Korver trade permutations and Bulls now leaning towards matching Asik

Omer hasn't officially signed his offer sheet as Houston is waiting for players involved in the Camby S&T to pass physicals prior to officially freeing up the cap room to sign him. That should happen over the next day. The Chicago Bulls are looking to move Kyle Korver in a trade rather than keep him on the roster, and the potential trade is holding up the Hinrich signing.

There are a few rumored Korver permutations that I've seen on the net, two make perfect sense, one makes very little.

Korver to Wolves for Ridnour

I'd be absolutely floored if this happened, not only does Ridnour kind of suck, but his contract is a year longer than Korver's nor does he fill as much of a need. This is a classic case of someone hearing the teams were talking and then trying to figure out how the salaries could possibly work.

Korver to Blazers as part of 3 way in Batum S&T

This makes plenty of sense for the Bulls, but I'm not sure it makes any sense for the Blazers. The Blazers are under the cap, so instead of taking Korver they could just have one more year of cap room. It seems extremely likely that Korver will be waived by Sunday anyway, at which point you could sign him for more money than anyone else trivially easily and still likely pay less than his five million dollar option.

The one thing that might help with such a move for Portland is if they want the possibility of keeping cap room open next season than getting Korver on a one year deal seems like an okay move for them. However, it just seems like a stretch.

To me this rumor of the Bulls talking to the Wolves as part of this three way likely spawned the previous rumor about Ridnour. However, I think while there's some sense for Portland in this deal they ultimately decide that if they're going to lose Batum rather than match that they're better off not taking Korver than taking him.

In this scenario, the Bulls would get back a traded player exception they could use to accept another player in a trade for up to Korver's salary of five million which means they could pursue a sign and trade for a five million dollar player right now without sending back salary or take on some money at the deadline or draft. They're also rumored to get a second round pick in the deal (presumably from Minnesota).

Korver to Atlanta in a S&T for Hinrich

By making a S&T with Atlanta for Hinrich, the Bulls will not have used the MMLE on Hinrich. It would give them the flexibility to use the MMLE on another player besides Hinrich this offseason as he'd officially come in via a trade. It strikes me as unlikely that Atlanta is interested in Korver themselves, so I'm expecting the Bulls would send cash to cover his buyout.

If we match Asik, then the Bulls will be in the luxury tax and would effectively owe one million on Korver's buy out. By making this trade, they could send Atlanta 750k and the Hawks get 250k for free while the Bulls save 250k and gain a little added flexibility. It's probably not as good as trading him for a TPE since the TPE would facilitate a five million dollar move and could be used at the trade deadline or draft while the MMLE could only be used for a signing but not a trade.

On the other hand, the MMLE could be used to sign free agents which the TPE could only do in the case of a S&T, but several FAs the Bulls are interested in won't be available via S&T because their teams renounced them in order to use cap room on other players and don't have the bird rights anymore to exceed the cap.

This is the potential trade that's holding up the Korver signing. My guess is that Chicago and Atlanta already agreed to this in principle and will execute this trade if they can't do better over the next 24-48 hours.

Bulls matching Asik?

He hasn't officially signed his offersheet yet, nor have the Bulls come out and officially said anything yet. However, the latest word from Chris Sheridan is that the Bulls will match Asik. Other reports after this have sprung up with league sources saying they think the Bulls will match Asik as well.

What's interesting about this is that Aggrey Sam of CSN discussed the opposite a few days ago. Other local beat reporters have said the Bulls front office is torn on the issue. KC Johnson reported the other sources saying the Bulls would match but fell short of saying he aggrees with them.

In general, the national beat seems to think Chicago will match while the local one is more unsure about it. I believe the rumors that the front office is torn on the deal. The thing is, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't match situation for Chicago. Match, and you've potentially blown up a 2014 cap space plan. Don't match and you've materially weakened your roster.

The Bulls likely look at this as a short term vs long term flexibility type of issue, and I'm not sure which way they'll go. I think there are basketball arguments either way, however when you picture the off-season as a whole, if Chicago doesn't match and waives Korver to go under the luxury tax then I think we start seeing significant Bulls fan outrage.

