Bulls need to bring back C.J. Watson

The Bulls hinted through leaks to the press for quite some time that C.J. Watson had played his last game as a Chicago Bull. They need to reconsider this insanity

Let's get this out of the way. C.J. Watson did made a lousy decision at the end of the playoffs. He could have attempted to run out the clock and probably been fouled with three or four seconds left and then would have likely iced both free throws putting Philly in position to need a miracle to win the game.

That decision may have lost the Bulls a playoff series as I would have certainly picked them to win a game seven in Chicago. That said, Noah's still rehabbing his ankle now, and we sure as hell weren't getting past Boston without Rose and Noah, so if being a second round sacrificial lamb was more exciting than a first round one then I guess you can still be pissed off.

Of course, many people are amped up to pay the guy 24 million dollars who couldn't finish the dunk through a foul or hit even one of the two free throws in crunch time, but flaming mad about giving a guy three million dollars who passed to an open big man but didn't realize that big man couldn't be trusted to finish a play right under the rim or hit a free throw. It's amazing how Asik has gotten off completely blameless in this scenario.

Anyway, I digress.

What do the Bulls need out of a combo guard? First, they need someone who can create their own shot. I don't know if you've noticed, but the PG has to take all the bail out shots in the Bulls offense. They're looked to create an absurd amount of offense for the team and hit tough looks.

The Bulls also need someone who can slide into an off-the ball role when Derrick Rose comes back and someone who can help alleviate the Bulls shooting woes if Korver leaves by knocking down threes.

Let's look at some of the guys the Bulls were rumored to be looking at before the off-season started.

Andre Miller 3 years 9 million. He's 36 and last year he had a notable dip in his performance. He's not great at creating shots for himself at this stage of his career, he can't shoot threes, he can't play off the ball, he can't defend. He'll be a crapload worse by the end of his contract.

Jason Kidd 3 years 9 nmillion. He's 39 and has shot 36% from the field the last two years combined. He shoots nothing but open threes now at a pedestrian percentage and his assist rate has fell to 6.9 per 36 last season. He's still a smart player who can lead a team, but he's not even close to a scorer anymore and doesn't create off the dribble much. He'll also be a crapload worse by the end of this deal.

Jamal Crawford 4 years, full MLE. I think Crawford would have been better than Watson for a single season, however I sure as heck wouldn't have wanted to get locked into a deal with him for four years at the full MLE, and it doesn't matter, because he's off the market and was priced above what we may have to offer anyway.

Steve Nash, ha, hoping he'd come here for a discount turned out to be a joke. He's awesome. He's also about six million bucks over our price range and happy in L.A. where he has more opportunity is closer to his family and probably has a better shot to win a title.

Kirk Hinrich, still unsigned reportedly getting looks at over the MMLE that we can afford. PER around 9.4 averaging all his games together with the Hawks. He can handle the ball, but can't penetrate off the dribble, doesn't create shots for himself well, is a pedestrian long range shooter, and has lost a couple steps defensively.

His performance has dipped well below Watson's while in an offense where he sees less defensive attention and has much easier shots to deal with. There's no way you'll convince me Kirk Hinrich's a better basketball player than C.J. Watson at this stage of his career, and he'll require a minimum of 3/9 where Chicago would have to commit to him for two extra years relative to Watson while only needing him for one season.

What people don't realize when looking at Watson's shooting percentages is the degree of difficulty of shots forced upon the guy last season because the Bulls didn't have a single other person on the floor with him who could create a look offensively. Probably five of his looks per game were bailout shots that he had to force one up because no one else could, similarly to why Derrick Rose's numbers aren't statistically as good as they should be relative to his ability.

The Bulls asked C.J. Watson to replace Derrick Rose, and he did the best he could. However, at a touch over three million per year, he's not paid like a starting caliber player. He's paid to be your eighth or ninth man. People are upset that C.J. didn't play better, but his play vastly exceeded what any other three million dollar player will come in here and do given the role put upon him.

Give me a list of all the players that fit the following criteria:
1: Can play PG
2: Can create volume offense
3: Can shoot the three
4: Can play off the ball
5: Cost be had for the MMLE
6: Are better than C.J. Watson

I haven't come up with a single player that belongs on that list, and the best candidates have signed with other teams already anyway.

Of the PG candidates still available, Aaron Brooks is the only one left I can think of that I'd take over C.J., but I am willing to bet that he's priced out of our range. He's also restricted, and I can't see Phoenix not matching a three year MMLE offer.

