True cost of amnestying Carlos Boozer this year vs next year.

True cost of amnestying Carlos Boozer this year vs next year.

The Chicago Bulls appear set to continue on with Carlos Boozer this season, however, with the luxury tax looming, they'll also be looking to stay under that threshold. I've seen the phrase kicked around that the Bulls would never pay a player 47.1 million to go away, so I think it's worth some analysis on the true cost of amnestying Carlos Boozer now vs next season.

I removed the section about the stretch provision. I misread the CBA FAQ, the stretch provision does not apply to old contracts only new contracts

Cost to amnesty Boozer now

Carlos Boozer has three years remaining on his contract at 15, 15.3, and 16.8 million dollars for a grand total of 47.1 million dollars. However, since Boozer is getting waived under the amnesty provision teams may make partial bids towards his contract in order to take him on. Any partial bid made would lower the Bulls obligation towards him. Boozer is absolutely not the type of player who would make it through the waiver process without being bid on.

The Nets, Bobcats, Cavaliers, Rockets, Pacers (pending Hibbert FA), Bucks (though not tons), Hornets (pending Gordon FA), Suns, Blazers, and Raptors (if they renounce Bayless) all have cap room to make a considerable bid on Boozer.

Many of those small market teams could never hope to lure a better player to their team in FA at five million a year, so I think that's the floor for his bidding. Given the amount of teams 10 million under the cap or more, they'll also know they need to make reasonable bids to "win" Boozer. I would expect, that if the Bulls amnesty Boozer this season, he'll go for a minimum of 15 million to a team and a max of around 25 million.

That leaves the Bulls on the hook for somewhere between 22.1 and 32.1 million dollars over the next three years to pay Boozer.

Cost to amnesty Boozer next season

At a minimum, the Bulls will pay Boozer an extra 15 million dollars for his salary this year, so in terms of cost, that much is locked in for certain. Now we have to see what happens in the next season. I will explain the best case and worst case scenarios, and give my best guess for a reasonable estimate.

Best case scenario:
Teams generally conserve cap space so the market for Boozer is as robust next year as it would be this year.
Carlos Boozer stays healthy for 82 games.
Carlos Boozer plays as well this year as last year.

Under these scenarios, the market for him roughly remains unchanged, and Carlos will still get a bid between 5/8 million per year which would then be 10-16 million dollars off the 32.1 million the Bulls would still owe him. They would then have to pay him out 16.1 to 22.1 million dollars spread out over the remaining two years.

The grand total they would pay him in this scenario is somewhere between 31.1 to 37.1 million dollars rather than the 22.1 to 32.1. In the best case scenario, the Bulls are still paying Boozer considerably more money than if they amnesty him now [which should be obvious by the fact that a team isn't picking up part of his salary for an additional year].

Middle case scenario:
One or more of these things happen:
Boozer shows some decline
Has mild to moderate injury woes
Less robust market of teams under the cap

Boozer's value declines some in the bidding process and goes from 5-8 million per year down to 3-5 million per year. In this scenario, the Bulls now are on the hook for up to an additional 10 million dollars.

Worst case scenario:
Boozer has a very significant injury
Boozer's play completely falls off a cliff
Significant restriction in teams under the cap

In this scenario, the Bulls might get an offer somewhere between 0-2 million dollars per year and they're now on the hook for an additional 15-25 million. In which case the Bulls screwed up royally by not amnestying him right now.


Carlos Boozer's value as a player will not get better after just playing a decent season and staying healthy. At his age, he won't get better, it will only get worse or stay the same. We can hope for the best, and that his value simply stays the same, but it's more likely that we'll be somewhere in the middle and that the amount picked up on his contract will be less next year than it would be this year.

My prediction is that the Bulls could amnesty Boozer this season and get 21 million taken off his deal and if they wait a year, that they'll have around 9 million taken off instead. The extra 12 million dollars they save between the two years could be used to keep the bench mob around for one additional season and the Bulls end up breaking even financially overall while then weighing whether the team is better this season with just Carlos Boozer or Watson, Korver, and Brewer combined.

