Bulls look to swing momentum at 6pm on NBATV/CSN

Bulls look to swing momentum at 6pm on NBATV/CSN

The Chicago Bulls refused to go away in game five. They continued to play the same brand of basketball they did the previous two days, but they were even more effective in stopping Philly's defense. There's no playing for pride now. Now they're playing to advance. They're playing for their playoff lives.

I think its amusing reading much of the analysis of the past three games. I've heard time and time again how Luol Deng put it upon himself to step up offensively and performed better. Luol Deng played nearly the same game in game five that he did in games three and four. He knocked down three very tough three point shots at the end of the game, but otherwise he was similarly ineffective in attacking the basket, and he was similarly ineffective in creating his own shot. He was 5/14 outside of his three point shots.

I've heard how the Bulls defense was smothering, and how the Bulls played with full effort and toughness etc.. Did that same thing not happen in games three and four? Did the Bulls not play smothering defense in those games? Philly was just a little tighter in game five for whatever reason.

In the end, the only game Chicago fell apart in was game two. Games three through five have played out very similarly with both teams having a similar dominant defensive personality with a mediocre offensive one. That simply leads to these type of defensive slugfests. The team that can get hot for a few minutes down the stretch wins. In game five it was Luol Deng going three for three from the three point line. In game four it was Jrue Holiday knocking down a couple threes.

The teams played the games the same, but sometimes you make shots and sometimes you miss them, and it had little to do with the toughness or desire of either team.

So we set the game stage for game six, and I think at this point, we know what we're going to get. The Bulls have made most of the adjustments that I think we can expect out of them. They've gotten John Lucas to stop pounding the ball, and they've gotten Carlos Boozer involved more on offense. Say what you want about Boozer, but in a game where the majority of players are going to shoot 30%, his offense is pretty awesome.

The 76ers meanwhile have adjusted to trap the crap out of Chicago and use their athleticism to hurl themselves at the rim in the hopes of getting bailed out by the officials which earned them a game four victory where their aggressive play yielded exceptionally uneven levels of officiating [they earned more fouls in game five as well, but they absolutely deserved the calls in that game, and I didn't feel the Bulls were short changed whereas the game four calls were not even across the board in terms what was and was not called].

So knowing nothing will change, the key is who can execute their plan better and will we have any new heroes step up?

Paging Rip Hamilton

Rip Hamilton was brought into this team under the guise that he would rise to the occasion in these types of situations. Despite age limiting his toolset some, he still has the ball handling, size, and basketball IQ to make a huge contribution for this team. They need a secondary ball handler on the perimeter, they need another shot creator outside of Lucas/Watson. Rip Hamilton can be that guy, should be that guy.

In game five, it played out that Ronnie Brewer took almost every SG minute, and I'm glad for it, because he dominated the hell out of the 76ers. Rip's defense in this series has been atrocious at times, and it's not the lack of physical explosiveness, but the mental lapses that have allowed opponents to go back door on him or get lost.

One adjustment that I know we won't see, but I would love to see is to replace Hamilton with Brewer in the starting lineup and bring Hamilton in off the bench. I think his play making would be more valuable with Lucas next to him as JL3 gets in trouble with the trap more often than CJ does, and he would then have a huge size advantage on his opponent rather than having to defend an ultra athletic guy his own size against the starters.

Doing so would put Rip in the best place to succeed and might give the Bulls a better chance to win. That said, I know such a change isn't coming. As such, we'll need Rip to step up on both ends against a much tougher opponent in a situation where his skills probably aren't as necessary.

Take em Carlos

Not many Bulls fans are huge Boozer fans. He's become somewhat of the whipping boy of the team for his lack of defense and frequently empty offense. However, Carlos Boozer is the single best offensive mismatch the Bulls have against the 76ers. They really have no one who can guard him.

In a game where the Bulls rarely get off a good look, the Boozer fadeaway jumper is a much more efficient shot than the Luol Deng or C.J. Watson contested step back long two. The Bulls need to ride Boozer for all he's worth while he's in the game, and they need Boozer to bring the full repertoire of low post moves, fadeawawys, jumpers, and face up dribble attacks to hurt the Philly defense.

