Bulls close to signing Marco Belinelli? We can infer Asik is gone

Alex Kennedy of hoopsworld reported that the Bulls are close to signing Marco Belinelli at the BAE. Such a move would mean several interesting things.

First, signing Belinelli to the BAE [or possibly a share of the MLE] would guarantee the Bulls are not bringing back Asik. Using either exception instills a hard cap at 74.3 million, a hard cap the Bulls can not stay under while adding Asik's first season at five million.

Gar Forman also was doing an interview on summer league and when asked about Asik merely stated that they haven't seen the offer sheet yet and would decide when they did. Let's be honest, when you don't say anything about how good a player he is, how important he is, or hint about anything else, you're preparing the fan base for his leaving.

It's not like the Bulls don't know what the offer sheet is and actually need to see it. Granted, they may not want to give anything away at this point, but I think we can be fairly certain that Asik's a goner. I do think the Bulls put themselves in a tough spot by not trading him earlier at the deadline last season.

They're stupid if they match, they're cheap if they don't. I don't think they can match and swing him for something valuable later like some people suggest. I also think trading Asik at the last deadline would have been tough when the team felt it had a legit chance to win the title, so regardless, not a good situation.

Their real problem was taking a guy they felt was a lottery pick quality player and only locking him in to a two year deal. Maybe Asik refused to sign for more than two years because he wanted his pay day, but the Bulls should have held out for three years making him a standard restricted free agent and not allowing Houston's crazy offer.

At any rate, it's likely over soon.

As for Belinelli, he'd be a very good fit relative to guys left. I prefer Brandon Rush, but Rush may either not be available or out of our price range. It's possible that GS just matches what we can offer. Belinelli's a legitimate good shooter who will replace Korver. He's probably packing a bit more shot creation ability at this point in his career as well. I'd definitely approve a Belinelli signing.

The interesting thing about using the MLE/BAE on Belinelli to sign him above the minimum is it more or less kills any hope of the Bulls staying under the tax this season. While they're 1.4 million shy right now, they probably could have slipped under at the deadline with a Hamilton trade. Bringing in Belinelli will put them closer to 2.5 million over and that will be much harder to make up at the deadline.

As I noted before, the Bulls aren't in serious danger of paying the repeater tax, and the tax is still mild this season at a 1:1 matching ratio. That said, a Belinelli signing would show the Bulls aren't simply going ultra cheap on things which would be encouraging.


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  • bulls looking to get whiter...

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    In reply to ixonflex69:

    My right hand to God, I said the same thing yesterday

  • In reply to Rose1:

    No offense to anyone but if this is the case the Bulls are looking to lose a lot more as well. Hopefully all of the guys will pull together to keep the team above .500 cause its going to be a long season.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    if you are gonna blow the season you might as well do something interesting such as getting enough white guys to throw a five man unit out there 80s celtics style.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Gotta love how having white players are going to make the bulls worse. That's not at all racist.
    Haven't we learned by now that a persons race has nothing to do with how well they can play a sport or do any task?
    There are white guys, black guys, asian guys, hispanic guys who all make it in the NBA. I hate how it has become ok to say that because a player is a certain color that can or cannot play. Remember a few years ago when some paper asked if the Pacers had to many white players on it? I think they only had five or six. That's only half, but that was to many. Almost nobody called the paper out on it.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Nobody called them out on it cause they know it's true.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    and i think larry bird kept drafting white guys to prove there could be another white american star after him. he probably is kind of racist. doesnt mean he hates other races

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    That is a very stupid statement. Larry has built a very solid team and guess what its mostly black players. If he is a racist he isn't very good at it...

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    They need to bring on Darko and resign White Mamba first.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Asik looks pretty damn white to me and they're letting him go.

  • I'll miss Asik a lot. I think he could definatly be a Ben Wallace type of guy. It does seem like the roster might fill out rather nicely after all. The guys they are bringing in don't blow anyone away and don't make them title favorites or anything like that, but I really don't think they will be to much worse than last year. If they then add PG Moore from the Rockets/Boston trade, that would fill out just about all their needs. Still nothing to be excited about, but nothing to panic about either. Unless they get Darko and he goes all Hulk Hogan on his jersey again.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    As long as Asik was on the Bulls getting 15-20min behind Noah, his true value wouldn't be appreciated by Bulls fans.

    Now, when he's starting for the Rockets, maybe getting 5pts-13rbs...Bulls fans will come on and complain about how the Bulls should have matched.