My guess is the second group is more valuable than Boozer alone, and that the Bulls would be making a mistake not to pull the trigger on the amnesty clause this season even though that doesn't seem like their intention right now.


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  • Great column. I have been thinking about this too. If Boozer's O is a mirage and his D is consistently poor, time to commit to Asik and Gibson and see if those 2 plus Noah can generate more O than they do today.

    The Boozer plan is a failure IMHO and the faster they move on, the better.

  • If the Bulls amnesty Boozer, which I think they will no later than next year, they still need to bring in another front court player. If they sign Asik for the mid level this offseason, that will close the door to a lot of potential replacements, as the Bulls would only have the mini-mid level. Could they make a move for Garnett (hopings Thibs is appealing to him), Jamison or even trading Bench Mobbers for Pau?

    Amnestying Boozer makes business sense, but it'll be hard to replace his production from this last year (which was solid, if unspectacular).

  • In reply to nafsllub:

    As a restricted free agent, the Bulls have Larry Bird rights on Asik, therefore, they do not need to use the MLE to sign him.

    They will then still have either the full MLE or mini MLE to sign another player but not both, it depends on whether they are over the cap or over the tax line.

  • Agree that Boozer's contract is going to prevent Bulls from keeping a significant part of the non-guaranteed trio and Asik. And then Bulls must clear enough salary next off-season to pay Taj Gibson. I expect Bulls to try to extend Taj early this fall like they did with Noah.

    imo, amnestying Boozer amounts to recognizing and admitting that 2010 free agency was a failure for Bulls and that its time to move on and work towards assembling the 2.0 version of a Rose-based contender for 2013-14.

    As such, I think Bulls will make wholesale changes to this roster during this off-season and next. So that when Rose returns to full strength (or as near as he can) for the 2013-14 season, he will have a very different roster surrounding him. 2013-14 also coincides with the luxury tax becoming severely punitive, so I would expect Boozer to be gone by then.

    Another large question then looms with whether to extend Luol Deng. Deng is a good player but makes far too much for a player who cannot create his own shot. Will Bulls address this by only offering a lower amount or trading him?

    Bulls have too many 8-figure contracts for the amount of talent they provide. The Bulls fat contracts compare poorly to the level of talent of LeBron-Wade-Bosh or Durant-Westbrook-Harden or Duncan-Parker-Ginobilli.

    Bulls have a very difficult task to assemble a new cast around Rose for 2013-14, but I believe that is what we will see happen over the next two off-seasons. Many familiar faces will be gone.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I hope so but am not conviced that Pax and Gar will be willing to admit failure this offseason. Bulls definately over value their players which has resulted in fat contracts to good but not great players. Team needs major overhaul and the sooner the better. Maybe team 2.0 will actually contain some offensive talent...

  • In reply to Edward:

    Deng becomes an expiring contract heading into the 2013 season. I do not expect the bulls to extend him, and certainly not for anywhere near what he will make over the next 2 seasons.

    I imagine that he will be quietly on the trading block as soon as he comes back from surgery, if he isn't already there.

  • I agree with you Doug it makes total sense especially with the Bulls not being a contender next year. Why wait and waste money? Go with a three man rotation at the 4 and 5 spot and pickup a young guy to work in for 10-15 minutes a game. Give Taj a chance to prove it in a starting role before giving him a big payday. Noah can play the 4 or 5 although there isn't a lot of offense if you play Noah and Asik at the same time... Also you are going to feel the loss of Boozer and that would be okay next year as we maybe could pop into the lottery. Granted he is not worth 15 mil but he played well this year and was healthy and would be missed offensively.

    That said I still think management won't amnesty him this year. Most likely it will end in worst case senario (injury). I just have very little faith in Gar and Pax outside of the scouting dept they have done very poorly IMO.

  • As the bespectacled gambling exec Robert Deniro plays in Casino concluded, "in the end, it's all about the money."

    If Doug is correct on the financial implications of amnestying Boozer now rather then later, then it would make the most sense, if voiding Boozer is part of a restructure Paxson is now hinting at considering post Philly collapse, to do it now.

