Rockets to meet with Omer Asik

The Houston Rockets will be looking to pry Omer Asik away from Chicago. The Bulls have vowed to match all offers on the third year big man.

The Bulls are protected somewhat by the Gilbert Arenas exception. Since the Bulls only have early bird rights on Asik, the most the Rockets can offer is five million in the first two years and then ramp up to the max in the final two seasons. It seems highly unlikely the Bulls would match a max offer which would pay Asik around 36-40 million depending where the max salary goes.

The Bulls may quickly have to decide whether or not they are going to pay serious money or not. If the Bulls are willing to pay big tax money down the line then it's fine to match Asik. However, if the Bulls are going to try to avoid the tax or attempt to stay under the tax apron in order to do S&Ts and have the full MLE, then matching a serious offer on Asik would be a waste.

Quite frankly, while I do think Omer is valuable, I also think the Bulls will behave in a very cost conscious way going forward. If that's the case, then Omer's not the man I'm spending my money on.

He's never going to replace Joakim Noah as he's not 100th the offensive player [and no one thinks Joakim is a stud which tells you how far away Omer is from doing anything productive]. While Bulls fans have hung C.J. out to dry for passing to a wide open Omer under the basket, no one seems to notice that wide open Omer under the basket couldn't get his shot off and score nor could he hit either of the free throw attempts.

Sure, C.J. should have known his teammates but the fact that we're scared of a guy catching a ball and dunking means he shouldn't be making huge money IMO.

Asik seems like a guy who's probably worth four years 20 million to me. However, with the Bulls having three quality big men already, it's hard to justify the money on a fourth big man if the team isn't going to go hog wild with spending. With the new rules, I expect Chicago to continue their conservative spending patterns.

The Rockets may be willing to part with one of their picks in this draft or perhaps Courtney Lee in order to acquire Asik whose value is simply higher to a team without a quality center on the roster. Given Asik is simply worth more to another team than Chicago, the Bulls might want to focus on maximizing their return for him rather than trying to keep him pigeon holed in a 15 minute a night role.

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  • I'm sorry but Asik would be gone via trade to the rockets. The Bulls could possibly get a couple players for Asik. The rockets newest draft choice, Lamb would be part of the deal with maybe Martin, Scola, or Lee included. Asik is worth at least 2 players imo. Houston is rumored to wanting to trade Scola and Lee, hopefully the Bulls will make the right decision and let Asik go via trade to bring in more offense.

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    In reply to Reese1:

    the rockets have already said their 3 draft picks arent going really think they would trade lamb,marting,scola and picks for a center with no offensive weapons? it isnt happening!! if any trade were to happen you would be looking at scola or marting o r lee or draft picks! rockets said they arent moving any of their picks in the draft from this year..only way asik will play for rockets is if they offer a contract to him and the bulls dont match it!!! i about fell out of my chair when you said you think you are getting lamb for asik!!! no way no how that is happening!!!

  • In reply to William Edna Vicari:

    Lamb could definitely be dealt, I don't know why u think it won't happen cause if the rockets wont Asik that bad, Lamb can be part of a sign and trade if that's who the Bulls want.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Reese1, I saw you on a multiplayer game of Call of Duty. Was is it really you ? I even added as friend.

    Anyway, it's sad to see that Asik won't likely be a bull next year, but I think you are overating him. He's good but he doesn't worth some like Martin or Scola. It's tottaly wrong what's you're saying. Houston would never give up Scola or Martin for Asik. Simply a dumb move.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Nope not me deewaves and as far as Asik goes and his value, a big defensive center in the NBA is hard to come by now days so Asik would definitely be worth not Scola and Martin but possibly the rockets draft pick Lamb and maybe a veteran player or a draft pick. Trust me a seven foot defensive player is like gold to some of these teams in the league so Asik would be worth it.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The Rockets have no incentive to S&T with Chicago nor does Asik. I think it will be tough to coerce them into anything.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Assuming that they actually want him, and given they have been starving for a legitimate NBA bigman since Yao fell apart, then they have plenty of reasons to do a sign and trade, foremost among them is to guarantee that the Bulls don't match and they do indeed have a starting center for next season.

    The Bulls would be fools to let Asik walk without milking it, Lowry is the only player on their roster that makes sense for the Bulls, Lowry and draft pick(s) would help salve the wound for me

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The Bulls can only take back $5 million(Asik's first year salary) in trade, so getting Scola($9.5 million, who I would only take in a trade for Bozo anyway) is out, Martin($12.5 million) is also out. Lee is an RFA, who we'ev already said no to. If we were going to trade Asik for draft picks, we should have done so before the draft, when we could control the picks. In other words, Houston has shit to trade us, which is exactly what this deal would turn out to be for us.