Bringing back C.J. also gives the Bulls flexibility to use the MMLE on a wing player to add more depth. I'm presently rooting for Brandon Rush, but O.J. Mayo and Nick Young are intriguing possibilities as well though I think both ultimately sign for more money than we can offer with other teams. The Bulls haven't been reported to be in contact with Mayo.

If you hadn't heard, Brandon Roy signed a 2 year 10 million dollar offer with the Timberwolves, so his dreams of playing for a championship and our dreams of a high upside veteran minimum player ended with a [likely] final big pay day instead.

It's been a tough off-season for Bulls fans. We've seen the Lakers jack up payroll through the roof in order to attempt a last grasp at a title. The Heat seem poised to offer Ray Allen a final shot at a ring, and Chicago may be looking at losing a bunch of it's depth [the only advantage it had against Miami] while the Heat add Ray fricken Allen to the team to help them.

If the off-season ends up that way, the Bulls may as well throw in the towel for two years and play for 2014-15. I'm not entirely opposed to such a plan and already felt that was the beginning of the era the Bulls would have the best chance to win a title. In the end, Miami is likely too difficult to beat right now no matter what they do, and I'm suspect as to whether Chicago could get past the Thunder either.

However, in two seasons, the Thunder will likely have to break up the team to some extent while the Heat will begin to show their age and either pay through the roof for their players or may also lose one of their big three. Such a plan though would have made moving Luol Deng for Harrison Barnes on draft night or maybe to Houston for a couple of their firsts [to take Lamb and someone else] and a huge trade exception.

The Bulls are playing a conservative game, not aggressively going for it now or in 2014/15. There's plenty of merit to that plan as well as a conservative game may work out great if the Heat suffer a key injury this season or the perfect trade falls into their lap later. If the Bulls had gone for a complete retool and then Dwyane Wade tore his ACL, we'd be lamenting our lack of opportunity to capitalize.

The Bulls front office is in an extremely difficult position right now needing to improve the team while likely lacking the ability to take on the payroll of all of their competitors that are already stacked with more superstar talent. Chicago's built a team based on chemistry, hustle, and execution which is probably the best it can do when ownership won't green light them to try and keep up in the arms race.

In the end, trying to beat a team with three underpaid superstars while also maintaining a payroll which likely be 10 million dollars less per season will likely prove an impossible task.


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  • I want them both back. They don't have the resources to replace Asik, and there's nobody better than CJ for the price.

    I think the blame for the final play should be shared, but more of it goes to CJ. Asik is a role player. His role is to play great D and rebound. Any offense from him is a bonus. CJ's a role player too, but his role is to organize the team and make good decisions with the basketball. On the final play, CJ didn't fulfill his role, and he put another role player in a position to fail. None of that changes the fact that Omer must work on his offense and FT shooting, but in that specific situation, more of the blame goes to Watson.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    I agree more blame goes to CJ, I actually had a typo in the article which I fixed that caused a double negative which made it look like I completely absolved him of blame [which I did not mean to do].

    I just think it's funny how CJ is being run out of town for it while no one even discusses the fact that Asik killed us there.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    My least favorite thing about that entire play, actually, was Omer's set of facial expressions. After he got fouled hard, he had a look of disbelief, and while on the free-throw line he kept smiling like, "This is silly, right?!? I can't shoot free throws!!!"

    That really pissed me off. CJ made terrible decision, but as the man with the ball on the line you have to slow down, concentrate, and at least try to hit those free throws. Asik didn't look like he expected hit either of them. He was so focused on it being a bad situation caused by a mistake.

    Definitely bring CJ back. I've almost talked myself out of Asik.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    I think the look of disbelief was for it not being a flagrent foul. Hawes grabed him around the neck! The only reason I felt bad for asik after the game was because he played so well before that. I think he and Gibson hit all but one foul shot before that last play.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Not to mention the 20 footer he drained early in the game.

  • A welcome column about CJ Watson. He played great in stretches, but wasn't able to play like a starting PG in the playoffs … because that's not what he is! He's a very capable back-up at the PG and can slide over the SG in certain situations, and he isn't awful defensively. And he's 10x better than John Lucas III.

    But, sorry, Andre Miller is a vastly superior player, even now. No, he's not a great scorer, but he remains one of the best passers in the league and would have helped Boozer, Noah and Deng get their shots in the right placed. CJ can't don't that.