    I would like Moore too, but he has to pass waivers and I just can't believe a scrub team would pass up on him at $800k or whatever it is he's making. I wanted Jon Leuer, but he didn't even get past CLE on the waiver wire.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    The Moore thing was just something i read on the Tribune site. That he might get an invite to camp. Personally, I don't understand why the Rockets would let him go. They need PGs.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    He's a SG really. Every scouting report has him as an undersized SG at 6'4.

  • I wonder if Darko would follow?

    Rose/ Hinrich/ Teague
    Rip/ Belinelli
    Deng/ Butler
    Boozer/ Taj/ Radmanovic
    Noah/ Darko/Thomas

    I'm assuming they stay at 13.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    It would be downright criminal if the Bulls gave a roster spot to Leon Powe...who can barely move or jump instead of the hard working malcolm thomas. I wonder if the Bulls can land recently aquired Jajuan Johnson, the 6'10" powerforward who wants out of Houston and the Bulls were eyeing him in last year's draft but he was off the board before they picked. He would be good insurance in case Taj doesn't want to sign an extension.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    There is no way Powe is getting even an invite to camp. Maybe to be nice but thats it.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Agree Powe looks god awful even against summer leaguers... Although Malcom Thomas has impressed me.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Powe has lost all his athleticism and if he makes the team, it will basically come down to Thibs and his relationship.

    Hopefully the Bulls sign a guy like Malcolm Thomas (3 double-doubles so far) before somebody else picks him up.

    From all accounts, JuJuan might want out of HOU, but HOU only did the S&T to get JuaJuan...they're waiving the other 2 (Williams and Moore).

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm hoping Moore gets past the waiver wires and the Bulls pick him up. But if Marco is being signed, I guess we have no reason for Moore.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Moore could be let go when Rose gets back.

  • I'm a bit skeptical the Bulls would pick up Belinelli for more money instead of going ultra cheapo and going for willie green/jodie meeks. If they do get him, he's a true shooting guard that can space the floor for derrick and also handle a bit, I think he even played some backup point last year for the Hornets at times. So for his price range of what? 3-2 mil, you really can't beat the production of 11 pts and 39% 3pth shooting on over 100 3s made. $till won't believe until its official.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I'm skeptical myself.

  • I think the bulls were in trouble when Rose blew his knee out and they had no realistic chance of competing for a championship this season. Everything else traces back to that...

  • Marc Gasol was a 2nd round draft pick in 2007, waited 1-year, then came to NBA in 2008 signing a 3-year contract. He was an RFA in 2011 and resigned with Memphis.

    Omer Asik was a 2nd round draft pick in 2008, waited 2-years, then came to NBA signing a 2-year contract. He is a RFA in 2012.

    Someone said there is a 4-year limit on rights that teams hold on 2nd round picks. Is this why Asik's contract was only 2-years? Because Asik waited 2-year after being drafted to come to NBA?

    Are there any other implications?
    Because this is a massive F***UP for Bulls European scouting program that dates back to Toni Kukoc and Bulls head scout Ivica Dukan.


  • In reply to Edward:

    See also this article:

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think you're misunderstanding a few things:

    1: Rights are held indefinitely

    2: The Bulls could have signed Asik to a three year deal or a four year deal, but they opted to do a two year deal. Asik may not have agreed to a longer deal because he wanted to test the market earlier.

    3: Players who are not coming off of the 1st round rookie scale contracts are restricted if they have three or less years of experience in the NBA regardless of what deal they signed. So if Asik signed a four year deal he would not be restricted at the end, but would be on a 1, 2, or 3 year deal. That's why most guys coming over in that situation do 3 year deals, so the team can still have RFA rights on them.

    I agree the Bulls screwed up by not locking him up for three years, they should have offered him a bit more money to add the third year as a team option instead of as a player option, but you don't really know what the players demands were, so it's hard to completely kill them.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Thanks for the explanation, Doug.

    Given that Bulls invested considerable time scouting Asik in Europe, used Three 2nd round picks on him, and talked him up to the fans and media for 2 years while waiting for Asik to come to the NBA, - there is no softselling this screwup, imo. Losing Asik for nothing is a major gaffe by Bulls management.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Whatever the reason, in retrospect it seems like a major lack of foresight, if not an outright fuckup.

    Also, if they sign Belly, and it does create a hard cap at $74.3 million won't that eliminate their ability to use the trade exception that they got for Korver.

    My understanding is that the exception cannot be used in combination with any other players or considerations.