  • How exactly does this work? Houston makes an offer and then if the Bulls match they can subsequently trade him to Houston anyway, which is good for Asik because he gets more money/years?

    I'd probably trade Asik straight up for Lamb, plus whatever we'd have to take to make the salaries work. And I'd definitely trade Asik/Boozer for Lamb/Scola, who Houston is rumored to be shopping. Presumably Houston picked Lamb in order to work with the Bulls on an Asik deal.

    Also, why does everyone assume the Rockets can't still nab Howard? If they really want him (sans guarantee that he stays after 2012-13), I don't understand why the Magic wouldn't just trade him there. The haul they could get (some combo of Lowry, Lamb, Martin, Scola, Dalembert--which covers all five positions) destroys whatever the Nets will be able to offer. Howard is asking for a trade to Brooklyn... so what? You trade him for the best players available, especially now that he's accusing you of "blackmailing" him into signing an extension. What a dope.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    If the Bulls match they can't trade him to the Rockets for 1 year.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Ok, but we are allowed to sign-and-trade him to the Rockets? The benefits being we get something back and Omer can add a year to his contract??


  • In reply to bzoooty:

    Yes, but only before he signs an offer. Once he signs an offer sheet the Bulls only have one choice: to match or not to match.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Thanks Shakes & Doug.

    Not looking good, in terms of using him as a trade-chip.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    During the next week, the Rockets can make an offer to Asik and the parties can all work out a trade or decide what's going to happen.

    Once the moratorium is lifted, the Bulls can only match or not match once an official offer sheet is signed.

  • If its a reasonable deal like 4/20. I'll match because size and rim protectors is important but if they offer a ridiculous backloaded max for Asik. I call them up and try to get Jeremy Lamb and a draft pick for a sign and trade. We get our future starting 2guard and lose our 15 minute playing backup.....thats the key, remember Houston is offering him starters money. The Bulls have to think strategically and avoid being in a worse cap situation, especially since they dont plan on using the amnesty on Boozer for two more loooong years. Or they can match the backloaded deal and than trade Asik or Noah at next year's draft. Losing Asik for no assets will make the Bulls look like fools for not trading him when they had the chance.

  • According to KC johnson from tribune, : "Sources indicated the Rockets were mulling an offer averaging $8 million annually.". I hope that Rockets win in the bidding war against Bulls. Because honestly I think that it is just unthinkable for Bulls to spend $8 million per year for a Center that has limited offensive weapon. Not that I hate Asik, but I think that it is just not the right move to be done. Bulls should S&T Asik with Rockets for either Lamb or Lee and a draft picks. Thus freeing up a little bit of our salary cap and spend it on Brandon Roy or someone else.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Exactly, I think the same. Asik doesn't deserve all that money. If Houston is willing to pay him 8M, then let him go.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    I think Asik is worth 8 million a year to a team that needs him. I don't think the Bulls are that team. Not with Noah and Gibson. You can use two of those three guys, but the third is a luxury.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    What happened to that 3rd quality big man that you mentioned above, not sure who you were referring to, but a team does need a minimum of 3 quality big men in its rotation. Which makes retaining Asik vital, as he is the third quality big man.

    This offer sheet should be the final impetus that the Bulls need to amnestitize bozo.

  • Just like what I suspected, Jeremy Lamb will be a bait for bulls. Is asik for Lamb and Martin possible? I hope so. To avoid Luxury Tax, I hope they get veteran big or a prospect undrafted rookie. Time to build for the future. If boozer can be packaged with Asik Trade then much better. @Doug, any update on our MVP DRose?

  • In reply to StealthSniper45:

    I really, really doubt we're getting Martin for Asik, the bulls would have too tough a time swallowing his 12 million dollar deal, but I'd love a deal of Korver + Asik for Martin in a S&T. The Bulls would pay major luxury tax but would considerably improve the team.

  • Their number 12 pick for Asik? Kevin Martin? Come on. I'd absolutely fantastically faint if the Bulls could even pry away Lee for Asik. If they could get Royce White I'd probably have a heart attack. Asik isn't worth thaaat much to other teams. Houston is the only team which could give a damn and I don't think they're thinking about trading away players for him. Some people have to listening to too many local 'homer' broadcasts.

