Draft profiles: Doron Lamb, 6'5, 205 lbs, SG, Kentucky sophomore

Draft profiles: Doron Lamb, 6'5, 205 lbs, SG, Kentucky sophomore

While 6’5, Doron is nothing to marvel at athletically.  He possesses above average lateral quickness, but needs to improve his defensive positioning. He's a fundamental defender more so than a disruptive one as he's rarely beaten but doesn't disrupt the defense with steals or blocks frequently either. Overall, he shouldn't become a liability on the floor defensively.

Offensively, Lamb frequently utilizes his above average foot speed to run around screens to set himself up for open three point shots. Vertically, he's not doing much by NBA standards, but he isn't relegated only to shooting either.  While he may not consistently play above the rim, he is athletic enough to drive and use a floater.


Prior to this year, most people put Doron at 6’4, but recent measurements have shown that he is 6’5.  If 6’5, he is average height for a shooting guard and not a liability.   While he is not really built, he's filled out considerably since his freshman year and has shown he can add muscle onto his frame. His wingspan is supposedly only 6’7 which would be small for his height.

There's certainly questions of whether he can play physical enough to defend the bigger shooting guards in the league or fight through the screens to chase around all of the shooters.

Off-court issues

There have been no reported off-court issues for Doron at all.  He seems to be a basketball player that knows his limitations and strives to maximize his success.  For the most part, Doron seems to an evel-keel type personality, though not so laid-back that he appear indifferent or uncommitted.

Basketball IQ and want it factor

Lamb was the under-rated glue guy of the powerhouse Kentucky squad.  Without his consistent shooting and clutch ability, Kentucky would not have won the NCAA title.  While sometimes, I question his physicality, he never backs down from competition and shows strong desire to win.

Basketball IQ wise, Doron understands the game solidly.  He picks his spots to spot up offensively and when defenders close out he puts the ball on the floor and pulls up for his mid-range shot.  He sees the court well.  Defensively, while not exceptional, he knows how to position players to the sides to funnel them into help defense and avoid getting burnt.  It will be interesting to see how much he flourishes at the next level without Anthony Davis to mask defensive errors and a superteam offensively to lesson the burden on his game.


Coming out of high school, Doron was considered a combo-guard and played that role his freshman year at Kentucky. However, he transitioned into a shooting guard and projects to play that way in the NBA.   He lacks the speed to defend PGs or break them down off the dribble.  Doron’s strength is shooting while having enough ball handling to attack the basket when guys close out on him.

He's unlikely to break down defenders off the dribble or display anything in the way of isolation game, but HE makes good decisions off the pick-and-roll/pick-and-pop to either get to quality shots and passes depending on the defensive reaction.

Doron plays within himself, not forcing the issue offensively.  He's also the rare pure shooter who's not a liability defensively.  As a comparison, he similar to Jodie Meeks with a bit more size and ball-handling ability.

One thing to note is the quality of his teammates opened up enough space that his numbers and abilities may be inflated. He will need to learn to develop more off the dribble, get more physical with screens, and develop his mid-range game.


Overall, Doron is a solid player at all phases of the game, but his shooting stands out.  He could be left in games late because he can play both sides of the ball while offering the shooting Chicago needs.  If players are shadowing him everywhere, he will need to continue to hone his dribble or develop a middle-range game.  He can likely play immediately because of his shooting and could develop into a 15 point scorer over the next three years with a versatile offensive repertoire.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

A lot depends on measurements as he has similar traits comparable to Nolan Smith and E’Twaun Moore.   However, he is a much more consistent shooter (better long range shooter) than both, and if his measurements are accurate, is two inches taller.   Also, if we keep this pick and he and John Jenkins are both around, they are going to be compared to each other.  Lamb is not as slow as Jenkins laterally, has solid basketball IQ, can handle the ball a little bit while Jenkins seems to have that shooter mentality from anywhere on the floor, good basketball IQ, greater versatility off screens, and a bit more bulk.

