Draft profiles: Meyers Leonard, 7'1, 240 lbs, C, Illinois

Draft profiles: Meyers Leonard, 7'1, 240 lbs, C, Illinois

Meyers is one of the most puzzling, if not the most puzzling prospect in this draft.  Myers stands over seven feet tall with a high level of skills and athletic abilities but needs to prove he can play consistently and reach his potential.

Athletic Ability

Athletically, for a seven footer, he's off-the-charts.   He is very mobile with both feet in the post, above average lateral quickness, and runs like a deer in the open court.  He throws down dramatic dunks to display his vertical ability and simply honing his athletic skills should get him six points a game in the NBA.


Obviously, he has the height and while a little skinny, he is solidly developed for a center prospect at age 20.  He shows solid muscle development just needs to develop his upper half.  His leg base is quite developed already which is pivotal in defending the low post.

Off-Court Issues

On the court, Meyers gets too frustrated too easily.   Off the court, he is a model citizen that has been through a lot.  His mother has a major physical disability, dad died due to circumstances, brother is overseas serving Armed Services, and they have lived very poorly.   He seems to possess great maturity off the court.

Basketball IQ and want it factor

This year, Illinois was as dysfunctional as any team (including UCONN).  He was severely misused in Bruce Weber’s motion offense.  At the end of their season, Illinois was blowing it to a Nebraska team and Meyer’s was crying before the game was over.  Many fans would question if he was soft, but after witnessing how dysfunctional this team was, many would state this as frustration that boiled over.  Meyers is known as a player that puts everything into what he has and sometimes his emotions get the best of him.

Even though he possesses this and wants to win, I don’t know if he fully knows always what to do to win right now.   While he can be very physical, sometimes he would not fight for low post position. I don’t know if it was frustration with a lack of touches even when fighting for it, or if he simply didn't want to extend the effort.

In this instance, all the interviews for each team thinking about drafting him are pivotal.  Also, because he is a great shooter for his size, sometimes he would drift a little too far out for the jumper; this got better as the season went along so I feel there is room for hope.  The Illini team really went into destruction when Brandon Paul scores 43 points against Ohio State (ironically).  The team became dysfunctional as it seemed Brandon Paul tried to become the go-to-scorer, when really they should have worked as inside-out (Thibs reference here).

For basketball IQ, even though Meyers is very raw, he does show a good understanding of the game.  Defensively, he usually goes straight up for blocks and at his size, that should continue at the next level as he has the frame to add a little more weight (I would not add too much as that might slow down his athleticism down).   Offensively, he shows decent footwork with either foot, shows a variety of post moves, and passes very well out of the post.   However at times he struggles to put everything together to make the right decision.


Overall, Meyers has a high skill level.  He can shoot efficiently from mid-range, already developed solid post moves already developed, and plays well in transition.

In the post, Meyers' main go-to-move is using his right hand jump hook over his left shoulder.  Occasionally, he shows a left hook to counter his right hook.  Also, as the season went along, he showed a turn-around, fade-away jumper turning back to right (similar to Kevin Garnett).  Very occasionally, he would do a fade-away over his left shoulder but did not look very comfortable in doing so.  One of Meyers better strengths is passing out of the double team.  While I don’t know if he ever will consistently be double-teamed in the NBA, it is a bonus to know that he shows great court vision.

His best transferable skill in the NBA besides the ability to run the floor, is the ability to pick-and-pop at the center position.  He sets hard screens (a nice bonus) and shows a very nice jumper out to about 18 feet.   If the opposing center comes up to high, he has the athletic ability to slide the pick and roll to the basket and finish.  Vertically, he is explosive at the center position.

Stating all this, Meyers, while very skilled, he is very raw at the same time.  While he shows great understanding in some instances, he needs to know when to stay in the low post, when to pick-and-pop, and when to use what moves in the post.  He is very mechanical still and while he started to fight more as the season went along in the low-post, he should have done so more.   It will take Meyers a little time to develop a post game against NBA Physical Centers.

Defensively, Meyers improved dramatically.  He shows great lateral quickness and should be an asset in this game once he learns to hedge the screen, or occasionally show the ability to pick up the offensive player/creator (similar to a Joakim Noah guarding a Lebron for short spurts in the game).   He has learned to go straight up more when going for a block.

