Derrick Rose sees specialist in Alabama, but ahead of schedule

News leaked out a couple of days ago that Derrick Rose took a rehab trip to Alabama to see highly regarded surgeon Dr. James Andrews whom repaired Jamal Crawford's ACL in 2001. The news set off a minor flurry of worry as to the state of Derrick's ACL. As I said on twitter, I don't know what to make of this, but you typically don't go see a specialist because everything is going great.

Rumors immediately popped up that Rose was unhappy and distrusting of the Bulls medical staff and didn't feel his rehab was going well. My guess is the speculation that this could be the case then somehow turned into 'sourced' rumors even though that likely wasn't the case.

The temporary panic apparently was enough to cause the Bulls to start sending out news on Rose's recovery in order to calm down the masses. The trip to see Dr. Andrews was planned prior to the surgery as a way to get more people involved and different opinions on the rehabilitation process. The office in Alabama is supposed to be one of the best rehab facilities in the US. In this case, it's nice to see Derrick seeing multiple doctor's at the top of their profession.

I think at this point in the game, there's really little point in getting too up or too down about any news. Nick Friedell and K.C. Johnson both noted that Derrick has his up and down days and most news from the players who've worked out with him while he's rehabbing is that his spirits are up and things are going well. That's probably par for the course for anyone going through what Rose is going through.

Dr. Brian Cole, who performed the surgery, stated that Rose is ahead of schedule and that seeing Dr. Andrews is a way to keep things fresh and add variety. He expects an 8-12 month layoff for Derrick due to the surgery, and if we go with the fact that Rose is ahead of schedule then that would put him in the January to February time frame if he remains ahead of schedule (assuming on schedule splits the difference in the 8-12 months with ahead being the early part and behind being the latter).

In the end, we'll always be scared and paranoid that Rose won't come back quickly or won't come back all the way. The flurry of injuries the Bulls have suffered over the past few seasons as well as the debacle with Deng's leg a few years back has left Bulls fans [fairly or unfairly] distrusting the medic staff themselves. In the end, all we can do, like everyone else, is wait and see.

In general, I feel it's likely that Rose will be the same player he was in the past starting in the 2013-14 season and will probably come back after the all-star break this season. I expect Rose to take while this year to warm up and trust the leg fully and hope the Bulls take their time in bringing him along. Rose, if he's on schedule, can start jumping in September. At that point, I think he'll spend a whole lot of time working on his jump shot until he's able to return to action.


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  • Good to hear he is doing well. Glad that they are doing things to change up his rehab. I don't know if I could ever do a rehab that says you can't do this or don't do that. When I was in high school, I had mono really bad and the doctors told me not to do anything to physical for almost 6 months. After about two weeks I was back to doing what I wanted to do. I haven't been able to breath right ever since, but I couldn't sit and do nothing. For someone like Rose, it must be ten times more frustrating.

  • If Derrick comes back in January or February does that mean Thibs will play him 35 minutes in game 1 or wait until game 2? Seriously, I don't like the road Derrick is headed down with losing confidence in his jumper, the injury, his brother Reggie's "the family" making decisions for him. I just have reservations about the whole thing. And I felt this way Before(god I wish I knew how to use italics on this thing) the ACL injury.

    Derrick was a good shooter, but he seems to have lost his confidence. Hoopdata: shows his shooting percentages went down in 2011 and again this year from every range 3-9 feet out to 16-23 feet. In his first two years look at how high his percentages were. They were excellent except obviously beyond the arc.

    People(the media) with his shooting struggles and lower field goal percentages have portrayed it as though he has needed to improve all along, but the truth is he was very good and then went backwards. I don' think his USA basketball was a good experience for him myself no matter what is being said or even he has said. He played terribly away from home and around alpha egos like Durant and Westbrook(supposedly good friends w/ Derrick but for Durant's comments I'm not buying it) but they and Eric Gordon all played better then him. I know he has trained with Westbrook and maybe they are freinds whatever that really means, but I didn't see any chemistry or real repetroire with any of his peers on court really there or in the NBA. His shooting was abysmal in the FIBA tournament, and has been deteriorating in the NBA since then.

