • If they let Asik walk after signing Kirk to the mmle then that was a horrible mismanagement of the team! Completely stupid. Why would you sign a low end FA to a mmle when you could get a starting quality player knowing your not resigned Omer??? WTF! I think John Paxson is a complete bafoon.

    I hope Dwight goes to the Nets atleast then one team in the east will be able to compete with Miami because at this rate the Bulls never will. GarPax's mismanagement is destroying any chance the Bulls could have had.

  • fb_avatar

    The Bulls management doesn't want to get into the luxury tax. The Bulls will be a competitive team but not a championship team. The Heat have luxury tax issues and the Nets will also have the same issues if Dwight comes aboard. The Bulls management is committed to winning but won't pay extra for it. The United Center sells out every game and Reinsdorf makes probably the most out of all the owners in the NBA. I think he likes to keep it like that. Good for his pockets and bad for Bulls fans cause in reality, most Bulls fans will still be rooting for the Bulls even if there the 3rd or 4th best team in the East.

    GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • man, are they going to look cheap if they let Asik go because they didn't want to pay the LT. I've said the best thing to do is match and dispatch by trading him next draft/offseason. He's 7'1" 265 defensive center that small market teams especially would love to get since they have trouble landing quality free agents. Why let Houston collect another asset when you developed that asset over the last several years, gave up 3 second round picks for, I just don't buy it. The Bulls were spreading rumors that they wanted a "combo guard" in the draft while they were looking to draft a point guard all along since they wanted to be rid of CJ Watson and thibodeau pet John Lucas III. Even with that third year massive expiring, Asik is a valuable asset coveted by many teams.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Agree, the Bulls will have until the trade deadline in February of 2015 to trade Asik before his presence on the roster would trigger any significant luxury tax payments.

    At that point he will have cost the Bulls roughly $ 10 million for that season. It shouldn't be that hard to find a non tax paying team looking for an expiring contract to pay the final $5 million of his salary.

    Given that he will " only" make $5 million in each of the next 2 seasons, matching is a virtual no brainer, any competent front office would.

  • This is sad that the Bulls will be CHEAP this year and probably the next as well. I hate people who arent competitive in anything especially when it come to sports. I usually try to catch the Bulls playing in other cities if im in that town the same time theyre scheduled to play there, but Im not going to worry about that now probably for the next couple of years because of the incompetence of the Bulls management and the flat out lying and cheapness of the owner. I am very disappointed in how things have been handled by this organization and to just settle for being the 3rd or 4th best team in the east for the next few years is just inexcuseable. I mean just because Rose got hurt doesnt mean you give up on the team, if anything a real owner would try to retool the team to get him more help when he gets back. With all of that said, as I stated earlier I am very disappointed in this organization and I feel like the Bulls fans that do go to the Bulls home games should show their disapproval by not going to the games this year or next til management proves their all about trying to win championships. I know im wasting my time typing this cause Fans will still sell out the UC cause they are loyal but loyalty has a limit and I for one am at mine and i am a die hard Bulls fan. I just hate being lied to by a cheap ass owner that only cares about his baseball team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Again... Bulls fans better start doin what the cubs fans are currently doing AT WRIGLEY by not selling out the UC. This will get that cheap ass owners attention by not buying into his B.S.

  • Asik news is the worste news of the offseason. To me, by letting him go the Bulls are closing the championship window themselves. I know most don't believe they had a shot anyway, but without a him there is no shot untill they completely reload this team. Hope Rose will stick aroud long enough for it to happen. I think this is a stupid move. If they were not planning on competing they should have traded Deng and Noah for picks. Now they will just be an average team for the next few years with mid round picks and no free agents wanting to come in.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Rose wont leave, forget what he says about winning, actions speak louder than words, and he doesn't care about winning the way the other stars do. Doesn't recruit people, didn't get an opt out in his contract. He'd rather make the big endorsement dollars in his home town market.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    That is absurd. You think because Rose doesn't recruit other "Stars" that means he doesn't care about winning? This only got started when he was asked about recruiting LeBaby. He doesn't really like him and didn't go out of his way to welcome him. Rose is a winner and cares about winning no question.

    If you are going to question who is a winner then you should start with GarPax as they are clearly mismanaging this team. They are not in it to win.