However, he is still somewhat raw defensively.  Too many times, he blocks shots sending them out of play instead of trying to re-direct them in play.  Also, while getting better defending the low-post, he still gets pushed too easily for position.  Against fellow draft prospect, Andrew Nicholson in December, Andrew got low-post position quite a few times against Meyers.  Stating this, Meyers did get better as the season went along and especially showing true when playing against players such as Jared Sullinger, he will need to get much tougher in this aspect.  He does need to rebound more consistently too.


Meyers would have been better off staying another year in school and becoming a top 3 pick in next year’s weak draft class, but situations propelled him to enter this year.  Overall, I really like Meyers as a prospect and think he will at least be serviceable in the NBA.  In the NBA today, Ronny Turiaf has been starting for the Heat, DeAndre Jordan has developed a shot-blocking identity, and Kwame Brown made a living in the NBA.  I don’t see why Meyers can’t be at least someone that develops some niche in the NBA.

He has the skillset of a Brooke Lopez (not as quite developed offensively and I don’t know if he ever will but better defensively and not quite as soft) with more athleticism (athletic similar to Javelle McGee, but not quite as fluid), but a lot of rawness and gets frustrated too easily.   To me, it is about placement with Meyers and how he is developed.

If I was a team that drafts him, I would be pooling all my resources to get him developed as he is a top 5 talent in this draft (not top 5 in readiness to play, but potential with size being considered).  Meyers is a prospect that is very good at many skills, but has never been great at any one.  In my opinion, the team that drafts him should focus on honing his defensive skills and running the court first and then developing his offensive game as he goes along.  I don’t want him to focus too much on the whole game at first because I feel that will actually slow down what he can really be.  Let him gain confidence in something as I feel he gets overwhelmed at times.

While he still a ways to go develop, as a NBA GM, I can’t imagine taking a good, but not great talent over this Meyers Leonard when lottery teams need to get star-type potential on their teams.  I am not talking top 4 pick due to his rawness and on-court immaturity, but once it gets down between choosing the Jared Sullingers, Terrence Jones, Perry Jones III, and Tyler Zellers of the world, Leonard comes into the picture.

While they might be good players in their own rights, they don’t have the near star impact that Meyers Leonard has and those teams need game changers.   On athletic ability and size alone, Meyers should at least be a serviceable big man at the next level unless he gets into real trouble.  While I feel comfortable stating that a player such as Jared Sullinger has a better chance to reach his potential, I feel Meyers has the opportunity to be a more complete player at a more game-changing position and will not be a liability on defense.   Even though there are certain concerns with Meyers, I don’t think they are concerning enough to state he will not play in the NBA.

In general, he's one of the more puzzling prospects and people will either say he will be a bust because of attitude or he has so much attitude.  Even with scouts, it is known that some are very high on him and others are totally off the board with him.  Which is one of the reasons he will slide to late teens or be drafted earlier than thought.  I personally think one team will see his potential and draft him in the top 10.

With a dearth of NBA centers, Myers should hang in the NBA for quite some time even if he takes awhile to put things together.  Meyers would do well on a team with some pieces and possible mentors such as the Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, 76ers, or Dallas Mavericks.  I don’t think he would do well in a situation such as Toronto or Golden State (even if the up-tempo speed caters to Meyers and is less pressure right away).

How does he fit with the Bulls?

First off, the Bulls will not get him at pick 29.  I feel that when workouts start to develop (this will be pivotal in terms of where he is drafted), numerous scouts/general managers are going to fall in love with his athletic tools (I think he can sneak into the top 10 picks with his talent; I think he will go between picks 9-14).  There are only a very few elite centers that have his skill level and athletic ability.   I can also imagine some team management leery of taking on Meyers due to some of his rawness.

In my opinion, I just feel that the Bulls need definite playmakers to be consistently good.  I think they need a second scorer and I don’t think anyone else on this team can be that.  I do not know if Leonard is a second scorer, but I do feel that he is a good player on both ends and can be a definite double-double guy.  As much as I like what Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng have done for us, I feel we need more impact game changers.  I am talking very selective risks.  I just don’t feel we will win a championship with Carlos in two years when Derrick Rose is fully healthy.

I feel that Meyers can make an impact at least defensively alone that will be game-changing (similar to what Javelle McGee and DeAndre Jordan did this year).   If there is a way we can trade up to get him as a player, I would be very tempted.  I would not draft him over a player such as Jeremy Lamb if both are available, but I would take him over other players the Bulls might be interested in late lottery such as Austin Rivers, Terrence Ross, etc…


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  • Is Leonard a better prospect coming out than BJ Mullens was.

