Draft profiles: Jared Cunningham, 6'4, 200 lbs, SG, Oregon State

Draft profiles: Jared Cunningham, 6'4, 200 lbs, SG, Oregon State

Coming into the draft, Cunningham might be the most under-rated, athletic freak shooting guard prospect around.  He's one of those players that probably sneaks into the late first round due to his explosiveness and potential while still needing considerable development.

Athletic Ability

Athletically, Cunningham is very explosive for a combo guard.  He's excellent both laterally and with his front-line speed.  He has an explosive first step and great vertical.  Stepping on the court, he'll be in the upper tier athletically relative to the other shooting guards in the NBA.


Size-wise, Cunningham is slightly undersized at 6’3/6’4 for the shooting guard position.  While he is still somewhat lean, he has the frame to add some weight.   Even though he is slightly under-sized, he has a solid wing-span and his athleticism masks those concerns.

Off-Court Issues

There are no real concerns with Jared.

Basketball IQ and want it factor

Cunningham is a very hard-nose player and is very aggressive.  He does not back down and is a very strong defender.   He does whatever it takes to win despite playing for a mediocre Oregon State team.

Even though, Cunningham is raw in terms of developed skill, he has a solid understanding of the game.  He had few other scorers on his team this year, and he had to shoulder more of the ball-handling/ point guard responsibilities despite being their best scorer.  Cunningham moves without the ball well and has solid form on his jumper.  While not a natural creator, he does find the open player and distributes the ball well.


Skill-wise, Cunningham offers some decent all-around skills, he has room to grow in all of them.  Cunningham possesses a very quick first step offensively, has solid shooting form and shoots well when spotting up. He understands the game, shows solid ball-handling, and moves the ball well for a two.

Defensively, Cunningham should be a positive at the next level.  Averaging an amazing 2.5 steals at the college level last year, he is tenacious in getting into the opponent.  While slightly under-sized, Cunningham possesses athletically ability and desires similar to an Avery Bradley.  He understands how to position his opponent to where he wants to be.   He will struggle on occasion from big guys setting strong screens or if a bigger shooting guard backs him down, but that is very rare occasion (an aging Kobe, soon-to-be-aging Dwayne Wade, or James Harden).

Cunningham will need to master a few offensive moves in order to become more than just a better ball-handling Shannon Brown on the offensive side.  While he shows a solid release and shot decently from the three point line [36% as a Sophomore, 34% last year on four attempts per game], he really has no go to move on offense or go to shot.   He has a quick first step, but once getting into the paint, he relies on the floater too much instead of finishing with authority. 

While a solid spot-up shooter from the three or mid-range, he needs considerable improvement in shooting off the dribble.  If he cannot shoot off the dribble, defenders will be up in his grill.   If Cunningham can master a mid-range shot off the dribble (maybe like a Russell Westbrook development), he has a great chance to be a good contributor and not be a weakness on the offensive side.


Overall, his game reminds me a lot of Shannon Brown with tighter handles and more defense.  I expect his stock to rise in the next few weeks as he shows off his athleticism.  If he learns a pull-up jumper or some semblance of some offensive moves, he could be a difference-maker and a really good player.  If not, he should make a roster based on defense and being a spark plug off the bench.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

The Bulls do need to get more athletic and need some real depth in the back-court and Jared Cunningham fits that mode.  This is such a deep draft that each shooting guard discussed at this level has such unique assets and most guards being mentioned at pick 29 have a good chance on being on a NBA Team for a while.  

Cunningham has much more upside than any shooting guard we have discussed or will discuss [Will Barton, Jeff Jenkins, Doron Lamb, Kevin Murphy, and Orlando Johnson].  Marquis Teague is the athletic counterpart to Cunningham.  I like Cunningham better than both Will Barton and Marquis Teague because I feel he has a better understanding of the game.  He has much stronger handles than Barton, a much more in-the-face defender, and better understanding of the game.  While not as crafty as Teague, he seems to be more of a team player and shows better defense so far.