    A thought did occur to me though as I sat watching Chicago media divas on Chicago Tribune Live.

    Derrick's recoverable, but very serious injury does leave questions in some minds. Will Rose ever be the same player? He "could" be. Likely he will still be very good, but superstar, MVP? Yesterday's Chicago Tribune panel all concluded it's a "wait and see."

    For a conservative mind like Jerry Reinsdorf's, that aura of uncertainty may be all the impetus he needs. There are no guarantees in this situation. So do you still have the mindset of "going for it," winning it now with a superstar in place, or go back to the guarded "wait til' next year approach"? You wait and see with Derrick, hoping in the mean time that co-star draft apple falls out of the tree?

    I am very concerned that people are overlooking this aspect of uncertainty. Reinsdorf on key decisions time and again has basically "taken over the reigns," and done it his way while Gar/Pax watched subordinately the way some G.M.s might not have. Cocahing hires, player signings(Deng overpay), what Jerry wants, Jerry gets. I do not see Gar Forman or John Paxson as men of gravitas who wield the kind of power that certain successful executives and G.M.'s do in professional sports and business professions in general.

    Pax looked defrocked walking down the hallway with Vinny Del Negro to the hiring press conference I can tell you that. "D'Antoni, get lost! Doug Collins, take a hike!" Reinsdorf or any owner as a powerful personality in a healthy situation gets checked by a respected co-power executive. I'm not sure J.R's real big on checks and balances though judging from his past. Maybe he skipped Constitution at Northwestern?

    My fear is that with Derrick's future somewhat in question, Jerry will "hint" at a wait, and see approach. Which means as in the past decade before Rose's meteoric rise and the subsequent Summer of LeBron, the Bulls will not make any earth shattering moves.

    Amnesty? We're talkin' about Amnesty? (Co-owners of the Bulls playing the part of Allen Iverson). We may not consider the political implications of what is "perceived" to the partners as a huge hit of a max salary dump. In the end rich men want stability and fiscal conservatism, the kind that drove profits to all time highs for a decade. I'm not saying Amnesty can't happen, but..?

    Boozer I'm afraid likely stays put. The Bulls will appear to be making moves by shedding contracts for draft picks, or trading a core player. This way Paxson will be placated as will Bulls fans. And who knows, maybe that co-star player will find his way to Chicago as another apple is plucked off the talent tree.

    This wait and see, uncertainty theory is just a thought, a fear, a concern. It doesn't mean that it is the reality. But history does tend to repeat itself. I'm not trying to be a downer. I hope this viewpoint is incorrect. Maybe fans like victims of some impending disaster would rather "not know." Hopefully, my fears are unfounded, and a dynamic future awaits with a revamped team upon Derrick's return. Hopefully.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    OMG, while I agree with what you are saying, did you really need ten paragraphs to get this accomplished? Please?

  • This is an extremely interesting article, Doug. I had no idea that to amnesty Boozer could cost so little. Thus, as you pointed out, now is the best time to do it! So the FO or owners probably will not! Too bad.

    If the Bulls dump Boozer, could they sign Deron Williams, an FA? As a prelude to signing Howard as an FA next summer? Would NJ consider a sign and trade for Williams? What would the Bulls have to give up to pull that off?

  • In reply to rustyw:

    They would only be just barely be under the salary cap if they amnestied Boozer so unless Deron would take peanuts to come here they couldn't sign him.

  • In reply to Chad:

    So, again, the Bulls FO needs to get creative. Would NJ take, say, Deng and Asik and the Charlotte pick and Korver in an S&T for Williams if he is going to walk anyway? Or would NJ trade Lopez for the same package? Gar/Pax need to earn their salary this summer, more than earn it actually, to make up for signing Boozer.

  • In reply to Chad:

    and they would be right back over it by resigning Asik. In Fact it might make more sense to sign Asik first(before amensty on boozer) as this would preserver our use of the full MLE. At least that is the way I think that it works.

