Draft needs

Well Bulls Fans I have appreciated covering another draft with you. This short note is just going to cover what the Bulls needs and what I at least hope to see attempted. With the way the Bulls are set-up, we are going to have to eventually trade one of the core four in my opinion or we will not be able to make any moves for the future.

I also don’t see us signing the creating ball-handler that we need just from by pursuing ring chasers on the MMLE. On top of that, keeping Taj and Asik is going to get expensive. I hope the Bulls can make a move in this draft with Luol Deng because it would open some cap space, give us a chance to get a playmaker on offense, and create some future flexibility. I will take a look at different tiers of players that I feel might help us (different parts of round 1).

Also, we desperately need to add some athleticism to our team as Rose, Taj, and Noah are the only ones considered at least above average for playoff contending type teams. While I have appreciated our core four, I just hope there is some way to get a playmaker to take some pressure off of Rose. I think the earlier, the better. I would hate to see us put extra pressure on Rose and his recovering knee right away.

Before I jump into covering type of players that suit our needs, I would like to emphasize that this is a very deep draft in terms of all-star type players and players with good role player potential. I don’t know if I see a superstar in this draft such as top 10, but I definitely see some good players. Even though I think Anthony Davis will be a good player in this league, I have my doubts if he is even the best pick in this draft. Davis is the safest pick in this draft with some upside, but he needs to develop a nasty streak. Is he going to be a Marcus Camby type with some ball-handling and some more skill, or will he develop an offensive game to be a Kevin Garnett type player?

Bulls Scenarios

Tier 1

1st 10 (outside of Anthony Davis) – would require Deng/Gibson/Charlotte Pick Type Mixture if just clearing space.

Thomas Robinson – PF –Even though we have Power Forwards in Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson, Robinson is a game-changer at the PF spot. He can create a lot of attention based on athleticism, aggressiveness, and an improving jumper. To me, he has the athleticism and aggression to be a mini-Blake Griffin or Shawn Kemp. Can he hone the jumper to become a superstar?

Bradley Beal – SG (Florida) - A solid shooting guard that has a great form, can be a good defender, good work ethic, unselfish, and high basketball IQ. He did not flourish at Florida, but started to come on as the season went along. Can he create enough to be a difference-maker or is he just solid? I saw flashes of him getting to mid-range, but that is something that will have to be determined. In high school, he showed much more versatility. Scouts/Front Offices will have to determine if he was held back by playmaking guards at Florida or if he is limited.

Harrison Barnes – SF (North Carolina) – Several people say his game is similar to a Luol Deng, but one thing I can see for Barnes is that he has more athleticism and has better ball-handling. While Barnes is more of a one to two dribble pull-up jumper kind of guy, he is much more fluid handling the ball, and I feel will be much more rounded offensively in terms of creating shots. Deng is much better off-the-ball in terms of finding spots, but Deng is also premier in the league for that.

Tier 2

Jeremy Lamb – SG (UConn) – Have already covered him. He presents a lot of what I like for a Shooting Guard – can play off the ball, good shooter, has secondary creating handles in finding a mid-range shot, huge wing-span to guard opposing shooting guards, and a very high basketball IQ. The big question mark is can he play with a consistent motor? If he puts it together, I think he can be one of the best, if not the best offensive weapons in this draft.

Dion Waiters – SG (Syracuse) – Strong, stocky build that can get to the rack and score, create for others, and is a solid shooter. Has a good understanding of getting his shot off as a scorer and can use hesitation dribbles at times. Defensively, is very strong and solid athleticism can knock opponents off at the point of attack. Is an aggressive player, but is he a selfish player? I don’t know if he can blow by someone, but he is an intriguing player. Again, can he be unselfish?