My impressions

Overall, I like his game a lot for pick 29 and he seems like a Bulls type pick.  He will have a career in the NBA for a long-time.  However, stating all this, I don’t think he will ever be a tremendous difference maker unless you have two scorers on a team and the Bulls need scorers.   If the Bulls trade Korver, then he is a good pick-up as a back-up to Rip.  If the Bulls plan to rely on Rose as the only scorer, then I would rather try and trade for a higher potential type player somewhere else.   Currently, his game reminds me of a more fluid Danny Green (Spurs) or a Bobby Phils from a while ago.


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  • If the Bulls keep the pick and he's available, he's the guy I'd want them to get.

  • Seems like a pretty conservative pick, which is what Bulls mgmt is all about. Championship pedigree, glue guy for the Freshmen at Kentucky, decent shot and can dribble a bit, and won't get burned defensively. I like his height though, especially pairing him up with Rose.

  • Im hoping the Bulls suprise me and do a deal to move up or trade for a playmaker, but I dont se it.

    If we stay, he or Jenkins would both be solid pick ups.

  • Welcome back, Kevin! I've always thought that if Lamb was there @ 29 that the Bulls would grab him, but if you look at recent years they always drafted more upperclassmen. James Johnson was a junior, Taj was a senior, Butler was a senior. I've always had the feeling that they prefer the older guys for some reason. That's why I think guys like John Jenkins and Tyshawn Taylor have a bit of an advantage cause of their age.

    Also, there aren't a lot international guys in this draft, but Evan Fournier is a guy that I really like. He's a 19yr 6'6 SG from France and is getting comparisons to Nic Batum. He seems like he has loads of potential.

  • There was so much talent on that Kentucky team. It sounds funny, but it was distracting to me.The Davis and Gilchrist Show and attendant hype and spectacle made it hard to focus especially on a secondary player(due to circumstance) like Lamb. That's saying something when a talented shooter like Doron is the sideshow and not the main event.

    I didn't get to see as much of him as I would have liked. Yes he might be available at No.29, but I doubt it. Aside from his drawbacks, he has a lot to like. Including the momentum of a tournament championship where his numbers were excellent. Plus you don't often see someone shooting in the high 40's(46 and 48%) on three and four three point attemtps per game.

    Add to it he has solid lateral quickness defensively, and his handle is not weak either hand. And of course his deadly shooting will amplify that effect. Personality and presence are a big factor for me, and I just didn't get to see a ton of him which you have to do to glean that with any accuracy IMO.

    My impression was he is a somewhat unique presence, and a positive rather then negative in that regard. He looks comfortable in the spotlight as evidenced by his big tourney numbers. In four of his six games he shot high 50's up into the 60's on field goal percenatges. That's with 16, 16, 21, and 22 point outings.

    I like Doron Lamb a lot. Granted he got some easy looks off the talent he had around him, but still those three point numbers are obscene. Free throw percentages at 80% back that up. And he came up big time after time when it mattered most in prime time. If he were available at 29(if the Bulls stand pat)I'd be screaming for Gar/Pax to take him. But these franchises are not stupid. His freakishly high three point percentages alone on decent volume will make him dissapear well before No.29. Kevin stated he could see Lamb emerging as a 15ppg guy and I agree. Whoever gets him anything after 18-20 is making a wise choice. Did I mention I really like this kid?

  • He would be a good late first guard pickup. The Bulls should be able to get something for Korver, maybe a high 2nd round pick that they can package with their pick to move up and grab a Lamb or Fab Melo if they want a big. I just think the Bulls will look to trade for an established guard like Eric Gordon and draft a big which they have had good results in later picks. I could be wrong but thats the vibe I'm getting.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I've seen a few mocks that had the Bulls taking Nicholson from Saint Bonaventure. I only watched them in one tournament game, but the sites almost describe him as Taj with a refined offensive game.

    I think Fab Melo will be a bust. If the Bulls go for a defensive big man, I think Festus Ezeli is a better choice.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    anybody who names himself that deserves to be a bust, or at best a globetrotter.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I don't think he named himself. Fab is short for Fabricio, he is Brazilian.

  • Thibs doesn't even play rookies, so anybody we draft won't really get any playing time anyways.

    But regarding the kind of players the Bulls draft...