  • The Bulls are in full jerry reinsdorf mode(dumping salary) but not the kind we want. They want to trade off Noah or Deng for a draft pick to save money/avoid future tax or as they call it flexibility. They will hold carlos boozer for a few more years using the excuse, "we're waiting for Kevin Love in 2015" or something ridiculous like that. I like the idea of shaking things up but not dumping productive players for being cheap. If they land a good lottery pick for Deng or Noah, it depends. will they get that ball handling scorer that derrick needs? Can they get a young shooting guard in the draft with trading Deng and then sign Chris Douglas Roberts to take Dengs place? The Hornets want Noah, bad move if you ask me. I would prefer to trade off Deng before I move Noah, Asik leaves alot to be desired as a starter. The Small Forward position is easier to fill in. I hope the Bulls don't make a boneheaded move and try to field a competitive talented team. You want to dump Deng, Fine but you better come up with the goods(jeremy lamb, austin rivers) or fans are going to be outraged.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    So, it is not just a question of what the Bulls give up, it is a question of what they can get. They need another superstar - that is the bottom line. They need another top scorer. What they have now has worked in the regular season, but it has tanked in the playoffs.

    Who can they potentially get? Howard. Deron Williams. Lopez? Mayo? All maybes, but not likely.

    Could they trade Deng and Noah for Carmelo Anthony? Or Howard? The FO needs to get very creative. If they are just going to sit around, they might as well be canned and just go with a couple of scouts. Then their salaries could offset the cost of amnestying Boozer. And hope they find a diamond in the draft.

    The FO made some bad moves. They need to hit a couple of 3s this summer.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    If we could get Eric Gordon for Deng and a pick we should do it in a heartbeat. I see Gordon as a younger Monta Ellis, although he too has already had a severe injury.

    Gordon is not the perfect solution, but he is an upgrade as a wing scorer over what we have, which is something we need badly.

    I almost certainly would not trade Noah for Gordon, but if you believe that Asik is capable of starting you might consider it.

    No way NO would do Asik for Gordon, but they are desperately in need of legitimate size and should consider it along with a draft pick.

  • Hi, Doug. Do you have any opinion which team that might be interest in Boozer ?? and what cost do we need to pay them for helping us to trade away Boozer ??

  • Here's an interesting question(an obvious one but interesting nonetheless):

    Hypothetically, if the Bulls did try to move up in the draft, how far up could they get for certain players(Deng, Noah, Taj, Asik)? Or a valuable veteran plus throw in an expiring(s)? For example would Deng get you near the top 10? Top 15? Joakim top 7-10? Top 12? Omer neighborhood of No. 15-18?

    Please, obsessive fan brigade, I'm not saying we should trade anyone per se, but simply what is their value with the draft now only a month away? It isn't a bad idea to at least get some estimate of what range or particular players within that range we could get just for knwoledge sake.

    Also, is it true(salary and CBA wonks) that trading a player(Deng, Noah etc.) for a draft pick allows you to shed that contract or a portion of it? What kind of talent could we acquire, and at the same time cut our payroll dramatically for new found flexibility? Realizing it is a gamble no doubt. Again, this is a HYPOTHETICAL for knowledge sake and fun i.e speculation, not an actual proposal.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You can only trade a player for a pick if that team is under the cap by enough to absorb the player's salary. There aren't many scenarios where we could trade Deng or Noah for a pick.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    From SSS mail bag today.

    "Sign and Trade Omer Asik to Portland for the lesser of their two lottery picks (#11 predicted) After the Oden bust they really are hurting for a true center. I love Omer's defense, but if we can spin him for a lottery pick then I'm all for it.

    Rocky Rosado

    Sam: I know fans love the draft, but out of the top few picks you aren’t likely to get a player anywhere near the level of contribution Asik can bring. Who are all these great 10, 11, 12 picks of recent years? If Asik were in this draft he’d be top 10 for sure and maybe higher. Why would you want to trade a potential starting center for the next Tyler Hansbrough or Gerald Henderson?"