Boozer has the passing ability to find his teammates on basket cuts or on the perimeter of Philly attacks him with a double team.

C.J., C.J., where art thou C.J.?

C.J. Watson has had a rough series, and it may be the extreme defensive pressure that he's had to take on all game. It's different going up against the starting unit for 28-30 minutes a night instead of the reserves for 15. He hasn't found his shot yet, but I keep thinking that C.J. Watson is simply due.

Watson's a guy who's capable of putting up huge numbers with a variety of offensive moves. He can kill a team from the outside with his jumper, hit step back mid range shots, and attack the basket. Has Philly bottled him up because they have his number or can C.J. step up one game and give the Bulls a Derrick-like performance?

I'd like to think the later, and that we still might see that big game from C.J.

Are Taj or Noah in or out?

We'll likely find out mid day, and I think it's a tough situation for both guys. They want to be out there. The Bulls could certainly use them out there [if they're healthy enough to be mobile and play their game], but it wouldn't surprise me if both guys are getting cortisone injections and other things to get on the court.

This strategy might get the Bulls to the next game and quite honestly, that's all they can think about right now, because if it doesn't there is no next game. However, it also puts them in a bind because playing a game on an ankle that's holding up simply due to injected anti-inflammatories, massive pain killers, and a bunch of tape probably significantly slows down the recovery time of the injury.

In order to have a real shot in the next round, Chicago needs these guys to be legitimately healthy not taped together and drugged up. Which puts them in a catch 22.

We probably won't find out the status of either guy until closer to game time, but both have vowed to play already.

I'm guessing this is the end of the line

Forget the media story lines of how one team is trying hard and one team isn't or how one team mentally falls apart. It's a bunch of bullshit. These teams have both played incredibly hard and tough for three straight games and have found themselves fairly evenly matched. Philly's players made their shots twice, and the Bulls made theirs once.

I expect another similar game with both teams in a defensive slugfest but with Chicago either missing two of their top four big men or playing with them at far less than 100%, I expect Chicago to simply not have the horses in this game. That said, either team can simply run away with this thing with a hot shooting night from the perimeter which we haven't seen from either team since the first two games of the series.

The Bulls clearly aren't out of it. They can win tonight and force a game seven, but it's going to be an uphill battle.


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  • "Luol Deng played nearly the same game in game five that he did in games three and four."

    Say what? He took one more shot in game 5 than he did in 3 & 4 combined! And he was 6/14 inside the arc which is better than the team as a whole did.

    Much like what you said about Boozer, we need Deng taking shots because the other options are even worse, and in game 5 he delivered.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    He really only delivered because he hit four threes. If he scored 12 points on 14 shots (ignoring three point shooting), it'd do nothing for chicago really.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Well sure, but he did take those 3 point shots. He made a few more than he normally would, but even going 2/5 it's better to have Deng taking 19 shots for 18 points than having CJ Watson taking those shots.

  • Doug, There are only two thing that I REALLY HOPE in this game 6.
    1. I hope the referees do not rob and rape the Bulls by giving the Philly tons of FT. It is outrageous that a team as sucks as Philly can get 20+ of FT in 2 straight games. If that s**t happen, I pray that may the North Korea drop the NUKE on the referee big a** and blow it to the smithereens.

    2. God please stop the injury. What does the god want to do with the bulls ? 5 games and we got Three mother f**king injury happened to Rose, Jo and Taj. So please God, I am begging, I kneel before You God, I desperately pray to you God that please don't let any injury happened to Bulls.

  • also doug. what the hell is the bulls FO and Medical department by pending Rose surgery ? What kind of pathetic excuse of waiting for the knee to heal for 3 weeks and then go for the surgery ? Even Imam Shumpert of Knicks have gone surgery. Don't tell me that Jerry Reinsdorf is thinking of avoiding paying extra expensive surgery fee by making calls around for 3 weeks to look for any surgeon with the cheapest surgery fee to do cure rose ACL. I'll have that old man disposed in the garbage bin immediately.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    The standard procedure to properly heal an ACL is to delay surgery and allow rehab of the surrounding muscles.