Stating all this, I feel it will take some time for Cunningham’s offensive game outside of transition and set shots to translate to the NBA.   I think his defense will translate better than any of the above mentioned.  It is hard for me to say if I would draft Cunningham above all because I think it really depends on what the Bulls have planned this offseason. 

If the Bulls stayed as similarly constructed, I feel they could benefit by adding some better scoring options right away.  However, if they make some trades, I feel that Cunnigham would be a good fit and his upside could be a long-term benefit with some high potential.   Either way, I do feel that the Bulls could acquire an early second round pick and he would be an intriguing talent if still available.


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  • Kevin, NBA.COM is reporting that Tyreke Evans isn't getting an extension on his current rookie deal in Sacramento. Due to the glut of swingmen they are making Cousins the face of that franchise. Now forgive me if I call this Christmas in June, but isn't this player the prototype for what the Chicago Bulls are in need of?? Draft night will be a crapshoot at #29 and here is something tailormade in Rose absence and his return.

    Yes we should package expiring Brewer,Watson, and whomever would make that work numbers wise. That I would rather see than him go to Boston as the speculations persist . Im sorry all this draft night shit is fluff to me and it would be really difficult to see the organization non aggressive due to perceived budgetary constraints. Make a three way deal, do a S and T be creative goddamnit !! It is their jobs ,right??

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    Evans would solve some holes for us, but he hasn't worked well off the ball in Sacramento and hasn't been a good character guy. There's a reason that a fairly horrible team is looking to dump a high stat player rather than extend him.

    I also don't think we can make much of an offer. If we could get him for matching salary and a couple draft picks then awesome, but that's not likely going to be enough given how lousy our picks are.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    There is also a fairly horrible organization connected Doug. The sloppy coaching change, the looney stadium issues, players playing in and out of position(and lets not forget the lunatics who run the team). I have my issues with the conservativism of the Bulls FO but they've at least fostered an atmosphere of winning.

    Your first statement gave credence to make a move ," He will fill some holes". I saw him spearhead a rally against Rose,Deng and Noah a few years ago and his numbers dipped ever since. I believe that losing became infectious there for him,whereas here,he 's primed for rejuvenation. Not every team can have Jesus , Moses, and John in the starting five with some apostles rounding out the bench , but I am saying Evans could be a pacesetter for this team.

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    I would like to see this team take more chances, but I don't know if Tyreke is that. If you are thinking short-term and to build up his value for a better trade, then yes, I would not mind taking a risk. However, while we need more creators and that would be great next to Rose, we also need some shooting involved in my opinion. Wade is really good at knowing his spots next to Lebron while Tyreke has some concerns surrounding him and is an all or nothing type player.

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    I think it would be a very poor pairing. Both Rose and Evans need the ball to be effective. Evans can't stretch the floor to save his life and that would just congest the lane even more. If he came cheap I could see it as a good sixth man but others I am sure would raise the price higher than I would go. He hasn't shown any statistical improvement in his three years I don't think he is a worker or a high desire player like Rose is.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I agree with the pairing; I like it from the fact that you might build Reke's trade value while Rose is out though.

  • Evans is a FA after next season and will get a decent salary. Not sure if one year of him is what the Bulls will be interested in. Boston seems like a great fit for him

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    Whomever is a decent player is going to get a decent salary. I did mention a S and T or ANYTHING creative to get him into the fold. Besides, we dont have anything like him now on this team,why would he be a "great fit" for Boston and not Chicago??

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    Because Boston has cap room. They only have like 3 people of significance under contract next year (Pierce, Rondo and Bradley). They could trade Bradley for Evans and still sign some front court pieces like McGee or Asik.

    If the Bulls trade for Evans, we'd struggle to match offers after next season and may lose him, even if we amnestitize Booz.