    I don't agree with SSS very often, but
    As I've been saying unless you can get a top 5-6 pick, other than saving money it isn't worth trading Deng, Noah or even Taj or Asik for a middling first round pick.

    After the draft lottery, we should actively target teams 2-6. I doubt that any of them would take Deng for their pick, but we should be working on that.

    Don't want to trade Noah even for picks 2-6, although with Asik on board, you could make an argument for Bradley Beal or MKG.

    Probably get nothing more than laughs about either Taj or Asik for those picks, but as SSS points out, Asik, where he in this draft would be a top 10 pick, more 6-10 than 2-6 though.

  • I do not think it is that simple. Putting aside already mentioned and very important subject of Rose's capability upon return another question arises. Do Bulls feel the need for additional PF or do they think that role is redundant. If the former than to the total cost of Boozer's amnesty should be added the cost of acquiring adequate replacement. Will it improve the team, maybe... Can it be done so total cost per year is within the current obligations towards Boozer's salary. I do not know but I think that would be the most important question to answer when considering Boozer's amnesty.

  • In reply to shoevarek:

    Yes, nothing is ever quite that simple. I would venture Bulls will extend Taj Gibson making him the starting PF and then add a backup PF on a rookie contract through the draft.

    Will Taj Gibson's recent addition to the Olympic Select Team (practice squad) make him more difficult to extend? Conversely, more valuable in trade?

  • In reply to Edward:

    I am certain that we will not see anywhere near as much Taj love when he is making $8 million per and starting as we do now.

    Taj is probably only a marginal NBA starter, and can only do so on a team with a dominant wing scorer, like Kobe, Lebron, Durant, Melo or Wade.

  • Why not let Boozer go via amnesty or trade, the Bulls are not going to be a .500 team with him. Put Taj in the starting lineup and give him, Asik and Noah the ball more to develop their offensive game during the 2012-13 season and get a lottery pick in 2013 and the Bobcat's draft pick to fill in for Watson, Korver and Brewer leaving. Rose will be back in 2013 with a more experience frontline than he left.

  • In reply to BullnHouston:

    They were over .500 without Rose and with a banged up and less effective Loul Deng this season. Their scrappy grind it out style is proven regular season success I wouldn't write them off as a under .500 squad so easily. If you amnesty Boozer and Loul looks like he is going to miss a chunk of the season then they will probably be lottery bound.

  • For the record, I would like to state I wanted to trade Boozer LAST year, for these reasons:

    He doesn't play defense
    He didn't play in the low-post
    He doesn't give effort/hustle

    People argue he wasn't any of those things when coming to the Bulls, so we shouldn't expect him to do any of those. I knew this and didn't want to sign him to begin with (I wanted David Lee, given the circumstances).

    But even so, we should 'accept' him for what he is. WRONG. I knew he was never going to be better than what he was.

    Last year, Boozer's value was still relatively high. Teams could have stupidly convinced themselves Boozer's bad play was due to injury and he would 'bounce back'. Unfortunately, the Bulls were the stupid ones who convinced themselves of that, and now we're stuck.

    I wanted the Bulls to win the title this year with one of the main reasons being Boozer would have the highest value he would ever had in a Bulls we could trade him.

    Oh, and the trade proposal I suggested and was laughed at by everybody...Boozer for Hedo+Anderson. My reasoning was, Hedo (although expensive) had less years and less money coming to him, but he was a 2nd ball-handler to help take pressure off of Rose. I didn't think Anderson would be as good as he was, but I knew he was a stretch-4 who would play well with Noah because he didn't take him space in the paint.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    David Lee sucks. He is every bit as bad as boozer on D and is even less athletic. Hedo was good like 5 years ago and Ryan Anderson blows without Dwight to feed him wide open threes. I don't see any of those moves making the bulls more of a contender prior to the Rose injury. We need a star not more overpaid complimentary players...