Gerald Green and Jerryd Bayless off the market

Both signed for about three million dollars. If the Bulls were able to execute the S&T with Atlanta they could have gotten in on the offer for either player, but as it turns out, they can't. Green will end up with the Pacers while Bayless will head to Memphis. The money out there is drying up, and if the Bulls do get an extra MMLE due to a Kirk/Korver S&T, I wonder if they'll spend it or who on.

Courtney Lee and O.J. Mayo are still out there, but both likely end up getting more money in some other scenario. The tier of players beneath them now looks pretty weak without any difference makers. Brandon Rush is also still available, but I can't imagine Golden State failing to match a MMLE offer. Perhaps Chicago can work it into a S&T to get him to come. I also think Rush is worth more than the MMLE and will eventually find more elsewhere.

Twitter questions answered

@chitownalumni read an article in which they think the Bulls r planning on waiting till 2014-15 I like to plan on future but damn that is crazy

The Bulls are presently executing a conservative holding pattern plan. In 2014, they'll likely have a significant roster shake up as Mirotic will likely come over, Deng will be off the books, Boozer could be amnestied, and the Bulls could get significantly under the cap if they don't keep Omer.

Matching Omer blows up the cap space portion of the plan though.

I don't think the Bulls are blowing off the next two seasons though. I think they are waiting for a good opportunity to come along and will take it if it does while understanding that 2014 is the next natural point where things come together to turn over a good chunk of the roster.

@SamerTadros Do you own a doughnut shop called "Doughnut on Us?"

No, but I have had people think my user name was both doughnuts and doughnuthouse because they read it too fast.

@shaneyboy16 so do u think they are gonna sign redd?

I think they will take Redd if he agrees to come for the minimum. He's (reportedly) deciding between us and Phoenix, presumably, at the veteran minimum. If I were Michael Redd I'd be scared to death to go from the Suns (best medical staff in the universe) to the Bulls (let's just call it dicey and be polite).

@Rudens23 if bulls trade for Ridinour they are idiots, he an Hinrich are similar players. We could have used that money on Mayo

I see absolutely no way in hell that they trade for Ridnour, so I wouldn't stress out about it much.

@shaneyboy16 so with the TPE we wouldnt just have the 5 million we can just sign mayo with?

A traded player exception allows a team to take on extra salary in a trade without sending salary back. We could not use it to sign a player like Mayo directly, but we could use it to facilitate a sign and trade for Mayo with Memphis. In Memphis's case, I believe this is possible becuase while they didn't offer Mayo the QO [meaning they can't match], they do still have bird rights on him.

A sign and trade officially has the player coming to the Bulls as part of a trade. This was the trick the Lakers used to get Steve Nash. Other targets Chicago is interested in may not be available via sign and trade though. I'm not sure if Houston will have room to sign and trade Courtney Lee as an example.

Another target in a sign and trade scenario would be Brandon Rush.

The traded player exception could also be used at the trade deadline to facilitate a deal or at the draft to essentially buy a draft pick. Traded player exceptions commonly allow a team to take on a little salary to grease the wheels of another trade as the third party and get some type of compensation.

@VLave32 any news on Calderon, amnesty? S&T maybe??

@chicagofan999 do you think there's any chance the Bulls sign Scola if the Rockets amnesty him? Obviously if we dump Booz...

Calderon and Scola, like Elton Brand, would never make it through the amnesty bidding process for teams under the cap. The Bulls aren't in that group and so would have no chance to acquire him.

@chriscook80 When have the Bulls ever used a TPE? They won't use it.

I'll always root for them to have flexibility and not need it or not find the right deal to use it than to not have it at all and miss out on the right deal. I agree there's a very good chance the Bulls would fail to use their TPE, especially while in the tax, but there are circumstances where it could have value. Particularly after free agency starts next summer.

@bxxg23 If Asik hasn't signed his Houston offer sheet, can the Bulls make him an offer for 8/8/9 rather than 5/5/15?

@bxxg23 If the Bulls had paid Asik more than $1M the last two years, would they still be limited to offering $5M next year?

The Bulls are restricted to paying Asik the MLE because they only have early bird rights. They can only match contracts made on him because of the Gilbert Arenas exception which force other teams to lower their offers. However, the Gilbert Arenas exception provides a weird loop hole.