  • I like what I'm reading here about Cunningham. I think that since Hamilton will be the starter anyway, he would be a great pick. He would have a year to sit while playing in spot minutes much like Butler. It is unlikely that he becomes the future starter, but with his potential, who knows. To me, all the SG in this draft have big question marks about them and I wonder how many I really would want. He seems to be a solid guy to take a chance with. Right now, I'm really interested in him and Darius Miller (if he can play SG).

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    Darius Miller is more of a SF, but would be a really solid player in my opinion - good shooter, nice length, and solid defender!

    I really like Cunningham for this team as constructed. I think if he can learn a few offensive moves, he can be a real steal.

  • Nice review Kevin. I hardly got to watch Cunningham play, but I did see him against Washington. He looked like a solid all around player and a competitor. I just don't understand why his rebound numbers are so low for his athleticism which is outsanding. Steals numbers fit the college profile of sucessful two's in the league. Good shooting mechanics, excellent first step. If the draft wasn't as deep and our needs weren't so immediate I would like this pick at 29.

    Kevin, I don't know if you had time to watch any of the draft combine in Chicago(I DVR'd it). Marcus Denmon's measurements in lane agility 10.70 and court sprint 3.14 were terrific. My experience in analyzing measurements is that poor numbers often don't mean anything. But time after time, when a guard or wing scores well in lane agility(recovery and lateral quickness defensively) and/or 3/4 court sprint it mirrors many, many sucessful players in the league.

    I think Denmon, similar to Marcus Thornton, is being underrated. Prolific scoring, prolific threes on 40's percentage multiple times, NBA steals numbers, and though 22, jumping to five rebounds per game in a major conference is still an attention getter. In the early second round I think he's a steal.

    It's funny how the combine does effect mocks immediately like DraftExpress and NBADraft.net. Impressed with his explosive athleticism and legit 7 foot stature, your boy Meyers Leonard has shot right up the charts to No. 10 currently. I still think he has issues maturity wise and attitude that I just don't know if he will be a sucessful professional. I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but his banter with refs in game as an example is very different.

    They showed Thibs looking through a window at the five on fives with Derrick's brother Reggie. First of all Tom Thibodeau looked like a ward patient on methadone. I just think he's way too much of a negative presence. Hard asses yes. Fiery yes. But Daly, Larry Brown, Phil, Doc, even Pop(though rarely) you see them laugh and joke. They have an appealing perspective and a winning personality. Not so with slack jawed paunchy Thibs sorry. I believe the word Glum best encapsulates him.

    Back to Reggie, he was yapping away in Thib's beleagured ear a mile a second. After surgey, Reggie with Fred Mitchell reminded us how he's always on Derrick driving him. And how "they'll" make the decisions for him. I just get a bad feeling about that guy, and the whole "family" dynamic. LeBron had his priviledged peeps blowing smoke up his butt, and where has it gotten him? I don't think the stifling "ward" over Derrick in Reggie Rose dynamic is good for Derrick's growth as a person at all IMO. It's no wonder his peers think he's somewhat of a little boy, and not one of the guys.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    We get it, you hate Thibs. I disagree completely with you on Rose's family, I haven't seen anything to imply that his family affected him in a bad way. So far, there has been no evidence of anything but the oposite.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I appreciate your feedback. While his rebounding could be better he also played some point this year. Most of the time, point guards don't after rebounds (unless you are a Jason Kidd/Rajon Rondo).

    I like Denmon and while he could be a steal, I don't know if he has tons and tons of similarities to Thornton. Thornton is more of an overall scorer for the NBA and is so smooth. He understands positioning and knows other ways to score more fluidly. Denmon is much faster, plays at a much faster pace, and a much better defender (he will be undersized at shooting guard). He does not have that natural scoring ability, but could be a steal if he can translate some of his offense off the bench.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    It is basic supply and demand, the only stat that matters.

