Doug's mailbag, answers to your twitter questions

Since I've gotten a ton of questions on twitter in the past 24 hours, and tweeting isn't always the best way to give an extended response. Here's my thoughts on all of the free agency happenings and answers to your questions with extended detail.

@bnreves Any chance Bulls could deal for Gasol in a salary dump kinda deal where they amnesty Boozer?

From a practical standpoint no. The Bulls could send Brewer, Korver, Watson, and Hamilton to LA for Gasol which would allow them to dump their salary and for the Bulls to get Gasol.

Their perimeter rotation at this point would be Rose [out for half a year+?], Teague [rookie], Butler [unproven], and Deng with just the MMLE and vet minimum to fill out the rest of the roster. That would give them an extremely unbalanced roster and require some type of follow up trade in order to add some perimeter depth to the squad.

Moreover, Gasol's a quality player, but the cost to do such a move is very extreme, the fit on the roster isn't good, and Chicago could probably do better spending that some money on other players if they were willing to go that deep into the tax.

While I like Gasol more than Boozer, it doesn't make sense to pay him five million a year, have no perimeter players then pay Boozer all that money to go away. If the Bulls had any thoughts on amnestying Boozer, they needed to do it earlier when all the teams with FA money could still bid. If they amnesty him now, no one will pick up much on his contract.

@Dan_the_Man_94 I think we shouldnt buy a PG, and just keep CJ, would be a waste of time and money.

Couldn't agree more. The Bulls only have the MMLE to use on a player for a multi-year deal, but they need to potentially replace Korver, Brewer, and Watson. If they keep Watson, the cheapest of the three, use Butler to replace Brewer, and then use the MMLE to add another perimeter player they can come back at similar strength to last season without losing their depth.

If they try to replace two of those guys with the MMLE they'll be left short handed. They could probably get away with losing all three if Rose were healthy all year, but since he's going to miss likely half the season they'll need the depth quite a bit.

@Rudens23 nobody is going hard after Mayo, if Bulls show interest maybe we can get him, instead of pursuing Roy with bad knees, will they?

If Mayo will sign for the MMLE then you get him right away IMO. Same with Courtney Lee, Brandon Rush, Lou Williams, Jamal Crawford, or Nick Young. Odds are that all of those guys get better offers elsewhere though. The Bulls will likely have to wait and see who's left with no offers when the dust settles and pursue that guy.

[re: Nets building a superteam] @TomLoxas Meanwhile we are super mediocre

I think it's frustrating to watch teams make all these moves when your team isn't involved. However, now that the dust has settled, the Nets came up short of Dwight Howard and while they've built a solid team, it's one that will never get over the hump. They're going to have major cap problems in the future and will be over the apron every year for the foreseeable future which will make things difficult for them to ever improve.

I admire how their ownership has made a massive financial commitment to do whatever it takes to put a good team on the floor. They'll likely be 80 million+ in salary every year for the next three seasons after this year causing them to pay repeater tax as well. They'll also likely peak as the third best team in the East unless Chicago or Miami has injury problems, but they put themselves on the map where they weren't before.

@jfish1219 Do the Nets still have room to go 4 Howard.

For all intents and purposes no. Legally, they can't agree to anything until July 11th, however unless they break one of their committed deals [highly, highly unlikely] they can no longer fit Howard's salary under the tax Apron. Since the Nets used the non taxpayer MLE, they have a hard cap this season at 74.3 million and can't go over it no matter what.

Howard's salary + existing salaries + cap holds exceed that threshold. The only slim [less than one tenth of a percent chance] is if they already talked to Deron and he agreed to lower his deal if it facilitates Howard to the Nets. In that lone circumstance would it be a possibility, but the Magic have already rejected the Nets package so even if that were a possibility it would be the longest of long shots.

In reality, Howard will end up somewhere else. Maybe Chicago if they're willing to take him without an extension or can convince him the Bulls are a great place to play. The Bulls can make a very competitive offer, and I hope they strongly pursue it even without an extension.

@TheBullsShow Is the Omer Asik for Courtney Lee "trade" now happening?

