Bulls at 76ers Game 3 at 7pm on ESPN2/CSN

Bulls at 76ers Game 3 at 7pm on ESPN2/CSN

Without Derrick Rose, the Bulls have quickly been dumped by the NBA as a team to watch, banished to ESPN2 in favor of the Boston/Atlanta series. Hard to blame them really, but it's just one more sign of disrespect from the league to add on to the disrespect from opponents. Chicago needs to stand up and smack Philly in the mouth to get some of that respect back.

Now or never?

In reality, the Bulls likely need to earn a split in the next two games, but if they can't get this win tonight then Bulls fans, including this one, will doubt whether or not they can get up off the mat next game. If the Bulls drop both games in Philly this thing is over and a potential title run will end in first round agony and an off-season full of questions.

Bad offense creates bad defense

I've seen lots of media types harp on the Bulls bad defense and poor effort from last game. However, I've seen few actually make the correct correlation between the offense and the defense. Philly had tons of transition opportunities because of the turnovers and long jumpers yielding long rebounds.

Chicago got put in a position where it had to defend a transition attack repeatedly, and Philly had too much of an athletic advantage on the break for the Bulls to control them. Chicago can fix most of its defensive woes by playing better offense.

So how do they play better offense?

Get the ball up the court faster

At least jog the ball up the court every possession regardless of whether you have numbers or not. The Bulls took an absurd number of their shots with the shot clock winding down last game, and many of these were due to the team walking the ball up the court and taking 10-12 seconds before the ball reached the opposing three point line.

If the Bulls simply jog the ball up the court instead, they can shave 5-6 seconds off this team and have extra time to work the offense. It's a simple thing, and it doesn't need to be a sprint after every made basket, but display some urgency in how fast the ball gets to the opposing three point line.

Beyond getting more time to work with, Chicago will likely create at least two or three easy baskets due to early offense opportunities where Philly's defense is still moving even if there isn't a true transition opportunity.

Get decisive on the trap

Philly is trapping the Bulls hard, and they need to quickly and decisively find a way to play out of it. Last game, Watson and Lucas typically spend 5-6 seconds dribbling when the trap came and were unable to hit an open man with the pass. Philly has a bunch of athletic, long armed defenders to make it difficult to pass out of the trap, however early recognition will allow the guards to pass out of the trap before it arrives.

When the second defender starts to attack the PG, the Bulls need to have everyone aware of exactly where to move, so that they can release the ball to the open man immediately. They need to design a strategy so that when your defender leaves to trap you immediately have a responsibility to get to an open spot on the floor and have the ball delivered.

Every player on the Bulls outside of Omer Aisk is capable of attacking the basket or shooting a jumper if left open, so the player who gets the ball on the release then needs to immediately press the issue and attack to force a Philly rotation which should lead to a quality shot opportunity.

Move the ball

The Bulls weren't necessarily being selfish last game, but they had terrible ball movement due to attacking the Philly trap too late and losing too much time on the shot clock getting the ball into the offensive set. Make no mistake, Chicago is going to need to pass their way to victory to create quality opportunities.

If they give themselves more time and better passing lanes then it should facilitate better ball movement, but everyone needs to be a willing passer once the first two goals are accomplished.

More Rip Hamilton

The Bulls need a secondary offensive creator on the floor, and while he can be awfully dicey at times, Rip Hamilton is the perhaps the best offensive creator left on the team. Chicago needs to keep him on the floor as he facilitates ball movement, can create decent looks, and get the Bulls some volume offense even if it lacks efficiency at times. He also has the size to not be disrupted by the 76ers nearly so much as our other guards.

The Bulls need to keep Hamilton out there for a good 30 minutes tonight and allow him to help as a release valve on this offense when the PGs get bottled up by Philly's athletic perimeter defense. This is particularly true when John Lucas is on the floor, but unfortunately, Hamilton has rarely played in those situations.