    Leonard shot up the charts because he is a rare commodity. He is the only legitimate 7 footer in the draft, actually 6'11.75", and he is at least minimally coordinated enough to walk and chew gum at the same time.

    There are nothing but 6'3" to 6'7" guys that can play the game a little, but there are never enough big guys.

    That is why Asik is worth way more than a lousy mid round draft pick. You put Asik on either team in the NBA finals right now and it changes the outcome of the series, i.e. give him to Miami and they win, give him to OKC and they win.

    The 2 most important talents in the NBA are defending the rim, and breaking down a defense off the dribble to attack the rim, everything else is a function of those 2. The Bulls have enough of one, and not enough of the other.

  • In reply to PaBullfan

    How long have you been posting here now? What's with the "we" get it bullshit? Are you another one of these superior "experts" living in mom's basement? Speak for yourself. Don't glop on some conclusion or judgement of me and my opinions, and then speak as if your the grand master of BullsConfidential.

    Unlike rush to judgement simpletons like yourself, there are people who know I don't hate Thibs. It's called context. You get to know someone and their mindset over time.

    I've said before, people who excell at their jobs, Thibs as defensive genius, often become lost, overwhelmed, and unhappy when put in a position they can not handle. Thibs as a defensive guru is fine. Thibs playing the alpha leader in an elite role of NBA head coach has reached his own level of incompetence.

    Every championship head coach Pop, Doc Rivers, Chuck Daly, Phil, Larry Brown, Rudy T. etc. and now likely Scott Brooks began coaching in their 30's or no later then 40-42. It''s either something you have or you don't. Then you develop that ability and hone it over years and years. Tom Thibodeau briefly coached, but he spent thirty years as an assistant aka lifer. You don't start coaching in the NBA in your 50's if it's your true calling. If there is an exception to the rule which there usually is, Thibs isn't it.

    As for Derrick Rose, nobody who understands hapiness cloisters thier children once they reach adulthood. A dad, brother etc. you give the person space, and say, live your own life, figure it out, then you'll be happy. Fine, give Derrick some basic oversight financially with a trusted agent etc. But for the most part then you get the hell out of the way. Instead, you've got Reggie Rose's face doing interviews he has no business doing. And hangin' with Thibs at the NBA Draft Combine gabbing his ear off. Give me a f-ing break. Let Derrick do his own interviews. He openly talks about he needs to keep "driving and driving Derrick." And "the family will make these decisions." Oh the family? What the hell does that mean? That's bullshit. If that's what Derrick Rose needs in his life as he enters his mid 20's then he will never be truly happy IMO.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    He was top assistant for several of the best coaches in the NBA. Including be assistant Head Coach for a Championship team. Just because he is not laughing or cracking a joke every time you see him on TV doesn't mean he is all doom and gloom. He has kept the Bulls team at the very top of the league both his first two years as a head coach all with what is clearly not the most talented lineup in the NBA. Tom is doing his job it is Gar and Pax that need to do theirs and get him some freaking talent!

    Why b!tch about coaching when its clearly not even close to our greatest need? Thibs is one of the top coaches in the league. He almost won back to back Coach of the Year awards which has never been done before and you want a new coach? Van Gundy loves him so does Doc Rivers so do his players what is your problem?

    Now its time for your 2000 word response to which I will read none.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Mom, Chad needs a nap ASAP.

    'Emotional tantrum from mom's basement take 17.' "I won't read your posts! I won't!" The don't, spaz.

    I like Thibs as I've said repeatedly if you had any attention span or long term memory. He improved quite a bit this year in his demeanor etc. What I don't like is what the head coaching job he doesn't belong in does to him. Mike Brown won coach of the year twice while placing his lips right up against Lebron's butt crack. He's(Brown) a decent coach, but limited. How many times do you see guys voted coach of the year, and then the next thing you know they get fired. COY means next to nothing.