By trade in quotes, we're talking about the Bulls signing Courtney Lee while Houston signs Asik. It's a possibility, because if the Bulls let Asik go they'd have the full MLE. Lee is certainly on the list of SGs that I would offer a full MLE too. Lee is kind of a conservative pick though.

@adamsteinlive can Lee create his own shot? We need scorers and ballhandlers

He doesn't address the need for ball handling or shot creation like O.J. Mayo, Nick Young, or Jamal Crawford might. However, he gives great defensive effort, is a great team player, and is a good spot up three point shooter. He's basically a much better version of Bogans as he can finish better on the break, has more athleticism, and can at least do a pump fake on a three point attempt and take the ball to the hole.

I like Lee a lot as a role player, and feel he combines many of the good qualites of Korver/Brewer [though clearly not the shooter Korver is].

@Kurt_C_Scott Why is Lee causing a feeding frenzy whereas Rush has zero buzz?

In terms of Brandon Rush, I like him more than Lee, however, Rush is restricted but Lee is unrestricted. Golden State probably matches the biggest offer the Bulls can make. If Chicago lets Asik go and offers Rush the full MLE things would be more interesting.

@f_vasquez Do you think Lee makes Rip Hamilton expendable? Maybe the Bulls can trade him for a pick or something

Rip Hamilton was a failure for Chicago last season. He wasn't particularly good on the court and wasn't on the court frequently. The Bulls clearly can't go into this season expecting much at all from Hamilton. If they can get a better player they should do it.

That said, Rip has got basically no value around the league right now. They're not going to be able to trade him for anything, so it's sort of irrelevant if he's "expendable". They could only use him as an expiring, but their non guaranteed salaries have more value in that sense until after their guarantee dates pass.

@DeepFriedStack rather have hinrich or lee? Can we renounce rips rights or is he on books no matter what?

I'd rather have Lee, but if you do that then you need to keep Watson to fill out the PG role. Lee can't be the ball handler that Hinrich can. Hinrich would give the Bulls more skills, but Lee fits better with the team in a specific role once Rose is back, and I'd rather build around that then the temporary fit while Rose is out.

@edwardbuell best fit for the Bulls of the young UFA 2s: Lee, Mayo or Young?

They all have different strengths and weaknesses. Lee is a perfect niche player. He's Bogans++. He'll defend shoot threes, and he'll give you more off the dribble/transition offense than Keith ever did. However, he won't create shots and isn't really a secondary ball handler.

O.J. Mayo can create shots and can defend. He's a decent [but not great] shooter as well. However, he's been a very inefficient player his whole career and has slid in terms of effectiveness since his rookie season. I think he has the highest ceiling of the group. When you see his skills and athleticism, you think he should be better than he is, so there's a temptation to take him assuming he'll get there.

However, at this point, it's been four years, and he's declined rather than improved, so we need to not buy into the theoretical upside at this point. He's had lots of chances and has been passed up by pure mediocrity like Tony Allen.

Nick Young wasted so much time in Washington that it's hard to get a feel for what he'd do on a real team. He's been a complete black hole, lazy defender, and generally non team player. However, in a better environment would he be a better team guy? His situation in Washington was terrible.

However, much like Mayo, his efficiency hasn't been good. He wasn't particularly productive with the Clippers where he had a role similar to what we'd expect him to have here. Much like Mayo, he's been in the league for four seasons as well. It might be time to ignore the theoretical ceiling and look at what is there.

If we threw in Brandon Rush (restricted), I would probably take: Brandon Rush, O.J. Mayo, Courtney Lee, then Nick Young, but I don't
think there's a huge gap between them, they all have various strengths and weaknesses.

@regimeofterror will front office overcome excuse making to sign lee?

I don't think there are any "excuses" yet, Chicago first needs to determine whether they're going to match Asik or not. That will determine whether they're going to have the full MLE or just the MMLE. At the MMLE it's highly unlikely they can convince Lee to sign, he'll simply get a better offer elsewhere.

All of the SGs mentioned above are looking for their first post-rookie deal. None of them are taking a paycut to come to Chicago, they'll all chase the money unless the difference is very small.