  • In reply to Chad:

    Carlos Boozer (Avg. of $15mil per)
    2010-11 - 17.5pts-9.6rbs
    2011-12 - 15pts-8.5rbs

    David Lee (Avg of $13mil per)
    2010-11 - 16.5pts-9.8rbs
    2011-12 - 20.1pts-9.6rbs

    David Lee > Carlos Boozer

    So Ryan Anderson blows because he doesn't have sometime to feed him an open 3pt shot? I guess Derrick Rose doesn't make defenses collapse. My fault, I must have been watching a different team.

    Hedo has 1 year left. Boozer has 3. If you read my comment or actually knew something about the NBA instead of bloviating like you knew what you were talking about, you would have realized this.

    Hedo+Anderson > Booz

    Oh wait, I see, you want a STAR for Boozer, not some role players. I got it. Okay now, you're welcome to start naming 'stars' you can get for Boozer. I'll be waiting.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Although, I would take Lee over boozer, save the money and go after Kris Humphreys, he will score a litlle less but is every bit the rebounder and ten times more physical than either.

  • Worst case scenario would be that the bulls amnesty Boozer and nobody bids on him. That allows him to head straight to Miami, which allows them to turn Bosh into useful pieces. Boozer would love to go to Miami where his family is (can't blame him for that), and Miami would love to turn Bosh into a bunch of decent bench/role players.

    I agree they have to do it now while teams like Dallas and NJ are desperate to get a veteran and show they are trying. If the Knicks put a bid in on Baron Davis, somebody will definitely bite on Boozer, who put up decent numbers if people ignore his defense.

  • I'm sure Antawn Jamison could do much more for the Bulls than Boozer, if amnestied.

  • Boozer was as big a reason for two consecutive playoff failures as anyone else on the team. I've watched Taj from the beginning and believe that his jumper is consistently more accurate when he's starting. And this year he added some mean post moves, he's a joy to watch there on his pogo-stick, just like how he goes back up with an offensive rebound. I want him to START - and someone above commented on how we could try him out as a starter for a year. So I don't care whether we amnesty Carlos or somehow convince him to come off the bench - Doug's reasoning makes great sense - but either way, I want him playing less than 15 min!

    Asik is a consistent scorer on the Turkish team and actually hit both the jump shots I saw him take! His free-throw shooting form is excellent if painfully unreliable. All kidding aside, I don't think we've really tried to develop his offensive skills yet so his true potential is unknown (other than bad hands)...

    Especially if we're not seriously competing next year, we should develop Taj and Omer. After all, can you see competing with Carlos in two years when Derrick is back to full strength? Change the focus NOW, one way or the other ... please...

  • It's funny how the majority of Bulls fans realize that Boozer is the main guy that needs to go one way or another and the Chicago media and other Bulls fans that don't seem to have a clue want to except Boozer as he is. The Bulls whether anyone want to admit it or not need to start to look a couple of years into the future of this team when Rose returns at full strength. Boozer will not be a part of that team 2 years from now, at least he shouldn't be. The Bulls management need to trade Boozer or amnesty him this off season since he did play all 66 games this year and was not injured at all. When was the last time that happened for Boozer. I agree with another poster that Boozer can be traded to a team that needs an idenity and a former all star type player, Boozer would be that guy for another team Bobcats, Nets, Kings, maybe even the Warriors with their losing history. Point is it can get done but the Bulls management have got to be creative, that may be too much for them to handle though unfortunately.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Oh, and after watching Chicago Tribune Live KC Johnson has to work for the Bulls cause he's an absolute joke with his politically correct answers in favor of the Bulls and their management or he's delusional like the majority of the Chicago media in thinking this Bulls team as is had enough to beat the Heat in a 7 game series and that this team should stay the course as he suggested. This team needs change and shouldn't have Hung all of their hopes on Rose alone.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    With the problems the Heat have been having against the Pacers, you don't think the Bulls could have beaten them this year?

    I'm not saying they absolutely would have, I'm just saying the Bulls had a legit shot of beating the Heat this year. Albeit, they all would have had to stay healthy, but nonetheless, they could have beaten the Heat.

    Regarding Boozer, the Bulls aren't Amnestying him. You and the rest of the Bulls can give up any hopes you have on that. Reinsdorf is not risking the chance to pay Boozer a total of $80mil for 2 (if Amnestied this year) or 3 years (if Amnestied next year) of service. The best bet is to trade him for other bad contracts, something I agree with, that if the Bulls were creative, could get done.