    What Thibs is is Defensive Asssitant Head Coach of the Year every year. How many posters have complained about Thibs handling of players, player minutes, time outs etc. That ending sequence in the Philly game is a prime example. Why in thee f-ck would you even have Omer on the court. Plus even blowing timeouts, you still can substitute a player with a pre set contingency or a play designed for those situations.

    Nobody would hire Thibs as a head coach in the NBA for thirty years. Nobody. What makes you think as a lifer as an assitant, Thibs is suddenly head coaching material. People wanted his stellar D ala Buddy Ryan. Only problem being a head coach is a different animal. Liste to Thibs do interviews and then listen to Pop, Phil, Larry Brown, Chucak Daly, Riley, Doc, and on and on. There is no comparison. Guys who coach coach. Thibs started at 52. name me one other championship coach who started coaching if that was his calling that late in life.

    I offer an argument and a viewpoint. Not empty catigations. Don't lable me as hating Thibs which I have shown time and time again I don't you simpleton. He's just worfully out of place in that position IMO.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    woefully out of position

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Don't label me

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Thibs definitely has some game management aspects to cleanup but on the whole he is one of the top coaches in the league. You are comparing a second year coach to guys that have been coaching for 20+ years. He just finished his second year as Head Coach and is off to one of the best starts of any new coach. You said it yourself that you saw a lot of improvement in his second year my question is why nit pick the coaching when the team is the real issue?

    Thibs is going to clean up the rough edges he is a really hard worker and a perfectionist and I fully expect he comes back even better next season. Perfect? No but he will keep improving and I don't see any coach that we could get that would do a better job. Remember these are the cheap buffoons who brought you VDN, Tim Floyd, Bill Cartwright and many others in recent years. For me I am just really happy we finally have a good coach.

    Thibs leading the Bulls to the one seed with Derrick, Rip and Deng missing huge chunks of time is incredible. Thibs is no Mike Brown come on! What would Mike Brown do if LeBron missed 50%+ of a season? Answer miss the playoffs. You make it sound like no one but the Bulls wanted to hire him. But he was the hottest head coaching candidate for several years before he finally left Boston and pretty much picked where he wanted to go. That is no worthless lifer that was scrounged up from some bench somewhere as you suggest.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    i think i made him angry! Who knew all it would take was for me to disagree. The only reason I sead you don't like Thibs is because you are constantly talking about how he is not suited to be a head coach and should be replaced. I didn't realize that was an endorsment of his job. How did you know I live in my parents basement? I live here with all my fourty three brothers and sisters. We get to take turns looking out the window so it's not so bad. Tuesday's are the best though, that's when my mom comes down and reads me a bedtime story and tucks me in!

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    All kidding aside, I'm sorry for saying "we", you're right, I was grouping people together and I shouldn't have. But seriously, you should calm down a little. Take a walk or watch a good movie, just step back from your computer and take a breath. All I did was disagree with you. You came back at me with name calling and curses. I hope your not some kind of computer wiz who can find out where I live so you can fight me, because I'm not going to fight you over something as stupid as the influence of Rose's family. From your posts, I assume you are higher educated than I am and probably have a better job. As you can tell, I don't spell very well and I'm not all that smart. Lets just get along and enjoy some discussion, whether agreable or not, about what we all obviously enjoy -- the Bulls. Of course I write all this and you will probably never see it becaus you've moved on from this article.

  • I like the athletic freak part of Cunningham, although he is only 6'3.5" in socks(same size as Bradley Beal), making him small for an NBA shooting guard.

    Another guy who might fit that description(athletic freak), but in a different way is Miles Plumlee, are you going to do a post on him.

    Apparently, he became the tallest player ever to break the 40 inch vertical jump, at slightly over 41. He is 6'10.5" in socks, 250 pounds runs the floor, busts his butt, rebounds and plays defense. Could he be a bigger version of Taj, a more talented version of Asik.