@shaneyboy16 Brewer is better then Butler? do u watch basketball? Butler just hasnt been givin a chance he is going to be far better then ron starting with his shot. u must have not been paying attention when he was playing lock down d on melo last year

Butler hasn't shown any ability to shoot better than Brewer either. He's been very hesitant to shoot the ball and admitted as such in reports. Luol Deng had to keep telling him to shoot. His accuracy with his jumper hasn't, thusfar, looked better than Brewer to me either, nor has he shown three point range.

He's been a good defender, but Brewer is also an elite defender, Brewer's easily the more disruptive of the two defensively right now while Butler has a bit more size to defend threes.

I think offensively, Butler has a long way to go. Brewer plays off the ball better, gets the baseline dunks and moves off the ball well. He's been a solid mid range shooter even if he doesn't have three point range and generally gives you efficient basketball.

Butler has shown signs of being a quality Brewer replacement, but he hasn't played much, clearly needs to develop offensively, and is still somewhat of an unknown in terms of what he'll do with a bigger role. I understand why the Bulls will waive Brewer and replace him with Butler. It may turn out that Butler is the better player in a year or two, but right now I'd take Brewer if I were ignoring financial commitments.

That said, we can't ignore financial commitments, so I think swapping in Butler for a larger role is a good move for Chicago.

@Rudens23 great article today, the bulls should go for Howard, and in the end how could Howard explain leaving a team with DRose behind

I agree that it's hard to imagine Howard leaving Chicago after one season. He won't have many options in terms of teams to go to and certainly none of those options will be better teams than the one he's leaving. He'd look like a complete imbecile under those circumstances.

@cityofwindsprts what do you think about Brandon Roy

Roy's obviously a health risk with his knees, but if he's willing to come for the minimum than I would scoop him up without thinking twice. The problem comes if he wants more than the minimum. Chicago likely only has one exception to go over the minimum salary, and they can't risk using it on a guy who has serious injury concerns like Roy when Rip Hamilton is presently the only other SG they have and has his own injury concerns.

However, if Roy is willing to come in at the minimum, Chicago should be all over that. They need to take a chance on some perimeter talent and don't have much to work with. The Bulls passed on Tracy McGrady last year largely due to attitude concerns which turned out to be legit [he groused about his role in Atlanta], so it will also depend what type of role Roy says he wants.

@jerryhizonfire any news on the Asik backup plan?

We'd have to get a big man at the minimum. I would try to land Jamison, but it's a stretch that he'd come here for the minimum. Same with Rashard Lewis who'd be another option. If not, you're looking at some pretty bottom of the barrel type players.

@NBATradeIdeas JJ's 'worst contract' being traded means Boozer actually has the worst contract, right?

I still think JJ's contract is worse. Now that he was traded he can also no longer be amnestied. Boozer's contract for the Bulls isn't that bad, because if they amnesty him a considerable amount will be picked up by some other team in the bidding process. It's also only three years and he provides good offensive production still.

In terms of trade value, after seeing Brooklyn's full plan, it's clear they needed a SG and not a PF or else they may have been willing to trade for Boozer. I'm curious whether the Bulls would flip Boozer for expirings who had no on court value right now given the option.

They basically would have no reason to do so other than to save money. They would lose out on on-court talent and could avoid the tax/penalties in the rules by amnestying him instead. So it would be purely financial. I'm not sure whether the Bulls are really that upset with Boozer to make that move and while they probably wish he gave them more, they may want to keep them to maximize their odds of winning.


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  • It's funny how with all the talk of largely dissapointed Bulls fans lamenting, "What a world, what a world!" as in no amnesty, no subsequent FA pick ups, no draft day trade, no second round pick ups etc., we haven't said much about Derrick Rose.

    Post injury with the way most of these guys have looked like their old selves by year two, it's hard not to believe Rose won't come back as pretty much the same player. If he has some legit offensive talent around him doesn't that expand his game and aid his confidence and monetum in his jump shot etc.?

    Does Derrick deserve after a resigning of one of the most popular MVP stars of the league who has given Bulls fans so many thrills and entertainment, doesn't Derrick who has comitted long term to this Bulls franchise deserve some help? Some action?

    Does he deserve to see other teams load up while he's told to wait until the summer of 2014!? If I'm Derrick, and the Bulls don't get off their ass, and amnesty Boozer, bring in some offensive talent, and why not Dwight Howard? Why not? Do something. Of course we know they won't do any of these things.