    Right now, who you got, Asik or Leonard.

    for that matter Asik or any one of the 3 7 footers in this draft, the others being Melo and Zellar.

  • BigWay,

    Meyers is much, much more athletic than B.J. Mullens and has a more consistent outside shot. He will at least be a better defender.

    It is hard to say between Asik/Leonard depending on what the Bulls do. If you are saying potential, than Meyers because he has many more athletic skills and can actually catch the ball.

    If the Bulls stick with Noah, then they need to get cheaper and Meyers would be much cheaper. If the Bulls trade Noah, then Asik is a much better piece with Coach Thibs and especially because Asik is an elite defender at Center position. Meyers will take some time, but his potential is much better (just not quite as good defensively).

    Supposedly he has beefed up to around 250 lbs. now.

  • If the bulls can move up to draft him, which center does that mean we're going to move? Noah for a 2 guard? Or let Asik walk? Would it be possible to get a few teams into a bidding war over Asik, resign him, and then trade him to the other team?

  • In reply to bpmueller:

    Honestly, a lot depends on what they are planning to do - I don't have the Bulls insight. I personally believe that they need to rebuild and get more impact players both ways. Unless you are getting a D. Howard or impact like that, I feel you can trade Deng to get into top 10 and if you can draft a Jeremy Lamb you do it. I like Meyers Leonard more than others because while I wonder if he will reach full potential, I think he can at least provide some defense, hustle points and some offense.

    Eventually, we will need to part ways with one of Noah/Asik - we just need too in my opinion unless Jerry is wanting to spend tax all the time. With Meyers, you can actually play Noah at the 4 because Meyers can at least shoot a mid-range jumper to space the offense enough and can provide defense. Even though Meyers is really athletic, I don't think either he or Asik have the fluid movement to play Defense at the 4 for more than 2 minutes. However, I do think Meyers can provide something. I have him in my top 7 in terms of pure prospects.

  • I feel he's going to be gone by 29 also. I can see a bunch of teams taking him early - Miami, Orlando, Boston, Houston, or maybe even Dallas. This draft isn't really that deep on big guys. Imo, this is the draft the Bulls should go after a shooting guard. A lot of quality guys at that position. I watched the Illinois/Indiana game and Cody Zeller just dominated Meyers, but I wouldn't be mad if the Bulls moved up to grab him in an Asik deal. Spencer Hawes 2.0?

  • In reply to ManOnNeptune:

    First off, Cody Zeller did not really dominate Meyers unless you wanted Meyers to foul out within 5 minutes of the game. Meyers had 17 points against Zeller's 22 and the game was at Indiana - when not in foul trouble, it was actually Meyers having the better scoring load. - you have to look at more than just 1 game at determining things too. Indiana did not play at Illinois this year - and that game the free throw disparity while small was 42 to 15; is Indiana that much more aggressive? Cody Zeller did show nice promise - don't think he is a Center at the Pro Level, but is a Power Forward.

    He is nothing like Spencer Hawes at all. He is athletic and has more muscle on him. Meyers is raw though and will need time to develop.

  • To trade up to Meyers Leonard(right now projected 15-20 range) hmm?? I've heard a lot of comments about how valuable Omer and Taj are when it comes to trades with other teams. If that's true(and I'm not saying it isn't), then the Bulls have options and choices to to make.

    Most people agree the Bulls need a dynamic scorer(preferably at the SG or wing position to compliment Derrick). Needing a scorer out of this draft could be right place, right time. The 2012 NBA Draft is deep in talent. Not only talent from this year's freshman class, but with really two years worth rolled into one due to the "two and dones" avoiding the CBA uncertainty the 2011/12 season.

    The draft is also a prime trading time for players through a package of picks, players, and contracts. So what do you do to get that player or move up to that pick or prospect you have targeted?
    What about Lu? Deng's value if healthy I think to many franchises would actually be fairly high, but does his current injury, and him possibly missing a good chunk of next season while getting paid $13 Mil lower that? Especially in this new DeathTax world? Though the following year he's a valuable expiring.

