Heat's big three jealous of the Bulls cast

I received an interesting note from a Miami Heat Insider privy to the most private thoughts within the organization, and interestingly, not only were the big three concerned about their ability to get past Chicago, they were also jealous of the cast the Bulls had been able to assembled.

First, bear in mind, this information predated Rose's season ending ACL tear in the playoffs.

Apparently the loss to the Bulls without Rose followed by another loss with Rose effectively not playing (since the Bulls were something like -30 over his minutes) was enough to give the Heat significant fear of the Bulls in the playoffs. They thought last year if they shut down Rose the Bulls would fold, but this year the rest of the group played well enough to carry the team when Rose was out or a non factor.

Not only did the Bulls performance against them add a bit of doubt in their ability to make it to the finals, it made them focus on just how poorly Miami had done in putting a cast together. To put it bluntly, Pat Riley promised the big three a much better supporting cast than he's been able to deliver.

The big three have felt they shoulder too much of the load [no surprise or real inside information there], and they're disappointed in the front office's ability to put things together. Of course, it seems unlikely that Chicago will be able to keep that cast together either, so perhaps Miami can calm down their expectations a bit.

Meanwhile, the front office looks like they'll look to move Chris Bosh for parts this off-season if the Heat don't win a title. The cost of keeping the big three together long term will be difficult for Miami to bear, especially since they still play in a market with limitations in terms of how much revenue they can bring in even when things are going well.

The thinking is that if it doesn't get done this season that they might need to try something new. Granted this was also prior to the Bosh injury which may change the thinking some since if they lose they won't have done so at full strength. If they do mix it up, Chris Bosh is the most likely to go because Dwyane Wade has too much cache with fans, and you can't trade the three time MVP.

It brings up a number of interesting possibilities for Miami. Would you trade Bosh for Boozer + Asik? Would the Bulls do that? Bosh will almost certainly opt into the final years of his deal which would put him at roughly 4 years 80 million dollars remaining. I like him more than Boozer (by quite a bit) but it will be difficult for the Bulls to field a decent roster with him on the books making 20 million a year.

For that matter, does anyone really want Chris Bosh for 20 million a year? I wonder to myself whether Bosh is viewed as a bad contract at this point? He's obviously a very good player, but he's not really a franchise player while making franchise player money. I don't see Chris Bosh leading anyone anywhere as a number one, and with the new salary cap rules performance per dollar because the most important metric.

Is Chris's performance per dollar good enough?

Interesting stuff overall.


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  • Doug, it’s good to hear your hatred is dying down. Regarding Bosh’s injury, I read an article that cited 4 examples of players with abdominal strains. On average, it’s a 3 week injury and those 4 players played effectively soon thereafter. I’m cautiously optimist of getting Bosh back in game 4 or 5 of the ECF. Regarding your trade proposal, there’s no way in hell the Heat are taking Boozer in any trade unless it included Derrick Rose, and we know that’s not happening. The Heat would definitely take Noah and Gibson, but the Bulls would say no. Thus, I don’t think a deal between the two teams is feasible. With the new egregious luxury tax rules soon to be implemented, I think it is too much of a burden for teams to carry 3 maximum salaried players. As a Heat fan, I could get over the emotional attachment to DWade, and would strongly consider the following trade:

    Dwight Howard
    Hedo Turkoglu
    Ryan Anderson

    Dwyane Wade
    Chris Bosh

    From the Heat’s perspective:
    • Lebron and Howard are a much better fit than Lebron and Wade.
    • After 2012-2013 season, Turkoglu’s contract expires, and Heat could amnesty Mike Miller, freeing up cap space to put the right pieces around the 2 stars.
    • In terms of Big 2’s, it doesn’t get any better than this. This duo would be reminiscent of Kobe and Shaq.
    • Deal blows up unless Riley can convince Howard to sign long term. I worry that Howard is still hellbent on the Nets.