    Jerry Reinsdorf to D-Rose, "There will be no frickin amnesty Derrick. So GET OVER IT! I don't like what this innaction and cheapness says toward a guy who has been loyal to this franchise. If the desire to win burns in this guy the way it appears to then if I'm Derrick Rose and they stay handcuffed by $5-7 Mil(or even if it's a little more) a year on Boozer's amnesty I say, "F-ck you Reinsdorf. You have the most profitable team in the NBA and you have raked in ridiculous amounts of cash. Get off your ultra-conservative me first, greedy ass, and DO SOMETHING!"

  • Ok this is getting ridiculous, the Bulls have worthless players that no one wants, the Bulls has players that are offensively challenged, the Bulls can't trade any of these players cause of bad contracts, the Bulls can't sign players cause they are close to the dreaded luxury tax, and other free agents don't want to sign with the Bulls cause they can get more elsewhere. Someone needs to be reprimanded cause this is just insane, just about every team in the league are making moves and the Bulls can't do anything. If I were Rose I wouldn't be quite any longer. Teams are getting better around him literally, while all he can do is focus on rehab. This team needs another direction cause a team that can't score when needed and only has one star on the team is basically screwed. I don't think the Bulls will have to tank the season next year as some fans suggest cause the Bulls are falling far behind in talent and won't have a good year anyway. I look for the Bulls to hover around the .500 mark with the possibility of being a lottery team if no moves are made. And if this happens all because of Rose injury, as I said before someone in management needs to be fired cause the writing has been on the wall about this team imo. Everyone should've known that if Rose was to get injured with him being the only offensive threat on the team that this Bulls team would be nothing. Again this Bulls team needs another direction and leadership as far as the FO goes cause this entire situation should've been seen coming from miles away.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    What team that only has the MMLE has made any move whatsoever to get better?

    That's the position the Bulls are in, and no one in their position has made any move that I'm aware of.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    No not yet but teams are trying Doug. We as Bulls fans hear nothing from the Bulls but the same ole gossip, and that's management going after players that no one really wants. This is why the Bulls are in the situation that they're in now by going after players that no one wants. Bulls need to think big and start to think about trading some core guys, not all but one or two to shake this team up. The NBA has changed over the last couple of years and all I'm saying is the Bulls need to get creative. Look at Danny Ferry in ATL, just got the damn job and he has already made changes starting with Joe Johnson bad contract and the Bulls are just stuck with Boozer... PLEASE!!! Someone in management need to do something, stop making excuses for them!!! I'm sure a lot of fans will agree with me on thus one, no disrespect.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Ferry made changes to make the Hawks craploads worse with the hope that he can rebuild them later. The Bulls aren't looking to do the same thing.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I understand that but my point is that he was able to unload Joe Johnson's contract, this is the same thing that Bulls management need to with Boozer and his insane contract. To me their effort isn't there on the Bulls FO part to rid themselves of Boozer cause he just isn't worth what he's being paid. I see it's going to be a long season full of excuses and fans saying wait til Rose gets back.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The offense on thus Bulls team has STUNK for 2 seasons now and nothing has been done to fix it. This team has needed a shooting guard for 2 years now and nothing has been done. Bulls fans take notice and stop making excuses for this team and the management and owner, too much cheapness and not enough creativity to change the makeup of this team and its liabilities. SOMEONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!!!

  • WOW, it totally slipped my mind that we'll have the MLE if we choose not to match Asik.

    Since Asik will be overpaid at an average of 8 million per year, I think we can find comparable talent with the MLE. This realization has made me feel a lot better about losing Asik.

    However, if we use the full MLE, who would we have to lose from Watson and Korver? Can we keep both and use the MLE on a big?

    Also, can we go over how the unguaranteeds work? Are there other similar contracts on other teams where we should wait until they become renounced and go after them in free agency?

  • In reply to HINrichPolice:

    No, we can't keep both and use the MLE, it would put us over the Apron. We could keep Watson and use the full MLE. I think we could keep Korver and use it as well, but that's closer.