The Bulls can only offer 5 million a year with 4.5% raises while another team can offer Asik the same for two years then the max for two years. The result is that the Rockets offer is actually considerably more than the Bulls could offer, but the Bulls are still allowed to match it.

This is why there will be no Asik S&T. The Bulls can't sign him to the same deal Houston offered. It's a pure match/don't match scenario.

If Asik has signed a three year deal instead of a two year deal then the Bulls could have offered him anything, but then so could other teams. Of course, he'd also be a FA next year instead of this one.

@kevinferrigan what a cheap frigging move. They got out of paying his $500k buyout. Jesus christ.

Depends what you do with the TPE/MMLE. If you trade Korver, get a 2nd rounder and a TPE or free up the MMLE and use either sign Mayo/Rush/Lee things don't look so cheap anymore do they?

@Rudens23 perfect time to trade for Howard, Nets have no money to sign him next year, no way he leaves at a discount to another team

I've written about it a few times. I would absolutely trade for Howard with or without an extension in place.

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  • From what I'm reading it seems like the Bulls have a lot of tough negotiations going on. I still have very little faith they will get something significant done, I just hope after the dust settles that they come from this process with something that will help the team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And then again it could be just blowing smoke cause of all of the fan backlash.

  • For the record, Ridnour does not "suck." If it were between him or Captain Klank I would take Luke hands down. Better handle and shot maker. Fearless going to basket. Can play point or off the ball. Live in MN so saw about 40-50 Wolves games last year. Fans love him. A real Jesus freak tho. Kirk is tougher on defense, however.

    Would love to get A. Randolph or W. Johnson from Wolves. Both have big upsides IMO. Would se title for Webster as energy. Guy off bench. Ellington really does suck.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Meant that would settle for Martell W. as energy guy off bench. Very athletic and still young.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I agree as well. Ridnour definitely does not suck.

    The reason why Rubio did not start for the the 1st half of the season was because Ridnour played so great, but because Rubio was also great, Adelman had to figure a way to get them both minutes.

    And so Adelman started Ridnour at the 2 even though he's not a 2.

    I guess Ridnour's defense would be the only suspect part, but I'm not a MINN/Ridnour fan to give a fair evaluation on.

    But I like Ridnour.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    He's Kirk Hinrich with less defense and a bigger contract. Yeah, suck might be a stretch. He's a role player, and the Bulls have no need for him at 4 million a year.

  • The interesting thing to me is not only that the local media don't think the bulls will match, but that the local media think the bulls SHOULDN'T match because Asik isn't worth the money. That's pretty telling imo. These are the guys who see Asik play the most beyond the games and if they don't think Asik is going to be good enough to warrant the money and the ramifications of the signing, that's a pretty strong statement.

    Also, I don't think bulls management is worried about a few bloggers calling them cheap.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    That's funny because the the local media and national media don't think it's crazy for HOU to pay that amount for Asik...mostly because they are desperate for a Center.

    Maybe the telling part is really knowing if the Bulls match Asik, they will just cut down the salary somewhere else (like Taj, Deng, or Noah).

    And of course the Bulls don't give a shit about the fans, they have a monopoly on professional basketball in a city that craves it.

    Reinsdorf and company can run this team like Sterling does with the Clippers and guess what, fans will still show up.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I think you have to know you have full backing of ownership to go deep into the tax or you have to let Asik go. You can't pay that much for a backup center and count pennies. You only do it if you're saying "screw it, we'll do anything to win".

  • Ridnour isn't that bad. Pretty good pick & roll player who would probably mesh better with Boozer than anyone we've had since he signed. Good mid-range jumper and can hold his own on the defensive end. He would give some more flexibility in the backcourt.

    But it really doesn't make much sense. At just over $4 million, you'd think they would just keep Korver, Brewer, or Watson. And the extra year isn't helping either. You mentioned an unprotected first, but there is little to no chance of that. Ridnour's contract isn't bad enough to do that nor does Minnesota desperately need to clear that money.

    I'm still a fan of matching Omer. I don't think the final year is that big of a concern. The Bulls have never had big success in the free agent market and luring players to Chicago, so their best bet is probably to work out a trade with someone for a high priced talent and Omer's contract would be there.

    I'm also interested to see how this Dwight Howard situation works out. I just don't think he's going to play out the year there. Curious to see if he opens up his wishlist now that Brooklyn is an impossibility.