Austin Rivers – SG (Duke) – The best creating shooting guard in the draft. He can get to the mid-range and use a variety of up-and-unders, floaters, and pull-up jumpers. When he is on, he is a very hard player to stop from scoring. He is cold-blooded and not afraid of the big shot. Outside of that, can he do anything else? He is lean as a defender and was not always the best passer even though he can pass. When his shot is off, the only thing he can do is score in the lane. One thing though is that he is elite at getting his shot off in the lane and that usually translates in the league. Potential is very high and I don’t see him as a bust, but unless he adds to his game, he could be very average. Depending on where he is picked, average is okay.

Terrence Ross – SG (Washington) – He is not as good of a creator as the other shooting guards on this list and he is not really elite at any thing outside of athleticism. However, at 6’7, he is very good at many things. He is a smooth athlete that can shoot, has the ability to defend, shows flashes of at least being adequate at getting his shot, and has average basketball IQ. Can he be anything more? If he can max out some of his potential, he is a draft steal and provides much of what the Bulls might need.

Meyers Leonard – C (Illinois) – Meyers is nowhere as ready to reach his potential as others above. However, he provides enough of a body, size, athleticism, and want to at least come out with a hustle, defensive type center. If he can develop more physically and a few post moves, along with his under-rated jumper, he could be one of the better players in the draft. While we have no need for him as our team is currently constructed, drafting him would allow for some flexibility to move some of our frontcourt pieces.

Tier 3
Jared Sullinger - PF (Ohio State) – He is slipping due to back concerns and limited athleticism. While I would not draft him in the lottery, if he started to slip into late teens and he is available, then he is a nice option to try and trade up to get if we are not giving up a ton of valuable assets. While we have Boozer, Sullinger at his best could be a tougher minded Boozer and that is quite a steal.

Arnett Moultrie - PF (St. Bonaventure) - An unheralded prospect that is creeping up the boards. He can be a little soft sometimes, but he does fight and is a great stretch four at the next level. He can shoot well, but possesses enough of a post game and mid-range game to keep people honest. While I have concerns if he can guard Power Forwards, many Power Forwards today do not really possess much of a post game. He is a solid rebounder and could be a steal.

Royce White - SF/PF (Iowa State) – Can he stay focused? White is a very multi-faceted player that should contribute at the next level. Does he have the will to stay in shape and can he expand on his outside shot. He is very versatile dribbler, very tough and physical, and can pass the ball. With his skills, he reminds me some of Boris Diaw. While I like him, I don’t think he is enough of a force to take right now with his off-the-court issues in mind.

Tier 4 (Raw, but potential Steals)
Evan Fournier - (France) – I don’t know as much about his game as I would like, but he has a lot of skills. Fournier possesses swagger to go along with a good skill-set. While not blazing fast, Fournier possesses a good first step to get to the lane or mid-range. He offers a nice jab step as a counter dribble, and has a nice step back jumpers. His concerns are in toughness and outside shooting? He will take a little time to develop his game, but the potential is there if he is around our pick.

Quincy Miller - SF (Baylor) – I am not as high on him as others, but he does have some promise. Miller at 6’9, before ACL, had solid athleticism to go along with great ball-handling, solid basketball IQ, good passing, and an inconsistent jumper from outside with bad form. He looked very slow this year and made some interesting decisions with the basketball to say the least. The talent is there, but can he regain his quickness, is he tough enough, and can he play organized basketball or does he just look good in streetball style?

Tony Wroten - PG (Washington) – A 6’7 Point Guard with good athleticism, great handles with his left hand, and can get to the rack. He is a very bad shooter outside of 5 feet, averaged more turnovers than assists with a loaded Washington Offense, and plays Streetball. The talent is there, but I don’t want him on the Bulls as I feel he is selfish.

Marquis Teague - PG (Kentucky) – A 6’2 Point Guard with blazing speed and good defense. Teague is fast in the open court, great with handles and hesitation dribbles, and is a great guard that can get to the rack. Can he play in the half-court, can he develop an outside shot, and will he be able to produce at the next level soon? I think his speed, toughness, and developing game is intriguing at pick 29. I don’t question his ability to want to win and develop like Wroten or Miller.