  • In reply to HINrichPolice:

    AS I have said a number of times, if we use the full MLE we become hard capped at $74.307 million, meaning we can't bring back anybody from the existing bench mob, and we will have to sign 5 guys to fill out the minimum roster requirement for a total of about $4 million, i.e. minimum deals.

    Unless, the full MLE guy is vastly superior to Asik, we would be better off keeping Asik and only using the mini MLE. Even if we don't keep Asik, we would be better off just using the mini MLE, because we could then retain Korver, Watson and Brewer if we choose to pay the tax.

    I expect the Bulls to either retain Asik or only use the mini MLE and be a low level tax payer in either event. That is the boring reality of our offseason, unless of course we amnestitize the useless one, or pull of a blockbuster trade involving the useless one.

  • I'm done with the Bulls..

  • My goodness, the Bulls have given fan a couple of very exciting years.
    2010/11 best record in the league, ECF and playoff experience.
    2011/12 best record, boatload of injuries
    That Thibs overworked his players is arguable, but it's quite possible that healthy the Bulls had the team to at least get to the Finals.
    Because the FO hasn't blown up the team is read as failure.
    Have some faith.
    Now after a rather hefty increase in ticket prices, they become uncompetitive then the condemnation and frustration is warranted.
    But at this point it's too soon to tell

  • In reply to Waldock:

    One a team that minus one player can't beat an eight seed is only a pretender. Bulls are the paper tigers they grind out regular season wins with depth, aggressiveness and defense. When the competition revs up in the playoffs they really struggle as they have to lean heavily on Rose for all their offense. We are pissed because this has been an ongoing issue that is never getting addressed! Gar and Pax's answer is to bring in a 34 year old 160 pound walking wound. Really!?!?!?

    Bulls can't beat the heat in a seven game series so unless you are happy never ever going to the finals you too should be clammering for some movement from the dimwits in the FO.

  • In reply to Chad:

    No one could beat the Heat in a seven game series last year, so I guess every front office in the NBA outside of the one in MIami should be fired, and all other fans in the NBA outside of Heat fans should be pissed off?

    Sometimes the bar people set isn't always fair.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Standing pat with the team is a poor choice. Either go for a big trade or go young. Boozer and Hamilton will either not be bulls in two seasons or be in really serious decline. Noah and Deng are unlikely to improve much at this point in their careers. So largely the Bulls roster value is going to erode rather than expand as they don't have many young upside assets.

    Bulls were likely built to compete for a three year window and with Rose going down it blew a hole in two of those years. I am not saying fire the FO just start building for a new window the one we had is done holding on to it is just foolish. If you are not contending you should be rebuilding. Bulls won't be contending with this core in the next two seasons.

  • In reply to Chad:

    The Bulls legitimately can feel they had a chance to win last year, seems silly to blow it up under those circumstances no?

    I'd like to see them improve the team more, we'll see if they can do that. Going young has to be approached very carefully because the (by far) most likely scenario is that you never even get back to where you are now.

  • In reply to DougThonus:


    I just don't see how we can win it next year expecting an injury prone starting 5 to cover for us and then the following year the same and aging Booz, Deng, and Noah. While Deng and Noah will be 29, they scare me with their injury history.

    So while getting younger might not get us back to where we are at, it might also and then some. We could be setting up big time for 2014 and that class is the class that is closer with Rose than other classes (maybe there is a talent that will want to play with Rose by then.

    However, I think we can do this by trying and trading for Howard irregardless if he re-signs. If he does not we just sped up our rebuilding process. Either way, we made a big splash by being aggressive instead of just pretty good.

  • Doug,

    Who do you like better Jordan Crawford or Jaryd Bayless. Crawford is more pure SG and Bayless is a scoring combo guard who can handle the ball. I think both would be a great targets. Both can create offense and Crawford might be availble with Beal on the team. Both have fairly high ceilings as they have shown legit scoring ability in their minutes.

    They shouldn't be too expensive to aquire one of the two.

  • By the way, for those of you who thought that Noah was going to miraculously return from his injury and save us in the playoffs, there is this. As I suggested there was never even a remote chance.