    Good point about CJ's pass to Asik, Doug. But 22% shooting in the playoffs this past postseason and 37% in two full seasons with the Bulls, CJ has to go. It's good to know that the organization has finally dropped their line that CJ is good enough to start for some teams. What a laugh. There was never any team in the league which would start him.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    CourtneyLee isn't starting quality and Omer is for a lot of teams. He is an elite defender at his position. Courtney Lee is nothing but average at anything only fools trade bigs for smalls especially ones that are nothing special.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Omer is not a starting quality center. He has absolutely NO offense and he gets winded after ten minutes of playing time.

    Who's trading big for small? Omer WOULD walk. They should have ironed out a deal two years ago for OJ Mayo.

  • I don't think there's a chance in hell we're getting Jeremy Lamb. Just more pie in the sky. Not to dis others views. If some think they might be able to get Lamb, and they do, then I'm glad you're right and I'm wrong. Courtney Lee sounds more likely. Not interested in Royce White or Terrence Jones.

  • I like Asik but I'm starting to think even the MLE is too much. He can't play anything but center, and it would be a massive roster restructure to get enough offense at other positions that we'd be happy starting him, so that means on the Bulls he's always going to be no more than a 12 minute a game backup. You can't afford to pay the MLE for that if you're trying to avoid the tax.

    The Bulls really need to think seriously about who is worth how much here and what they envisage their 8 man rotation to be in a couple of years. None of this 10 man stuff they have been doing, they're not going to be able to afford that. Players 9-10 will have to be emergency guys, not regular players. You want to go cheap on those, not be paying them MLE type money.

    So if the Rockets want to throw money at him, they can have him. Not sure the Bulls can get anything back, IMO the Rockets are just going to call the Bulls bluff: make an offer and dare the Bulls to match.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    sad scenario. is there any trade possibilities that can at least even the situation?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I tottally agree, let's not overpay another player !

  • If we can't get Jeremy Lamb or any kind of trade asset back. We match and trade Asik or Noah at next year's draft or offseason. It's not the end of the world. But we have to make sure we get something out of this defensive stud center. Of course 8 mil a year for a guy that can't shoot freethrows or catch a ball. 3 pts 4 rbs a game? Houston must be desperate or they truly value defense.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    well, some teams or GM dare to risk and gamble. While our owner and FO are people that is such a chicken shit. In this Asik case, I hope that Rockets win the bidding war. So that Reinsdorf can learn a lesson that being cheap don't bring you championship....

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    I agree with you. We need to have the right direction. Otherwise, we will be back to stone age.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    The problem is even a MLE offer to Asik probably means paying the tax this year unless they can salary dump Hamilton.

    Plus matching and hoping you can trade him later is a huge risk. If he's offered the 8 million per then his contract is going to be back loaded due to the Gilbert Arenas rule. That wont be easy to trade. If he has a bad year the Bulls could easily be stuck with him when he's earning 10 million a year the last two season of his deal.

    Sometimes you just have to know when to let a player go. It'd suck to get nothing for him, but that may be the least bad option.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I don't think the bulls will let him walk, I get the feeling the Bulls will probably look to deal Noah in the near future. As a fan, this sucks because Noah is better than Asik but Noah should be able to fetch us a scoring 2guard to pair with Rose. Sometimes your hand is forced and you have to make a move.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Try and think what 2 guard you think you could trade noah for, after you've done that, ask if it really makes sense to consider that trade.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I believe, that in this case the proper question is, are Asik and the shooting guard that you acquire for Noah worth more or less than Noah alone.

  • Just more proof Bulls are unlikely to be as good as they were for a long time. And they weren't even good enough to be a serious threat. Anyone who thinks we will be contending for anything soon needs a wake up call.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Dude nothing else on this team matters but Rose. Everyone else can be replaced. For me personally I think the only thing that matters now is finding Rose a partner in crime. A Pippen. But easier said than done.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Yep, the only untouchable on this team is Rose. In my mind, we should all we can to trade Noah/Deng for a star. Bulls team need another pure scorer no matters the position !!

  • In reply to deewaves:

    For sure they need to make a major move and pair Rose with a super star and anyone save Rose should be on the table. Even if u have to overpay to do so since role players can be replaced. That said Bulls are not going in that direction they seem to be delusional about thinking they can do something with the current core. The same core that was outplayed by the second string repeatedly over the past two seasons. Except Rose of course.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Agree with u 200% chad. Bulls management are overvaluing their players and will be stuck with one dementional players that can't score for a very long time. I'm actually starting to miss Jerry Krause, that's just how bad the Bulls so called GM's are cause Krause did know how to judge players by not overvaluing them.