  • In reply to srt1:

    I agree about Ridnour.

    I just don't think a trade for Korver and Ridnour is realistic because the Bulls are trading Korver because they don't want to take any salary back.

    If they were willing to take on salary, they would just keep Korver.

  • fb_avatar

    The whole "Wait until 2014" thing from some of these writers is nonsense. These same guys say the Bulls shouldn't trade for Howard because they may have to rebuild if he leaves, but then go on to say the Bulls will essentially be rebuilding in 2014 anyway.

    I refuse to think management actually feels they should just sit around for a couple of years, but who knows.

  • In reply to Jay Patt:

    I don't think they really feel that the Bulls are waiting around for 2014, it's just a period where a lot of things seem likely to happen to facilitate significant roster turnover. They'll try to win with the basic core they have for the next two seasons, but if it doesn't work then they'll revamp things in 2014.

  • This "wait for 2014" free agency is bunk. Who's availabe? Ben Wallace junior? Maybe they can get another 75 million dollar stud that rides the pine during crucial 4th quarter playoff games. If their target is Pau Gasol, he's going to be in his mid 30s, hardly anything to be excited about. What are the Bulls doing now, they seem to be wanting to collect small unathletic guards that are over 30. They could of gotten athletic Gerald Green for a reasonable price. I sure hope they come up with something that makes us better but the front office doesnt seem to have any creativity and seem to completely ignore our athleticism deficiency. We need another tall wing player(6'7"+) because Deng and Hamilton are big question marks going into next season yet they are collecting small guards? sheesh..

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    What? You don't think the Bulls can get LeBron, Wade, Kobe or Bosh?! You don't want Amar'e?!

    In all seriousness though, Rudy Gay is one of the only names on that list that would seem realistic to me. Banking on this mythical class of 2014 is nearly just as big a risk as trading for Howard.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I agree waiting till 2014 is dumb. Bulls are not a young team they are not going to be better having waited a few years. They are likely to be worse. If you are to go down that path then how can you justify signing Captain Klank over guys like Gerald Green or Jerryd Bayless??? Either would provide athletic talent and scoring not to mention high upsides. Klank is on the wrong side of 30 and is not the player we use to have. Flat out stupid decision when you have a clear scoring deficiency IMO.

    Hopefully they prove me wrong but at this point the Bulls look to have no vision for the future or present. They are failing to identify and address basic needs at this point. Over under this year on scoring is going to be ugly especially if Deng doesn't have surgery.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I believe Kevin Love has an opt out for the 2014-15 season.

    I'm not saying they can get him though, nor am I saying they can get any 'star' player to come here...as history already tells us.

    I too do not believe they should wait for the 2014-15 season, that would be a joke.

    They had 2 options: Keep the team together, maybe increase payroll and play until Rose/Deng gets back.

    If they don't think the Bulls are title contenders this upcoming year (because of those injuries), then trade Deng and get some pieces back for the future.

    No point staying in the middle with a high payroll because you KNOW Bulls will eventually decrease payroll again and use the excuse of them paying a high payroll to do so.

  • Doug has said, as have others, that if the Bulls let Omer go for nothing and waive Korver for nothing to get under the tax, that their will be "significant" fan outrage.

    While I agree some die hards will be outraged, for a while, I expect others who are not will attend a Bulls game next season. And as for the corporate and largely middle class and up fans who can afford decent to good(most) seats and go to multiple games I think outrage over a sports team is simply not cool anymore or even in their reality. Now, Twittering, texting, and going out so often has replaced sentimental attatchment to a sports team. That's even the case for some younger working class fans.They might make a mild complaint here and there, but unless the Bulls traded Derrick Rose or something monumentally crazy like that, the majority of bulls fans for the most part have too much else going on to be devestated or seriously effected when it comes to sports. They've filled up the U.C. through other detestable periods and will do so again.

    What will occur is a little complaining but also a lot of rationalizations of, "Hey, we still have Derrick, Taj, Joakim, Boozer, and Lu coming back which is the "core" of a championship team. They'll do something at the deadline maybe or wait until Derrick comes back healthy."