    Do we ever catch a break from the CBA, and do we ever use it to our advantage, it sure doesn't seem like it.

    I think next season will be a near disaster, as I expect injuries to decimate the starting unit, and the new "bench mob" will lead us to the lottery.

    Teague, Hinrich, Vladrad, and Belly for Asik, Korver, Watson and Brewer, I'm depressed.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Asik situation was a major screwup. They worked with this guy for 4 years, building up his strength and conditioning in the offseason. The Bulls medical staff even performed acl surgery on Asik from his injury in the turkish league. All that time and money/assets spent on this guy and we don't even get a mid first round pick in return? Nothing nada. The Bulls FO looked like a deer in headlights when they heard of the offer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The trade exception lasts a year so they will still have next off season to use it after the hard cap from using exceptions this year expires.

  • I saw somewhere that Willie Green was going back to the Hornets because he wanted to play for Monty Williams.

    Also, what does everyone think of Andray Blatche? I'd rather take him over Darko if he'd come for the minimum. He also has nice range for a big guy.

  • In reply to Flashsonic:

    You could argue (and I would), that Andray blatche was the biggest knucklehead on the Wizards...and that included dumb McGee and Jack of all shots...Nick Young.

    Chris Birdman Anderson is better than Blatche.

  • Belinelli would actually be a quality signing, about the only one we've had all off season. I actually like our roster if Rose was healthy. Adding Belinelli and Radmavich ( I totally jacked his name up ) adds a little offense and I'm interested to see what our rookies can really do. I also think we'll see a rejuvenated Hinrich. He knows the Bulls system really well and I think he's a good fit under Tom Thibbs, and he's also shown in the past that he plays well with Rose.

    We're almost certain to loose Asik but if signing him means we lose out on Gibson in the future then goodbye Asik. The biggest problem with this team now is the signing of Boozer. He adds very little to this team and is inconsistent and if he wasn't on the books we could have kept everyone including Asik. I also hate the fact that Rip Hamilton has little to no trade value whatsoever. The games he did play he was a perfect fit and made the entire team better. The problem is that he missed a majority of the season on a shorten season at that. Infact our entire team was hindered with injuries all year long with the exception of Boozer. So in order for us to remain a .500 team Deng, Gibson, Boozer, Noah, and Hamilton will all have to remain healthy with Rose being absent. Keep in mind Dengs' wrist is still jacked up.

  • In reply to ajay708:

    I think the team will come back okay when all is said and done. It is interesting that they brought in a bit more offensive oriented guys to the team.

    I would note that Hinrich doesn't know the Bulls system. He never played under Thibodeau. Granted, it's not a concern or anything, he's a vet who's played for many coaches, but I doubt his previous experience as a Bull means much in terms of how he'll play as a Bull now.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    They brought in some shooters but a lot more left... Not to mention the real need was adding a scorer which has been the top need for several years now. Offseason has been a major Fail in my opinion. We are being led by a front office with no vision and a proclivity for washed up vets. Leon Powe would be the icing on the cake for the inept duo of Gar and Pax.

  • More sources are confirming this deal is being discussed. The thought is that Belinelli will likely sign with Chicago on a 2 year 3.8 million dollar deal either Sunday or Monday. Granted, these are minor, less reliable sources.

    However, Gar also said he expects to make some roster moves soon on his summer league interview, so it does fit.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I guess Gar just woke up from that nap he took after game 1 of the playoffs.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I'm not sure you can blame Gar or Paxson for any of this. This is on Jerry Reinsdorf.

    Somewhat of topic that Barnes kid is going to be a good player. If the Bulls had a chance to get him for Deng straight up in a fair deal that would have been something. Could you have imagined a team of Rose, Butler, Barnes, Taj, Noah, Mirotic, Teague.

    Phheewwwwww weeeeeee what a young athletic team around Rose.

    Barnes is cut too. Absolute beast of an NBA body and seems like he defended Butler really well. Really like that pick by Golden State.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Yeah Barnes looked great he dominated Jimmy Butler which sucks though.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Yeah but Barnes at one time was projected to be a #1,2,3 pick against a 30th pick so I guess thats to be expected. Would have loved to have them both.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Yeah but Barnes is widely considered to only turn into a solid NBA starter not a star. Just because he was hyped in High School doesn't mean anything now. If it did Avery Bradley and Darius Miles would be stars.