    "Joakim Noah will not participate in the Olympics. "I'm absolutely not ready. Not ready to run, not ready to jump. And even less ready to play". "Catch and Shoot"

    Wow, looks like we will be lucky to have him back at full strength for training camp. I told you it was bad when it happened. Given the severity of his injury, can we really afford to let Asik walk, can we really go into this season with a vet minimum scrub as his backup. If he goes down, we will be a lottery team.

  • Somebody mentioned this on the radio, and at first listen, everybody will kill the trade proposal (like I did). But if you give it a little thought, it night not be as crazy as it sounds.

    3-Team -Trade
    Nets get Dwight
    Magic get Noah+Deng
    Bulls get Lopez+Brooks+Hedo+4 FirstRounders from Nets

    Nets make the deal because that's the same offer they tried to give up for Dwight.

    Magic make the deal because they get Noah+Deng back for Dwight, but move Hedo's contract as well

    Bulls might make the deal because they give up $25mil in salary for about $20mil back.

    I thought about instead of Hedo, we get Wallace, but chose Hedo because he has an expiring contract (with next year being unguaranteed). Then the Bulls will lose about $16mil in expiring contracts (Hedo+Rip) next year. This move also allows the Bulls to retain Asik and eventually Taj, while giving the Bulls their SG of the future.

    C. Lopez (Asik)
    PF. Boozer (Taj)
    SF. Hedo (Butler)
    SG. Rip (Brooks)
    PG. Teague (Veteran PG)

    And to top this all off...this roster makes the Bulls worse off, Bulls can sit Rose the entire year, and the Bulls will definitely end up in the lottery.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Offensive Lopez can play with Defensive Taj, and Offensive Boozer can play with Defensive Asik.

    I did all the math for the 3 following years, but my Internet crashed and I pressed 'comment' and lost it all, so I don't feel like doing it again.

    But to summarize...

    2012-13, assuming you can sign Lopez for 4yrs $48mil......Payroll would be right at the luxury tax of $70mil

    2013-14, assuming you sign Taj to an Asik-type deal but at a frontloaded deal (4yrs $36mil = 1st year $14mil, 2nd year $10mil, 3rd year $6mil, 4th year $6mil)......Payroll would be around $67mil (that's with 8 players on roster)

    2014-15, assuming you Amnesty Boozer or trade his expiring contract......Payroll would be around $54mil

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    If reports that the Nets are getting Teletovic for the $3m MMLE are legit (which they seem to be) and if Nets aren't worried about tax (which they aren't), then Brooklyn can take Hedo themselves.

    Therefore, the only reason the Bulls would get involved would be if the Magic prefer Noah/Deng to the Nets package, in which case why wouldn't we just take Howard/Hedo ourselves? Only reason not to would be if we're worried about Howard bolting. I'd much prefer to take that risk than to trade Noah/Deng for Lopez/Brooks/low first-rounders.

    You seem to be placing a lot of stock in Brooks. I like him, but not nearly that much.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    You don't have to sway me.

    I am willing to take the risk of trading Noah+Deng for Dwight+Hedo, because I think Dwight won't leave the 5th year and $25mil guaranteed on the table.

    To top it off, if Dwight DOES leave, we can do a S&T and get a helluva lot for him (by 'helluva lot' ... I mean Lopez+Brooks).

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    If you could combine Lopez and Asik into one player that would be a great deal, as you might end up with the best center in the league, certainly no worse than 2nd or 3rd.

    However, your math is off, as Turkeyglue is set to make$11.8 million this season, which when combined with a resigned Lopez at your number $12 million and Brooks million plus puts the incoming salaries at $25 million, the same as the outgoing salaries of Noah and Deng.

    I doubt that the Bulls would trade Noah straight up for Lopez, or Deng straight up for Brooks. As I've stated before I don' think that the Magic would view Deng and Noah as an exciting enough haul for Howard, at least not today.

    Nice try though.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I doubt the Bulls would trade Deng straight up for Brooks either. Too bad, since Deng is injured, over the hill, and due 27.5 million. Brooks would cost 7.5 million for four years and will then still be younger than Deng is now. The Bulls could match Asik, sign Taj and still have cap space for the future. Instead, they are in a sorry ass state of affairs.