    I'd be very, very surprised if the U.C. isn't as full as ever next season. People can think otherwise, but we'll see. Avoiding the tax is not something that Chicago fans as a whole latch on to as an issue. Reinsdorf will get his money, and Gar/Pax will keep their jobs. And people will use Rose's injury as an out as to why the Bulls will be mediocre to suck next year.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I said it above, but I'll say it again here...

    Of course the Bulls don't give a shit about the fans, that's because they have a monopoly on professional basketball in a city that craves it.

    Reinsdorf and company can run this team like Donald Sterling does with the Clippers and fans will still show up.

    The only fans who would be outraged are the diehards.

    Until there's a 2nd Pro Baskteball team in Chicago, Reinsdorf will continue to be the most profitable team in the NBA and Reinsdorf will continue to use these profits to put towards the White Sox.

  • Forgive my posting an entire article here, but this is what Chicago conservatism and business acquiescence is all about. The Bulls with the hugest profits in the league for a decade and more and never a reinvestmant in fans or cutting that profit margin by incurring the luxury tax. And this enabling psuedo journalist is why Chicago media for the most part is corporately owned, hence dead. David Haugh if you ever see his know it all posing alpha presence on Chicago Tribune Live likes to dominate. Unless Teddy Greenstsein shows up with some actual thought and knowledge on local sports matters along with some balls as in forcefulness. Then watch David "the Man" Haugh implode into a head nodding, agreeing house of cards. These "voices" mega corporate enterprises are "comfortable" with today in Haugh and K.C. What a f-ing joke. David Haugh and K.C. Johnson should be slapped in the head if they dare ever call themselves journalists.

    David Haugh's In the Wake of the News

    11:16 p.m. CDT, July 11, 2012
    While other NBA front offices make splashes, Bulls general manager Gar Forman sits at the Berto Center in a dry blazer.

    This upsets those who think the Bulls should be busier. Prudence can be easy to overlook for people driven by ratings and Web clicks; patience is every fan's enemy. Reality says the Bulls have blocked out any noise and stuck to the plan fate revised for them when Derrick Rose injured his knee.

    David Haugh's In the Wake of the News

    Bio | E-mail | Recent columns
    Rosenbloom video: Bulls don't know what they're doing
    Bulls in free agent holding pattern
    Chicago Bulls player photo galleries
    United Center, 1901 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60612, USA
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    TheMedicalManual.comContrary to the belief of many I've heard from wondering what the Bulls are doing, that plan remains winning an NBA title. It might not be the 2013 NBA title. Barring unforeseen injuries or South Beach sinking into the Atlantic Ocean, it probably isn't the 2014 NBA title either.

    Nobody in Bulls management ever would say so publicly, but every move it will make — or not make — moving forward follows a plan designed to win the NBA title in 2015.

    Such long-range thinking won't rate mention at the bottom of your TV screen Thursday screaming: "Bulls bracing for championship run in 2014-15, avoiding deals for overpriced veterans that would limit financial flexibility.''

    It won't excite fans paying at least $100 per ticket to sell out every game at the United Center. Nor will it make accountability less important the next two seasons in which the Bulls still can go deep in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

    It means the Bulls chose to deal with their definition of worst-case scenario responsibly and stay competitive rather than sacrifice seasons for the NBA lottery before realistically reopening a championship window.

    Rose's ACL tear changed everything about the Bulls except, it seems, reasonable outside expectations.

    If Dwight Howard had shown the slightest indication he would sign a long-term deal with the Bulls, then I would make the Magic an offer. But Howard hasn't and the risk of mortgaging the future for a flake coming off back surgery who might leave next July exceeds the reward.

    If Rose were older than 30, then I would question the Bulls' deliberate approach this summer. But Rose is 23 and young enough to understand why the Bulls prefer taking a long-term view.

    When Rose returns next spring, presumably, the Bulls will be hovering around .500 and making coach Tom Thibodeau hoarse with inconsistency. Still they figure to make the playoffs with Rose and a healthy Luol Deng and perhaps even win a series.

    Even if Rose were whole next season and the Bench Mob returned, I doubt the Bulls could unseat the defending NBA champion Heat with newly added scorers Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. I see the Bulls among a handful of teams in the awful East, along with the Pacers and Celtics, competing the next two years for the right to be conference runner-up.