    I was watching because I wanted to see how Jimmy played a against a quality player and it was not pretty. Personally I still like Josh Selby better than Butler. That is who they should have picked.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    I think the GSW deal was legit, and they wanted Deng (probably because they didn't think barnes would fall to them at 7...and maybe the Bulls didn't either, so they didn't make the trade).

    But I know the other thought process was, because GSW was over the cap, if the Bulls wanted to trade Deng for the 7th pick, they would have had to take back salary in the form of RJeff or Biedrins...and YOU KNOW the Bulls aren't looking to take back salary.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    True, no team was going to absorb ALL of Deng's $28 million into their cap space. Bulls would have to take back some salary. That said, I still think Bulls should have pulled the trigger on Barnes because we have seen Deng's peak and he is not a legit 2nd option. Also, Deng will want another massive contract soon.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    if we can get him for that cheap, not bad at all for a backup shooting guard. Imagine, the Bulls actually got a shooting guard that can actually shoot and is not afraid to shoot.......AMAZING !!!

  • I like Belinelli

  • Also if Malcolm Thomas doesn't make the Bulls 13 man roster I'll be pretty disappointed. That dude is a fly swatter.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    I haven't watched the Summer League games...just a few minutes here and there...but everybody seems to think he's pretty much Taj Gibson.

    If that's the case, trade Taj for a lottery pick and insert Thomas, right?

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I wouldn't go that far. He's a nice player that could hold his own if Boozer or Taj got hurt. Best case would be that he could play big minutes letting either him or Taj play more minutes at Center instead of signing Darko.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    No I think you Amnesty Boozer and have him backup Taj. lol

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Of course I talking about next season.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Taj without the jump shot isn't a bad comparison.

  • "I do think the Bulls put themselves in a tough spot by not trading him earlier at the deadline last season."

    Yup. And I fear they will do the exact same thing with Taj now. Taj will probably ask for $8-9mil, and they will think that's too much and instead let him test FA. After he does, he'll probably get an offer sheet of $10+mil, and then the Bulls won't match because they think that's too much and let him walk for nothing.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Taj Gibson will ask for more than the small peanuts the Bulls will throw at him since they do not intend to amnesty boozer until the year 2020 it seems. They should go for Jajuan Johnson who is a bit taller, good shot blocker and has a good midrange jumper. He's no Gibson but could provide some of the things with good size at a legit 6'10", he's skinny but so is Taj. Maybe slick willy from Houston hands him over to the bulls for a second round pick.

  • I don't know why they are planning for 2014 when they can just plan for 2013. The only reason why they would be planning for 2014 is because Deng's contract expires that year and they can become FA players.

    How about plan for 2013 instead (FA class is better for the Bulls btw)...when Rose will be back to form? This is what the Bulls need to do now that they've screwed up this offseason already...

    1) Trade Deng ...for... Derrick Williams OR 2-3 1stRounder

    Why would MINN do this? They were going to give up Dwill AND Multiple 1stRounders for Batum. For Deng, MINN is only give up Derrick Williams OR 1stRounders, and they're getting an All-Star.

    2) If they don't plan on resigning Taj for $8-9mil, and instead risk letting him test FA, some team will offer him $10+mil...they need to do what they should have done with Asik and trade him. I'm pretty sure Bulls could get a lottery pick (10-15) for Taj.

    3) Rose can now take his time to come back in the 2012 season...maybe not come back at all. The team will definitely be a lottery team then.

    That would leave the Bulls with Derrick Williams or multiple1stRounders from MINN, a lottery pick via Taj, and our own lottery to go into the 2013 season with a 100% Rose.

  • Well if Boozer gets amnestied and in my opinion he should, resigning Taj should be alot easier. I dont see the Bulls trading Deng until after this upcoming season when his contract will be expiring and he'll be a much more valuable trade chip. There's a lot of teams that would like to have Deng but not for the money he's currently making. So it looks to me like the Bulls are taking the back peddle approach this year, and may be planning ahead for next year. In all honesty I don't think we could have won a ring coming back with the same team and Rose is out for the majority of the season anyway. So there's no need to go over cap.

    As a fan I would've liked to see some block buster trades, bring in some lottery pics, go into the luxury tax and sign a big name free agent like other big market teams do. However under the circumstances our franchise player is out, and the team left over got demolished by Philly in the 1st round of the playoffs. So that just goes to show that Rose and Thibbs has been the driving force of this team. Everyone else is expandable.

  • Nazr Mohammed to bulls? Accdg to ESPNChicago.

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