    From the Magic’s perspective:
    • I cannot see the Magic getting anything close to an offer as good as this, mayber Bynum and Gasol, but Howard would prefer to partner-up with the younger Lebron than the older Kobe.
    • Although not nearly as potent as the Heat duo, the pieces fit, and the Magic can build a contending team around them.
    • Wade and Bosh could opt out after 2 years, but why would they if they have each other?

  • In reply to RichG:

    Hard to see the Magic possibly getting a better offer than that for Dwight. I don't see how they coudl turn that down. Doesn't seem to me like something the Heat would do, but I could see why it'd make a ton of sense for them.

    As for the abdominal strain it really depends how severe the strain is, as far as I know, Miami hasn't really given out more details about it. It can be a six week + injury or it could be a 3 week injury depending on what grade the strain is.

    The way Bosh has discussed things in terms of the Heat need to extend this thing another series for him to come back seems to imply that the feedback he's getting is that he could potentially be ready in the next series or finals.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    My trade proposal makes a ton of sense for both Miami and Orlando. The only two stumbling blocks are Riley’s attachment to Wade, and Howard’s willingness to sign with the Heat long term? As presently constructed, even with a healthy Bosh, I don’t think the Heat would beat OKC or San Antonio. Their lack of depth is being exposed, and Lebron and Wade cannot play Hercules each and every game. For the Heat, the time to strike is now, while Wade and Bosh are still held in such high acclaim. For the Orlando Magic, this is their chance to remain relevant.

    Regarding Bosh versus Boozer, there’s a big difference. Eventhough I agree that Bosh is not worth his contract, teams would still trade good assets for him. The only return the Bulls can receive for Boozer are contracts that are worse than his, like Stoudemire or Joe Johnson. Unlike the Knicks, at least the Bulls can still amnesty their albatross.

    Doug, I warned you before the playoffs to watch out for San Antonio. You were wrong in dismissing them. Tony Parker is playing at an unbelievably high level.

  • In reply to RichG:

    The reason why I don't see ORL trading Dwight is because they just fired SVG and Otis Smith. My guess is, it's to appease Dwight and he stays now.

    Personally, that was the trade proposal everybody was suggesting, but I don't think MIA even needs to take back Hedo. If you need to make salaries match, Anderson is a RFA and should get $7-10mil. Throw in Redick's final unguaranteed year and I think MIA would do it.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Even with SVG and Otis Smith out, I think Dwight Howard still wants to leave. Regarding Ryan Anderson and his RFA status, if what you are saying is true, and his new salary is factored in to the matching, then the Heat wouldn’t have to take Hedo back. Either way, with the new luxury tax on the horizon, I truly believe this trade helps both teams. The only reason Heat might not do it is Riley's loyalty to Wade.

  • In reply to RichG:

    I agree, in the end, it's about the talent. Orlando has no talent around Dwight, no way to acquire talent around Dwight, and Dwight doesn't have the desire to rebuild with them again.

  • In reply to RichG:

    You are right about San Antonio, they've impressed me a lot so far this year in the playoffs, though I think they've also had a very favorable draw so far.

    I'm very excited to see the SA/OKC matchup in the WCF.

    I think it will be awfully interesting to see if Miami can get good assets for Bosh or not. If I'm another team, I'm not sure I'm lining up a bunch of assets to pay Bosh 4/80 for the next four seasons.

    In fact, I'm fairly certain that I'm not. I think the new CBA will make the Bosh trade market much cooler than people expect it to be.

  • In reply to RichG:

    That would be a killer deal if Miami can get over it's emotional attachment to Wade.

    It has to be the best deal for Howard, and makes sense for both teams, although Orlando might have some trepidation in taking back over $155 million in salary over the next 4 years

    Is Reilly that much of a stone cold killer in the pursuit of winning?

    It would be a huge slap in the face to Wade after he recruited Lebron to Miami, but kind of satisfying to Bulls fans.

