Bulls Beat #243 - Hinrich returns

Bulls Beat #243 - Hinrich returns

Kirk Hinrich returns to the Bulls while most casual fans rejoice and most die hard fans groan. After getting over my initial reaction, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle of those responses.

Bulls Beat #243 - Hinrich returns


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  • haha thanks for the unofficial shoutout for the Marquis Teague name correction, Doug!

  • A podcast about Hinrich, it's almost like going back through the archives.

  • I am a big Hinrich fan. Have been for about 10 years. Not because I think he is so talented, but for how he plays the game. When I watch him I see all heart, determination, and hard work. I knew he wasn't the best player out there,but I thought he worked harder than most and never backed down from anyone. He would guard the best players: Labron, Wade, Kobe, Hamilton and Billups. I am glad to see him back.
    All that said, I still think the Bulls should keep Watson. Hinrich is not the same guy he was three or four years ago. I think Watson proved he was a good backup to Rose. I know it would be a small back court, but I think it would be great to keep both. But that will probably not happen.
    I hope they can sign Green, though. I think they should sell him on the oportunity to advance his career. He might get a slightly biger deal someplace else, but for one year with the Bulls he could play well enough to get a big contract next year. If he played well and shows promise, he is young enough to get a good multi-year deal later. Much like Nick Young did.
    I think that if the Bulls can get Green to sign, they should hold on to Korver. Play with the three guard lineup for a while and see if green steps up his game. If he does, and Hamilton and Green can split the minutes between the two of them instead of three ways, get Korver involved in a midseason trade. I'm sure Howard will be dealt by mid season, Korver could be used as a third team peace. Maybe they get back a draft pick or something.
    Finally, I hope this means Asik is coming back. I hate the options that would be left to replace him if he didn't. Guys like Jamaal Magloire, Aaron Gray, Mohammed, Gadzuric, Diop, are all guys that I never want to see in any game. For the Bulls, they would probably have to start at some point considering that Noah will miss a game here and there.
    Anyone know if Scal is coming back?

  • "Hinrich was at one point a better defender, but I personally don't believe that's the case anymore, particularly defending quicker PGs. Hinrich's played very, very poorly the past two seasons, and he'll need to play much better in Chicago.

    My fear is that his situation in Atlanta was actually better for him than the situation in Chicago, and he played quite poorly there. In Chicago, he'll be counted on to create offense. In Atlanta, he merely needed to distribute the ball to other scorers. I don't see Hinrich as much of a shot creator at this stage of his career."

    Recap: Hinrich has played "Very, very poorly and quite poorly." Honest, immediate reaction. Forward to this post where Kirk is "a fine player. A fine, fine player." Repeat fine until you convince yourself this is true.

    If backpedaling were an olympic event, Doug would have just secured a gold medal. OK, I'm kidding somewhat. Doug has been a straight shooter and a true friend of die hard Bulls with his honest assessments including noting that blowing a lottery pick for Deng that was clearly on the table due to cheapness basically as was the refusal to amnesty Boozer. Of course Philly just cut the rope on Elton Brand's $16 Mil and their profits and attendance pale in comparison to Chicago's but that is neither here nor there(said by the voice of K.C. "if you're looking for me I'll be under Jerry's desk" Johnson).

    Doug notes even in this "retraction" post that CJ is the better three point shooter and penetrator then Kirk. And uh-hem, the better player. If not for Thibs awful late game coaching, CJ never would have been in the position without a game plan ad libbing with a series basically on the line. CJ is not a bad player, but the Bulls ineptly run offense and offensively desolate talent along with Thibs cookie cutter offenses did him no favors.

    Bottom line: while there are some Kirk supporters here, for many die hard Bulls fans this sequel of Klank Hinbrich is just one more kick in the balls to witnesses of this whole surreal abortion of a draft and subsequent player signings and movement via trades and free agency.

    Gar/Pax resigning Hinrich, you are Thee laughinstock of the league bar none. And now Teague will get no development or chance to see if he can contribute now in this pointless quest of regular season championships brought to you by "Do, YOur JOb" Thibs aka Lunkhead. Butler, even without Deng, let me assure you thibs will find a way to keep you riding pine and botch your developmet as a non-intellectual with no offensive player one on one development meaning visionless, clueless, f-ing deaf, dumb, and blind.

    Did I mention this was a great singing. Almost ranks up there with Gar/Pax sending Chuck Swirsky aka humna ball sweat rag to Chris Bosh's doorstep on midnight of free agency as their "secret weapon." Stop me from laughing sometime in the next millenium.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    sory that's human ball sweat rag menaing the Chuckster.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    meaning(jesus) sorry for typos laughing too hard at this famed Bulls horseshit

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    There is no one who has been a bigger proponent of amnestitizing bozo than me. However, the Brand and Boozer situations are simply not comparable.

    Brand is in the last year of his contract, Bozo has 3 left. If they don't amnestitize boozer this year or next(I believe that they will next summer to pay for Gibson), I am certain that they will in the summer of 2014 when Bozo will be in the exact same situation as Brand is this summer.

    That would be the level headed(mature) analysis of this particular situation.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree with your take on Boozer. They'll amnesty next summer or 2014, not much incentive to do so before then. Especially as we've seen with Joe Johnson where they might be able to trade him instead.

