Bulls sign Hinrich to MMLE, Watson likely gone

The Chicago Bulls have come to terms with Kirk Hinrich. The deal is for two years at the taxpayer MLE meaning the Bulls won't be restricted by the hard cap. The rest of the Bulls off-season should now come into focus.

What does using the MMLE on Hinrich mean?

For starters it means we can't use it on anyone else. The MMLE was the Bulls only exception if they go over the tax apron. This means that the Bulls will be restricted to sign and trade moves and the veteran minimum for the rest of the off-season. If the Bulls had kept C.J. Watson [200k more this year, but one less year], then the they could have used the MMLE to add someone else while still filling their PG hole with Watson.

That said, it also means the Bulls are setting themselves up to pay luxury tax dollars and potentially significant luxury tax dollars. The use of the MMLE means Chicago wants to keep the flexibility to go over the 74 million dollar tax apron rather than being hard capped at that amount.

It certainly isn't an all in scenario like keeping Watson, Korver, and using the MMLE on a wing would be, but it still does show considerable financial commitment which is nice to see.

What does Hinrich do for Chicago?

From an impact perspective, it's my personal opinion that C.J. Watson is a considerably better player than Kirk Hinrich and fills their needs far better as well. The Bulls obviously didn't feel that way or they would have kept Watson who was a cheaper overall commitment since he only had one season left.

Watson creates his own shot better and shoots from the perimeter better. Hinrich was at one point a better defender, but I personally don't believe that's the case anymore, particularly defending quicker PGs. Hinrich's played very, very poorly the past two seasons, and he'll need to play much better in Chicago.

My fear is that his situation in Atlanta was actually better for him than the situation in Chicago, and he played quite poorly there. In Chicago, he'll be counted on to create offense. In Atlanta, he merely needed to distribute the ball to other scorers. I don't see Hinrich as much of a shot creator at this stage of his career.

Korver likely returning, at least initially

Korver has no guarantee date, so the Bulls will keep him around for awhile. They have flexibility with Korver. At the very worst, they could probably trade him along with cash to a third team and have the third team waive him in order to create a trade exception. They could then use the trade exception to bring in a player later similar to what LA did with Nash except that their trade exception would be smaller [just five million].

This creates a great arbitrage situation for Chicago. Say the Bulls keep Korver until Jan 8th, then trade him to a team under the cap to have them waive Korver. They pay that team 1 million dollars. The team immediately waives Korver, and I believe owes him nothing [he'll have made more than 500k from Chicago already]. The Bulls will not have Korver on the books at all, so none of his salary will count against the tax, and the Bulls will have a five million dollar trade exception.

The team taking on Korver and waiving him gets $1 million dollars for free. The Bulls would owe more than $1 million dollars in luxury tax if they cut him themselves. It's a situation where everyone comes out ahead. It does require that at least one team the Bulls can work with remains five million under the cap or a team willing to use up a trade exception for the cash.

Bulls can match Asik

The stage is set for Chicago to match on Omer Asik. By using the taxpayer MLE (MMLE), the Bulls can exceed the tax apron. The fact that they are keeping flexibility open to go over the tax apron is a pretty strong commitment that Chicago will, at the very least, pay some luxury tax and is setting themselves up for the possibility of significant luxury tax.

It's only a guess, but I would say the Bulls are more likely than not to keep Asik.

Sign and trade or Vet minimum

That's how the Bulls can fill out the rest of the roster. Korver can be used in a S&T sent with some cash in order for a team to have a minimal cap hit used in the trade. The Bulls could then pay the salary and the other team would likely have no negative consequences to the deal.

However, this is only valid for a team that doesn't want to bring back the player themselves and still has the ability to sign the player. Many of the renounced FAs were renounced so teams could use the cap room. If the Bulls strike quickly, they could still work this out if the team has 500k of cap space left.

Example: Raptors sign and trade Bayless to us for 5 million dollars and take Korver back. They then waive Korver. They now have only lost 500k of cap space, and make the rest of their signings.

However, let's say Chicago doesn't work out this S&T before the moratorium is over. Now Toronto makes all of its signings. They no longer have the cap room left available to sign Bayless to that five million dollar deal, because they used it on their signings and renounced his bird rights in order to free up the cap room.