TyShawn Taylor - PG/SG (Kansas) – A senior combo guard that is more of a point guard whom still shows to be erratic at times. However, Taylor is a great defender with a long wing-span as a 6’4 combo guard. He possesses elite speed and can find ways to get to the lane. His shot is very inconsistent and he still turns the ball over way too much. I do think he will be a player at the next level and at pick 29, his defense, speed, and ball-handling would be a nice asset next to Rose.

Will Barton - SG (Memphis) – A 6’6 Shooting Guard with excellent length, erratic, but shows skills with an inconsistent, but respectable jumper, a good and improving slashing game, elite athleticism, good ball-handling, inconsistent, but flashes of passing, and great length to defend. The concerns are mainly if he can play in a structured style, can he play less streetball, and can he develop to be a side-kick and not a go-to-mentality? The talent is there and he wants to win, but can he adjust?

Jared Cunningham SG/PG (Oregon State) – A 6’5 combo guard at the next level, Cunningham is a great and smooth athlete. He has good handles at the shooting guard position and showed a knack to getting to the line in a Princeton Style Offense that did not fit his game. Cunningham is not a great shooter from three when on the dribble, but is solid in spot-up situations, has a good understanding of the game, and can pass the ball. Cunningham needs to improve his floaters and mid-range game off the dribble.

What I really like about Cunningham is his defensive ability in that he is very disruptive and can guard either guard position. He gets after it like Avery Bradley and is two inches taller. If Cunningham can develop a mid-range shot off the dribble, he is going to be a steal at pick 29 and is actually my favorite to take a risk on. He does not have a bad understanding of the game, but he is not a go-to-guy offensively. He is a game changer defensively though that should be solid offensively and possibly good offensively if he can develop a couple of moves to his arsenal as is.

Tier 5

Kevin Murphy - SG (Tennessee Tech) – I think he belongs in tier 4, but he is a mid second round pick. He will either be a steal or out of the league. His game intrigues me because he has above average athleticism at 6’7, can shoot from three and mid-range, and has some pull-ups. He is not a great defender, but he can be at least average with good coaching. Could be a huge steal if he pans out right.

Overall, as mentioned, this is a very deep draft. Obviously, I did not mention all the top draft picks, but just picks that I feel Bulls could center around. My opinion is that we need to take chances to develop our team long-term. The draft is not nearly as deep next year and assets such as Taj Gibson and Luol Deng’s trade value is never going to be higher than it is now. We need to at least create some payroll flexibility along with some playmakers outside of Rose in my opinion.

The Bulls obviously know what is available for what. I just don’t see how we can make trades for non-draft players to get that unless we are taking on a player such as Tyreke Evans or getting lucky in the free agency with a ring chaser such as Jason Terry and that is slim to none at the salary we can offer.

If there is a way to trade Luol to the Kings for say Francisco Garcia and the number 5 pick, I would do so. Garcia is going to cost 6 million next year and we can be done with his contract. I like Michael Kidd-Gilchrest a lot, but at pick 5 I would love to have either Beal, Barnes, or Robinson for our team fit. If we can do this, I am very excited about the possibilities.

If we cannot make a trade such as scenario presented above, I believe we need to make a trade to try to get into the mid-teens if possible. Someone such as Terrence Ross, Meyers Leonard, Jeremy Lamb, Jared Sullinger, or Austin Rivers is going to fall, and if there is some way to trade up for that player, it could provide some flexibility (in the case of Leonard) and a possible game-changer for us.

Outside of that, at pick 29, even though there are players such as Doron Lamb or John Jenkins, I feel we need to take a chance on a playmaker that is not selfish if we cannot move up to get one earlier in the draft. If we move up earlier with a trade such as Deng for #5, then I would love to draft the best fit if all is available are raw players (Wroten, Miller, Teague).