    However, the real key beyond getting a serviceable PG for this season is signing Courtney Lee, IMO. He hits the 3 at a very efficient rate, and he can play excellent D. Thibs would love him. It's only a matter of time before Rip sits for 5 games, and 10 games and then the season. Bulls need a capable SG, especially for when Rose comes back, and Lee is it. And he's affordable!

  • In reply to Curious E:

    Lee already agreed to a 5/32 deal with the Rockets, well above what we could have paid him.

    Andre Miller was a better player for sure, I don't think that's the case anymore though, he dipped considerably last year, and on this team in particular where the PG needs to shoot a ton and constantly create shots, Miller would struggle. On a team with more scoring options and individual better players Miller would be better.

    It's sort of irrelevant though, I wanted Miller as a backup here, but 3/9 million is too much for a guy who's on the serious decline and we only need for one season and also irrelevant because he agreed quickly to stay with Denver anyway and likely wouldn't have come here given his long career ties to the Nuggets.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    BullsBlogger corrected me, Lee hasn't yet agreed to an offer, but he's rumored to have a 32 million dollar offer from Houston.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yeah. I know you've been saying that Lee got an offer for a couple days now, but I haven't been able to find anything other than on random message boards.

    And didn't HOU pull their QO on Lee initially because it could have been a problem with offer sheets on Lin and Asik?

    So I don't know how they could sign him to a bigger contract than his QO originally was.

    Also, by drafting Lamb and having Kmart on the books (with no trade chatter), it looks like Lee is expendable.

  • Didn't the Rockets resind their offer to Lee so that they could make a run at Omer and Jeremy Lin?

  • I am no fan of cj 'rolling on skates' watson, that said, I would rather bring him back for one more year instead of getting hinrich for 3/9 which i'm sure is the lowest he'll do. What's the point of drafting teague if we sign a longterm backup? doesn't make sense. I also don't understand why the Bulls didn't bother with a second round pick to get a will barton or kim english when they know they have serious cap issues. You see c. lee and others getting the full mle-8 million a year...way out of our price range. Unless the Bulls pleasantly surprise me and get Chris Douglas-Roberts to sign for cheap, its just stupid not to invest into a young rotation player. Maybe the Bulls should take a chance on a young pg with some experience like johnny flynn if they want to replace cj for a "cheaper bargain price".

  • There's not much action on Mayo or Young, so there may still be a chance, but I'm thinking we're going to end up picking from the CJ Miles/Carlos Delfino scrap heap.

  • Never Mind. Woj just reported Nick Young to Sixers 1yr/$6mil

  • People upset because we didn't trade for 2nd round picks need to understand 2nd round picks very rarely work out. Hell late 1st round picks rarely work out.

    To me CJ proved he can lead this team to plenty of victories last year when rose missed so much time.

    What would he command on the open market? He's better than a few of the guys who have signed already.

  • In reply to senrad:

    That's fine, doesn't mean we shouldn't add more players who could potentially make the team.

  • No to CJ Watson. Can't get to the line... he's really just a poor man's Ben Gordon. Doesn't do much else but shoot threes. I'd rather not bring him back here as the starting PG.

    I'd actually be ok with Hinrich starting until Rose returns. I never thought I'd say this but I always felt Kirk was a nice backup PG and someone who would fit with Thibs.

    I would love both Lee and Hinrich I think those would be decent replacements for CJ and Korver.

    You basically replace CJ, Korver, Brewer with Hinrich, Lee, Butler? Thats not too shabby. Maybe some drop off but I think thats a better defensive bench and a starter at the 2.

    Rose/ Hinrich/ Teague
    Lee/ Rip
    Deng/ Butler
    Boozer/ Taj

    I'm ok with this I guess....

  • I don't agree with you, Doug. If there's a player not needed on this roster, it's Watson. He sucks plain and simple. He is SG forced to play PG. He runs the game so badly. Let him go and use that money to sign a real back up PG such as Hinrich. Most of all with Marquis Teague, Watson is going to totally useless.

  • Tyler Soze wrote:
    "I want them both back. They don't have the resources to replace Asik, and there's nobody better than CJ for the price."

    You are correct. Those moves are probably the best available, unless the Bulls have targeted some undrated guys who they wish to try out.

    senrad wrote:
    "People [who are] upset we didn't trade for 2nd round picks need to understand 2nd round picks very rarely work out. Hell late 1st round picks rarely work out."

    That is true. However, Arenas and Redd, for example, were 2nd rounders who became Allstars! This is a cost/potential benefit issue.