  • For What it is worth,

    "Steve Kyler: The Bulls will try and trade CJ Watson before they cut him loose, but will not pick up his options after Hinrich deal. Twitter"

    From a basketball perspective, the Hinrich deal does absolutely nothing for me. I am in total agreement with your entire take on the situation, especially visa a vis keeping Watson instead and using the mini MLE elsewhere.

    The problem is not Hinrich so much, but better players that we have given up pursuing as a result of signing Hinny.

    I would have greatly preferred, Lee, Camby, Brooks or a total shot in the dark, Terrence Williams. Lee and Brooks probably get more than the mini MLE, who knows. Camby is likely available for that money, but it looks like the rest of the top half(the half that will do anything to win) of the east is trying to S&T for him.

    Williams is on the crazy side, but has shown real ability in spurts. I would say that at worst he is a better version of Ronnie Brewer, an athletic physical wing with better shooting/scoring skills.

    The other problem with Hinrich is that he has been injured every year for the past 4, with 3 fairly serious injuries. Relying on Hinrich and Hamilton as 2/3rds of your backcourt rotation seems like a fairly high risk proposition, especially with Rose already out.

    Realistically, if we open training camp with the top 7 guys back plus Teague, and just swap out Watson and Brewer for Hinrich and Butler I can live with that as being reasonable given the financial straights that we were in. Sure, we could have gone crazy and made some big moves, but I guess that deep down none of us ever really thought that they would.

    The only moves left are to match Asik, and S&T's involving Korver and Watson either for future assests or players that might help right now. Glad to hear that we have until January to make a move using Korver.

  • I see what the Bulls are doing. They are waiting it out for 2014. They know Rose won't be healthy or close to his old self for another two seasons. Thats just reality.

    Also they wanna move Deng but teams are unsure of his wrist. I'm sure they will try to move him this winter at the deadline once he proves he's good to go.

    They are also waiting for Nikola.

    So many things point to 2014 it's not even funny. They will be a playoff team but not title worthy and they know it they just don't have
    the Scottie Pippen for Rose.

    Maybe they truly believe Mirotic can be a Pippen to Derrick Rose.

    Doug the Bulls are really not planning for the now anymore.

    It's the 2014 plan now.

    They need to find Rose's Scottie Pippen until then I don't think the present is worth fretting over.

    Everything now is just fodder until then.

    Think about it in two seasons the Lakers, Heat, Celtics maybe even Thunder will be facing franchise altering choices to make.

    The Bulls could be sitting pretty with Rose, Mirotic, Noah and a ton of cash with people who need work.

    It's about 2014 now.

    They are waiting for the new window now because the first one has been shut.

    Calm down before I slap you.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    I've been in favor of the 2014 plan, however, if you wanted to use the 2014 plan then you should have moved Korver + Brewer for Ben Gordon + Detroit pick.

    You should have moved Deng for a choice on draft day. You'd then basically hold Rose out for most of this year to tank this season in order to get a high draft choice this year.

    You'd then have your own high lotto pick in 2013, a likely Detroit lotto pick in 2014, Mirotic in 14, Harrison Barnes from this draft, and then the Charlotte pick coming due some time in the future plus a ton of cap room to then pick up a great veteran free agent.

    However, the Bulls didn't do any of that, and as such, now in 2014 they're going to have cap room and mirotic instead of three additional lottery picks to go with him, and the rebuild will not be effective.

    The Bulls, in essence, have not picked a lane. Even if you are in favor of the 2014 plan, trading for Howard without an extension goes in line with that. If it works out, it's better than the 2014 plan, and if not, the 2014 plan is still right there waiting for you.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I think the thing is you win with vets. I'm sure Thibs doesn't wanna bring in a bunch of kids along in the NBA I mean you can just see he's not a fan of rookies. He rarely played Butler last season. Teague will get a ton more time this season just because of the injury to Rose.

    I think they wanna add a mix of vets and established players in the 2014 free agency. I have no idea who they would target because I'm too damn lazy to look two years from now.

  • On a side note I'm starting to change my mind on the Bulls matching Houston offer for Asik. I was at first against it but if this rumor of Dwight Howard to the Nets goes down maybe you have to keep Asik around. Noah has struggles with Howard and if he's going to be in the East with Deron Williams well maybe you do match that.

  • no offense, but im not sure the thought that only casual fans like kirk and hardcore fans hate him is a correct one. More or less, i feel insulted. I like kirk so im less of a bulls fan than someone who doesnt?

  • In reply to piccolomair:

    That's why I used the word "most" and not "all". It's my simple observation, most of the people I know who never miss a Bulls game were not in favor of Kirk coming back. Most people I know who watch four or five Bulls games a year were.

    It certainly didn't fall exactly in those lines, I'm certainly not questioning your fan card if you love Hinrich. It was merely an observation based on the fans I talk with.

  • In reply to piccolomair:

    I'm not a fan of Hinrich and I was ok with the signing if you are asking me to choose between Watson or Hinrich I think I'd actually choose Hinrich I just didn't like the way Watson played last season. You wanna give Teague a vet to learn from I think Kirk is a good dude to help with that. Kirk can slide over to the two as well where I didn't feel CJ Watson and Rose ever seemed to fit together.

    But don't get me wrong I don't think Hinrich should be a starter next season at the two guard and KC Johnson had mentioned.

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