    If I am Orlando, I am not so sure that I give Miami Ryan Anderson in that deal, as they are getting the dominant player in the deal.

    Not sure about your worry on Howard's desire to go to the Nets, Miami is about as "sexy" destination for NBA players as there is, unless Howard is afraid of playing in Lebron's shadow.

    Never-the-less, a fun but scary trade to contemplate.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Since the Heat are giving up a Hall of Fame Player and 7 time allstar, both in their primes, the Heat have every right to demand Ryan Anderson, especially since the Heat hold all the cards. Howard will be a free agent next year and wants to leave. The Heat players are happy and under contract for 2 more years. Orlando will be happy to spend their $155M on Wade and Bosh, instead of the scrubs they'd get back from the Nets. I agree, Riley would have to be a stone cold killer to trade Wade, but the impending new luxury tax dictates he strongly consider it.

  • Dammit this really was our year. *sigh*

    They would never trade him to the Bulls, and even if they would, I'm not sure we should do it. Bosh is good at the things we hate Boozer for sucking at, but he is a mediocre rebounder. If we lose Boozer and Asik for him, we'd feel it on the glass. The biggest problem with Boozer is his value relative to his contract, and I think you could make the same case against Bosh.

    Miami probably doesn't have enough to get Howard, so Houston is the most likely destination if they trade Bosh. A package built around Scola and whichever PG Houston doesn't want would probably be enough to get it done and they would be much better.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    This wasn't the Bulls year. But anyway:

    Boozer's rebounding is a joke. He eats up all the easy ones which Noah would probably get most of if Boozer weren't eating up the space.

    Scola and and Dragic isn't getting Bosh. Boozer and Asik isn't getting Bosh. His contract is unsavory but he still has a lot of value, and let's not forget he performed well in the Finals last year. That means something.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Miami would have already swept Indy 4-0 if they had Asik in the middle right now. How much is that worth to them.

    boozer, while loathesome to me, replaces most of the points that Bosh gives them now, and Asik gives them size, defense and rebounding that they can only fantasize about now.

    Miami, might look to do better for Bosh, but given his huge contract they might not be able to do so.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    To make the salaries match, the Bulls should offer Boozer and Asik for Bosh and Joel Anthony. I think the Bulls would do it, but the Heat would not.

  • In reply to RichG:

    I think neither team would do it to be honest. I can't see the Bulls taking on the salary.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I think that you are right for the most part, but Miami is essentially in desperation mode with regard to winning a championship(s) now.

    For them it is all or nothing every year, so they might take salary back in a deal that they feel makes puts them over the top.

    You can debate whether Asik is the answer for them, but taking back boozer will be the cost of doing business if they decide that he is.

  • Like I said people. I'll trade anyone except Rose, Jo and Asik... Because Rose is essentially out of picture for the next season, so our main goal for the 2012/2013 is to clear salary cap and make big splash for the free agent class of 2013/2014. If Miami want to trade Bosh, I would like to see Gar/Pax try to trade for him rather than doing nothing... Who knows maybe luck is on our side this time after what happened to Rose's knee.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    After switching out Asik and keeping Gibson, then I would agree with you.

  • In reply to mr fusion:

    I am all for keeping them both, Rose, Noah, Asik, and Taj form a core around which you have the requisite talents to build a champion.

    Rose provides ability to break down a defense and the offensive leadership. NAT provide the backbone of rebounding and defense.

    Put those 3 guys on Miami or even OKC and they would be 70 wins style unbeatable.

    The Bulls just need to find consistent wing scoring to finish the package. We still need to find our Scottie Pippen.

  • How about Brewer and Boozer to the Lakers for Gasol? That's cap relief/perimeter defense and better fit in their new system for the Lakers, and a real low post threat for the bulls.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Bulls will be looking to shed salary too, but that'd be a huge upgrade in talent for Chicago. I'd imagine the Lakers could do much better for Gasol though.