Buying second rounders is crucial in this draft as there will be at least 5 or 6 contributors regularly in my opinion. With our scouting department, I feel confident we will land a contributor if we can land such a pick.

With the new CBA and this year’s deep draft, teams scouting departments are really pivotal this year. In my opinion, we at least have to make some kind of move to get to mid-teens at bare minimum if possible. I feel this is the time to take calculated risks and I hope to do so. I hope our first pick is not at pick 29.

I hope the Bulls surprise me this year and we start the re-tooling process to get ready instead of regretting by being the 90’s Jazz/Cavaliers/Knicks, but the real chance to be a legit title contender in a few years.

Thank you for all your support, feedback, and interest Bulls Fans.

Kevin States


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  • I do want to follow up that it does not have to be the draft that we take a real risk, but somewhere along the lines this year, we need to take a real risk. Whether that is trading for a superstar guard by using Noah or Deng/Charlotte Pick/Taj.

    To me, this team will not win a championship barring luck. I just cannot see our starting 5 staying healthy throughout to gain chemistry and make it far in the playoffs (even win the Eastern Conference). Why delay the inevitable. Instead of being a really, really good team, why not try to be a dynasty? It might be a step back, but it is possible it might be a significant step forward to a possible dynasty.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    1) Thanks for all your work analyzing the potential picks. It was realy interesting.
    2) We would all love to see a superstar guard, but I don't think we can buy one for Deng/Charlotte pick/Taj. But if so, grab him. Certainly the Bulls would do that trade for Deron Williams, but he would need a sales job to come to Chicago. Brooklyn would likely do that in a S&T.
    3) It's worth going after Dwight Howard, but he does appear to be a head case at times. He said he wanted to play with Williams, but if he had opted out of his contract, he and Williams could both have signed with Brooklyn this summer. So, why did he change his mind? Who knows?
    4) I do think, when he is on, Deng is at least as valuable as Noah. Deng won a lot of games for the Bulls last season, most before his injury. But his contract is too high. Still, if he is traded, I could see us regretting it in 2013/2014.
    5) Loading up on #2s in this draft seems a no brainer, if doable.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    There really aren't a lot of Superstar SGs in the league, let alone being on the market.

    The best the Bulls could do is Eric Gordon. I think the a Noah ...for... Gordon is a good deal for both sides.

    But honestly, with Gordon coming off another injury plagued season and probably looking for a max deal....that might be too much for the Bulls.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Both Williams and Howard have made it very clear that for whatever reason they are not interested in playing in Chicago.

    It really pisses me off that NBA players can't figure out that Chicago is a truly world class city in every respect except for the weather. Can it just be the weather.

    Anyway, stop wasting time pining away for Williams and Howard, my bet is that they find a way to end up on the same team by the start of the 2013 season.

    We appear to be stuck in that dreaded not quite good enough mode. We have just enough talent to be really good in the regular season, and not enough talent to do anything in the playoffs, not enough talent to trade for a second superstar to change the course of the franchise.

    Basically, our only hope lies in another " 1.7%" solution.

  • I kind of feel the Bulls are in a bit of a catch 22. They need to make a move because they obviously can't improve the current roster without paying the tax, but it's hard to win trades on talent if you also insist on winning them on salary. So I don't think a move gets done in the draft because the Bulls are going to want it to be one that cuts their salary, which limits the talent teams will be willing to give back, which makes any trade a step back.

    No MKG in the tier 1 group? Obviously you'd be praying his offensive game comes along, but if you're going to roll the dice you may as well go for broke. Probably the only player I feel like has enough potential reward to make it worth the risk side of a Deng trade. Not that I think any Deng trade is actually going to happen (see above).

    Given I don't think any major trades will go down I'm happy enough if it just pans out the way the mocks suggest and the Bulls draft Barton. Rose being out gives the Bulls a bit of a chance to take a guy with at least some upside and give him playing time. He's not the shooter that would be ideal with Korver on the out, but we can probably sift through the undrafted guys for one of those.