    For those reasons, I have doubts as to whether Deng is as tradeable or valuable as some people think. However, if you add a sweetner then maybe he get's you a scorer, maybe soemone who can drive to the basket and create his own shot or is an actual post scorer. I proposed Deng and Asik for say a Tyreke Evans, and some thought Deng or Asik alone should get the job done. Evans is just an example of what we need. Personally, most of the Chauncey Billups type of steals or picks ups are done taking risks on a player with potential they have shown but have clouded with inconsistency.

    Tyreke after a down year, was back to shooting 45% on 17ppg with very good numbers in rebounds and assists. Two years of 77% FT's bodes well for eventual improvement shooting and threes. It doesn't have to be Evans, but the idea of taking a chance on potential is the point. Do you accuse your team of over valuing, and not making these type of moves, or do you say, "Honestly, I myself, am not into taking risks?"

    My point is, if you are willing to part with two solid players you might be able to consolidate those into a difference making player you need for Derrick, someone on the cusp.

    If not that scenario, then is anybody willing to part with Omer or Taj for a move up in the deeply talented draft? I've heard a lot of people say no. If yes, how far up would you have to get for Omer? Taj?

    I don't think there's been much clarity on this. I wish Doug would basically spell out how high a pick it would take to trade Omer and correspondingly Taj. Or what would he throw together in the way of the infamous Charlotte pick, the taboo, untouchable Mirotic etc.?

    Getting back to Leonard, he has huge potential, but I see too many question marks and not enough answers. IMO there are just better options out there in a trade up of guys with as much promise and more proof via performance. I'd take Arnett Moultrie over Meyers Leonard. Same goes for Andrew Nicholson.

    Personally, and I wish others would make the effort(or have the guts - semi kidding) to be more direct and spell out their parameters of who they would involve in a trade up, and how far up or at what spot would suffice such a move. At 15 for Moultrie, Taj or Omer are gone. Niether are scorers, and we need one. In fact more then one. Honestly it would hurt to trade either guy. Taj is a gamer, and Omer is a likable character also who plays some mean D most of the time. But teams are built on cashing in chips.

    If we won't trade these guys, then IMO I don't see us moving up. Doug said something about moving up for options as in C.J., Roniie, and Kyles contracts..? If I heard him right again I'm not a contract CBA guy. So IMO it's Noah if we can get to No. 7-8, and Jeremy Lamb or Bradley Beal, Omer(preferred as his 43% FT shooting in a Finals or ECF could kill us or render him useless) or Taj for 14-15, and a chance at a scorer in Moultrie or also in that range possibly Moe Harkless(a year or two away, but I think he's going to be an explosive offensive player). Or finally, trade up to early 20's, for two picks hopefully with this deep pool, and take Andrew Nicholson and second choice(Doron Lamb, Jeff Taylor).

    I think it's fair to say almost no one expects a controlling Jerry R.'s conservative Bulls franchise (Gar/Pax) to be empowered to make these kinds of dynamic moves. Nor will they amnsety Boozer which should and would precipitate this kind of bold action honestly. If Doug's right that after the bidding and acquiring of Boozer, the Bulls would over what seven years pay only $3.5 Mil or so a year to him anyway? Or even $5 MIl. Compared to the heaps of cash Jerry has thrown out the window on his "hobby" which is baseball in the name of the Chicago White Sox? Come on.

    Honestly, I'd be shocked at amnesty let alone any dynamic moves being made. And if so, I'm not convinced they will get the right guy. Tyrus, J.J., even Taj, Jo, and Omer none of them are offensive talents. They have not shown that ability for some time if you want to include B.G. and Deng. And if the picks they have chosen are valuable then some of them should be cashed in for the offensive scorer we need desperately.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I really don't care for Tyreke unless the Kings are parting with their number 5 pick.

    I understand your concerns about Meyers, but Meyers plays at a much more impactful position than Moultrie/Nicholson.

    However, again, Meyers is one of the more boom/bust prospects in this draft. I am just very high on him.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Leonard just didn't make my short list of guys who I can seriously give a good look with my limited time. It's pretty obvious he's athletically gifted. And he's obviously skilled though unrefined. Tantalizing gits in a legit big yes. But I have serious doubts about him otherwise. I did see him play a few times. He looked good in the Maryland game. Illinois and Webber used him horribly. After he(Webber) threw them under the bus that was pretty much the end of their season. In the Nebraska game you referred to the team just gave up.

    Tyreke is partly just an example like I said. I really haven't followed him that much since the draft. I've seen him play(like when he torched the Bulls under Vinny for a laughable "comeback"). Talent wise with the numbers he's put up in the NBA, and his solid free throw average at 77% twice in three years, I would take a chance on him for the right price.