    By the summer of 2014, the Bulls finally might put together a team capable of beating the Heat. By then, the Bulls and their fans will be glad Forman and John Paxson showed such organizational discipline now. By then, the Bulls expect Rose to resemble his MVP-caliber form and their payroll to be in a better position to add the so-called second star championship teams need.

    Deng's contract expires at the end of the 2013-14 season. That could coincide with the Bulls using the amnesty provision to release them from the final year of Carlos Boozer's contract. The two salaries off the books will free up roster space and $29.6 million under the salary cap. That will be the summer to make a splash big enough for Forman to need nose plugs — not this one.

    The Nets traded for Joe Johnson and offered everything but the Brooklyn Bridge for Howard because they won 22 games and had $52 million in salary-cap space. The Lakers dealt for 38-year-old Steve Nash because Kobe Bryant turns 34 and his basketball clock is ticking. The Knicks signed 39-year-old Jason Kidd and 38-year-old Marcus Camby because Walt Frazier and Patrick Ewing must not have been interested. I cannot explain how Roy Hibbert of Jeremy Lin got so rich so fast without needing aspirin.

    How many of these teams will be applauded when they're raising prices to help pay the NBA luxury tax that gets more punitive every year? The spending spree seemingly everywhere but Chicago signifies activity more than accomplishment.

    In many ways, the Bulls' current strategy seems reminiscent of the way they prepared for the summer of 2010. The Bulls' future so outweighs their present that it would surprise me if they matched the Rockets' offer sheet for backup center Omer Asik to avoid worrying about Asik's whopping $15 million salary on the 2014-15 payroll.

    The Bulls can find smarter ways to spend that money. I bet they already have considered how.


    Twitter @DavidHaugh
    Copyright © 2012, Chicago Tribune

    'Sold my soul to the company store.' "In the end, it's always about the money." "The money's good, what the f-ck."

  • By the way, if you want to see why there is no soul left in local media, and thus greed and no reinvestment in fans is applauded, read today's column by David Haugh praising Gar Forman's fiscal "restraint" and innaction. A decade and more of huge league leading profits with no reinvestment in fans incurring the luxury tax which would devestatingly slim their obscene profit margin. Three cheers for David Haugh, "Hip, hip, f-ck you dirt bag."

    What a phony piece of garbage he is passing himself off as a journlaist, editorialist whatever. David Haugh in the end, it's aways about the money. You are a bought and paid for schill for the Tribune and it's partners Jerry Reinsdorf and Comcast Sportsnet Chicago. You and K.C. Johnson should be slapped in the head if you ever refer to yourselves as journalists you corporate whores.

  • 1) As I understand it, if the Bulls match on Asik, and then if they trade him in December, he will not count against their cap this coming season. So, I think they will match. However, if Houston really wants him, they will probably give the Bulls something not to match, which the Bulls might take.

    2) I'm sure the Bulls can get Howard if they really want him, but there are 3 questions: How is his back?, will it cost too much?, and will he resign in Chicago?

    As for his back, it makes sense to go into the season a bit and see how he is.

    As for cost, Noah, Asik, Hamilton, Butler, the Charlotte pick, and maybe #1s in 2014 and 2016. I would keep Deng and Mirotic. This trade gives Orlando 3 #1 picks and 2 bigs and a young player to develop. However, it does not offer much salary relief, only Hamilton could be bought out after this season.

    With Deng, Howard, and Taj up front, and Rose and Mayo (hopefully), the Bulls could challenge this season - but that's with a lot of "ifs". If Rose recovers, if Deng recovers, if Teague develops, if they land Mayo, if he plays well, if Hinrich has a decent year, etc.( In that case, they might be sorry they let Korver go, although he hasn't done great in the playoffs for two years in a row.)

    3) Too bad the Bulls did not buy a couple of #2s for Cunningham and Barton - though they did luck into Teague (Maybe. Some feel he will be better than his relative.) They should still try to trade for those guys.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    The Bulls would be restricted when it comes to trading Asik though, including I believe not being able to trade him to Houston at any time during his 3 year deal.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    That's correct.

    "If the team matches an offer sheet and retains their free agent, then for one year they cannot trade him without his consent, and cannot trade him at all to the team that signed him to an offer sheet. They also can't trade the player in a sign-and-trade transaction..."

