Bulls Beat #244 - Bye bye bench mob

Bulls Beat #244 - Bye bye bench mob

The Chicago Bulls have officially parted ways with the bench mob as Kyle Kover, Ronnie Brewer, and C.J. Watson will all be playing for different teams next season. I discuss the Bulls off-season to date and where they can realistically take this team

Bulls Beat #244 - Bye bye bench mob

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  • In two years, Lebron, Wade, and Bosh can all opt out of their contracts. If the Heat play up to expectations during this time, you can expect all 3 players to opt out, then get in a room with Pat Riley and Micky Arison, and renegotiate extensions which will make it more palatable for the Heat to add free agents. Riley will explain to the Big 3 that Arison is willing to spend well into the luxury tax, but it will require the Big 3 to take less money as well. Gar/Pax should sneak a tape recorder into this meeting and learn from the master.

    As for the Bulls, in this punitive luxury tax era, with an owner like Jerry Reinsdorf, it’s going to be difficult for the Bulls to seriously compete for championships. The only sure way is to get Dwight Howard. Otherwise, the Bulls great equalizer (depth) over the previous 2 years, becomes a luxury tax casualty moving forward. In addition, the United Center will be sold out regardless ($$$ for Jerry), and Derrick Rose has not shown the fortitude or willingness to recruit.

  • In reply to RichG:

    It will be interesting to see what happens with the big three when they opt out. They could take less to stay together, but that will become a difficult sell. The organization can pay them more, and paying them more won't hurt their ability to add players except what they take in profits.

    You can be sure the "respect" tag will get thrown around a bunch, and I'll be curious to see how they treat Bosh, since he's clearly worth less than the other two. LeBron and Wade took a shade less to go to Miami initially, but we'll see if they're willing to take around 5 million a year less for Arison to have 15 million more a year in profit.

    It might work out that way, and if anyone can sell it, Riley can, but I'll be interested to see if it does.

    As for the Bulls, I agree with your points.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    From everything I've heard, Arison has lost money on his team every year except for 1 year...and that includes this previous title year.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    I’ve heard the same thing. What makes Arison such a great owner is that the Miami Heat are his passion, yet the basketball dollars he earns (or loses) are dwarfed by those he earns from his Carnival Cruise Lines endeavor. Throw in that Arison is the 3rd or 4th wealthiest NBA owner, hires a great General Manager, doesn’t interfere with personnel decisions, is passionate about winning, cuts the checks with no questions asked, and operates in a city deemed as desirable as any. That’s a recipe for success.

  • Well if you don't hate OJ Mayo I will. You've gone nuts when you say you'd pay the MLE for him. Didn't you just put a post recently saying the Bulls have to be wise with their money since they're playing a small market spending strategy? So why spend the MLE on a guy you admit is a chucker who doesn't win you games?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Mayo at MLE is a good price. He is no star but you won't find a star at the MLE anyway. He is a nice add and solid outside shooter who would be an athletic backcourt mate for D Rose. I would expect Mayo could put up 13-15ppg assuming starter minutes. Odds he breaks out are low at this point but he will be solid addition for the cost even if he doesn't. He is much better than Klank at 3 mil and is only going to cost 2 mil more.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Kirk isn't worth 3 million either if you're playing the small market strategy, so don't justify Mayo as being worth more than him so the MLE is OK.

    Basically you need to ask yourself WWBD: What Would Buford Do? The Spurs are the model of how to build a contender within a budget. They don't overpay guys with the MLE, they'd find a second rounder or undrafted player who can give you 90% of the production for 10% of the cost.

  • 1. Heat
    2. Thunder
    3. Lakers

    You could make the case that they are somewhere in the group with the Pacers, Spurs, Nets and maybe Knicks who talent wise have to be in the discussion. But that is just somewhere in the top 8. I don't see how Bulls are in the top 3 teams though. Especially with their two best weapons gone via the bench gutting and Rose injury.

    Mavs were a long shot that got hot but they had a highly efficient star and closer along with solid depth and role players. Rose isn't as efficient in the playoffs as Dirk was. Probably because teams know you shut Rose down you shut down the bulls offense. I think its doubtful this roster could get it done. It would be shocking enough just to make it out of the east.

  • At least the Bulls are (reportedly) looking to dump Rip now....too bad the same reports have NOBODY being interested...LOL.

    I just can't believe if the Bulls offered up Rip+$3mil Cash (max teams can put in a trade) to pay for half the cost of Rip, no team would want him for $3mil for 1 year.

    Unless of course, the Bulls aren't offering the 'Cash' part to take Rip off our hands...which totally makes sense then.

  • Even the owner of the Grizz is keeping their team together more so than the Bulls.

    They're not resigning Mayo, but signed Arthur, Speights, Bayless, and drafted Wroten JR...and traded for Wayne Ellington.

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