    I hope I'm wrong about Derrick's situation, but I'm just being honest. He just seems so submissive, and socially inert off the court. Is he really destined for long term stardom? And that's no knock on Derrick as a good person, but you can be a good person and still not have control over your own life. I just have a bad feeling about the sainted "guardian" Reggie Rose from interviews and actions. Not being independent but rather dependent as an adult is usually not a good formula for long term hapiness and success in my opinion.

    Let the denial and mischaracterizations i.e bashing begin! I have to go to work, but I might read some of the bombast later or tomorrow. Shitstorm II: The Sequel.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Rose was an OK shooter, he will have plenty of time to work on his jumper when he's able to do more Physical rehab. Whenever he did go for a jumper it always looked as if his shot would be short. He definitely has to get his legs stronger, it will help his jump shot by volumes.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I agree that as he improved his three, he lost some consistency on his mid range jumper. Your body certainly gets used to shooting from different spots and working so much on his three likely took some of the sharpness off his shot.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    It wasn't just his midrange jumper but he kind of lost the touch on his floaters which he excelled at during his second year. I also think he probably consumed himself with the 3point shot and neglected his other strongpoints besides attacking the rim and finishing strong. I'm still waiting to see that post game of his that he worked hard on during 2011 offseason. Of course you need another ball handler with some size to be able to get him those looks. Watching Westbrook knock down those pull up midrange jumpers has got to get Rose motivated and work on that jumper. I'm not against him taking 3s but would like to see more balanced as he better picks his spots.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    In 2010 (when Rose shot fairly well), he was often on the floor with Gordon and Hinrich; which freed him up a bit.

    In 2011, a few things happened. First, the aforementioned guards were switched out for Korver (who never played enough with Rose, imho), Brewer (couldn't hit the lake from inside a boat on a midrange to outside shot) and a rotting corpse that somehow managed to start every single game at SG. Second, Derrick made the proverbial leap, putting him on every defensive coach's radar by the All-Star break. Third, he had Boozer as a teammate (I have no direct evidence to prove he is responsible, but since so much of what goes wrong with the Bulls ties back to him...I'll go with it Six Degrees Of MataBoozer).

    This past season, after the Miami ECF series, the book was out on how to slow down Rose when it mattered. Throw an athletic, lengthy person his way, and he was shooting in the 30-39% range, tops. The rotting corpse was replaced by the china doll at SG, and MataBoozer was still prominently involved. Add in all the assorted injuries (you'd get hurt, too, carrying the entire weight of an otherwise mediocre organization on your back), and he was bound to regress.

    So, getting back to long-term prospects for Rose. He is either going to come back to a lesser & older version of the current cast, or back to a bunch of green pups. In either case, I don't see how that improves his looks, and thus, his shooting percentages.

    While not for the same reasons you allude to, I would have to agree that there is legitimate cause for alarm in considering whether or not we've already seen the best we will ever see from Derrick.

  • The visit to Alabama is no reason to panic. It's really too early to even have a setback.

    But it's fair to question the Bulls medical staff after the last couple seasons. Doug suggested copying them...but could we just start passing around a coffee can to buy out the Phoenix trainers?

  • It's hard to believe Eddy Curry is an NBA champion. That piece of sh$! had as much to do with it as I did.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Chandler and Curry are NBA champions, Krause was right. ;)

  • Fell asleep on the game, knew this was going to be the outcome. The NBA and most importantly the eastern conference is now under the control of the Miami Heat. Barring injury, the Heat looks like they will be in the Finals for the next few years if no one in the east does anything to stop them. Bulls are the closest team to stop the Heat but the right moves have to be made by management... BOTTOM LINE!!!

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