    If you tear an ACL and other ligaments then rehabbing those muscles is not possible and there's no reason to delay surgery.

    The delay in surgery is the best practice for his injury, Shumpert's treatment is the best treatment of his injury.

  • Disclaimer: The credibility of these statements should in no way respresent someone who has watched this series because post Derrick I have admittedly seen little of it. I've been checking out Clippers vs Memphis instead. I know, heresy.

    Looking at the numbers, Philly has 43 more free throw attemtps in this series then Chicago. That's a lot. Rip and C.J. have historically shown the ability to get to the line. Maybe you start Rip at PG and CJ at his more natural position of SG. Are they not your two best guards offensively?

    I've heard defensively both have been inadequte in this series so maybe you can't get away with it, but as poorly as the Bulls have scored and shot the ball maybe it's worth a shot? Make damn sure they realize they need to be agressive as hell. And then make their free throws if they are any kind of respectable NBA guards.

    As bad as everyone says the Noah sprain was, I just don't think it's fair to trot him out there shot up with cortisone and pain killers. Taj, we'll just have to see if he can go I suspect he will give it a go knowing Taj. With Derrick out, I wish the Bulls would have tried some more unconventional player moves Lu at PF with Kyle at SF for two bombers on the court at the same time. I know your rebounds tank, but again sometimes coaches find success with bold adjustments such as this in a playoff series of the desperate variety. Also, Taj's lateral quickness pre-injury and post moves over a smaller defender I might have tried him at SF in a go Big lineup, doubling his man on defense in iso/black hole situations.

    Also, despite comments to the contrary, the Bulls if they are willing to actually give up assetts to restructure the team, such as Deng with expirings maybe a three team deal and Noah, could possibly get a quality SG, and use a sub par aka losing developmental season(verify Jimmy Butler etc.) next year for a low lottery pick with Derrick literally not fully back until 2013-14.

    Though this is what a pragmatic Lakers or Miami franchise would do, and not nervous and somewhat inept dealers in Gar/Pax. Jerry barging in on the Deng negotiations and past coaching hires(D'Antoni and Collins) shows why pantsed execs do not good trading partners make. Bold autonomy and not stooges for an overbearing owner is what a successful G.M. is made of.

  • Regarding a Deng trade obviously with his Olympic priorities you have to wait until he's healed for a Feb. trade deadline move. As a third wheel I do think his impact coming into a quality contender setting with other scorers could be huge.

  • I dont see the Bulls engaging in trade talks for Noah and Deng unless its for a superstar like Howard. They probably could of had monte ellis last year but would of had to give up one of the core. They'll kick the tires on a Boozer trade but feel they won't get equal value. So in my opinion the Bulls will be active this summer in trading some of the Bench players(Korver, Brewer, Watson, maybe even one of Taj or Asik) but that is as far as they go. In my opinion the Bulls should at least try to move up in the draft and get a nice athletic guard like jeremy lamb, austin rivers, which they can nab in the late lottery but their obsession with bigs will probably draft a center or powerforward with taj being on the cheap for only one more year.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I'd trade Noah for Eric Gordon though it would take more sweeteners on our part to make that happen(Charlotte or Mirotic etc.)

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:


  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    E. Gordon definitely would be an ideal partner for Rose. Sharing the scoring load, being able to attack the rim and get to the line and handle a little. That said, I can't see the Bulls trading a starting big for a small. I mean Asik is just so incomplete on offense. I remember one play where Asik had the ball ripped out of his hands by the rooke lavoy allen. Now only if they can take boozer instead, we'll send them some of reiny's millions to sweeten the pot.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I like Eric Gordon, but damn, he only played 9 games this year after missing significant time the two years before as well. Pretty big risk to trade assets for him and give him the max contract he's going to want to agree to the sign and trade. I wouldn't trade Noah for him and there's no way in hell I throw in extras.

  • Things would be a lot easier if Derrick would just collude with i.e guarantee two other superstars coming to the Bulls next summer where the free agent list includes Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Paul Millsap, and Al Jefferson amongst others. If only he were a manipulative schmoozer like Wade. And Reinsdorf would do his best Micky Arison, and quid pro quo amnesty Boozer and dump the exprirings of Korver, Watson, Brewer, and pretty much everyone else through giveaway trades. See the full details at MiamiWade-collusion.com. Rose returns fully healthy in 2013-14 to a loaded offensive contender to rival Miami and make TV ratings gold. Ha,ha,ha,ha...

