Draft profiles: Tony Wroten, 6'7, 200 lbs, SG/PG, Washington

Draft profiles: Tony Wroten, 6'7, 200 lbs, SG/PG, Washington

Wroten's a silky-smooth lefty combo-guard prospect with one of the more intriguing games in the draft.  One of the most heralded Freshman coming into last year’s NCAA basketball season, he flashed signs of a good players while lacking consistently.  

Athletic ability

Athletically, his game should transfer well to the NBA as he has above average athleticism in all facets of the game for a shooting guard [vertical, lateral quickness, straight-line speed].  However', he's not an athletic freak and likely won't have the quickness to defend PGs at the next level.


Tony presents a nightmare for either guard position with his combination of skill and size.  Occasionally, he may play small forward as well, especially if he adds muscle to his frame.   While a little skinny, it is nothing to be concerned over at this stage of his development.

Offensively, he can use his height to see over opposing guards while creating opportunities.  Defensively, he does not quite have the lateral quickness to guard point guards, but can use his length to be a disruptive presence. He still needs to develop a better understanding of how to use his length to body up his opponent.

Off-Court Issues

There are no reported issues, nor any confirmations on his personality.

Basketball IQ and want it factor

I feel that Tony is a mixed bag when it comes to understanding the game.  He can make really flashy passes and can see the court well and uses good passing angles at times. However, he also seems to make some really baffling passes for any age group.  Defensively, he takes way too many defensive risks trying to get steals and puts team in bad position when his gambles fail.

Is he simply bored and trying to be flashy or does he not have a good understanding of the game and tries to mask it by being ultra-aggressive?

As for will, he seems to get easily frustrated if players play at a pace he is not used too or when having an off game.   He also seems to provide flash over substance and that has me questioning if his fit as a team player.

Overall, I have some concerns on how his mental game will transfer over to the next level and to me, mental is just as serious as physical/skill talents (barring freak of nature abilities).


Skill-wise, Tony Wroten provides many unique abilities as a combo guard.  Sometimes, some players games adjust better to the NBA open-court style, and I feel he has the ability and talent to be one of those players.

Tony has many great offensive talents.  He can break down opponents off the dribble and get to the rim and is one of the better isolation type players in the draft.  He alters his game speed using hesitation moves, shoulder nudges, step-backs etc rather than using raw athleticism to get to the rim all the time.

In this aspect, he should be a good pick-and-roll player with his ability to judge the play.  He is an aggressive offensive player and therefore gets to the line frequently which usually should carry over to the next level.

Does he have a definitive position offensively?  While he does all these things well, he is not a good shooter and will be a significant risk in slowing down his driving game as teams will force him to at least develop a mid-range game.  While he makes very nice passes, he has a very high Assist-to-Turnover Rate, and makes too many high risk passes as well as simply bad bad passes.

Can he become less selfish?  Will he play winning basketball or is he an empty-stat stuffer?  He's very ball-dominant; so can his game adjust when he goes to a team that will not allow him to play on the ball as much.  Also, he needs to improve upon his right-hand dribble as he is very left hand dominant.

Defensively, Tony has quick and long hands and sometimes anticipates the passing lanes well.   However, he can be beaten off the dribble as he loses focus pretty often.   He was solid in the rebounding department and I feel that will translate to the next level with his above average vertical and size for the guard position.  He has the ability to become a good defender, but must learn to understand the game in terms of playing defense; when to go for the steal, where to shade your defender, etc…


At times he seems to understand the game while showing great anticipation. However, he gets burnt frequently from being over aggressive as well.  His best case scenario is a Tyreke Evans lite type player while worst case is being out of the league.  I personally think whomever drafts him will have to be very patient and put him in the best situation. 

He seems to be one of those players that could be really good, or will be an empty-stat stuffer and a journeyman for many teams.  His game is like a slightly more creative, but not as good shooting Jamal Crawford.