    For example...Boozer for Frye, Warrick, and Dudley. PHO would do this because they get rid of 3 'bad contracts' for 1 'bad contract', who like you said, can bring something to a team lacking scoring or what not.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You are absolutely right about KC, he seems like the highschool nerd living his dream totally politically correct, ass kissing homer.

    Basically a pussy when it comes to critical analysis to protect his job. Frankly it amazes me that he ever got the job in the first place, but the world is filled with bosses who only want yes men on their payrolls.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    "The majority of Bulls fans" -

    Wanted to re-sign Eddy Curry

    Thought Ben Gordon was much more valuable than Luol Deng

    Were ready to burn down the Berto Center when Pax drafted Taj ahead of DeJuan Blair

    I'm just sayin...

    I can easily see GarPax trading Boozer to free up minutes for Omer and Taj... especially if they can get a long-term SG and/or a first-round pick.

    Or a veteran PG to fill in next season.

    But there is no way in hell he gets the amnesty treatment, like you said there are teams out there that are starved for talent who will at least give up expiring contracts for him.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    As much as we have butted heads in the past, you are totally right on this one. I was on the opposite side of all those situation that you mentioned, and in the small majority. Curry and Gordon turned out exactly as I pedicted that they would and I don't recall anyone even knowing who Taj was before the draft, nevermind calling for him to be the Bulls pick at 26 as I did.

    If I had to bet on it, boozer is not amnestied this summer, although as Doug has shown there are compelling monetary arguments to do so, but I guarantee that he is amnesititzed next summer before the start of the 2013 season.

  • the east is still a complete joke, I cant believe the bulls missed out on this year (and probably next)... I still have hope that whoever comes out the west can pound the heat.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I personally blame Thibs.

    If he didn't throw guys back into the fire (which resulted in them reinjuring themselves again), Rose might not have been in the position he was to tear his ACL.

    Everybody will say the ACL tear was a freak injury, and it probably is, but you just can't help but think the injuries all stemmed from the initial injury and Rose rushing back (himself or by Thibs) and playing 40+min and getting injured and Thibs still keeping him (Rip and Luol as well) out on the floor with games well in hand.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    You will like this article, where Jerry Reinsdorf himself questions why Derrick Rose is still in games late.

    I agree with you that Thibs decisions over playing time and injury recovery time (this is the same issue, imo) are truly amateur. Thibs is a regular season coach, not a playoff coach like Popovich, Jackson, Doc Rivers.

    Other than making the playoffs, regular season wins are meaningless. The Heat winning game 6 on-the-road in Indiana to end that series emphasized that perfectly. Yet, Thibs treats every regular season game like its the playoffs. This wears down his players and ensures playoff failures.

    Thibs is misguided, inexperienced, and stubborn. I hope Thibs learns from his mistakes and changes his approach, but I am not optimistic. For it was Thibs who tried to convince Doc Rivers to NOT REST his Celtic players for the playoffs in March/April 2010. Doc wisely ignored Thibs, rested his starters, and made it to Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Thibs would have ground the Celtics starters into the ground in a misguided regular season push, and faded in the playoffs - just like he has with the Bulls the last two seasons.

  • fb_avatar

    The author just honestly does not understand how the salary cap works. Amnestying Boozer now would not put them under the cap. They would not have 1 extra penny to spend on free agents. The Bulls would be the exact same team, just without Boozer. They would simply be left longing for a PF who could set picks and hit 18 foot jumpers all day.....where they could find somebody like that?

    Boozer isn't anybody's favorite player, and he is overpaid. But Rose and the Bulls' offensively limited centers desperately need a PF who can consistently hit jumpers. Boozer is a top 5 PF in that category.

  • In reply to cmoney:

    Boozer does have a very nice jumper, its true. But the problem is he gives it all back on the defensive end. imo, no team will ever win deep in the playoffs with Boozer as a starting PF.

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