    For $500,000, the Lakers bought a 2nd round pick that might become a starter, a solid bench player, or even more - at a cheap salary! Many of us feel the Bulls could/should have done the same. Why not? It's a cheap roll of the dice, and this year there were a lot more guys with potential than usual. Of course, if Thibs refuses to play them, then there is little point.

    "To me CJ proved he can lead this team to plenty of victories last year when rose missed so much time. "

    He did have some very good games, but most of those were coming off the bench. As a starter, he was less effective. Some guys are only role players.

    SoulEater7 wrote:
    "I would love both Lee and Hinrich I think those would be decent replacements for CJ and Korver."

    Definitely Lee for a year or two, but he's offerred $32 million for 5 years. I don't think the Bulls will pay that, and they likely should not. Hinrick would need too long a contract.

    This, BTW, is another reason to get #2s like Barton and Cunningham. They may be better than the FAs available, with a lot more upside, and they certainly will cost a lot less! Unwise not to have done that.

  • What is with the long term love affair with Courtney Lee? Seriously? He is a 6-5 SG so he is undersized. Can't create his own shot. Can't or doesn't pass (1.7 assists in 30 mins). He is nothing more than a three point shooter who only scorers 11ppg in 30mins for a team worse than the Bulls. I deffinately wouldn't want to touch the 5yr 32 mil offer that Doug alleges is on the table via the Rockets. Unless you strive for mediocre with little upside I see no reason to keep swooning over Courtney Lee. Might as well go with Brandon Rush who at least is taller and a better three point shooter and can actually rebound. Courtney Lee doesn't solve any issues for the Bulls other than SG depth.

  • In reply to Chad:

    6-5 isn't undersized for a SG. He is a SG who can play defense, score in transition, shoot the three, and not break the bank. Those are the qualities you'd like next to Derrick Rose in a role playing guard.

    I wouldn't swoon over Courtney Lee, but he's a solid player that fits our needs. If you could get a guy who's even better and can create his shot then go for it, however, SG is the least important position on the roster when you have a superstar PG.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Don't tell Rip that. He already used a broken broom as a stand-in for most of last season. There's no telling what he'll do in 2012-13.

  • For the bulls, I think I'd rather have Hinrich if he was the backup and CJ if he was the starter. CJ is better offensively, and if he is the PG then his primary responsibility is to create offense and score and the rest of the squad needs to adjust to cover for the holes in the rest of the game. But coming off of the bench, I'd rather have a guy who can be competent in all of phases of the game like Hinrich can.

  • All of this neglects the fact that the Bulls got a hell of a player in the draft and that kid needs to play. Having played on a team comprised of NBA-level talent and against the likes of UNC, Kansas, etc., Teague is more ready for battle in some ways than Rose was.

    Thibs is going to have to get over his Rookie aversion and let this kid lose the Bulls some games while he learns, but he has the potential to hold the fort while Rose is out and make for a nauseating (for the opponents) one-two punch when Rose is back.

    Teague can do a pretty good Rose impression, and is going to need minutes/shots to hone his shooting in the league. He won't be a bomber, but he will be able to shake free for midrange jumpers and can get to the hole.

    He needs a tutor who can split time with him and steady the team when the Rookie inevitably goes off the rails. That sounds like Hinrich to me, just based on his experience with Rose and Jeff Teague.

    The point is, The Bulls certainly don't need two PGs in front of Teague, and the dude needs to play. I could be persuaded the player in front of him should be Watson instead of Hinrich, but whoever it is, it only needs to be one guy and Teague needs to play about half the minutes at PG, even if that makes the team stumble for a little while.

  • In reply to kukoc4cocopuffs:

    Until Rose is back, of course.

  • Raptors just pulled their Qualifying Offer from Jerryd Bayless.

    He is now an Unrestricted Free Agent.

  • I have a question: Why are we trying to get someone who can play in a system that's designed to for a point guard of DRose's talent? That seems to be destined for failure. Why not design your offense to fit the players you have? Isn't that what a good coach/ coaching staff does? The teams that have won championships, at least the ones that many like to compare this Bulls team with, had some above average players but not any great players (ie. Pistons). They won because they played a scheme designed for the talent they had AND played good defense. Thibs needs to take as much (or more) time and study how each of HIS players are best utilized, and maybe, together with good defense, this team can be special. DO YOUR JOB! is NOT coaching/ planning.