  • The Heat deffinately don't look unstopple like last year. Flaws in their half court offense have been exposed and if you deny them the transition game they struggle. Though with their elite athletes they make it really tough for you to score to. I think its the Thunders year.

    20 mil for Bosh is tough to swallow although he is a lot better than Boozer I would do it as you could always amnesty Bosh if you had to.

  • In reply to Chad:

    You can't amnesty a contract that you acquire in trade.

  • Are you kidding me? Is this written by a professional...or some meatball with a blog?

    "Bare in mind??" Really??? I didn't even read the rest of the article once I couldn't get past the 2nd paragraph without encountering this 7th grade English usage mistake.

  • In reply to drcdes:

    Theriously, you are tho' right. Doug's misuse of a th(s)ynonym is unpardonable!! I too can not thstand 7th grade English mistakes!...

    Now I'll tell you what. You get the enema out of your ass and insert the tampon, and we'll ignore the fact that a busy guy without a "staff" is taking the time to put up an extremely dependable, fan friendly blog. God, go tell mom to make you another grill cheese sandwich, and then take a nap, OK? That way you can sleep through that awful noise she's making in her bedroom with the mail man. Toodles.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    At least Doug didn't say anything about when Bosh will have his "grove" back.

    Nice job comeback, RW, but the dr's probably not coming back to read it.

  • In reply to drcdes:

    Haha, I make few apologies for the fact that I'm not a professional writer nor do I pretend to be. If you read the blog, I hope it's for the basketball analysis and the community, because the writing quality is certainly higher elsewhere.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    You shouldn't even have to respond to such inane posts, even if you take them in good humor.

  • I'm sure the "stars" on Miami resent a lot of things mainly because they are prima donna, self-centered jerks to the extreme. Things like a Geriitol revolving door of cane(er' ring) chasers. Also, their namby pamby coach. BronBron, D-Wade, come on, you know you want to bitch slap Spo(oge).

    As for Asik or other reups being traded or desirable I think the value or time to sell high has passed. Maybe you still have someone who values Omer greatly as Doug has suggested for $10 Mil a year. If so, you better trade his ass for a proven scorer or a mid lotto or upper pick you reagrd as a can't miss offensive stud. It's so hard to believe the Bulls will make a big move and take a chance for the offensive talent aka player they are screaming for. And if so do they pick the right guy??

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Unless you can trade Asik for a top 5 pick, it probably isn't worth it.

    ESPN's money issue, has an analysis that shows the value of draft picks falls off a cliff after the fifth pick.

    Basically, #1 is worth twice what 2-5 are, and everything after that is a complete crap shot.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    That depends a whole ton on the draft. There are many years the #1 pick is worth nothing more than the #2-5 picks, and then there are years where it makes an entire franchise for the next decade, so the average is higher.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    They did a long term analysis, dating back to 1989, so their numbers are statistically significant, as are the gaps between those three categories.

    You really never know the quality of a draft ahead of time. The fact of the matter is that virtually all of the top 10-20 players were top 5 picks or would have been in the current one and done draft system.

    So, unless you are looking to get younger or cheaper, or both, trading an established contributor for a pick outside the top 5 probably doesn't help your team all that much.

    This is probably why draft picks always seem to have more value before the selection is made and the player is known, it is more about false hope and unbridled optimism.

    That being said, if we could get a top 10 pick for Deng, I'd probably be happy to do so, at least until after the draft.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If you're looking at the draft as a way to land a superstar then sure, you need a high pick in the right year. And that's a great way of looking at it for tanking teams, if you're already very bad then you want to be as bad as possible to get a realistic shot at those guys.

    I think it's different for good teams. They're never going to get into those spots and get those players. However they do have salary concerns. So the value of mid round draft picks isn't the rare superstar you get from them, it's that you can get a good role player for 1/5 the cost of a vet due to rookie contracts.