    -from Larry Coon's updated CBA FAQ

  • In reply to rustyw:

    1) The 2 guys below explained it.

    2) Asik can't be traded unless Bulls match, and then Asik gives his consent to be traded.

    Even if he does, my guess that's still not enough to get Dwight. Bulls would have to take back some bad contracts like Hedo, Jrich, and/or Big Baby.

    And then is that offer better than Bynum straight up? If GSW gets back in the mix for Bogut+Klay+Barnes...will our offer be better than theirs? You know HOU will still offer up Scola+Kmart+Lamb+White+TJones+Picks and probably be willing to take back bad contracts too.

    If the Bulls are looking to get Dwight, they can be concerned about salary relief.

    3) Cunningham went 24th to the Mavs. But I totally agree with the Bulls should have bought a 2ndROunder and drafted Doron Lamb or Will Barton.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    He wouldn't count against their cap, but you're gambling that some other team wants to trade for him, plus the player they get in return WOULD count against their cap, and it's unlikely they'd be able to save significant money on him later.

  • Does anyone know anything about this Patrick Beverley guy the Bulls are bringing in? Wasn't he with the Heat at one point?

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA
    EuroCup MVP Patrick Beverley is working out for Chicago in mini-camp, a candidate to fill a Bulls guard spot off bench, source tells Y!


    Honestly though, I have no faith in the FO or Thibs that he will put a player on the team that isn't an NBA proven player (remember, they're safe...aka not taking any chances on non-NBA players), let alone give him any minutes, so it really doesn't matter.

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    I know if Paxson is looking at him he must not be able to score...

  • "Omer hasn't officially signed his offer sheet as Houston is waiting for players involved in the Camby S&T to pass physicals prior to officially freeing up the cap room to sign him. "


    Since Asik is being held up by the Rockets, in order for them to get their shit in order to sign him, why wouldn't/couldn't the Bulls just continue to negotiate a deal with Asik right now?

    Sign him to a 3yr $25mil deal with $8mil (1st year), $8mil (2nd year), and $9mil (3rd year)...which destroys the poison pill final year.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Forget everything I said here. I usually post, and then read and post again.

    I just read the article and Doug explained the Bulls couldn't go more than the $5mil MLE with 4.5% raises.

  • Since RIP is going to be hurt and that would mean a starting backcourt of Klank and Butler. Over under on combined pts would be like 10 per game?

    If Boozer goes down do we even have any offensive players at that point?

    Marquis Teague (likely under 10ppg)
    Captain Klank (RIP likely injured) (6-7ppg)
    Jimmy Butler (If Deng gets surgery) (5-7ppg)
    Boozer (16-17ppg)
    Noah (11ppg)

    That is like 45-50 ppg from your starters.

    Can you say NBA Champs? lol... Even if Deng opts not to have surgery you are only picking up a guy that can score 15ppg and shoot like 40% with his torn ligaments. Its going to be a long season I suspect. I am hoping the Paxson bashing comes early and often as he deserves every bit of it.

  • For some strange reason, I'm not too high on losing Kyle Korver. He's a lethal weapon!
    I think we're putting too much stock in Chad's statue (Omer). We all know what he's capable of in tight situations (miss crucial free throws, put backs, blow wide open dunks, you name it). But Omer is from Turkey and there are many Turks here on this and the other blog. They all see Noah as their obstacle preventing the STATUE from holding down a place on this team.
    In a way, I hope the Bulls lose Noah and are left with that growth!

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Asik and Destroy! He has been a great value for us as a backup center at under 2 mil a year. He was not paid like a star he was making like 10-11th man money and you expect him to be some kind of superstar? He is a specialist and the specialty is Defense and Boarding. I don't think he is worth 8 mil a year for the Bulls as a backup center.

    Only reason I feel they should be keeping him is they agreed to Captain Klank on the mmle which destroyed their shot at using the MLE (by letting Asik walk) and getting someone good ala OJ Mayo, Jerryd Bayless, Gerald Green, Brandon Rush or Courtney Lee. If you were planning to not resign Asik why throw away your exception on Kirk Hinrich? That is why I feel they should resign Asik because if not you just pissed away two assets by being stupid.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Destroy you, Chad, not the Chicago Bulls, I hope!