  • This thrift store management is disappointing. I will always say that 1.7% was a blessing and a curse in that John Paxson should have been fired after he pretty much quit anyways. But JR is too cheap to wanna hire people to find him a new GM and then have to pay that GM. You know it's bad when you can't even land Kirk Hinrich. We'll see. I'm ready for new leadership from the top.

  • "He'd look like a complete imbecile under those circumstances."

    You don't think saying there was one team he wanted to go to then opting into his contract when that team has space makes him look like an imbecile already? Dwight Howard has shown that reason wont enter into this. Any team that takes him on on the basis that logically he has to re-sign with them is going to be sorely disappointed.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Agreed. He'll be an unrestricted free agent! He can do whatever he wants, and there's absolutely no telling what he'd do with every team in the league panting after him. He'd really only look (more) foolish leaving Chicago if the Bulls performed extremely well (finals or championship) with him.

    That said, I'd still definitely take the risk--ha.

  • Chad wrote: "One a team that minus one player [that] can't beat an eight seed is only a pretender."

    Well, it really was a lot worse than that, Chad. Deng was less than 100%, Korver was hurting, and Noah went down. That's 2 starters (besides Rose) with injuries, plus a key sub out. But for all of that, the Bulls would have gone to round 2.

    Still, in each of the last 2 years, the Bulls dropped 4 in a row in a playoff series. They've needed a SG for 2 years and didn't get one. They could have gotten Mayo or Lee for Asik. Even worse, 2 years ago they could have gotten Carmelo for Noah!

    Doug wrote: "The Bulls legitimately can feel they had a chance to win last year."

    They looked good in the regular season, but lousy in the playoffs. Even the year before last, they looked bad in the 2 series before getting taken out by the Heat in the ECF. That should have been the warning to the FO. They had to have the second scoring SG. Now if they had gotten Carmel, that would not have been critical.

    YouBlewwit had an interesting 3-team trade idea. I like it, except the big problem is it sets up the Nets to win the ECF. In that senario, as Bzoooty suggests, why not Deng and Noah for Howard direct? Don't take Hedo, but do throw in the Charlotte pick.

    Also, in the total salary model, the Bulls should have Mirotic coming over in 2014-2015, so that will add $5 million per year of salary. But it should be worth going into the tax for that combo of players, since it will threaten for the NBA ring.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Do we really have to keep rehashing these false statements. The Bulls could not have gotten Melo for Noah straight up. At a minimum it was Deng and Noah, plus parts & picks.

    This whole revisionist history thing has got to stop, in all walks of public discourse.

  • I'm beginning to feel that it is a waste of time to get worked up about any of the moves being discussed because none of them are real game changers. None of the changes being suggested make me think that the Bulls can beat Miami or OKC to win a championship in the next few years even with a completely healthy Rose. And definitely not this coming year without him for most of the year and not necessarily 100% by the end of the year. The only one proposal that would be worthwhile is getting Dwight Howard. For that, I go all in if I'm the Bulls.

    The other possible moves of signing Lee, Mayo, Rush, Young, Hinrich don't do it for me even if we have a healthy Rose which we won't next year. I'd resign Asik just because the Bulls should get more than an MLE for him and nothing is going to happen this coming season anyway. Then they can trade Asik the following season before the poison pill of the third year in the Houston offer starts and get much better value in return for him. Let Watson, Korver, and Brewer go now to save the money and because you are not going to win the championship this coming year anyway.

    As Doug mentioned, it is too late to amnesty Boozer for this year. Let him, Taj, Deng, Asik, Noah, Rip, Butler, and Teague and some minimum vets be the main team for this coming year and see what happens especially with the development of Teague and Butler. Thibs will work the team to death to play hard despite their limitations and when Rose returns late in the year, maybe he can inspire them to an 8 seed in the playoffs and play well enough to get ready for 2013-14.

    Even when Rose returns, there are suggestions he won't really be 100% until the 2013-14 season any way. So why get upset about any action or lack thereof from the front office for this year any way? Again, my only exception to this is going all in for Dwight Howard.

    Regardless, the Bulls will get a better draft pick next year and can amnesty Boozer then and try to find a game changer deal next summer when a healthy Rose (and possibly a healthier Deng who would be easier to move as well) is sitting there waiting for some help and the Bulls can really take advantage of it. If they get Howard now, he is that game changer. And if he (oddly) decides not to resign, the Bulls will have a lot of room to maneuver next summer to get a championship team in place with a healthy Rose for 2013-14.