    I think we're going to see a league where the teams that can consistently nail their picks will be the ones always contending. If you're not going to pay the tax (or at least no more than occasionally into the first level), you pretty much need to get one rotation player a year on a rookie deal to make the finances work. Teams that draft poorly will find themselves having paper thin rosters and/or having to dump players for cap relief.

  • 1) If Riley/Heat are jealous of the Bulls' supporting cast, what did they expect? They have 3 max players and no cap room to field a good role players. They could always dump one of them (Bosh) for good role players, which...

    2) I personally think if they don't win this year, Bosh will be gone too. I think the Heat can get a much better offer from the Rockets, who went after Bosh hard. I think they view Bosh and Pau as similar players, and would offer up Scola+Martin+Cheap Role Player (since Dragic is a FA now).

    Although I think Pau is better, I think Bosh is way better than Boozer and would be a much better fit than Boozer here. With that said, I don't think Riley would make a deal with the Bulls, even if they gave them a good deal (Bosh ...for... Boozer+Asik+Brewer).

    3) If Lebron and Bosh really wanted to win multiple titles and in Lebron's case, be considered the 'savior', 'leader', 'best player', he would have taken Bosh and signed with the Bulls. Not only were the Bulls able to win the title last year, but the only player to stop them was Lebron (because of his defense on Rose). If Lebron wasn't in the way, I think the Bulls could have beat DAL and won it all.

    C. Noah (Asik)
    PF. Bosh (Taj)
    SF. Luol
    SG. Lebron
    PG. Rose

    You're telling me that team wouldn't have won the titles the this year and last?

  • By the way at some point Doug maybe a who would do you trade of Joakim, Omer, Taj, and Lu? Who would be most and least coveted or valuable. What do you think you could get back for each player considering young reups are bargains compared to Jo and Lu's big contracts etc. Just a thought. Even K.C. thinks the Bulls might be making a major move for an offensive talent they have been lacking come draft day. No disrespect to Keith or Rip(Ho.. ho).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    In order of value (with consideration to age, salary, etc)...

    1) Noah, 2) Taj, 3) Luol, 4) Asik

    If the Bulls trade one, my guess would be it would be Asik. Since he's a FA, it would have to be a Sign-and-Trade.

    Luol is injured, so if you trade him he'll be at half value. Taj still has 1 year left on his rookie deal before you need to extend him (and I would personally keep him over Asik). If you move Noah, Asik can't cover for Boozer.

  • I think the Bulls obviously have the same problem that the Heat have. They both put teams together two years ago to go all in and if neither have won championships, the financial issues are going to change the make-ups of both teams. How can you justify paying the luxury tax without really getting at a championship regardless of the reasons (injuries, not enough help, etc.)? Regarding who do you keep versus who do you trade? There is no way the Bulls trade Rose. On the other hand, I think some value Asik just a little too much. He is a back-up center. He is not someone waiting to get out and be a full-time starting center like Gortat when he was behind Howard and got to be a starter at Phoenix. Asik is an excellent defender with a big body who moves fairly well. He has no real value and is instead a major liability on the offensive end. He is basically good for a focused 15 to 20 minute back-up role. Maybe, someone will overpay because there are so few good centers. And I hope they do. I would take Kurt Thomas back if he has just a little left in him over Asik any day and get as much as we can for Asik on the market. Keep Taj, Noah, see what Butler can do in Brewer's role and try to bring back Korver and hope that giving up Deng and Asik gives cap room to get a decent back-up point (CJ or someone else) and a new offensive stud (either by draft, trade, or free agent signing). Oh, and at some point, the Boozer amnesty has to be on the table if you want to capitalize on Rose in his prime and given the way he plays will subject him to a lot of physical pounding.

  • I think I have a reasonable trade proposal here:

    Boozer+Luol+Brewer+CHI 1st ...for... Pau+Artest+McRoberts

    LAL gets a cheaper PF, a better SF, Brewer who has an unguaranteed contract which allows the Lakers to save some money, and a draft pick.