    I will say when being interviewed after Westphal was fired, he seemed like a classy, good natured guy as he took the high road, and seemed to mean what he said. However, as far as presence and smarts such as with the Chauncey example I did not sense that with Tyreke. The guy many people wanted was Eric Gordon if he could get a clean bill of health on his knee. But now with Davis they have no need for Joakim.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I don't dislike Tyreke at all, but I just feel he is a poor mix with Derrick in the long run. I think we need a second ball-handler, but one that has enough of an outside shot. Since Tyreke is mainly about getting into the lane, I feel that he is a poor mix.

    As for your comments below, I like Andrew Nicholson, but not for the Bulls for numerous reasons. We will either have Taj or Boozer at the 4 next year and then Mirotic coming in the following year. If we are planning to get rid of both by 2013-14, then Nicholson is fine. I just don't know if I see him playing any with Thibs and the way we are set up. If things change and say we get a Jeremy Lamb and somehow keep our 29th pick and we need a PF - then I like Nicholson a lot. I just don't feel he is good enough to overtake either Taj/Mirotic. Moultrie while a good rebounder also has a questionable motor at the PF spot. His game is similar to Taj, but Taj never had a questionable motor.

    I understand about the concerns about Meyers; I get that - he is still somewhat raw and gets too frustrated too easily. However, he has such freak athletic skills and is not basketball IQ dumb at all; just raw at one position that you can get by just by being tall/athletic. His athletic ability alone could mask some weaknesses. Other players can be athletic at the PF/SF/SG positions but have no skill or heart and cannnot get away with it. He could be a bust, but with his talent, skill, IQ, I just feel at worst, he should be adequate.

    I do understand your concerns and feel that your a very good poster with a great understanding of the game.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    We seem to be spending a lot of time talking about 4's and 5's, which(OTR) is already the strength of the team.

    This seems counter productive, but also illustrates the relative over value that talent at those positions commands.

    It seems silly to me to undervalue the guys we have who have already proven that they can play in the league, then over value the guys in the draft who at this point are all a crapshoot to make it in the league.

    This is why I keep saying that both Taj and Asik are more valuable than a pick in the teens or 20's

    I did see clip of Moultrie in a shoot around, he didn't miss a single shot. Not the same as doing it in a game, but impressive never the less.

    Moultrie looks like one of those guys who is going to rise up the board based on his inidvidual workouts, so he is likely a lottery pick.

    I agree with Kevin that with Mirotic coming in 2 years we don't have a long term need for a bigman even after we dump boozer, assuming we keep both Taj and Asik.

    Big guys are always sexy to talk about, simply because there are so few good ones.

    To me our #1 need is a legitimate second scorer, who can also but the ball on the floor, penetrate the lane and break down a defense off the dribble. We need more than just a spot up shooting specialist.

    The question is, who is the best combination scorer penetrator available in this draft.

  • In reply to BigWay:


    I personally believe we need to discuss all prospects since we have like 25 more days to draft. Since I usually post about 1 every 1 to 2 days, I will be covering many wings and bigs - players such as Tyshawn Taylor, John Jenkins, Dion Waiters, Arnett Moultrie, Orlando Johnson, etc...

    As for question below, I will let Doug know. However, with Taj & Luol, you could probably start with pick 6 or 7 and work your way down. I don't think you can get much for Asik since he is a restricted FA.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You posted, "This is why I keep saying that both Taj and Asik are more valuable than a pick in the teens or 20's."

    I absolutely agree. If the Bulls want or need to move these guys, they are excellent pieces in a trade for a SG.

    "To me our #1 need is a legitimate second scorer, who can also but the ball on the floor, penetrate the lane and break down a defense off the dribble. We need more than just a spot up shooting specialist."

    Dead on. Most of the posters here have known that for at least 2 years. The FO of the Bulls needs to pull the trigger to get one! Deron Williams would be perfect, if he would come.

    It usually takes a couple of years for a draft pick to begin to have an impact. So how about this: Give Deng, Asik, Hamilton, and the Charlotte pick in an S&T for Deron Williams? Convince Williams to sign for 3 years, telling him the Bulls are going after D Howard.