This type of scenario is fairly common throughout the league, so if the Bulls are going to use Korver in a S&T, the odds are pretty good they need to figure something out prior to the moratorium ending otherwise many of the options will dry up.

All in all, not a fan

Don't like this signing. I'd rather have Watson, but it is what it is. We'll have to hope Kirk has a resurgence back in Chicago.

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  • Klank Hin-Brick!!!!! Welcome back!

  • Doug, don't you understand, NONE of these moves mean ANYTHING this season. Minor tweaks to this roster with Rose out most, if not all, of next season mean nothing. The Bulls have ONE shot at making a splash this summer and really closing the gap between us and Miami, and that young man lives in Orlando FL.

    None of these other moves matter. Who cares if it's Hinrich or Watson, neither player is any good! Re-signing Asik would be a mistake as well. The Bulls need to focus on re-structuring their salary distribution. The only way the Bulls will ever compete for a title over the next five years is by pairing Howard with Rose.

    Why doesn't anyone write a column about how Howard would have NO WAY of leaving the Bulls next summer. We can offer more money and a better team than anyone else in the FA market next summer.

    We're down to one last glimmer of hope, and he resides in Orlando FL.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    I agree but am highly skeptical GarPax could pull off such a trade even if they had the stones to want to do it. Lots of ineptitude when it comes to going after stars. Kobe, KG and even D'Antoni episodes give little evidence in their ability to seal the deal on big moves.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. They are too safe, too conservative, and pay to not lose, rather than to win.

    Just like all of professional sports, you have to take some risks if you want some rewards.

    A couple articles I brought up exactly this...whoever trades for Dwight (HOU looks like they're still trying to acquire assets to trade for him), will most likely keep him because he isn't walking away from a 5th guaranteed year of $25mil.

    Let's say he absolutely wants to leave...at worst, he'll want whoever team he's on to do a S&T for him. And you know what you can get for Dwight in a S&T next year?

    Something like what you can get this year... Lopez+Brooks+Stretch 4 Euro+Multiple Draft Picks, or Bynum, or Bogut+Barnes+Klay Thompson, or Horford+Teague+Picks (...it really depends on where Dwight wants to go, Nets have no cap space next year).

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    Agree that in the end, medium level signings probably don't mean much. However, I've probably written about 10 "get dwight howard" pieces over the past year. I mean, you still have to discuss the news rather than pining away on things that aren't going to happen.

  • This is a stupid signing and a waste of the mmle IMO. Kirk is not the same player he was and even if he was doesn't fit our pg role. Just more proof of Paxson over valuing his picks. CJ is much better at this point and could have given Teague a year to adjust and develop. I hope they surprise me but I think the front office is clueless and getting completely outclassed by other contending teams.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I'm not as down on this move as you guys are.

    Sure, I would have loved for them to add somebody better like Jerrd Bayless or Aaron Brooks (but most likely those guys would have wanted multiple years and more money).

    I would even have been fine if they kept Watson and got Lee, Rush, or Mayo, but we know those guys are out of our price range.

    Hinrich, albeit production has declined the past 2 years, I believe has more to do with him playing for a dumb Wiz team and almost has chaotic Hawks team. Now I don't expect Hinrich to put up 15pts-6asts like he did in his prime here in Chicago, but I think he can put up CJ Watson numbers (9pts-4asts) and be a better defender.

  • This move pretty much sucks across the board. Can't think of one reason to be happy about it, really.

    There were numerous options available that were better than Hinrich, including a guy that was already on the team.

    The Heat are getting Ray Allen to come there on a discount for the same money we're paying to bring Kirk Hinrich in to be worse than CJ Watson. That kind of tells you all you need to know about these teams, isn't it?

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    What are the 'numerous options' that were willing to take the MMLE?

    Ray Allen isn't taking the MMLE to play for the Bulls.

    Maybe if Rose didn't bust up his knee, while carrying the team because GarPax didn't give him some offensive help to take the pressure off of his...knees.

    One reason to be happy about this move...Hinrich can play both Guard positions.

  • This is not about making the team better. It is about Hinrich's popularity with chicago fans and that JR want him back. Remember, JR is the one that signs GarPax checks.

  • In reply to supercesto:

    this is true. hinrich will be fine though he has value as a great defender on the wing he has ahown the ability to lock down d wade which we will need and cj watson was never able to do that. like the signing willing to give it a chance

  • In reply to supercesto:

    I don't think this means anything to Chicago fans. I could be wrong, but I don't think Kirk is any kind of draw nor does the team need one.