Show some pride

While the adjustments listed above will hopefully give the Bulls better shot opportunities, fewer turnovers, and less transition attacks to defend, the Bulls still need to show more pride defensively. The game clearly compounded on them last time where things went wrong, and they simply couldn't stem the tide.

The interior rotation of the big men last game was amongst the worst I've ever seen from Chicago this season, and while they were put in bad positions frequently, they clearly became discouraged and with the discouragement came even worse play. I won't accuse the team of poor effort level, but they definitely let Philadelphia get in their head and need to rebuild the confidence they had playing when Rose was out before.

Road warriors

A game on the road is just what Chicago needs right now. The home fans didn't have much to cheer about last game, but the energy at the United Center was awfully low last game, the mood around Chicago is despondent. Casual fans are already moving on to baseball season [like anything better is going to happen there], and the Bulls may regroup better in a hostile environment than a friendly, yet apathetic, one.

Bulls win

While the 76ers looked like the radically better team last game, I can't yet believe everything I've seen from these Rose-less Bulls the past couple months was a mirage. I won't say there aren't doubts. Of course there are doubts. Of course after last game you wonder if they get back off the mat.

That said, I can't believe that they're going to go down easily. I still believe in this group of guys. I think they still believe in themselves. I think they come out and show it tonight.

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  • Looks like the Bulls will have to earn the respect of the media, the fans and the entire league, or at least the teams that are still in the playoffs. They will have to and got to do all of this without Rose. They're suppose to be the best team in the league, record wise anyway. If they do lose this series it should be a reality check to the Bulls owner and management that something will have to be done this off season to bring in more talent and scorers to help this team and Rose. As of now, everyone has the right to disrespect the Bulls cause they haven't proved anything in the playoffs without Rose. I still believe they are a regular season team, that's the mode they are built in. It's the playoffs and this team can't get pumped at home with all of the well wishers and emotion that filled the UC? Especially after the open letter Pippin put out there? I just believe this team is done, I really do hope I'm wrong.

  • Put heart into the game. If we reached the best record because of DEFENSE then we should drain those scorers by our DEFENSIVE Team. Noah should continue to energize. Taj to be consistent.. Ronnie should prove that he is the man who will shut down those atlethic guys of 76ers.. And Jimmy must be used and shutdown those PG's and wingmens.. And for the Nth time if Boozer is not defending, then he must be benched period..........BTW is Igoudala 100%? I know he also have an injury???

  • The point is a great one. The Bulls offense is connected to the fastbreak points/defensive breakdown last game. The Bulls are heavily reliant on long 2 and 3ball jumpers. They don't have anyone that can really breakdown the defense off the dribble drive nor do they have post play. Two things that can generate ft attempts and slow down fastbreak opportunities. The Bulls simply have to take better jumpshots and knock them down along with rebounding. They won't out athlete the sixers so they should avoid giving them those fastbreak opportunities or limit them. Doug Collins so far has been a mastermind of creating matchups in his favor. What will Thibodeau do in response? Can Thibodeau shake things up a bit? or does his man-love for certain players stop him from making adjustments.

  • A little help, please! My local Comcast (in Oakland, CA) doesn't seem to be carrying this game! Is there a way to watch the game re-streamed on the internet? I haven't used any of "those" sites before, haven't needed to so I'm inexperienced there... any suggestions? Thanks!

  • In reply to petert23:

    You can find live streams on this site....

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to petert23:

    Try bt.davka.info and go to "other links" for downloads of the game. Not a stream, but hey, it's there.

  • 1:00 (second quarter) Lucas I still in and for what? He hasn't produced anything

  • They've gone to boozed but he's going to that fadeaway jumper. Post man please

  • I see the bulls losing by 6

  • So basically, when Philly sucks, its a close game, when they are on it is a blowout, does not bode well.

    I guess that the only way that Linus(Thibs) can let go of his security blanket(Deng) is foul trouble. As usual, when it counts, Deng is an absolute ghost on offense, basically a spectator standing around the 3 point line. All-Star my ass.