    After the failed experiments of drafting 'potential' guys like Tyrus Thomas and James Johnson, I think the Bulls take the super conservative approach and draft players with clean records who produced in college...like Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler.

  • With Deng out until possibly January and Derrick really not all the way back until 2013-14, I doubt Thibs will be allowed to stick with his veterans only club. Especially since he won't have many. Two of three C.J., Kyle, and Ronnie likely will be gone. Somone's gotta play.

    Honestly next season as much as anything should be about development. Why waste the opportunity for a lottery pick when clearly your two best players will likely miss most of the season? They're not going anywhere without Derrick. Similar to Miami post championship without Wade, a development slash tank job results in two desirable goals being met. High lotto pick who isn't named Beasley, and seeing what you have in Jimmy Butler and whatever draft pick(s) you acquire.

    Jimmy Butler and any drafted players should and likely will get serious burn. Whichever bigs the Bulls keep need serious minutes and in the low post. Way too many jump shots. They are not going to help the team win the playoffs with jump shots. Inside games need to be tested and developed to their full potential IMO(Jo, Taj, Omer). It dissapoints me that Thibs didn't insist on this more.

    As for Festus Ezeli, he has an NBA body and some nice athleticism which is why he's at No. 30 in some mocks. But he doesn't have much else IMO. His rebound totals are poor for his entire career, and lacking any kind of offense really. He averaged three points his first two seasons. A post move he can emmulate once or twice a game is about it. Look at his free throw percentages. And he can disengage, and get pouty at times. Have to pass.

    I think the Bulls have to go for offensive skills this time more so then a Jimmy Butler or Taj who fit the classic role player mode have shown. Scorers are what this team is dying for. And not just a big name through trade, but multiple guys. Will Barton, Marcus Denmon, John Jenkins, D.J.O.(Darius Johnson-Odom), or if they get lucky possibly Doron Lamb or Jeff Taylor. Those should be the guys they should be looking at. Andrew Nicholson or any other big if he has a shot to be a legit scorer then they will be on the Bulls radar as well.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I agree with what you say, but I think they need to do whatever to get late lottery pick and it can be done! They need to get a more impactful player.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You seem to suggest that the Bulls could somehow tank next season and not only end up in the lottery but with a high lottery pick.

    Even if Rose missed the entire season, if everybody else is healthy, we are nearly bad enough to do that.

    A .500 record would seem to be the bottom, which maybe gets you an 8 seed or end of the lottery.

    I don't see any chance that the Bulls will tank anything next season, since they will go into it thinking that they will get Rose back after the all star break, thus giving them a chance to do something if they just get into the playoffs.

    They may be deluding themselves, but they are going to compete next year as if they have a legitimate shot at winning.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree, the Bulls are not going to tank, Rose will be back around all star break next season and see if they can make a run in the playoffs. What they will do is reconfigure this team. You already get a clue by them resigning Asik, meaning they will take the lesser role player at center in order to get a scoring guard which should keep them competitive until he comes back. They have somebody targeted in trade, who that is, I have no clue. They were kicking the tires on Tyreke Evans at the trade deadline but I think they want somebody who can space the floor better. The basic strategy is to shift some of the money of the frontcourt into the backcourt to "balance out the team". Maybe Hinrich takes the mini midlevel or A. Miller does. One probably will sign for that and he will be paired with a scoring guard that can handle the ball......what we fans have been wanting for several years now.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    Perhaps Hinrich would be a good fit financially otherwise not so much. He still doesn't have a true position. He's not good at the point. He consistently dribbles all over the court without a plan. Caught him in the playoffs with the Hawks and he's still doing the same things. His shot isn't consistent enough to be a good shooting guard. He wouldn't be an upgrade. The goal at this point of the Bulls development is to upgrade their talent, if they can at key positions. He is not an upgrade.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Deng will probably miss no more than 10 games assuming he has the surgery ASAP after the Olympics. I just don't see how the Bulls can tank badly enough to get a really high pick, honestly you think guys like Noah and Gibson can be told to take it easy? You think Thibs is going to agree to lay down and lose games?

    Best case Rose is back in February or so and has time to get back into something approaching top form by the playoffs and the Bulls can make a decent dark horse run.