  • I'm ok with this move. One of the big reasons we lost to the sixers was our backup pgs couldn't slow down Jrue Holiday or Lou Williams, getting routinely lit up by both. Hinrich is a better ball handler, defender, rebounder but CJ the better scorer. Hinrich can kind of play the Bogans role, shoot the 3 and defend the likes of wade, He also is pretty good at digging and getting steals from Howard or other bigs that post up. He still shoots 3s pretty well. I just like to see Marquis Teague get play time, they need to speed up his development. We also could use the athlete that Gerald Green would bring. Please No Marco Bellinelli or Carlos Delfino types.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Exactly. I don't know why people are killing this move so badly. If you're going by Hinrich's production with the dumb WizARDS and the almost as dumb ATL Hawks, then I'm gonna go out on a limb and say any role player on those teams would suck too.

    Hinrich can start at PG while letting Teague learn as the backup on the run. And if Teague can show he can score right away, Hinrich can play the 2-guard role, so Hinrich is actually a good fit for our team.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Yeah because getting 6ppg out of a SG would make it a good fit. Fact is Kirk has been tanking hard the past three seasons his stats across the board have fallen off and he has lost several steps taking away from his defense. This is a poor move especially giving him two year deal. They should have used the MMLE to address the glaring hole at SG because we know RIP won't be healthy.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Obviously it's not a game-changer in terms of 2012-13 or the future, but the more I think about it the more I prefer Hinrich to CJ on this square.

    It's a good, if very small, move for two reasons.

    1. Hinrich can mentor Teague better than CJ can.

    2. Teague's game is closer to Watson's, so by picking up Hinrich we increase the variety of our arsenal a tiny bit (assuming the Teague develops into a player at least as good as CJ).

  • In reply to Chad:

    Who are you going to get at the 2 with the MMLE?

    Shannon Brown?

    You're not getting Lee, Rush, or Mayo

  • I don't like the signing of Hinrich, but you guys have to understand that change is needed to this basketball team. No one wants to blame Watson for the bone head play that he made bit it really was a dumb play that caused the Bulls the series and Watson needed to go. Yes he's better than Hinrich but he wouldn't have made that pass to Asik like Watson who panicked and did, I mean the Bulls had the lead and the ball with a few seconds remaining, you guys trying to defend Watson's bonehead play should be ashamed. I would understand if the Bulls do match the Asik offer, but if they don't, hopefully that's a sign that the Bulls will do a sign and trade with Houston for players, picks, or exception to sign other players, just get something for Asik.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I'm hoping they give off signs they will match..and that makes HOU play ball with us and trade us something...ANYTHING.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If you think Watson is better than Hinrich, then it seems like a pretty stupid idea to say he has to go because he made one bad play that cost the Bulls the game at the end.

    Even that is somewhat of an exaggeration since Omer has to share in the credit of not hitting the shot then tanking both free throws.

    However, even if we lay the whole thing at Watson's feet, why replace him with someone you think is worse?

    Clearly the Bulls don't feel that way though, and we'll have to trust their judgment there. It's been pretty good with role players.

  • Good addition by the bulls. Welcome back Capt Kirk !!

  • How long before Thibs completely forgets he has a rookie PG on the roster that needs playing time because he's found another one of those glue guys he gushes over in Hinrich? I like Captain Kirk, but he can't help much now. It's a move to appease fans.

    I do think he's better than Watson, though. He'll shoot better than 22% in the playoffs like CJ did last season and 37% from the field during two straight regular seasons. He'll take less shots, though, I agree.

  • Kirk Hinrich back. Yyesss! Please get Andres Nocioni next! I'm all in bab-eeey!!(George Kastanza voice).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    LOL, I'm not sure if that was sarcasm or not, but I'd be down for Nocioni.

    We'd finally have a player (other than Kurt Thomas) with some backbone and not put up with shit, and in fact, might start some of his own.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    He would be riding the bench so Noc wouldn't have to worry about putting up with any shit.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Nocioni is so terrible right now.

  • Why does this move make it likely they will bring back Korver and Asik? Couldn't they just replace those guys with minimum contract guys and avoid the luxury tax? I don't get why this would have any impact on Korver/Asik. If the Bulls don't want to pay the luxury tax, this was probably the best route to go.