  • Yeah, the Bulls have it tough in this one. If only game 4 had gone differently, this would be a close-out game for the Bulls instead of a fight for their lives.

    Those 3 losses got everyone down, but I also think they convinced everyone that the Sixers are better than they are. The Sixers are not Miami. To beat Miami, the Bulls (with Rose I mean) need pretty much everything to go right. To beat Philly, even without Rose & Noah, all the Bulls need is for one single aspect of the game to not go wrong.

    They're playing for a game 7 at home and hopefully they can taste it. I hope they throw down like the entire universe is against them, because so far that pretty much seems to be the case.

  • One more pep talk... Hey, we're right on course! Look what happened so far... Favorites, won game One, but had heart ripped out from team and thrown, still beating, to the court. In shock, lost Game 2, now we're the Underdogs. The way an underdog wins the series is to steal one on their court and defend the home court. Game 3, we were Doing It, about to win on their court, when we were disemboweled, and in the resulting slippery mess, we lost. Game 4, we bravely tried again, and were winning, but could not beat the last few whistles.... Home to game 5, which we won, not thunderously, but comfortably enough throughout the game to KNOW that we CAN win without Derrick and Jo. Displayed better defense than the 76ers defense which had been KILLING us for 3 games. Finally! We can keep THAT going, even if our shooting gets no better...

    So here we are, right where we need to be! We've had two good efforts in Philly, just came up a little short, and came home and won and recharged, and now we just gotta go in there and do better than the last two games. It's not impossible, in fact I'd say it's likely we do better. Will it be good enough to force a game 7? I wouldn't bet against it, Doug! C'mon, one more time.... sure, the C's might kill us in round two, unless Taj and Jo are healthy... but wtf, C'mon, GO BULLS!.

  • In reply to petert23:

    It's good that you're positive about tonights game and I do hope every other Bulls fan is positive as well, but the Bulls just need to score the DAMN ball, bottom line. If they can score and keep their defense the way that it has been the last few games they will win, if they can't score and keep the Sixers to a 70 to 80 point margin the Bulls season will be over very prematurely.

  • Ugh my DVR of the game on NBA TV is blocked because I'm near Chicago and it turns out UFC 68: The Uprising on CSN is the Bulls game. I have to start watching at halftime... what a bummer.

  • this offense is such shit it makes the defense look bad because of all the bad misses.... if taj gibson is the bulls best player (and I really love this guy) then there's big trouble brewing.

  • At halftime: Carlos Boozer is a joke. Say his name, laugh. Watch him leap ferociously for an uncontested rebound, laugh. Watch him miss badly on another contested fade-away 15-footer, laugh. Watch him pass instead of taking his standard open-at-the-top-of-the-key 15-footer, laugh. Watch him get dominated by Elton Brand, laugh.

    Watch the Bulls go down 8 point, cry.

  • Fuck you bulls for making me care again and then turning into the bobcats-

  • Ugh, great start to the 2nd half so far. Can we make Boozer wear a Bozo the clown throwback uniform or something?

    And CJ Watson, WTF. "I'm shooting 22% for the series so a contested 3 in transition is totally the best shot we'll get".

  • Boozer better not play another minute of this one

  • its amazing that when Boozer goes to the bench the Bulls make a run, Boozer is just complete garbage

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Bulls fans try to give Boozer credit but hes just garbage plain and simple

  • that charge on deng was total bullshit

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    True fact.


  • Watching on tape delay, first half thoughts.

    The officiating sucks even more than the MataPOS does, that pretty much says it all.

    How does a team that plays defense like Edward Scissorhands beat us by 12 points at the line in just one half, absolutely sickening.

    Sixers go on a 16-2 run after POS comes back in for Asik(who was playing very well) at the 9:50 mark of the second quarter, as the POS goes 1-9 from the field while escorting at least 50% of the Philly baskets to the rim. Again we(or should I say, most of you) fell for the one game mirage, such as it was.