    CHI gets a better PF, a resurgent Artest, and cheap backup PF (disclaimer: I'm a fan of McBob, thought he was basically Kris Humphries).

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Sorry man. No Artest.... I don't want Bulls to lose a player because Flagrant Foul 2 and then miss 7 games for suspension..... Hell no to Artest.

  • Comments from NBA media and related sites(Hoopsworld etc.) today in regards to Bulls making a move repeatedly mentioning Taj, coming off his impressive playoffs, as a valued trading chip that could garner late lottery or mid teens first rounder.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Why would you trade a guy you drafted at 26 that has already proved to be a valuable NBA player to take a crapshot at another player in the James Johnson range of the draft.

  • Bosh for boozer and Asik is what I proposed in response to your podcast yesterday, as I clearly reject Noah and Taj for Bosh.

    Both the Bulls and Miami would have reservations about doing that deal for the same reasons, taking on a bad contract.

    Miami might not want to take back boozer's contract, but it has to be the cost of getting Asik. Asik and boozer makes them better than Bosh and what they have now. Personally, I think just substituting Asik for Bosh would virtually guarantee Miami a championship.

    For the Bulls, Bosh would definately be the best #2 scorer that we have had since Pippen, but as you indicated trading for Bosh is a difficult pill to swallow given his upcoming salary. Even though I believe that he is somewhat of a softie, his #'s as a Bull would be better than they are with the Heat, more in line with his Raptor #'s.

    As much as I hate boozer and would love to get rid of his ass and contract, I am not sure that taking back an even worse contract is the optimal solution.

    For the Bulls the mitigating factor would be that Deng's contract comes off the books for the last 2 years of Bosh's contract. However, that is also the most likely arrival time for Mirotic, who is also a PF. Maybe he is your sixth man for 2 years before taking over as a starter.

    Finally, do we really want to make a trade with Miami that makes them harder to beat and more likely to win a championship.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If you polled all of the GM's in the NBA, each and every one of them would say Boozer has a much worse contract than Bosh. As I stated earlier, teams would still trade good assets for Bosh. The only return the Bulls can receive for Boozer are contracts that are worse than his, like Stoudemire or Joe Johnson.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Boozer is considered a 'bad contract' and Bosh is not. Teams would still trade for Bosh knowing he's not an 'Elite' Player, but he IS an All-Star and can be a 20-10 player if hes' the first option like he was in TOR.

    I think Amare is the better player an can return to his 25+pt average, but I would not take the risk with his injury history and amount owed.

    I WOULD make the trade for JJ, but ATL (they have Horford+Smoove) or CHI (financial) would not.

    I would personally try to swing Boozer to the Suns for some Frye, Dudley, and Warrick. Throw in a draft pick or 2 if need be.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Bosh could also get his numbers as a second option, and unlike Boozer, Bosh is considered to be a decent defender. That said, if I were the Bulls, I still wouldn't trade Boozer for Joe Johnson. JJ has the worst contract in the NBA.

  • In reply to RichG:

    I'm not sure about that.

    Boozer's deal is one year shorter than Bosh's deal is, and I think that makes a huge difference in valuing their contracts. You're talking 3/45 vs 4/80.

    If you could sign Asik for 4/25 as part of the package you could get Asik + Boozer less than Bosh, and I think that's probably something that improves Miami.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The way you frame it, I'll come off my stance a little, but ultimately, the Heat can do a lot better for Bosh. I like Asik a lot, but I've seen Boozer shrink too many times in big moments.

  • In reply to RichG:

    That will be (potentially) the interesting question.

    Can they do a lot better for Bosh? I think, much like Joe Johnson, the total value of his deal and the length of it will make it very difficult for them to find a taker.

    He has four years left right now at what is above the max any new player could sign at, and he's probably not a top 10 player in the league, and perhaps not a top 15 player.

