Bulls Beat #246 - We are who we are

Bulls Beat #246 - We are who we are

The Chicago Bulls off-season looks fairly well wrapped up, and we're left to discuss who we are at this point

Bulls Beat #246 - We are who we are

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  • Since Reinsdork doesn't care why should Bulls fans care??? This cheap ass owner won't get my money til he proves he wants to win a championship. I'll support the Bulls watching on TV, not as much as I use to or going to see the team in other NBA arenas. 2014 plan my ass! What a joke and he's steadily making trades for the White Sox to win... F__K Reinsdork!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    14 years and counting for the Bulls not winning another championship. It took the Celtics 22 years to win another one after the Bird years, looks like the Bulls on safe to stay on that pace of not winning another title. Derrick Rose better make his money with the Bulls and get the hell out when his contract is up if not before.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    This is really all you need to know right here...

    Dolan and Knicks spends into the luxury tax and still makes about $30mil in profit (about 5th most profitable NBA team).

    Reinsdork and the Bulls don't spend into the luxury tax and make $55mil in profit (1st).

    Is it so hard to throw the fans a bone and spend into the luxury tax, and instead of making $55mil in profit, make $30mil in profit and have a WAY better team on the floor?

    To Reinsdork, the answer is no. Just hoping a 2nd NBA team comes to Chicago.

  • This new CBA with a feared hard cap by many mid and smaller market teams provided an incredible opportunity for a large market team like Chicago. Simply pick up a sizable chunk of bad salary, and you trade a very good player whose time has passed in Chicago in Luol Deng for a top 5 lotto pick in a deep draft. All it would take is a seven year escrow or deferred payment at $5-6 Mil a year had it been done early and decisively.

    We know Reinsdorf would never pay the tax. And he would never pay an amnesty to a player no matter how little it cost per season. Not happening. Because he's a cheap bastard.

    I have no doubts with a huge market and Derrick Rose in towe had we had a pro active owner such as Mark Cuban, Houston, Memphis both I believe spent well over the cap/paid the tax, we would would have owned a top 5-7 pick which can be a franchise changer. A championship builder. This team needs(needed - too late now) an infusion of offensive star talent in the worst way. Someone like Damian Lillard. And what a valuable trading chip for that in their prime scoring wing talent. But dramatically improving the ball club clearly was not on the Bulls agenda. And I do fault Gar/Pax for not resigning rather then stay on board for this lame ass farce. You guys look, act like, and are indeed pussies.

    Instead of Lillard, Lamb etc. we have Bogans, Hamilton, and now Marquis Teague. That's what we got out of this franchise changing opportunity and deep talent pool, Marquis Teague.

    I liked Teague initially, but the more I look into it I have serious doubts he's going to be able to contribute for some time. Most scouts say he's a long ways away from NBA ready. Besides being 19 years old, he really appears to be a poor shooter at this point. I'd be shocked if he got any serious playing time with Thibs. Lip service starts or solid blocks of minutes for a few games where after he bombs he'll be riding The Pine Express.

    Any championship core will be assembled through the draft. Such as in the incredibly deep one Gar/Pax just let slip through their fingers availing themselves of none of the talent say Marquis Teague. Again, Yikes to the 10th power..

    Next season the Bulls will have no offense, no Rose to save them. Thibs barking will be incessant, and players will tune him out. I'm predicting a well below .500 record. Of course Derrick and Lu will be brought back to give us enough wins to avoid a top 7 lotto pick. In the wrong draft anyway. There's no way Paxson, Forman, and Thibs are bright enough to handle a tank job with players let alone the media regardless which makes it a moot point.. Next season will be ugly ass basketball. Good thing I'll be watching offensive talent on NBA League Pass rather then put up with this bullshit from Reinsdorf who could give a shit about Bulls fans who line his pockets every year. Jerry Reinsdorf for a simple $5-7 mil a year we could have dramatically improved this ball club. You as a human butt crack - Well played sir!

  • Front court is thin, bacourt is thin and the starters are injury prone. Great job Gar and Pax... Nazr is a joke as a backup center. I say they will be lucky to end the year above .500

  • In reply to Chad:

    If Deng takes the surgery, they'll be under .500 until Deng/Rose comes back.

    If Deng plays, they'll hover right around .500 until Rose gets back.

    And when Rose gets back, they'll have a good winning stretch and take them to about 45 wins, which will be the 6th or 7th seed.

  • What I found even more interesting than the fact that the Bulls are one of the 7 team that have never paid the tax is that the total tax collected for this past season was only $32 million, the lowest ever, down from $173 million in its first year.

    This comes even before the new draconian restrictions kick in in 2013.

    It appears that the owners are finally going to get what they have always wanted a defacto hard cap at the tax apron if not the tax line, with only the Knicks, Lakers and Heat likely to be tax payers in that year.

    Despite dipping his toes into the tax for this season, Reinsdorf has to be the happiest owner of the bunch, as he will now have cover to do what he always wanted to do anyway, not be a tax payer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Luxury tax penalties don't accrue until the end of the season.

    So technically, the Bulls could trade Rip and a 1stRounder at the trade deadline to get about $3-4mil under the luxury tax.

    And regarding the hard cap, Reinsdorf IS one of the happiest owners in the league for that very reason.

    I called it when Rose went down to the ACL tear. Because especially this season...this is the perfect excuse for Reinsdorf to not go into the luxury tax claiming 'we're not title contenders anymore...so I don't have to follow through with my luxury tax proclamation'....

    ...which is why Korver, Brewer, and Watson's $13mil in unguaranteed contracts were let go (and nothing was added back).

  • Now with MINN adding AK47, that's another team that doesn't need a proven All-Star caliber SF (Deng).

    Maybe Tyreke can be had, but are the Bulls willing to take back John Salmons' contract? Or Garcia+Outlaw's contracts? My guess is no.

    Maybe the Bulls would take Calderon+DeRozan? But I guess signing Hinrich takes Calderon out of the equation.

    Maybe CLE? But Bulls will only get expiring deals of Walton+Gibson, maybe CLE throws in Casspi, who's also an expiring.

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    Who the hell is NayZay Mohammed?

  • IMO they were willing to pay Kirk a little more than CJ because Kirk can fill in at SG, which frees the Bulls up to try to dump Rip for nothing at a later date and avoid the tax.

    Any chance of changing the starting theme to "You look behind you and see all the profits, that's what we play for"? :)

  • 2 things: The owners need to earn D.Rose loyalty. If they don't then Rose may walk.

    And IMO There's no way Taj is resigning with the Bulls, if it means him staying on the bench. A starting position + $$'s will trump what the Bulls have to offer if they don't amnesty Boozer (which they won't).

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