    Has anyone ever told him(the MataPOS) that when you shove a guy in the back with both hands while standing in the middle of the lane it is an offensive foul. At least that caused Thibs to realize what a POS he has been all day and replace him with Aisk for the last 2 minutes.

    Can't someone of Philly "accidentally" punch boozer in the nose or balls or something.

    In a series where 2 of the Bulls 3 losses have been essentially one possession games in the last 2 minutes, this series would be over with the Bulls advancing to the second round if you eliminate either the refs or boozer. If you get rid of them both it is a blowout.

    The guys on NBA TV crushing boozer for being a soft POS at halftime, thank god that former NBA players can see what an absolute farce his play is, and have the guts to point it out.

    Not sure that I want to watch the second half, if we don't get at least a 50/50 split from the refs, we have no shot.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The officiating was total shit, I agree. Boozer never rises to the occasion. At least he was riding the bench at the end but unfortunately we were still stuck with Watson. You could see the complete effort Asik was giving - makes you wonder why he didn't play more minutes during the regular season to develop him more.

  • i dont get all the watson isos...

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Apparently because we excel at second chance points. On the other hand, I could be standing out there then, throwing in pot shots from midcourt for all it matters.


  • CJ Watson, you're a fucking idiot.

  • worst ending to the worst playoffs in bulls history

  • the bulls actually lost to the worst team in the playoffs... i guess that makes them the worst team in the playoffs no?

  • Well my question is why didn't Thibs pull some of his guys off of the free throw line to protect the basket?

  • What kind of shit for brains moron passes to Asik - who was excellent regardless - directly under the basket like that? Watson spends the whole quarter jacking up crap shots and then he suddenly loses confidence or something?


    That is all, time for more reasonable analysis in like 3 months after I've calmed down.

  • I dont live in Chicago, but for those of you who do, go riot right now

  • All CJ had to do was dribble the fucking clock out there was 7 seconds left he would have gotten FOULED!!!!

  • CJ Watson, you need your ass kicked....

  • So i guess CJ is retarded. Passing to one of the worst free throw shooters on the team with the game on the line. Absolutley the wrong move, first and foremost since they didnt call the first foul..KEEP DRIBBLING you idiot. Run around and try and to escape before they foul you. Freaking Moron... CJ literally cost us the game. Read it again..CJ LITERALLY cost us the game. In every literal sense of the word he cost us the game. And in essence the series. WTF man...I'm actually pissed right now. My wife isn't here so i got to swear as loud as i wanted..

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    My wife isn't here either but she still heard me swearing. And she can probably now smell the smoke from the CJ Watson effigy I'm burning in the front yard.

  • In reply to Dave:

    Keep it burning bro..lol

  • and thibodeau is a total jackass for not sending the entire team back on defense on that free throw. Fire his ass, his team jsut lost to the sixers

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Hell No..these guys have been playing basketball their whole lives. Undoubtedly they've been in that situation. They should know what to do. Is he supposed to yell STOP BALL? that's the players responsibility. Surely you've played pick up ball before

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    that charge for the offensive rebound looks planned, i'm sure there was planning there... the tapesto this season should be locked away forever along with all the 99-2004 tapes

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    This is not on Thibs dude, Watson just dumb as hell

  • Probably won't be back on the blog for a while. Will be rooting for whoever plays MIA in the Finals. Damnit september hurry up so I can see Cutler to Marshall and have something to believe in until my hopes get crushed again. Then i'll tune in to the bulls come January when Rose comes back.. I'll get excited and think they have a chance and then have my hopes crushed again. Endless cycle until i'm dead. See you in January guys

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    Agreed. My team now is Non-Miami. But it will be painful watching the officials take special care of those clowns.

  • In reply to Dave:

    And I really hope the Pacers punch a few of them.

  • In reply to Dave:

    PS - Not bitter.

  • What the HELL!!!!!! was Watson thinking, he just proved he cant take the pressure he wanted no part of having the ball. Apass to Asik with time running out???? HOLD THE DAMN BALL AND GET FOULED WATSON HOW STUPID CAN U BE!!!! SEND HIS ASS BACK TO A TEAM OF LOSERS.....GOLDEN STATE.