  • In reply to Bowzer:

    Because if the Bulls weren't planning to match Asik's offer, they would have had the full $5mil MLE instead of what they are using...the $3mil Mini MLE.

    If they were planning to use the $5mil MLE, they could have went after a PG like Aaron Brooks, Jerryd Bayless, OJ Mayo (optimistic), Brandon Rush, or Courtney Lee.

    Because of Korver's contract status, Bulls can keep him around and waive him later on.

  • It's a nice pick from the Bulls.

    This is especially in complementarity with Rose on the floor in the last minutes of a game money that I find the presence of Hinrich valorous. Indeed, the Miami Heat has never beaten the Bulls several points during the playoffs in 2011. The games were always close until the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter time when the Heat sent two defenders on Rose, namely James and Haslem. Hence the Chicago's offense stagnated because Rose could not score or create the game for the others. We tried to use Noah as passing through in this situation but most of time, it ended in turnovers.

    However with Hinrich on the ground in these moments, Rose will be shifted in SG, Hinrich will get the ball and thereby avoid the doubles on Rose. He can either create the game for Rose or other players or shoot himself since he is obviously a good shooter.

    If we can defeat that Heat defensive system late in the game, the Bulls odds of winning a serie against the heat increases considerably.

  • What happens if the Bulls don't match Asik's ffer...does that mean they will have the $5mil MLE available? I like to think I'm pretty knowledgable about the CBA, but these complexed rules confused the hell out of me.

    Anyway, if it means they have no other Exceptions or ways to add FA, I'm fine with this deal. I know the fans are about 50-50 on Hinrich, but I don't mind him. He can play both positions, which makes him valuable to us.

    I would have preferred somebody like Bayless, Rush, Lee, or even Mayo, but those guys are most likely going to not only be out of our MMLE price range, but even if we didn't match Asik, be out of our MLE price range as well.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Reports are Celtics are looking to add Courtney Lee and are looking to do a S&T with HOU, and it appears HOU is willing to do a S&T for (most likely ) a draft pick back.

    HOU is still trying to acquire draft picks and assets to throw at ORL for Dwight.

    If HOU is willing to do a S&T with Lee, why haven't the Bulls tried to get him for Asik? Are they just sitting on their hands again?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    We could easily get him for Korver, Brewer and/or Watson also, while keeping Asik. Either way it would cost us a #1 pick, that is what Houston is going for, collecting all the #1 picks that it can in a desperate attempt to get Howard.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    If they don't match on Omer, then they could switch to use the full MLE but would only have 2 million left after signing Kirk.

  • The idea that Watson is better than Hinrich is laughable. While neither guy is in any way exceptional, Hinrich is the better fit as backup guard. And there is no way that Watson is a better defender. If he was, he would have played more in the backcourt with Rose the last two years. The fact that A) he didn't play much with Rose, B) the bulls couldn't move him for anything on draft night, and C) the bulls look like they will not renew his contract ought to be enough evidence that Watson is just another journeyman.

    And that's not to say that I dislike Watson because I think he would be a decent stopgap fill in for Rose for half of the season. But he's not special, not a good defender (and worse than Hinrich), and nobody will miss him by December. And he's another guy who looks better playing in a highly structured system like the last scorer the bulls let go and hasn't done shit since...

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Ok well then that means Watson is better than Hinrich, he's just not a good fit for this Bulls team. Hinrich is the better defender and better judgement maker which is why I said Hinrich wouldn't have made the dumb pass to Asik with a few seconds left and the Bulls with a one point lead.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Hinrich averaged 6.6 pts and 2.8 assists in 26 minutes playing PG last season. Those stats suck. At best he will only be a little worse than CJ likely he will be significantly so. This move was a downgrade not an upgrade. Defensively he used to be good but a lack of speed kills and Kirk has lost several steps. Just look how Fisher got burned in the playoffs. CJ is better hands down.

  • In reply to Chad:

    After Horford went out, Hinrich was playing shooting guard next to Teague with JJ at the 3. And between JJ, Smith and Teague, there weren't very many shots left. Hinrich was out there to be the only guy who passed and play some defense. He was only taking 6 shots in those 26 minutes. JJ, Smith and Teague were all shooting a lot more often.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Watson is a better defender of point guards at this point in Hinrich's career. Which is what we're going to need a guy to defend while Rose is out.