  • I think Anthony Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, Royce White, Moe Harkless and Tony Wroten may end up as the five best NBA players from this draft. But it is hard to see how they would end up on this Bulls team, or even how some of them would fit, considering their offensive liabilities.

    Some rumors have the Bulls trying to secure a pick around #5 to get Harrison Barnes. That does nothing for me.

  • You actually think Robinson, has Shawn kemp skills? Apparently you never saw kemp play to even suggest such a comparision. To compare him to griffin and kemp Robinson had never had that kind of vertical ability even if he were jumping off a trampoline

  • In reply to BullySixChicago:

    He said 'mini-Blake or Kemp'...which is another way of saying the 'Poor Man's'.

    I think Kris Humphries is a poor man's Blake, so does Robinson have that type of athleticism? I don't watch college ball, so I can't say.

  • In reply to BullySixChicago:

    I see another Orlando Woolridge, with maybe a better motor.

  • In reply to BullySixChicago:

    I had poor wording, but I meant not quite as athletic, but pretty dang athletic for a power forward and very aggressive. Robinson is hardcore with solid basketball IQ.

    I think Robinson will be an 18/11 type guy that will use his speed to be a matchup nightmare.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpkMsVfW5vg

    Looks like he could be our guy if he's still on available.

  • In reply to zvodicka:

    Great...a PG's who ceiling will be Rose's backup for the next 5 years.

  • Tribune says bulls are taking Taylor out of Kansas. Not excited about it, but it could be a good fit. I'm afraid of the turnovers. Of course it could be completly false. I would love to see them move up but I understand that it can be hard to do. The other team needs to whant to make that deal too, I think fans forget that sometimes. My real hope is that they make moves to get second rounders. If they could replace Korver, Brewer, and Watson with second round picks, I'd be happy. There is a lot of talent out there.

    Thank you Kevin for all your hard work and insight. It was very enjoyable and educational.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I believe Kevin said he liked Taylor OK, but I would be extremely dissapointed with this pick. We need to go for a clear cut offensive player(shot low 70's and high 60's free throws all four years including 68% his senior year and only volume threes as a senior) with no discernible attitude problems i.e red flags which Taylor has. Will Barton, Doron Lamb, John Jenkins, Orlando Johnson all would be on my list. And again early second round picks could be easily had for unusual depth. Everybody is talking about Darius Johnson Odom and I like Marcus Denmon as I have said. They pick up Doron Lamb(or Barton) and D.J.O and my Bulls oath of ostracism(i.e they can fuck off) may be reveresed.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    agree with all you said.

  • I think it's fair to say most of the national NBA media including retired players, former execs etc. reagrd the Bulls as somewhat cheap(run like a smaller market team not one that has raked in mega millions in exorbitant profits) and very conservative as in not fan friendly such as a Lakers, Dallas, Miami, Mew York(tries but are inept)etc. Is there a time L.A. and New York(agian inept but trying) the other two largest markets have not been on this list? Yet Chicago owned by one Jerry R. and Co., nada. The Boozer scenario with Ronnie, C.J., and Kyle was almost obligatory in the wake of The Wade Deception: In Theaters July 2012

    And if you are of the minority who say "hey, they have/had no choice argument" we know you and those of your ilk(I'm kidding) your viewpoint exist. Or,"this is the way things are, so I excpet it i.e am not going to complain about it." But for the rest of us suffering through Jerry's Reinsdorf's stingy lack of spending while he gloms in league leading terrific really profits it just isn't right. It's greedy, disrespectful,, basically it's fucked up. And I back up my displeasure by not buying tickets but rarely(way less then I would if they were fan freindly). In other words once a year or less instead of two times a year or maybe even three.