    Next trade Noah, pieces, and Mirotic for Howard. The salaries should work. If they keep Boozer, the Bulls are into the cap, but they will probably be NBA champs. Williams could feed Boozer like he did in Utah, and both Rose and Williams would feed Howard. They would have outstanding defense and offense.

    Actually, if Rose came back healthy in time for the playoffs, the Bulls would have a good shot at winning it all even without Howard. They would have both Noah and Taj up front, maybe with Butler. But it would be great to get the third scorer.

    Or they could amnesty Boozer and avoid the cap in this scenario. The FO needs agressive creativity! Now!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I too would like to see Doug devote an entire post or more to speculating on what the best draft pick that we can obtain for Deng, for Taj, and for Asik.

    Personally, I would like us to start with the Bobcats at #2 and work our way down the list with Deng as bait.

    For instance someone suggested Deng to the Hornets for Ariza and the #10 pick in todays Sam Smith column. He actually thought that was a reasonable trade, which would mean that Deng is worth more than just the 10th pick.

    If the Hornets were game, I would do that deal, (although Ariza does make $22 million over the next 3 years, vs Deng's $28 over the next 2 years), then take Austin Rivers or Terrance Ross with the 10th pick.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I like that trade proposal with the Hornets for both sides. They get a solid veteran to lead their young core and we get an offense minded combo guard who can play alongside Rose. The Bulls should definitely target Austin Rivers. The Golden State warriors want to deal for a small forward with names like Iguodala and Deng mentioned, the new ownership badly wants to make it to the playoffs. They have the 7th pick.

  • I sure wish I could have watched St. Bonaventure and Nicholson play. After J.J., I said I would never pick someone whom I hadn't seen play(aside from highlights which are obviously beyond inadequate but still) regardless of stats or scouting. But this guy, if you're not high on him, I'm not going to try and sell you on him. Unless you want to hear my reasons. I know I'm just an amature, but usually with real interest comes some kind of ability. I did pick Taj and actually had Thornton at J.J.'s pick despite him being labelled and picked as a second rounder. I liked Maynor also, but he was another "blind pick" as I had to go mostly by stats and scouting and limited highlights of course. Reggie Jackson I also liked a lot, but so far he hasn't squeezed into their(OKC) contending, talented guard rotation. And JuJuan Johnson I liked as well. I was wrong on Dominique Jones and possibly Ekpe Udoh.

  • Most of the mock drafts have the Bulls taking some kind of perimeter player with the name John Jenkins the most popular. I can easily see the Bulls looking for a defensive big in the late first round since thats where you usually get value. For whatever reason, defense and rebounding translate to the NBA easier then college scoring. As for Leonard, he's big and athletic but I do question his motor....sometimes he's got energy and other times he seems out of it. I probably go with Tyler Zeller if I'm targeting a a center.

  • I haven't heard to much talk about it but what about drafting a PG? Marshall, Teague, and Wooten (I think that's his name) are all interesting to me. I think the bulls could move up for Marshall or Teague if they trade their pick with Korver to get into the 15-20 range. A team like the 76'ers could be very interested in Korver's three point shooting. I don't know if it's the best thing to do but it worked out very well for the Hornets when they had Collinson to back up Chris Paul. He played very well for them and then was great for a trade.

  • I understand what you are saying and I am all about just drafting best player honestly. I am not high on Wroten as covered in another article. Teague is intriguing. Marshall should be solid, but if we trade up, I would rather go for someone else.

  • Hey Kevin, do you plan on doing a profile on Marquis Teague? He was one of the more highly touted guards coming out of HS and I think he didn't get to show off his potential at UK due to them having a dearth of talent. If he really projects to be a mid/late 1st rounder, I'd love to trade up for him just simply based on value. He'd also be a great stop gap at PG while Derrick recovers, especially since he's a similar style to Derrick.

  • In reply to HINrichPolice:

    Yeah man, you will see one on him, Orlando Johnson, Moe Harkless, pretty much anyone that is considered mid-first from mid-2nd that I have not yet. Thank you for your suggestion. He will be a good player at the next level.

  • I think that big men are more valuable than guards are even if there's not a need for them because you can always use one as a trading chip in deals. And if you're going to draft a G/F, then it makes sense to draft or deal for one with great length & athleticism to be able to bother the Kobe's, LeBron's, & Kevin Durant's of the league nowadays. With that being said, Kevin, I'd like to be informed of your true in-depth analysis about the prospects of Quincy Miller & Terrence Jones meshing in with this current bulls team

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