    I like the idea of making the playoffs and seeing if they can get lucky a lot more than trying for a late lottery pick.

  • One thing Lamb seems to have going for him is not being the star at college level ... should hopefully be easier for him to adjust to being a role player in the NBA, where as other players who have been stars sometimes struggle with the reduced role they get. Given where the Bulls are at a key criteria will be ability to come in immediately and contribute something.

    How do you think Lamb would do in the role Korver currently plays, ie coming off multiple screens? Is his release quick enough to do it? Most of the footage I could find on youtube of him shooting 3s is of him camping out wide open, and he appears to have a fairly slow wind up to his shot in that situation (perhaps because he has time to do so). But in the NBA good defenses don't give up many open looks to guys standing still.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    For those; I think we could trade up this year to get a lotto.

    As for this question, I agree that he should adjust well as the ultimate team player. I think he is much quicker than Korver and has secondary dribbles so he does not need as quick of a release.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Hehe, I didn't doubt he's quicker than Korver! If you think his ability to put the ball on the floor is enough to stop defenders closing out hard then that sounds good.

    Sounds like if he does measure 6'5"+ then he's about as much as you can expect at #29 (if the Bulls keep the pick of course).

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Other than Rose and Noah, who do you think that the Bulls can leverage into a lottery pick. Deng, Taj, Asik, boozer?

    The only guy that the Bulls aren't in love with is boozer.

    The Nets already traded their pick for the right to let Gerald Wallace walk in free agency, so they are clearly dumb enough to take on boozer, but what do the have left to offer us.

    You are a draft guy, but we have a lot of time to kill this summer, so I wouldn't mind seeing what you have in mind with regard to getting in the lottery.

    All we have to look forward to until the start of the 2013-14 season is fantasy trades, so fire away.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I definitely think you could get a lottery pick for Luol Deng. Last year (while not as deep and a much cheaper contract) the Spurs traded George Hill to Pacers for 15th pick (Kawhi Leonard). Boozer will be hard to get much for in general, but something possible.

    You could definitely get a late lottery pick with Taj alone. I don't believe Asik can get traded, but if he could, you could salvage a pick for him also!

    I will be giving lots of ranges this year since we finished playoffs earlier; Jeremy Lamb, Meyers Leonard profiles are not too far away!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Trading Gibson is something I hope the Bulls look into aggressively. I feel like if they don't then there's a good chance down the line they lose him for nothing when they decide the luxury tax implications of resigning him are too much.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I do think you could get good value for Taj as he is really cheap right now, but man, he is a good player that I feel will get better still. I think he is severely under-rated. Although stating this, you could probably net a fringe top 10 pick to late lottery.

    However, I think they Bulls plan of getting rid of Boozer at some point next year irregardless; at least I feel they need too!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Yeah, I agree with that. Taj has really progressed from a guy who just blocks shots into someone who really makes a difference on defense. He's also sorted out his offense which was pretty woeful last year to be decent on that end.

    But other teams see that too and I fear he'll get a contract offer a fair whack above the MLE level. At that price I'm not sure the Bulls are wise to keep him if they're trying to avoid the tax, so if they can get a good pick for him now then they have to do it.

    It is of course complicated by Boozer, it's pretty much a given he's gone at some point so that makes trading his backup painful. Sometimes you have to go through years where not all the pieces fit as you try to reshuffle the team, and it's probably better to use the year that Rose is going to miss to do it.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Taj is cheap for only one more year, would a team trade a lottery(top 10 pick)for a guy who looks like he is going to get paid, going into free agency.

    Back of the lottery picks are basically a crap shoot, no guarantee that you get anybody better than Taj, you could easily end up with James Johnson, or Brad Sellars.

    Plus, how are the Bulls getting better by getting rid of their strength, interior defense with Taj and Asik.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    It seems to me that teams in general don't trade lottery picks for guys with 8 figure salaries, Deng, boozer.

    Deng has always had some value, but is clearly overpaid, and is entering his 2 highest paid seasons.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It really depends on the situation and how to do so. However, it has been done in the past numerous times - Ray Allen for pick 5, etc...