  • In reply to fanbeforejordan:

    The only difference i see with Thibs, Skiles, and Collins is...Skiles and Collins didn't get an MVP caliber Superstar to buy into his system and not challenge him.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Quite true, all three were great coaches, and Thibs has had more to work with.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I don't know, as much as I'm a fan of Skiles he does seem the type of guy who doesn't care if he rubs some people the wrong way, Thibs seems like he's got better people management skills.

  • In reply to fanbeforejordan:

    It's a PG league. Unless they start running the triangle, they'll need a good PG until Derrick returns. Also, you don't want to give the role players whiplash when they're running one system without Rose, and then another when he gets back. You can make adjustments, but the team has to have an identity.

  • It seems like good coaches find ways to utilize players; or they let players play until they see which way to go. I'm all for identity and continuity (hope that's a word), but even in disfunctional NY, when Carmelo was out, Lynn & Amare played well; their problem is that they are trying to fit uncomplementary players together. Popovich does it all the time with his guys (which of his starters HASN"T been out for significant time in the last few years?), Doc Rivers did it in the playoffs, moving KG to center. We have players that are very unselfish AND complementary, so why can't we try something else, at least until Derrick gets back? I mean, is it out of the question to ask Thibs and his staff to come up with a more lenient game plan towards scoring from other positions while Derrick is out? I don't buy that these players (who for the most part seem intelligent) can't recognize when they have Derrick in the game & when he's not there.

  • "Chicago's [Reinsdorf and friends raked in huge profits] and built a team based on(lucking out on Derrick Rose) [along with] chemistry, hustle, and execution which is probably the best it can do when ownership won't green light them to try and keep up in the arms race."(Sorry Doug for taking license with your quote). Translation: A big F you to the fans. But is it really Jerry Reinsdorf we should blame?

    Will the U.C fill up with mostly yuppy enablers next season for a full house as usual to bend over for Jerry and then give them their cash? Answer: You bet they will. Corporate tickets account for how much souless attendance? And the rest or the majority of any kind of decent seats mostly middle class and upper clientelle i.e non vested saps who identify with a greedy hog like Reinsdorf over working class fans who actually are vested and care about the team competing. Thus no incentive to change. We really as Bulls fans have other Bulls fans and in some cases ourselves to blame. I might attend a game or two, but will not after this latest round of profit gouging cheapness.

    Honestly, if the Bulls would have simply spent the $5-7 Mil a year to amnesty Boozer and brought in one new offensively talented piece I would have been OK with things knowing it's the Bulls we're deaaling with. But this comatose state is way too much.

    More infuriatingly, Thibs instead of wasting time with a no future middling player in C.J., might as well play Butler and Teague a lot for the first half of the season at least to see what we have. Are they years away from being rotation guys or busts or contributors or possible talents aka players we can use now? And we know from his m.o. Thibs will make them ride pine. This sucks.

    And aside from blaming Bulls fans some, for the record I don't like what Paxson brings as a G.M. or Gar Forman. John looks like an eternally squirming uncomfortable in his own skin out of place exec, and Gar is a bug eyed phony brown nose to the extreme.

    Honestly, if Jerry R. had someone who wasn't "safe" as in grandfathered in beholden eunichs, such as a Jerry Krause who for whatever else did have balls, and would stand up to Reinsdorf, we might not be in this paralysis of submission. My number one wish right now really - fire John Paxson and Gar Forman. They are an unhealthy submissive beholden lot. Never drafted a star talent(but for the one luck out). Boozer and Wallace as their Marquee singings. "Oh but they had too!!" Bullshit. Not buying it. Doug absolutely panned Boozer before we eventually signed him. And anyone who can compare stats of relative aged players could see Wallace was at the beginning of a precipitous decline.

    Until Paxson and Forman are fired, the Jerry enabling will continue. Too bad ticket prices are so f-ing high to line Jerr's pocketbook or regular fans who actually give a damn about what is being done with this team would demand better. Are other cities really full of this many clueless, souless saps? Surely attendance would suggest otherwise. Chicago you are pussies. You really are.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I agree with u on some of the yuppie fans that attend Bull games at the UC. They are totally ass kissers of Reinsdork and just there for show. The fans that use to attend the games during the Jordan years especially at the Chicago Stadium were the best rabbid fans around.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I ,too have been nauseated by which management chooses to be so coy,entitled, and comfortable during this time. The draft was supposed to be deep ( they chose not to attempt not even a single 2nd round toe in the water). Free agents are being plucked and we seem to be counter punching, defensive, passive , and too emasculated to even trade.