    Anyone who reads my infernally long posts(I'm sorry but I go through long spells where I don't post at all but this is my time of year) that I'm a draft guy as in it is actually my hobby. So watching all the potential of this deep draft go by the boards isn't easy. But from the beginning I predicted based on past history and reputation that the Bulls would stick with their lower pick at 29. Certainly I didn't expect any earth shaking moves. You'd hope realizing with this depth even they would pick up a second rounder or two for peanuts and possible real talent.

    That all said, let me say this. Most Draft Picks that do pan out, as I was just reviewiing and reafirming, by team after team's roster, Do Not produce as good players until year three or later. If you have somebody top 9 or the odds really go up top 5 then maybe year one or two. So if the Bulls want to add talent that will help them "win now" they'd really have to make a deal for a top 5-8 player to within reason have a decent shot at someone who can contribute significantly as a good player in year two and three.

    One thing to remember is the luxury tax is no different this year then it has been. If they do go over there's no great multiplied MegaTax. All they have to do is dump salary in the near future so the tax doesn't become regressive. If you feel next summer dumping tax is an impossibility or unfeasible so be it.

    For the rest of us you do have a choice. You trade Deng, who now looks like he may not even need surgery with a similar injury Kobe played through, for a top 5 to 8 pick.. Multiple sources say teams smaller market teams like G.S. and Toronto want to upgrade with proven veteran talent, but while dumping some salary as the restrictive new CBA will effect them as much or more then anybody. Teams swimming in young recent drafted players with no history of winning and no direction WANT a guy like Luol Deng. Honestly, I don't find that hard to believe aside from "sources."

    If the Bulls in Gar/Pax do not have the license to take on tax with this unique window of a near contending team with Derrick, Jo, Taj, etc. with Thibs suffocating playoff D then they don't. If so, Jerry Reinsdorf you can Fuck Off because I will not be watching Bulls games in the near future. I've had enough fot his shit.

    NOTE: If the Bulls instead ACT and make a move to upgrade talent with a legit player such as a Tyreke Evans for example(he's legit player regardless of critiques) and not Rip Arthritis Formula Hamilton, Keith Bogans etc. then I'm staisfied i.e I can live with that. But if this draft goes down with no moves and likewise summer with another "Wait til' next year" shit speech from Gar/Pax then I'm through. If they do obtain a Top 5-8 Pick(hardy, har, har) and pick the wrong guy I can live with that. As can Bulls fans or granted we are hypocrites.

    My guys again,(teams draft in expected tiers so for example we know if we like a player better in the teens then say at 8, only a player projected in that range 5-8 will be picked). And the tiers/expectations are usually right. My picks: Top 5 Damian Lillard(talent, scoring, talent period not NEED the offense killer), No.8 that range Harrison Barnes(probably gone) or maybe Terrence Ross jumps that high otherwise I guess ou have to go with Jeremy Lamb. 10-18 Moe Harkless, Arnett Moultrie, and Andrew Nicholson.

    Again, yiers effect your options really but pure picks if I could Lillard, Harkless, Moultrie, Ross, Lamb, Nicholson. Of course if someone take a chance on a MKG, what are you gonna do at least they are trying.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I really like Lillard. I think if that trade to 5 ever did happen, I would love a risky pick like Lillard. I say risky because he doesn't fit the mold of what they need at SG and there will be SGs available. I actually think that the fifth pick is a tough spot because Barnes could be gone and its too high for Lamb. I still think that their best bet is to get some second rounders. Some second rounders that interest me:
    1. Doron Lamb-sg
    2. John Jenkins- sg
    3. Jared Cunningham- sg
    4. Darius Miller - sf
    5. Will Barton - sf
    6. Kim English -sg
    7. Jae Crowder- sf/pf
    8. Kostas Papanikolaou -sf don't know anything about him but sounds very interesting.
    Just guys that I like. How many drafts do you find so many guys in the second round that excite you?