  • I like Asik, he is good but he doesn't worth 8 millions a year. I know Jerry Reinsdorf must be less cheap, but that doesn't mean he should spend his money on anyone. As bulls GM, I wouldn't match that offer. It's called overpaying a player. Let him go, use that money to sign a good guard and then get someone like Ian Mahinni at low price.

  • The Bulls are so f-ckd up it's beyond belief except we already know it.

    Now Portland is offering a Max contract for Roy Hibbert. While the Pacers you would think there's no way they'll match that, still if out of pride or a message being sent and they did match, then Portland is said they'll "go hard"(Joel Brigham Hoopsworld) after one Omer Asik. So if Houston doesn't get him, Portland will be glad to take him off our hands. Nice.

    To think we could have gotten a decent piece as in a SG in Courtney Lee(nearly four three attempts per game on .401 shooting, .433 overall on 11 ppgwith a steal per game and a solid defender and a reasonable price with the new economic landscape) for Omer, and now we'll get...(wait for it).. Nothing! Yeah, way to go Gar/Pax, your over valuing, disengenuous "negotiating" finally has payed off. Well plaid. Douchebags.

    Of course they might still get Lee in a face saving sign and trade, but I doubt it. Why should Houston? Unless we throw in another sweetner ourselves which we wouldn't have had to in the first place. Plus Lee would have been another decent trading chip to add in another more substantial deal. Too much.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Courtney Lee at "a reasonable price"- What?

    He's a RFA, just like Omer. Which means he doesn't currently have a price.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Not only that, which I mentioned above, since when is a .433 shooter a great fit at " shooting" guard.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Courtney Lee is a better player then CJ, Ronnie, Bogans etc. who Gar/Pax stuck us with. He shoots 40% from three on nearly four threes a game. 40%. Yes, that's good shooting. He's young as in not infirmed as with the 'Anwser' i.e Rip Arthritis Formula Hamilton.

    It's called getting something for a 14 minutes a game no offense second round pick instead of Nothing. Do you get that you old crank?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Sorry to disagree with you, your highness.

    How could anyone argue that . 433 shooting isn't the mark of a great shooter.

    If you want to find out just how old I am, I will gladly kick your name calling pansy ass anytime, anywhere you want it.

    Having read your BS for all these years, something tells me you are not exactly joe don stud, and kind of like Toby Keith, I am sure that I've still got enough left to handle a "man" like you.

    You like to consider yourself, some kind of intellectual, yet you immediately resort to adhominem attacks when someone disagrees with even a marginal point. Yet you go on a crying game rant, when someone does the same to you. Grow up, and stop being a fucking hypocrite.

    If you want respect, you have to earn it, by giving it first.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    The reasonable price was referring to when the Bulls balked at Hosuton's offer last year of Courtney Lee for Omer. Now they will likely get nothing. That's the over valuing. Jesus.

    Hilarious, hilarious, really? How old are you again? You said you weren't going to post here anymore from mom's basement after you lambasted posters here as they "we'ren't qualified" to make judgements about the Bulls.

    Of course a pathetico like yourself had to come back. Bullsville aka Dullsville equals deluded hump.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    So two teams offering Omer big bucks is proof of the Bulls over valuing players?

  • In reply to ajrs:

    ajrs, that's hilarious. If anything, wouldn't teams throwing big money at Asik show that he's worth MORE than a bench player on a non-playoff team?

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    agree completely. apologize if sarcasm did not come through.

  • In reply to ajrs:

    No, I got your sarcasm 100% and agree wholeheartedly, sorry if my sarcasm didn't come through.

    I just don't understand the logic of dumping Asik for a guy who is a RFA this summer, just like Omer. And then claiming we'd have Lee at a "reasonable price" when he isn't even under contract.

    I have no doubt that the Bulls could win the next 8 NBA titles and there would still be people bitching about the front office.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    They wouldn't have won a single championship if not for Michael Jordan. Not every franchise has the chance to draft the GOAT. Derrick was 1.7% chance and the Bulls were a borderline/mostly not .500 team without him. What genius moves have they made exactly? All hail Boozer!

  • In reply to Hunter:

    And you can take out "Michael Jordan" and put in "Dwyane Wade", "Tim Duncan", "Larry Bird", "Magic Johnson", "Kobe Bryant"... yes, it takes some luck to win a title.

    Genius moves? Teams are throwing money at Asik, he was a 2nd round pick. People are already talking about losing Gibson, bottom of the first round pick.

    Eddy Curry for 2 lottery picks? Noah and Tyrus (who they stole a 1st rounder for when they traded him)?

    Really? GENIUS!!!

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    "I get your saracasm, uhuh, uhuh(said on Goffy voice).