    The issue lies with the BS loyalty Reiny holds, too damn old school. Too much cronisim, too much of the way things have been done hence, thats the way shit will be done. Which is sad really because with a truly committed ownership( Cuban, Arison, and possibly Prokarov) they will be at the forefront of NBA happenings for years to come; and we will talking about what happened in the past.

  • Back when the reports were coming out that MJ might sell his team, I suggested he try to get David Stern to help him out and move his Bobcats team to Chicago.

    A second Basketball team in Chicago.

    My reasoning was simple:

    1) MJ is beloved in Chicago.

    2) (at the time) Bobcats would get the top pick and Anthony Davis playing in his hometown city

    3) People don't like Reinsdorf for the way he handles the team. The only reason why people continue to give him millions is because Chicago is a basketball-loved town and he has a monopoly on Pro Basketball here.

    Now if MJ were to come with his team, I truly believe he would get a lot of Bulls fans to come over to his team for those reasons I stated above.

    Obviously because of that, Reinsdorf will try to strong arm Stern, but that's why I said MJ needs to ask Stern for his help.

    I think everybody is beginning to see Reinsdorf treats this team like a small-market profit machine.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Its not a stretch to see myself changing colors. I would be right there ,if only to stick it up Reinys a--!! That is a marvelous idea that calmed my rage down for a few minutes... Thanks.

  • I agree Watson is good value for the money. But it does come down to money: to bring back CJ Watson the Bulls will cut costs elsewhere. The choice is between dumping Rip on a team with cap space (likely to cost a first to do so) or keeping CJ. Yeah we can say the Bulls should just spend, but if management has been told they can't then this is the choice they face, and I think letting CJ go is the right move.

    The only thing I disagree with in your analysis is needing a PG who can play off the ball. The guard that we should be playing off the ball in a two PG line up is Rose:
    * Teams are doubling Rose hard, take Rose off the ball and teams can no longer double him.
    * Rose is so quick that surely if he learns how to do it he can be creating tons of space for himself, if screens can get a plodder like Korver open imagine how much space Rose could get
    * Rose is a capable spot up shooter, his overall three point percentage is dragged down by the off the dribble shots he takes. He'd be a very good catch and shoot option on plays.

    Obviously Rose isn't going to be playing 36 minutes a night at SG, but it's a line up I'd like to see more as something the Bulls do to change things up, especially when teams are just throwing defenders at Rose.

  • Ray Allen decides to sign with Miami...DAMN!!! Might as well barring any injuries just gift wrap the championship to the Heat for the next 2 or 3 years... CANCEL XMAS!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    ARE the Bulls going to really rely on Boozer and Deng to be there go to scorers... Really!!! I just don't understand how management can sit around and do nothing. This team needs perimeter scorers in the worst way and no one is doing anything. I get not wanting to go over the tax but let's be serious here, teams in the east are retooling big time and the Bulls are doing nothing. Absolutely pathetic.

  • Other teams are getting better while the Bulls get worse. Management needs to suck it up and amnesty Boozer and offer Mayo something a bit north of the MLE.

  • OMFG

  • Bulls need to let Asik, Brewer, Korver go and go after Jordan Hill or Javale McGee about 5-6 mill per year- C. OJ Mayo, Shannon Brown, Lou Williams -SG. CarlLandry, JJ Hickson (4-5 mill),or Kris Humphries PF. All these players know how to score and good on defense. First they must amensty Carlos Boozer. They give Boozer 15 mill but save the same amount on salary cap to go get others players. Pick up Leon Powe PF, Olek Czyz SF and possibly Jermaine Taylor SG from their summer league team. These players can be signed from league minimum to 2 mill. Taylor and Powe both have NBA experience.

  • Bulls are obviously going to tank this season coming cause they aren't doing anything as far as making any moves of any kind. Every major market team in the NBA are making some major moves. I can't believe Reinsdork and this Bulls organization being this DAMN cheap and not doing anything. I can see them resigning Asik as their big move, then bringing in some journeymen players to sign to finish out the roster. This team should be ashamed as an organization seeing what's going on around them and nothing is being done on their end. There's no way I could be a player for the Bulls, being competitive, and not wonder what my team is going to do cause teams are improving by signing big name players everyday. Bulls fans need to wake up and stop accepting this crap that this Bulls organization is doing cause this is really ridiculous.

  • It's time to start boycotting Bulls games, apparel, etc. If the Bulls want to take our money and not reinvest in bringing in quality talent to win a championship then why should we continue to contribute. Reinsdorf spends money to make the White Sox better. BOYCOTT

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