Overall, Tony is the classic, boom-or-bust type player.  While he is very skilled and good athlete at 6’7 and making him a point forward type prospect, he's a poor shooter, makes poor decisions, and plays with more style than substance.  Whomever drafts him will need to be patient and surround him with finishers and shooters.  He'd fit best on a team that would let him play on the ball frequently early on.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

While I think the Bulls need to add more athletes and slashers to their roster, I am hesitant in drafting Tony Wroten.  While he has high potential, he'll need serious developmental time and may not fit the team persona.  Is his skill level high enough to play on the ball in the NBA? Will he become a team player?

It's hard to see Thibodeau playing someone with such inconsistency who's flash leads frequently leads to instability.  If I am the Bulls, I would rather take risks on athletes that will give you more playing time; even if he slides to 29.  His draft stock will probably rise due to his skill level and athleticism which should impress in the team workout setting.

I don’t doubt Tony’s ability and talent to be a better pick in later first round.  However, while this team could use some talent influx, Tony might be better off somewhere else that might play a little faster pace and will give him a chance to adjust.


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  • Tell me guys, when are we going to use charlotte protected draft pick ? If it is this year, does it mean we're drafting among the 1st ten ?

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I don't know when we are going to use it. Unless there is a blockbuster pick (like top 3) packaged with a good player (such as Taj) or for a blockbuster trade, I really don't see the urgency to use it.

    However, the Charlotte Draft pick is situational and it is not top 8 until 2016. We don't have access to use it yet.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    ok thanks you.

  • If you ask me the number one talent or skill that the Bulls need to acquire more of is the ability to break defenses down off the dribble, penetrate the lane, get to the rim and create shots for others.

    It sounds like you think that this is one of Wrotens best attributes. That alone should make him a contender for the Bulls pick. His size at 2 guard is also something that we need going forward, sounds like he might be an ideal 3rd guard/combo guard who can effectively play both guard positions.

    With the 29th pick, you can certainly afford to take a chance on a bust or boom type guy.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    In essence, the skills are something we need, but he can make some really baffling plays. Not to say it can't work out, but I don't know if I can envision a coach for a near championship caliber team (in 2 years that is depending on what are team looks like). Just my opinion.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Bulls usually flame out when it comes to "high potential athletic project types" like James Johnson. They picked Jimmy Butler last year because they knew his defense would translate to the NBA level even though his offense is still a work in progress. Likewise, I would rather the Bulls go for a safer pick/skilled player like John Jenkins who could flourish in Thibodeau's screen and shoot game, taking over for Korver.

  • At the 29th pick I would take Orlando Johnson out of UC Santa Barbara. 6'5", good shooter and a long wingspan. I have a feeling he will rise up the draft boards after individual workouts. Kevin, are you going to do a write up on him?

  • In reply to Bullsfan23:

    Yeah, I will have one up on him; there will probably be around 20-25 more draft profiles.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Nice reviews Kevin! But it all comes down to Thibs. If he is not using the rookies good enough then we will still come short even if Derrick MVP comes back fully recovered (and 100%) along with Deng. Case in point James Johnson and Jimmy Butler. Sigh!!!

  • In reply to StealthSniper45:

    Thanks man; if we draft a player this year and the hearings that we are building long-term and our injury situation, I would think that Thibs would need to play someone this year. I think most players in this draft that we can draft could play at least spot minutes regularly. I don't say that for T. Wroten though.

  • Love these profiles Kevin. I've been a draft nerd forever. Used to sit down in the 80's with a pad and a pencil and record the draft on my own that way. For some reason the draft is my favorite event of the year.

    Looking forward to your beal evaluation, as a gator fan I watched every game he played and have my own opinion on him that aren't exactly what I've read on other sites so far.

    Any way I could get you to include the ages of the players in the top where you list their height, etc?

  • In reply to senrad:

    Thanks man; always been a draft nerd.

    I will try to get to Beal, but we are trying to hit prospects that are closer to Bulls range first; so it might be hard.

    I will say this about Beal; even though Billy Do. is an excellent coach and they went far, I think Beal did not show truly everything he can be.

    Meaning, I think he can slash a little more than he showed and his shot is a little better than he showed. I think he can flourish in a few years as he has an all-around game (needs to learn some creativity, but he can be a good player).

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