    Personally, I like to have at least 4 bigs who can play defense and rebound, offense at those positions is a bonus.

    Trade Deng(and whatever else it takes among, Korver, Watson or Brewer) for the 7th, 8th or 10th pick, draft Austin Rivers, amnestitize boozer and draft Plumlee at 29 as our 4rth big.

    The GS deal which could also return the 30th pick would be ideal, as we could add 3 new players on rookie deals which would go a long way toward restructuring our salary cap/tax position.

    Once free of Deng's contract, I would also look at trading boozer to the Wiz for Rashard Lewis' monster one year deal. then use the MLE on Andre Miller.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    In shoes, Cunningham was above 6'4 I thought. Anyway, today's shooting guard does not need to be 6'5/6'6. I like his overall game too.

    Plumlee while a great jumper, he is very stiff in the way he moves and very mechanical. He needs to become more fluid play today's NBA 4's.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    From the NBA combine

    "One player who continues to just dominate these drills is Plumlee. Not only is he jumping out of the gym, but he's strong and showing surprising lateral quickness for a big man. His stock continues to rise as we get closer to the draft"

    I haven't had the opportunity to watch him play much, so I can only go by what others say. He is also reputed to have a good motor, which I always like, especially when paired with good/great physical attributes.

    Like I said, not necessarily a need right now, but when/if we move boozer, Asik or Taj, he might not be a bad pick at 29. You can never have enough legitimate size.

  • Bulls trade Deng to Houston with CJ's option f

    or picks 14 and 16 select Arnett Moultrie and
    Terrence Ross. Cleared salary sign Miller or Nash

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think you could still get something better than that honestly if we really wanted too. The only way I do something like that is if we can get Nash and we are counting on Moultrie to replace Taj and Taj is getting us something great too!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    SSS speculated that you might be able to get both Houston picks and a player like Kyle Lowry. Given our need for a point, that might not be a bad deal. Unfortunately, neither of those picks will be high enough to get Austin Rivers.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If you can get Kyle Lowry (not Courtney Lee) and both picks, that would be super intriguing. Lowry is tough, can score, create, play D and would allow Rose to play off guard some. You can also get players such as Moultrie/Zeller/T. Ross - a great start.

  • Kevin I liked this review a lot. Hadn't seen Jared play but now I will have to check him out. From the sound of it though he is basically a can't miss prospect as he is a hard worker and great defender. At the very least you may get a shorter Iman Shumpert. That would be really nice although its like you said its tough to take him if you aren't going to be adding any offense via trade or a trade that gets you a second pick.

  • In reply to Chad:

    He plays smarter than other combo guards even though he is more of a shooting guard than point.

  • Getting Houston's two picks was one idea thrown out by Sam Smith who with some of his trade proposals you could rename cockamami central, but he does point out potential avenues that are out there. He also added they throw in Kyle Lowry or Courtney Lee. Interestingly Lowry has "demanded" to be traded, and said he won't play with Kevin McHale as the coach.

    When you look at Kyle Lowry the guy produces. In 32 minutes: 6.6 assists per game with a solid A/TO rate, 14ppg(granted .409 from the field, but partly because he shoots 4.5 threes a game which at 37% is not bad). Plus the guy gets to the line 4.2 FTA's pg on 84% shooting. And he is capable at times of going off scoring. For that kind of production he has a not attrocious contract the next two seasons. Though that means you have to be willing to play Derrick some at the two.

    If the Bulls are open to playing Rose some at SG, that opens up a lot of options.

    Getting back to the Houston scenario and Lowry's discord with McHale. Personally, I find Kevin McHale to be an affected(can't get over himself) DB. Before the Bulls hired Thibs when asked about the job, he offered "Yes, I expect John(Paxson) will be calling me in the next day or so." Really? And you could argue twice he cheated fixing trades/player movement with Garnett aka A Very Danny Ainge Christmas and the Joe Smith "wink wink" collusion.