  • With the draft and free agency a bust and no offensive talent/help coming, it's hard to still give a damn about an offensive eunich like Omer Asik. Personally, in a playoff situation completely regardless of the "Philly Fiasco," I think teams can hack-a-Shaq him right out of the game making him irrelevant if not a liability. I mean what did he shoot 35% from the line in the playoffs or 6-17..? Yeeeccchh.

    Looking at his attrocious free throw shooting before the Bulls drafted him made me want to pass on him. Nothing's really changed. We should have traded him for some real value in Courtney Lee two years ago when we had the chance or possibly for a fairly high draft pick perhaps in a three team deal, Too bad Gar and Pax simultaneously wet themselves as usual when it comes to pulling the trigger on trades. Overvaluing or homosexual crushs(?), you make the call(I'm kidding).

    If the Bulls match on Omer for $5 Mil a year and $15 the final year I'll have to laugh. I'll show you Houston taking my player! God. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. And even the $15 Mil expiring may be worth less as teams have shed salary and adjusted to the megatax. There's no way I resign Asik unless A) he's a part of a trade for a bigger fish as in Howard, B) I've already traded Noah or am planning on doing so for a legit SG, or C) I'm stubbornly proving I'll go slightly over the tax, in the least helpful way, to difuse any criticism and get back under by next summer. Knowing the Bulls I'm guessing C.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You nailed it RoadWarrior!
    I don't hate the guy, but the facts are the facts. He's an adventure!

  • I'm wondering how the Howard situation plays into this Asik deal.

    With Houston using their amnesty on Scola they should in theory have the space to sign Asik now. They haven't though, with rumours they're trying for Howard ... if the Howard deal goes through Asik could be left in the lurch and have to take just a plain MLE deal.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Houston didn't amnesty Scola yet. Looks like the plan, maybe even today.

    Houston is waiting on Asik until Jeremy Lin's offer is finished.. Lin signs today, then the Knicks have three days to match. Once they do, then Asik signs the Houston deal, and the Bulls have three days to match. No conspiracy. No backing out. No sign and trade or sweetening of the offer. They both made a promise a couple weeks ago and must honor it.

  • I'm no salary/CBA wonk, but with Scola being amnestied, it'll be interesting to see what kind of bids he elicits from prospective teams seeing as how his numbers and position are similar to Boozer's? I don't know how many teams have $7-9 Mil of cap space left, but I'm guessing that's what he'd go for(?) though after the Hibbert and Asik overboard offers(though they are true bigs) who knows?

    Side note: if Scola does get signed off amnesty waivers for a sizable chunk with three years left leaving Houston with only $2 to 3 Million a year(from the $9-11 Mil a year he's set to make now), and Boozer similarly would get say an $8 Mil a year bid leaving the Bulls with $5-7 Mil a year to pay to free up their cap space and options in a major way. Yet the Bulls make way more money in profits then Houston. Nice.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Dallas are reportedly going to bid the rest of their space, which is a bit less than the MLE after their trades I think. Not sure if any other team left has more space and will be interested ... at 32 (1.5 years older than Boozer) hard to see any bad teams being that interested in him.

    However I do think it's an interesting lesson in amnesty: because teams are using their cap space before they can even officially sign players by the time amnesty comes around there's not many teams under the cap. The idea that the Bulls will save more than the MLE off Boozer's salary if he's amnestied seems a stretch.

  • I do think we have to wait and see how all of this works out, but the handling of this Asik situation appears questionable.
    1) Reports were that the Bulls could have traded him for Mayo or C. Lee. In hindsight, which is easier than foresight, that might have been the move to make. If fact, that might have turned the ECF the season before last.
    2) To lose Asik for nothing is poor, but if Rose and Noah had stayed healthy, the Bulls could have needed him for the playoffs. So it is a bit of a guessing game, and teams will win some and lose some. Also, unfortunately, Asik does not really seem to have improved in the last year.
    3) Maybe Houston will give the Bulls something to not match. That seems likely. Especially if they do not get Lin. If Houston does, the Bulls should take it.
    4) Unless some major improvement happens to the Bulls real soon, it's hard to feel that the present FO is up to the job of getting the Bulls the talent to contend for a championship.

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