  • In reply to Chad:

    If he cares about winning why no opt out? Someone who wants to win would give themselves options. Say what you like about LeBron, he set up his contract so he could move early if Cleveland didn't get him the right players, then took the PR hit to move to Miami. He's a guy who wants to win. Rose is happy to commit blindly to Chicago for 5 years. That's not the move of a guy who puts winning ahead of all else.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I think you are stretching a bit about no opt out. It could very well mean that he only wants to play for chicago. Plus, in today's NBA, if he wants to leave all he has to do is start crying and pouting and he will be traded. Rose has shown that all he cares about is winning.

  • I'm sure most of you have seen this, but Bulls told both Watson and Brewer that their options won't be picked up. Sounds like we might keep or use Korver.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    Korver will go too, we will see some vet min guy replace him.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    This was the final day for Brewer/Watson before the Bulls had to guarantee them for the season. Korver's date is different, so the Bulls could still waive him later.

  • Looks like Luol Deng is falling apart just practicing for the Olympics

    Jorge Sierra: British NT manager angrily told HoopsHype this wasn't true. Said Deng was just stretching and was not in pain. Not what I saw. Deng finished practice early, put his hand on his back for a moment, had a pained look in his face and lied on the floor a few minutes while getting treatment. Then he walked out of practice OK. Deng played 33 minutes in a loss vs. Spain. He shot 3 of 14 from the field. Twitter
    How's Luol Deng doing? Joel Freeland: A player like him, he doesn't need to be at 100 percent to play great. He's a player that can bring different things to the court all the time. With his experience, he's always helping other people. He does all the things we need him to do. Even if he's not at 100 percent physically, it doesn't show. When he's playing you can't tell if he's not 100 percent. HoopsHype

    Why do I get the feeling that this upcoming season will be a Deng disaster? i.e. he doesn't get surgery after the Olympics, struggles thru training camp, plays a few games or weeks to start the season, then has surgery and misses most of the season. Has no trade value next offseason, due to injury concerns.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I really wish Deng would just get the surgery after the Olympics, if you look at the date GB will be knocked out and the expected recovery time he should only miss maybe 10 games of the season. Far better for him to miss those few games then work back to 100% by the time Rose gets back than be hobbled all year like last year.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Agree, I hope he gets the surgery too.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Bulls shouldn't trust that Deng will remain healthy with that bad wrist. They should go all out to get Gerald Green or another capable small forward, I like Jimmy Butler but he wont be enough. The Bulls look like they will add another vet min point guard like jonny flynn? If they do that the team will carry 4 point guards with the wing positions a bit thin and can they trust the often injured rest in peace hamilton?

  • Rashad Lewis to the HEAT?? If the current Bench Mob is out Thibs and FO needs to upgrade with better and (cheaper = sigh) players. Thibs should learn to use rookies since he has no choice.. any chane on Gerald Green? Johnny Flynn on bulls roster for summer league .. (gee another point guard??)

  • In reply to StealthSniper45:

    I really wish this conservativeness were on the GM and not the owners of the Bulls cause with Lou Williams signing with ATL the Bulls imo will be screwed over the next few years and someone in the Bulls front office really needs to be fired. Signing Hinrich is nothing without replacing the players that the Bulls are losing without sign and trades. OH WELL....

  • Jerryd Bayless is now off the board getting signed by the Grizzlies. Brandon Rush is looking like a resignee in Golden State. I am just waiting to here that they let Asik walk for nothing and blew any chance of picking up a good player via the MLE by signing a busted ass Captain Klank. Its going to happen John Paxson = Ultra Conservative Idiot.

    How stupid is the front office? They want their favorite player Loul Deng to not get surgery despite the fact that he has played like shit since tearing the ligament in his wrist. Why? Because if he got surgery he could miss 10-25 games... They would rather play it safe and have a less talented player for a full season than a healthy one for most of it. Incompetence plain and simple.

    They are even Fing up the tank and rebuild job they are so stupid. They should have dumped Deng and Noah for picks with an eye to 2-3 years from now but instead they gutted their depth and kept the starters. Well the depth is what won you most of your games so enjoy sucking and seeing your starters value diminish as they flail around without Rose. The Bulls FO is shit.

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