    It really just depends which teams have the salary flexibility to make it work.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    My original trade proposal of Wade and Bosh to Orlando for Howard and Anderson, that's how the Heat can do a lot better for Bosh. Joe Johnson's deal is far worse than Bosh's, for the simple reason that JJ is 3 years older, and it's for more money.

  • In reply to RichG:

    I only meant that Bosh's contract was worse in the sense that he makes several million more per year and his contract is one year longer.

    His $19, $20 and $22 million years will all be under the terms of the new super tax, making his contract much more onerous than boozers already bad contract.

    I've already posted a worst case scenario on boozer's contract showing that it would cost a total of $126 million over the final 3 years. Worst case over his final 4 seasons Bosh could cost over $200 million.

    Pau Gasol, with only 2 years @"only" $19-20 million per might be a better deal. Would the Lakers do it for Deng and cap filler, or Deng and boozer, or Deng and Asik?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Lakers won't do it for Asik or Deng, because they already have Bynum and Artest.

  • I think a great trade for the Bulls would be to trade Boozer and Watson to the Knicks, the Knicks trade Amare to Houston, and Houston trades Scola and Kevin Martin to Chicago. The Bulls and Knicks could also send their first round picks to Houston to even it up some. This works acording to realgm.com and I think it gives all three teams what they want. The Knicks may be the perfect fit for Boozer. His rebounding can help Chandler and he doesn't need the shots that Amare needed. Watson gives them PG depth that they will need with Davis and Shumpert out for a while. Houston gets a star player that they wanted last December when they almost got Pau and they would have three first round picks to build a team. Finally, the Bulls get a reall scorer who could start or come off the bench in Martin and his contract is up after the year for trade bait or salary dump. Scola gives about the same numbers as Boozer but for less money. I think he would be ok with coming off the bench, plus I think he retires before the contract is up. This would still leave money for a PG, Asik, and Gibson. It would give them a competitive team while Rose is out too.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    I would like to see that trade. So it probably will not happen.

    Boozer and Asik for Bosh would be an on-the -court upgrade and an at-the -bank downgrade. $20 mil per year for 4 years? The Bulls could do little else because of the cap.

    If Deng has his surgery and comes back full strength in the middle of next year, he could become a much stronger trading chip for a top level star. The Bulls FO needs some patience. Yes, do the blockbuster trade, but do not do stuff just to be doing something. How did that work out with Boozer and Hamilton?

  • The financials on obtaining Boozer (who they can't amnesty) are laughable for the Heat. They're going to be way over the tax so his 45 million remaining salary would end up costing them 100+ million over the next 3 years.

    I can't see any way they do that just to get Asik.

    Much more likely they dump Bosh for expiring contracts (or even better to a team with cap space) and take back picks or players on cheap rookie contracts. IMO the key to building a team with this new CBA is getting productive players on cheap rookie contracts to surround your stars, so that would be a far far far better trade than anything involving Boozer.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Exactly! So that is a good model for the Bulls as well.

  • PABullsfan: "I think a great trade for the Bulls would be to trade Boozer and Watson to the Knicks, the Knicks trade Amare to Houston, and Houston trades Scola and Kevin Martin to Chicago."

    I love that trade! I watched KMart2 when he was drafted and played in Sacramento when I lived there and he can put up some big #s and while he is similar size to RIP he is much more durable! Scola is a very hard worker "hard hat and lunch pail" guy "Stacey King terminology...that the Bulls and Thibs would love! I would do that trade ASAP if it was possible or deal with Houston directly! That team has had alot of misery with the way the TMac and Ming franchise players ended their dream without the glory! I don't think that Boozer or Watson has much value though!

    The Kings traded away KMart2 since they got Evans but he hasn't really lived up the hipe after his rookie of the year expectations!

    I hope we get a good PG with Rose being out probably all of next year! I'd love Nash even at his advanced age or to a lesser degree Andre Miller. Watson and Lucas3 as our backups was a big drop off on any team, let alone a All-Star starting PG in Rose!

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