  • End of the 3rd in tape delay land, the bulls come back from 12 down to tie mostly with the removal of the HPOF from the game.

    Simple prediction, boozer plays we lose, boozer sits we win.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    your prediction is totaly fuckin wrong

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Well, I am glad that you can find some "fuckin" solace in that. Are you from the south?

    Of course, if we didn't have a bunch of chokers, including our genius coach, we had that game won. For the most part my prediction was validated, simply by the fact that boozer didn't play, and we were in a position to win but simply didn't execute.

    and, if boozer had played at all in the 4rth, the game would have been over well before the final minutes, which would have saved C.J., Deng, Thibs and others from a lot of tough questions.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Ah the optimism of tape delay, doesn't know CJ Watson is just as capable of being a curse on the team as Boozer is.

  • the league office should ban C.J. Watson for life, he is probably on meth.

  • Why wasn't korver in? I mean the guys in didn't play any D or stop the ball. How bad could Korver have been? He should have been in JIC.. This guy (CJ) should be cut immediatly. I mean while i'm typing this sentence i expect Mark and Kendall to announce that CJ has been Cut. I actually can't believe we're talking about the bulls losing to the sixers in the first round. This was probably the best defensive effort i've seen from the bulls in a couple months. I'm shocked. Not surprised but shocked.

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    Korver can't get a shot against a good defense when you don't have Rose to draw double teams or Noah to set the quality of screen he needs. He's completely useless with those two out, Thibs was right to cut his minutes.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    unfortunately, you are spot on. Korver, as much as I have come to like him, is likely a regular season guy and not a playoff guy.

  • the only way to make this playoffs good again is if lebron tears his acl...

  • How was that not a flagrant on Brand, he ran into Asik like a hockey check, or an NFL cornerback trying to tackle a fullback or tightend.

  • for anyone who hadn't figured it out before tonight, any GM with half a brain cell would/will amnesty Boozer in order to keep Asik, no matter what offer he gets as a restricted free agent.

    ANY QUESTIONS, boozer apologists, if there are still any left.

    and as I have always said, Aisk, despite no necessarily being in shape to play starters minutes always plays better when given extended runs, i.e. 10-12 even 15 minutes straight.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It's got nothing to do with the GM, the owners have to sign off on paying Boozer 47.1 million to not play.

    I've been critical of the whole JR is cheap stuff in the past because I think it's been blown out of proportion, but here is where he has to step up. Swallow Boozer's contract and do what's right for the team. Not only does it let them keep Asik, it gives them space under the tax to use the MLE and/or use the non-guaranteed contracts of Korver/Brewer/Watson in a trade.

    In the past the Bulls not spending money could reasonably have had basketball motivation behind it. Keeping cap flexibility is a good thing. But this time not spending money on paying Boozer to go away is reducing the cap flexibility.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    However, keeping boozer and filling out any kind of a roster will almost certainly cost him an extra $15 million next season(dollar for dollar on boozer) and potentially multiple dollars per dollar in future seasons.

    If you are going to amnesty him a year from now anyway, there is no point in not doing so prior to next season starting, or whatever the latest point is at which he can be amnestied while trying desperately to trade him up until then.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    They're not filling out the roster if they keep Boozer, they'll cut Korver and Brewer and probably Watson and replace them with min salary guys to stay under the tax. Then when the team plays like crap because they have no depth any more they'll just say it was because Rose was out, not because they had to gut the team due to Boozer's albatross of a contract.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I think that the choice is one or the other, but not necessarily both. Although, the way that they all played in the playoffs might argue for doing both and dumping everybody.

    Gut the roster in order to keep boozer, or amnestitizing him and filling out the roster, but likely staying just under the luxury tax line like we did this season.

    By amnestitizing we can get under the tax line while keeping Asik, thus affording us access to the full mid level instead of just the mini mid level. That could be the only way to add a player that might make us better.

    With the Rose and Deng injuries hanging over our heads, option 2 makes more sense, particularly since amnesty is inevitable down the road.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Of course the amnesty makes sense, but apparently the front office have already told KC Johnson to let us know that there's 0% chance of the amnesty happening this year, so don't get your hopes up.