    The reasonable price was Omer for Courtney Lee which Houston offered before we got Hamitlon. Lee who is well better then CJ, Bogans , Ronnie etc. etc. i.e the stiffs Gar/Pax they staffed us with. Lee whose young and not infirmed like Rip(off Hamilton).

    Everyone(i.e not you and ajrs, is that an air born disease?) with a brain is pissed at the Bulls front office for doing nothing with this draft and crying they are handcuffed by Boozer's contract when Boozer's amnesty would cost only $5 Mil a year over seven years to open up $15 Million in cap space and allow the Bulls to revamp a weak offense. Doug himself lamented Jerry Reinsdorf going on the cheap once again after the mega profits, and essentially dismantling the team over $5 Mil a a year to fill the roster with vet minimum stiffs. Get a clue stiff.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    sorry, (said in a Goofy voice - as in dork).

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    because, RW, off his meds again, said so, and if you don't agree with, he will call you, and apparently everybody else on this site tonight names.

  • In reply to ajrs:

    Who the hell are you again? The Bulls are likely losing Omer Asik for Nothing. Do you get that you smarmy idiot?

    The over valuing was the trade talk before we got Hamilton when Houston wanted Omer and we rejected Courtney Lee. People were specualting about getting something for Omer now, and I said it was unlikely due to "why should Houston." Learn how to read and think spaz.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Obviously, you are off your meds, again. What is it that they give people like you, Lithium, at a minimum, I believe,

  • I been following for a while and first time commenting, this is off topic but I was wondering should the bulls take a good look at VCU's Bradford Burgess 6'6 shooting guard undrafted free agent. Shoots 40% from 3, can create off dribble and defend. The senior was their glue guy and very unselfish.

  • This entire situation should have been avoided by making better decisions with the CBA. I think that players that are drafted by a team, or acquired on their rookie/first contract, should count differently against the luxury tax threshold. That way if a team drafts well, they can choose to pay their players, without the need to pay the luxury tax.

    Supposed you got up to a 15% discount for those players. The stipulation would be that you could not use the discount to go under the salary ceiling, but it would prevent you from hitting the luxury tax. Maybe you get creative with the total discout dollar amount and remove the option to use the MLE in those casesSo for teams that have the extra money AND draft well they would see a huge benefit. That would put the onus on the team to scout well to try to save money.
    Teams that have done that like OKC and the Bulls would at least be able to keep the talent that they DRAFTED. I don't like the idea of talent being unecessarily spread throughout the league.

  • I said it a few months ago some non-playoff team desperate for interior defense was going to throw 8-9 million at Asik. Some people were like nooo, he'll get mle type money. Gibson is also an elite defender and shotblocker who will also get 8-9 million. The Bulls better not sit on money and start investing. Probably trade Gibson at the deadline unless they get rid of the stupid idea of keeping Boozer for another two years......stupid idea. they should amnesty him next year and sign Gibson who would pair nice when Mirotic finally comes here. With this Asik situation, they can match but they can't hold on to him too long or he'll lose value. They should look to trade him at the deadline or draft like the Denver Nuggets did with Nene.

  • So teams are lining up to pay Asik, at least $ 8 million per, but we should be thrilled to trade him for a career scrub, or an overpaid volume shooter on his way down. Will Ben Gordon fans ever learn anything about how the game is played and won, this is not the Rucker league, where JLIII scored 60 points last summer, in a losing cause.

    It is almost comical listening to the get rid of Asik contingent. The single biggest difference between street ball at any and every level and organized basketball at any and every level is defense and rebounding, and that starts with protecting the rim, usually done by the biggest guy on the court.

    When the talent level is even remotely balanced, defense is always the deciding factor, just ask OKC (and all 6(5) of the teams that the Jordan Bulls beat for the title) why they didn't stand a chance against Miami(Chicago). OKC was simply too immature basketball wise to even have a clue about how to play championship caliber defense.

    With only one backloaded year, this is a borderline no brainer. 2 would have been problematical. The Bulls should match on Asik, enjoy the first 2 years on the cheap, and deal with the consequences of the 3rd year(when Deng expires and Boozer will certainly have been amnestitized) in the summer of 2014 or at the previous trade deadline.

    Unless Houston offers multiple major and cheap assets in an S&T, like Kyle Lowry and 2 recent draft picks. Kyle Lowry is the only veteran on the Houston roster that makes any sense for the Bulls. You either win the trade in a BigWay or you match the deal, it is really quite elemental my dear Watson.

    Unfortunately, this offseason seems more like a looming disaster than an opportunity for the Bulls to compete.

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