    Watson looked better on Golden State than the Bulls playing in a highly unstructured system, so your last paragraph doesn't make much sense.

  • with the signing of Ray Allen to the Heat, they're going to play wade at the one alot with allen at the 2, battier at the 3 with ladouche at the 4 and chrissy bosh at the 5. YOu don't want to have Rose cover Wade and get into foul trouble, you have Kirk guard Wade and Rose guard Allen. kirk hinrich while disappointing offensively, is good for defensive matchups against the Heat and other teams, allows Rose to play off the ball and showcase some of those post moves he's been working on. I like the signing but only if they get gerald green or chris douglass roberts to bolster the wing scoring a little bit.

  • You only get one MLE; the mini-MLE or the full MLE, but not both. If the Bulls used the full MLE on someone, they could not match Asik because the "tax apron" ($4 mil above the luxury tax line) would become a hard cap until next summer, leaving no room to match Asik and little room to fill out the roster. The mini-MLE is all that teams above the apron are able to use (they do not have the full MLE available). Teams that are considering the possibility of ending up over the apron (i.e. the Bulls by matching Asik or trading for Howard) can also choose to use the mini-MLE even if they had the full MLE available. That way, they have no hard cap at all, and retain the flexibility to make more moves that put them over the apron this summer or later this season.
    The Bulls do not use the MLE to match Asik's offer. The reason the MLE comes into the conversation is that Houston was only allowed to offer a first year based on the full MLE. The Bulls will use the Early Bird exception to match Asik, which leaves the MLE available.
    Their options:
    -They can use the MMLE on Hinrich, then still have the option to match Asik with the EBE, exceeding the apron.
    - They can use the EBE to match Asik, and then would only have the MMLE avail to sign Hinrich or anyone else, exceeding the apron.
    - They could let Asik walk, and then have the full MLE available. They could use $3 million on Hinrich and still have $2 mil left over for someone else (they could sign someone for double the vet minimum). Upgrading from the mini to the full MLE will forbid them from exceeding the apron this year.
    - They could let Asik walk AND use only the MMLE, filling the roster with min contracts. This leaves them the option of trades later in the season that put them over the apron.

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    (that was meant as a reply to YouBlewwIt)

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    I see. Thanks for explaining.

  • first off doug i am a fan of many of your articles that you write on the chicago bulls. you have great insight. i have to disagree with you on keeping cj watson over captin kirk. first off he is great perimeter defender who can guard not only pg's but also the 2 positon and even the three effectively. he can still hit 3 point jumpshots and he is not a liability on defense. his bad numbers was a product of playing for a bad washington team and disfunctional atlanta team being back on chicago he will know his role and play it well it doesnt make us favorites in the east but its a solid move. i dont know what bulls fans want financially we are strapped unless we trade boozer (which is not happening) so lets role with our team we will still win 50+ games next year just with our great defense alone and when playoffs start derrick will be back so we will see give it a chance

  • What a nightmare, wake me up when Mirotic gets here.

    This was so predictaBullShit, we should have seen it coming from a million miles away. Actuallly, a lot of us did. Unfortunately, If the Bulls continue down the predictaBullShit road, they will not match on Asik.

    Hinrich has been a disaster the past 2 years, and injured more often than not. It would have been more rational to just keep Watson around for one more year.

    The worst part about this move is that now we will have to live thru 2 more years of all the predictaBullShit Hinrich/Gordon debates.

    With this move the Bulls are officially tax payers this year, they have virtually no way to avoid it. Even if they let Asik go, they are over $68 million for 8 guys, leaving less than $2 million to sign 5 guys.

    The absolute NBA minimum salary is $473,600(for players with zero years in the league). 5 guys at the zero year level adds $2,368,000, which by my calculations would slightly exceed the tax line. There are no options to get below it other than trading a guaranteed contract into cap space, or using the A word on the B word.

    Just matching Asik would put us over $5 million into the tax, meaning the real cost of matching Asik is over $10 million, or the Real Cost of Keeping Bozo the Boozer is now over $20 million.