    I think Korver and Brewer are gone for sure, Watson probably too now with the way he's played. That leaves room for a MLE type contract for Asik, and attempt to lowball someone like Billups or Andre Miller with the promise of starting and then being Rose's backup for a playoff run. Not sure that they'll land either of them with that approach, but I'll bet there's no way in hell the Bulls pay the tax.

  • As usual, wrong substitution by Thibs, Brewer for Deng, instead of Brewer for Hamilton(who has killed us on D all series). and who is standing behind Hawes as he scores under the rim, Hamilton of course.

  • Moronic pass by Watson, you just dribble the ball inot the corner, knock more time of the clock, and make at least one of the 2 free throws. Secondly, where the fuck was Deng as Iggy just romped down the floor, wasn't that his man. Absolute choke job.

    Was that really a foul on Aisk.

    Finally, can we just flush boozer down the toilet and off the plane on the flight home.

    we just lost to the worst team in the playoffs, which I guess makes us the worst team in the playoffs, at least without Rose and Noah.

    While I would have loved to get a game 7, in the final analysis, who gives a shit, time to blow this shit up, starting with the biggest piece of shit that I have ever had the displeasure to watch.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I think this sums up the season: http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/1112585/facee_1.jpg

  • lets hope the bulls can land a quality backup PG. Some good one available like Billups and Andre Miller. Given the cap situation, would love to see the Bulls get two rookies instead of one. No more mascots on the end of the bench. They seriously need to start developing young players because of cap concerns in the coming years. Fab Melo and John Jenkins at the end of the first round would be a nice catch. Mirotic is going to take probably another 2 years to get here. Now can they seriously afford to keep Asik? some team will definitely throw 30 million at him.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I can see them drafting John Jenkins as the cheap replacement for Korver. I think they'll try to keep Asik so long as he doesn't get a ridiculous offer sheet, so Fab Melo doesn't really fill a need.

  • I'm all done pissing anger. Thanks for the message board Thonus... on to next season... looking forward to another dissapointing end.

  • Deng showed up tonight but boozer didn't, we needed both to win. boozer was due a bad scoring night after scoring well for the last 3 games. well now its offseason time, it will be interesting to see what gar and pax do to improve the team.

  • what a waste of a season

  • Normally, you pretty much feel like hating on everybody on the other team after being eliminated.

    Just watched Doug Collins post game, he is just a really good man, impossible to hate on. Almost makes me wistful for what might have been.

  • Two stats that sum up the series:

    CJ Watson's 14/58 for the series means that he had the second worst NBA post season FG% of all time behind only Arnie Risen in 1958 (min 50 attempts). At least Risen made the hall of fame so maybe there's hope for CJ. :P

    Our front court's FTA for the series:
    Gibson 22
    Asik 17
    Noah 11 (in half the number of games)
    Boozer 7

    Guess which guy we're paying 15 million to score. That's right, the "low post presence" that got 7 FTA on 80 FGA.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Boozer rarely gets to the line period. Bosh had about double the free throw attempts this season, and he missed nearly ten games due to various things, whereas Boozer played in all 66 of them. And people consider Bosh the softer player, hah.

    C.J. as I've been saying forever is a terrible fit at the backup PG spot on the Bulls. He's shot 37% during the regular-season two years in a row!

  • In reply to Hunter:

    If either player had played up to their crappy usual standards we'd have won the series though, that's the point. All we expected of them was to not be abysmal and they didn't deliver.

  • I know that it does not mean much to anyone but I can honestly say that if this front office loses Asik because they refuse to amnesty Boozer I will no longer be a Bulls fan. It is not that I think Asik is a great player, I just think that Taj is your starting 4 going forward and it is crazy to throw away what could be a top 10 center in the league.

    That said, the top priority should be to get a guy that can play pg while Rose is out then slide to the 2 for minutes as a secondary ball handler in the playoffs. Ideally this will be one of the following; Kirk Hinrich, Ramon Sessions (HIGHLY doubt we could afford him), Andre Miller, or Chauncey Billups.

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