    Lowry by all accounts is a passionate, committed player though one who can have trouble with his temper and keeping his emotions in check. He's also had a prior ACL injury in college.

    People keep knocking down trades and moves for veterans such as Tyreke Evans(who soon would cost a lot more money) for example. That's fine if you want to take the other option of cheap, workable acquisitions though the draft. But just remember it's still a real risk.

    The other guy Houston could send according to Sam is Courtney Lee. Usually you see final contract year, qualifying offer guys out bid by another team or resigned/matched. I don't know if players in those situations ever agree to sign and trades? If so, Lee can shoot threes, ocassionally drive or hit from mid range. He's got solid size, can defend. In fact, he does a little bit of everything. Certainly I'd take him offensively over C.J. or Ronnie.

    If the Bulls made a move like this I'd be impressed as again it would be very un-Bullslike as in a dramatic attempt to improve the ball club. Kevin said we could do better, and he may be right as in No.'s 5-8 and a Harrison Barnes, Bradley Beal, or Jeremy Lamb. I'm just being realistic in that if those deals fall through, other options not so high up on the food chain might have to be explored. And as for Ross and Moultrie they just happen to be two guys I really like. That doesn't mean they would have to be the guys acquired at 14 and 16. You've got Terrence Jones, who if he has the size to play PF could be lethal offensively if not down the road, Meyers Leonard, Austin Rivers, Moe Harkless would probably be some enticing names on that list.

    So many times these scenarios and opportunities have been pie in the sky with the conservative Bulls. But you could argue with the looming DeathTax, a very deep draft, and very plausible trading partners with lots of cap space wanting a polished vet who can score in Deng(Hoston, Toronto, New Orleans etc) now just might be the time Gar/Pax actually act. Nah, they still want their mommy(kidding - slightly).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Lowry with both picks is pretty intriguing I must say. Maybe we can throw in Watson and get Buddinger.

  • Quick note on the Finals. I don't care what his percentages are, Derek Fisher has been lethal for OKC in big, big monmets of games. I remember when I suggested him for the Bulls and most responses were "not interested." He basically won that Finals against Boston really.

    That's not to say I don't have major gaffes picking guys as I thoroughly rejected the notion of Stephen Jackson yet he was the "bomb" literally for the Spurs with his three point shooting vs OKC. Having Derek Fisher is a huge get for OKC in the Finals vs Miami IMO. Similar to the Boris Diaw pick up for the Spurs only infinitely more so. I am so glad he chose OKC and not Miami MiMami.

  • Sam Smith brings up a good point, with Taj and Omer both likely costing well over $5-6 Mil to match/sign, the Bulls might surprise, and draft an insurance/replacement big. They'd at least have to move up to 20 or so for the last plausible big which would be Andrew Nicholson. I'm not saying that's something that will likely happen, but it's something to keep an eye on. Remember Mirotic could be three years away or longer.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I would rather get others than sign all of Taj/Omer, etc... Mirotic seems like he is coming the season after next.

    Always been a big Thabo fan listed below and I like Meyers a lot - think he will surprise - he just needs to be emotionally tougher.

  • You know, when you think about it, Meyers Leonard really is an intruiging prospect at the center position. I wonder how high he'll go(he's already at No. 10 on some boards and rising since his big time, head turning debut, for many, at the combine)

    If he levels off at 10., and the Bulls trade up, would Gar/Pax think about drafting him as an offensive upgrade over Asik, and possible replacement for Noah someday should it come to that restructuring/salary wise?

  • Thabo(former Bull) Se-fe-lossssha(Stacy King voice) hitting two big free throws late. Thunder take Game 1. Yeah, babee(Austin Powers voiceover).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Love Thabo. It's to bad the Bulls had to give him up a few years ago, but I think that's how they got Taj. Can you imagine a lineup of Thabo, Deng, Taj, and Noah/Asik? Nobody would score on that!

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