  • (laughing) typo should read, "I have had enough of his shit"

  • If the Bulls draft this point guard kid from Kansas as the rumors suggest they will, the Bulls are one of the dumbest teams in the league cause they still need a shooting guard. OH! but let me guess... richard hamilton is the starting 2 guard, which is as stupid as a managerment could be. If no trade is made the Bulls are still putting far too much pressure on Rose to score. Yeah next year will be a down year for the Bulls, I see it coming.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I don't want Taylor AT ALL, but there is some thought that he can play with Rose. He's said to be an excellent defender at 6'4" and can get hot from 3. I don't know why in the world they'd take him if Barton, Fournier, or D. Lamb were available, but I've been wrong before. I trust the org much more on the draft that FA.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Deng no longer on the trade block, like he ever was in the first place, This is why no one wants to deal or play with the Bulls. All of this secrets and close door for nothing. Im with RW on this one, Im tired of the Bulls Management and their B.S. Reinsdork spending all of his money on the White Sox while Bulls fans spending their money to keep the White Sox a contender by selling out the UC every year.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If this happens, this is why they're dumb...


    At best, this guy becomes Rose's backup for the next 5 years.

    This is almost as dumb as the Bears wasting a 3rd pick and (I think) 5th pick on backup QBs after they traded for Cutler.

    So many needs at other positions, and all your scouting concludes with 'get Rose a backup'.

  • Well, as I predicted a couple weeks ago, the Bulls are rumored to be selecting Ty Taylor of Kansas. Taylor is the perfectly typical Bulls pick, Senior, 4 year player(starter), major(lengendary)program, final four appearance. Check, Check, Check and Check.

    Still holding out hope that Wroten slips to 29 or Barton doesn't rise past us @29. They appear to be 2 ships passing in the night.

    Kevin, appreciate all the work and information. I think that you like many people on this site are confusing a deep draft with a great talent draft. The consensus from NBA talent evaluators is that after Davis there are no consensus franchise players, game changing players, or even career allstars.

    Basically, everybody from 2 thru 20 something has a chance to become a solid starter or valued role player, that is the depth. Will somebody other than Davis become a perenial allstar, the odds are that a couple guys will, but right now nobody could tell you which ones.

    It may be a good draft just because it is deep, but other than Davis it doesn't look like anyone in this draft is changing the fortunes of a franchise, especially the Bulls.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    This is indeed a deep draft rather then a high talent volume draft. This very fact is the reason we won't trade Deng for a mid-low lottery pick. There isn't a definitive difference between the odds a player taken at 8 will pan out vs a player taken at 20. Deng will have solid trade value in the final two years of his contract, especially the final year. It sucks, but our cap saving move will be amnestying booze, whenever that does happen. The East is going to be extremely weak the next two years. And Miami will likely easily win the East regardless of what the Bulls do. But D-wade is rapidly deteriorating. We need to position outlr team to max out from 2014-2017 for a solid chanpionship window

  • In reply to Chicagosportsguru:

    Forgive my spelling. Typing on phone.

  • Also, you brought up resigning Asik and using the MLE. The Bulls will not be able to do both, do to the "apron" rule.

    This rule states that if you use anything larger than the mini MLE($3 million) you immediately become hardcapped for the upcoming season at about $74.something million.

    As we all know the Bulls are at $64 million for just 6 players, (Rose, Noah, Deng, Gibson, Butler and Bozo)Bye Bye Korver, Brewer and Watson.

    If Asik gets $5 million(the max allowed by the CBA), we would be at $69 million for 7 players. If we signed a full MLE player @5 million we would be right at the $74 million "apron cap" for 8 players.

    We would not have enough cap space left to sign our rookie pick @ 29,($1million something per), or the 4 remaining players needed to fill out the roster.

    The best the Bulls can do this summer is resign Asik and pick up a backup point guard for no more than the mini MLE $3 million for 3 years. And we will still end up being a luxury tax team.

    All of this screams amnesty, but all the smart guys in the media guarantee that it will never happen this year or next.

    So, despite all the hype, this summer is going to be fairly boring, select Ty Taylor @29, resign Asik, pick up a cheap replacement for Rose, and a bunch of veteran minimum scrubs to fill out the roster.