    It just depends on the situation. However, many teams are way under the cap this upcoming year in a weak FA. Boozer no, but Deng is still only 27, so he has quite a few years left in him.

  • Alright, I no I'm in panic mode. Can we do a sign and trade with the Nets? Deron Williams for Derrick Rose. I love Derrick but he is always going to be a physical player/scoring point guard and that will subject him to physical punishment and torment trhoughout his career which will be shorter than Deron Williams who is more of a distributor who can score and make clutch free throws.

    Why would the Nets do this? They have no guarantee with Williams who wants to play with more veteran players and have a chance to win. http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-04-28/news/31422117_1_brooklyn-nets-max-contract-big-payoff. Also, they want to make a splash going in to the new season starting in Brooklyn. What bigger splash than getting DRose with the Nets?

    With DWill on board, we don't need Carlos Boozer's scoring while waiting for DRose to return as KC Johnson suggested as the reason to not amnesty Boozer now and I am just dissatisfied with him as a turnover waiting to happen. So amnesty Boozer and turn the reigns back over to Taj as the starting power forward. Use the money left over from the Boozer amnesty and resign Korver and Brewer and Asik or at least two of the three with Brewer being the one who could go in light of Butler .

    Then we could go all in next year with essentially the same team except DWill for DRose and no Boozer and CJ with unknown backups from a minimum signing and a draft pick. That would mean using the 29 pick to get a back-up power forward or point guard to replace Boozer and CJ. Sign a veteran to the minimum for whatever back-up you don't get with pick 29 someone like Kurt Thomas or Mike James. Now DWill holds the team in line until Luol gets back and you make a run for the championship.

    If you are still worried about having another key scorer/player to develop for the future with DWill through getting a better draft pick, you look at trading Luol while he still has value for a major draft pick to a team looking for someone to stablize their franchise, New Orleans, Charlotte and even New Jersey again (not likely for them to take Rose and Deng) and look at someone like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

    Okay, I know I have gone into panic mode. No way the Bulls trade DRose. Never mind. I'll hope for something good while worrying how in the world we get out of the mess we just slipped into so quickly for next year.

  • I love DWill, but I would not do that trade for many reasons. Although he would be awesome here, there is no way the Bulls will do that (the Bulls like making money) and Rose is a hometown guy!

  • Yeah, you are panicking. The Bulls are beyond the blow it all up stage. Granted the team was built for a championship this year and perhaps next, it's not time to retool. The Bulls just need to upgrade a few positions. That is what teams on this level do. Deron Williams for D Rose is never gonna happen, the Bulls are far to loyal for that.

  • I understand. Just trying to go out the box to salvage next year as well as long-term given our financial problems. You mentioned earlier trying to get a higher pick. Would Sacramento or New Jersey or New Orleans or Charlotte or Washington be willing to take on Deng and maybe Watson to have some seasoned players and stability in exchange for their 1st pick and we go after Kidd-Gilchrist. I assume anyone who gets the very top pick will want Anthony Davis and would not trade. How do you think we move up?

  • Well, I could be wrong as we need a capatologist to break it down, but I don't think you can trade more than 1 player and take back less salary. I do think you could trade Deng and get a possible team such as New Orleans, Portland, Kings maybe type to give you a possible lottery pick. If any team gets number 1, they are not trading it and probably the same for any top 3 pick!

  • If a team will be under the cap next year then the Bulls could agree to trade Deng for their pick and have the trade go through after the season rolls over and they have the space. That's what happened when we traded #17 (Seraphin) to Washington for taking on Hinrich's contract, the trade didn't go through until after the draft when they had the space to do it.

    But the most likely scenario for trading is that we have to match salaries. Which means the Bulls aren't going to get a whole lot of salary relief from any trade. Something like a trade with the GSW where the Bulls send Deng and the GSW send Beidrins + Wright along with their pick would be the sort of trade that would happen if the Bulls decided to move Deng for a draft pick (of course not sure either side would actually do that trade, just that the salary matches).

  • In reply to Shakes:

    maybe we could just trade boozer back to the Wiz for Seraphin.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Well they do have the space (assuming they let Rashard Lewis go) ...

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