  • Actually, it is not too late to amnesty bozo, technically, it is still too early. From what I have read, the amnesty period begins on July 11th, with the start of free agent signings, it last for a week or ten days, I don't recall for sure.

    If you remember the Knicks didn't amnesty Billups last summer until after they signed Chandler in free agenc

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yep, 7 days starting from when contracts can be signed. Not that I'm expecting anything to happen on the Boozer front.

  • Lakers pull off stunner for Nash. Check it out:

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    Yep, Nash to Lakers in sign and trade for 4 draft picks, 2 next year in first round and I think 2 in second round in 2014, I could be wrong with the years but the Suns get 4 picks from the Lakers. I see why the Lakers have so many bandwagon fans, at least their management know how to get things done unlike the sorry ass Bulls front office. And the Lakers are always in the luxury tax.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The Lakers(Kobe) are in full on desperation mode. When you add the 1st they gave to the Mavs last season to get rid of Odom, which created the trade exception that they signed Nash into, they actually traded 3 firsts, 2 2nds and Odom to get Nash.

    Since Odom was a pure salary dump, I am a bit surprised that they used his exception to take on salary. Like I said, desperate and stuck with Kobe at nearly $59 million for the next 2 years.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Lakers didn't give up a first round pick, they gave up a second. They're owed a first from the Odom trade, but it's top 20 protected through 2017, so it might be a while getting it with how Dallas has struck out in FA.

    They gave up their pick this year in the Sessions trade, not the Odom one.

  • Gotta admit that I am a bit jealous of the Lakers right now ... they always find a way to get a trade done. Of course Nash isn't the guy the Bulls need, but you have to wonder what the Bulls could get with their ~12 million worth of non-guaranteed salary in Watson/Brewer/Korver plus their better assets (Mirotic and the Bobcats pick are much better than Lakers firsts).

    Just frustrating that we haven't heard any indication at all the Bulls have even made any calls along those lines. I get that they want to avoid the tax in a year that they'll slip down a bit without Rose, but damn, how can you say you'll pay for a winner if you don't even go out there and explore whether you could land a winner to pay for?

    I never believed JR was really super cheap because although he was saving money it also made basketball sense not to overload on contracts with a mediocre team. I'm cool with only wanting to spend when it can get results. But you've got a .750 team with a one time chance of being able to send out 12 million ... and he's going to weasel out of pulling the trigger on the basis that Rose will be injured half the year so technically the record will justify them saying it wasn't a "winner".

    We'll see what develops as we get to the point where deals are actually signed, but I really feel like I'm a week away from offering my humblest apologies to anyone I've ever argued against who said JR was the cheapest owner in the universe. :/

  • the bulls are a total shit organization. They have never signed anyone worth a damn (boozer is shit, along with some really minor signings that arent worth mentioning), and the last guy to make any real FO transactions was Jerry Krause (trading for Pippen, Rodman). The current front office has done some decent drafting, but they basically lucked into Rose and will squander his career with their cheap bs. Mavs, Lakers, Heat, Knicks (I know they usually fail, but they try), now Nets, always look to get things done, bulls just go to sleep and hope something falls on their lap, such as #1 draft picks. You people in CHicago need to sabotage this mess somehow and get this group to sell the team to a guy who'll run it like a sports franchise and not a business.,

  • How come the when the Spurs win the draft lottery and get a HOFer who leads them to championships, they are a "great organization" but when the Bulls win the draft lottery and get a great but inferior player, they are lucky or worse, rigged the draft?

  • The spurs are not a great organization for drafting Tim Duncan, that was luck no doubt, they are great organization because they've made the best late 1st 2nd round picks ever, have a clear system, have generally done a great job replacing role players and have generally avoided front office idiocy; in order to accomplish the incredible feat of remaining in contention for nearly 15 years, even with a declining Duncan. And all of this while playing in a small market. THe bulls have been swimming in cash for the last 15 years and can't bring themselves to do anything useful to build a team around a player who might not really be inferior to Duncan, though who knows after the injury.

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