    Welcome to your 2012-13 Chicago Bulls.

  • The bulls often take players who didn't stay 4 years. Rose, deng, Noah all came out early. So did Tyrus Thomas. Lsu, Memphis, UF aren't duke or UNC or Kansas (and I'm from gainseville, amhuge UF fan). Butler went to Marquette. It's a misnomer to think they only want 4 year players or ones from legendary programs

  • Hey, if Houston fails in its bid to acquire 2 or any top 10 picks, maybe we can get back in the trade game, going after their 12,16 &18 picks.

    I am still all in on any combo of Deng plus Watson, Korver, Brewer for 2 or all 3 of those picks.

    That is still the best move to both manage our cap/tax situation and add some new young talent to replace all the departing(too expensive veterans).

    We could then resign Asik, use the full MLE(Andre Miller, Kris Humphries) fill out the roster with some decent vets and still come in just under the tax line.

    I realize that this in not what Houston wants to do, but they did not acquire the picks to use them on players to add to the team, they acquired them to trade for a star, superstar or potential one.

    Basically, if Sacto @ 5 doesn't take Kwame Curry Drummond, Houstons picks start to become available, although they might continue to hold out until they see which team takes Drummond.

    I know that it is a pipedream, and that the bulls have almost certainly not even contacted Houston about the picks, but until we wake up tomorrow morning with only Ty Taylor to talk about one can continue to hope(blindly).

  • Meh Teague, guess he'll get minutes with Rose out, maybe he'll have more value at the trade deadline and might be worth more in a trade. That's the best hope I have for the pick. :/

  • It's tough to watch PJ3 go ONE pick before the Bulls. I was hoping all night that he'd fall that far. Backup point guard Teague... great. We're really playing for a championship here.

  • Anyone worth paying cash for a 2nd rounder for?

  • Well Bulls, you stood pat. Now after you're done licking my left nad, you can lick that drop of sweat off the right one.

    OK, Even if the Bulls do make a move this summer or next trade deadline, at least they could have picked up one extra low cost second rounder with DJO and Marcus Denmon out there. Of course Dallas took both DJO and Jae Crowder who I liked both of them those M-f-ckers(ha, ha). And who takes Denmon at 58? The Original Late Second Round Sneak Thief: San Antonio Spurs, you Mother&$#ers!

    By the way, question the pick, position etc.but with Marquis Teague as a talent, I think the Bulls could have done a hell of a lot worse at 29. The more I look into it the more I like him. And I'm a discerning as in tough critic Could be a steal honestly despite his shitty looking stats. More later. Man, if they just would have picked up DJO on a second I might not want to kick Jerry Reinsdorf one up the b-side.

  • Highly disapointed in the ultra conservative FO once again... I like Teague but am not sure what the hell GarPax are thinking. At the very very least they should have added a second rounder. They have lost it if they think that their core will ever compete for a championship as is. They need a major shakeup but once again are going to sit on their asses until they drive their players values into the ground and miss their window. Frustratingly obvious that a major move needs to happen and they are to fing risk averse to have the balls to do it. So annoying!

  • Dissapointed, but I like him more than Taylor. That's about all I have to say for now on that pick. I hope the Bulls are lighting up the phones for their summer league team. William Buford is still out there. For undrafted players, he might be the best. A list of other players that I hope they are looking into (some I know nothing about but hope they get an invitation): John Shurna, Bradford Burgess, Hollis Thompson, Alex Young, Chris Johnson, and I really hope they give Casper Ware a look. Ware is small but was really good at Long Beach State. Maybe he can take JL3's spot if he leaves.
    Only other hope for the Bulls is that they have an eye on a free agent SG. Realistic options could be Ray Allen (long shot), Landry Fields, Delfino, Nick Young, Jodie Meeks, and always mentioned Jamal Crawford.

  • I'm never reading an NBA rumor again.

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