    Since using the mini MLE(as I predicted) avoids the "apron" hard cap, it does leave some hope that the Bulls are willing(intend) to spend more than $74.307 million. At this point they are still able to bring everybody else back, (Asik, Korver, Brewer, Watson, Scal and Lucas)

    Doing so would cost an additional $20 million plus nearly $20 million in tax payments, for a total roster cost of nearly $110 million. Not sure how much of that really makes sense with Rose out. Maybe the Bulls are dreaming, deluding themselves into thinking that they can hold onto a playoff spot until Rose gets back, and that he will immediately return to MVP form and lead them on a magical playoff run to the finals.

    What a nightmare, wake me up when Mirotic gets here.

  • I assume the Bulls think there's a one white guy in the rotation rule in the NBA, hence they need to get Hinrich to replace Asik.

    Can't get super worked up about it though, Hinrich is a bit worse than CJ, and I don't get why you'd want him on a 2 year deal to CJ's one, but it's not like either are world beaters. The both have similar strengths: can shoot threes, can pass well enough to run an offense, can defend (although I have doubts whether Kirk can still defend fast PGs adequately) while both struggling to hit anything inside the arc or do anything creative with the ball. So I think we're going to see basically the same sort of thing with Kirk as we would have seen with CJ, and if the Bulls struggle with Kirk then it's unlikely CJ would have been enough to save them.

    So I don't like the move, but I'm not absolutely in hate with it either.

  • New report is CLE might be willing to help the Nets land Dwight. Report says Magic don't want Humphries or Brooks, and CLE would take them on.

    My question is, if ORL doesn't want Humphries or Brooks, who the F do they want? What is CLE giving up..Draft Picks? Because ORL can't be happy with Lopez and a bunch of draft picks that might or might not be lottery picks?

    The only logical answer to why ORL would do this is if they get Varejao too, right?

    And if Nets want a team to take on Humphries and Brooks, I say the Bulls need to get in on this.

    Would you guys be willing to give up Teague (unproven, Bulls have Rose already), Taj (set to earn big payday...Ersan Ilyasova just got 5yrs $45mil), Rip (expiring), Brewer (not getting picked up), Korver (probably not getting picked up), Watson (definitely not getting picked up after Hinrich) ...for... Brooks and Humphries?

    Humphries replaces Taj (may even come cheaper than Taj's potential $8-10mil per deal). And Bulls get their SG who can create his own shot.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Maybe they don't even have to give up Varejao, and can just eat cap space for ORL/BKLN.

    But then that means ORL is only taking on Lopez, 3 1stRounders from Nets, and a 1stRounder from CLE?

    Plus ORL doesn't get to move JRich or Hedo's contract?

    Doesn't make much sense on ORL's part.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Yes, absolutely, I'd do that trade. I love Taj, but I'd probably trade him--and flotsam--for Brooks/Humphries.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    If Howard gets traded for what the Nets are offering ... damn. It has to be a deliberate leak by the Magic to try to get the other teams to make serious offers doesn't it?

    As far as the Bulls getting involved, do they really want to help build another roadblock in their own conference? Plus what the Bulls get back is hardly that great, Humphries is a great rebounder but a big drop off in defense compared to Taj, and Brooks isn't very good, was your typical bad team chucker, the guy who only gets hype for their PPG because their team lets them throw up too many shots.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Uh, I think that the salaries still have to match, before you wave everybody, so unless Humphries is getting an S&T starting at $20 million that trade is pure fantasy. Humphries is looking for a deal in exactly the $8-10 million per range, so I doubt that he could be had for less than Taj.

    Humphries has to agree to an S&T, even if everything else made sense, He isn't going somewhere to sit on the bench, he isn't accepting a deal to the Bulls unless bozo is gone/leaving.

    While I have been arguing for acquiring Humphries for a couple of years, it was to replace Bozo, not Taj. Like everybody else, I was on the Brooks bandwagon before the draft last year, but the word around the league is that his upside is Jamal Crawford, not a legitimate starter for a championship team.

    Finally, NJ is looking to acquire more #1 picks not role players to ship to the Magic for Howard, so while Teague and Taj have some value, all that other flotsam and jetsam is useless to the Magic.

    You are kind of missing the point, Orlando has to bribe someone to take both Humphries and Brooks, because the Magic don't want them, and while doing so, they need to get #1 draft picks back
    I highly doubt that Cleveland has any incentive to do a deal with the Magic, and they certainly aren't giving up Varejao, who I would say has more value than Taj does around the league.

    Other than that I think this is an awesome trade proposal that neither team would even consider for a second.

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