    Nice to see Butler get a shot at the end of the half, even if it is only because Deng is in foul trouble. Surprised that Thibs went with him ahead of Brewer, but I agree with the move. Butler might be the only guy we have that can guard Turner one on one, we have to find out, because Turner is killing Watson and Hamilton.

    Also at some point we have to see if Mike James can play any defense on either Holiday or Williams, because Watson and Lucas cannot.

    Watching our offense flail around against their D is torture. Given how hard of a time we are having getting an open shot, maybe we should try playing Korver and Hamilton at the same time. Don't know if that is feasible rotation or matchup wise, but I'd like to see Thibs give it a shot.

    As I suspected during our games against them during the regular season Philly actually plays better defense than we do, if for no other reason than they don't have to carry the Matapussy.

    This really isn't any fun to watch, I feel like we have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Pretty much the exact opposite of the Celtics series a few years ago.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agree with out Rose to give him open jumpers Deng is useless on offense. When they needed him most not only was he a ghost but when they did find him he turned the ball over or just failed miserably. Better be the last time his worthless ass is an allstar.

    If you didn't question Thibs injury management before reinserting Noah into the game after he could barely walk has to bring major questions. There is a reason guys were in and out of the lineup all season and its the bulls fault for not waiting till they were healthy and overplaying when under 100%.

    Bulls lose in 6 maybe five.

  • Oh FFS now Noah rolls his ankle this series just keeps on giving doesn't it.

  • When will the injury bug get its grip off of the Bulls???

  • It is official, Thibs is a Cro-magnon man, he should be coaching in the NFL.

  • Wtf, Thibs? Great basketball mind, zero common sense.

  • Way to give 10% by the MataHPOF.

  • I know CJ Watson can't hit a shot tonight but John Lucas has no idea how to run an offense, we need CJ back in.

  • As I said earlier before Rose got hurt. This team does attack the rim enough to go to the foul line and get teams in foul trouble and only a limited few play with heart and compassion for the game. Deng is a complete waste of what an all-star player is supposed to be. People where happy to have Scalibrine on the team for what to take up space of another potential player. A team full of bench players posing as starters. Only in Chicago the embarrassment continues oh well at least the Bears look good and have a chance.

  • In reply to jclass62:

    Tell me about it. deng is the worst player ever to be selected to an all star team. what a joke.

  • In reply to rob32:

    Agree 100% Rose made him and without Rose Deng is a joke.

  • In reply to Chad:

    So how do you explain Deng having his best statistical season with Hinrich as the PG if Rose made him?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Even 06-07 season he was nothing but guy that needed to be setup. His stats looked better because he didn't shoot threes which leads to a higher FG%. Rose made him an All star which is crazy given the talent at his position and his pedestrian stat line.

    You don't build around a Loul Deng he is nothing more than a complimentary player being payed like a star. When the pressure is on him he disappears. We need scoring with our star out so the other "All Star" puts up 10 pts and shoots under 40% that is Loul Deng. He is a good rebounder and defender but not great. That is not a star that is a role player. Don't pay role players eight figures.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Meh, I don't think Deng deserved the all-star nod for his play this year but it was a bit of a lifetime achievement award. As far as his salary goes, the way the cap is set up means that anyone not a true max player or on a rookie deal is being overpaid. The only worse option than paying Deng would have been not paying Deng. Say the Bulls had two amnesty clauses ... would they really be a better team letting both Boozer and Deng go for nothing? I don't think so (well, unless they could turn that cap space into Howard, who doesn't want to come here so it's a moot point).

    Deng shot much better inside the arc in 06-07, he really was very good that year, much better than this year. Yes he's assisted on most of his baskets, but I don't really get why that's a knock on a guy. You have to get open for the shot, that's just as much a skill as blowing by a guy in an iso (and probably a more valuable one given nobody is efficient scoring from isos). If Deng gets open for a shot why is that all Rose? Surely Deng timing his run around a screen and Noah setting that screen played their part just as much. The idea of an assist being all credit to the passer is silly.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    You credit star players for making guys around them look better than they would normally. Just watch Ryan Anderson with Dwight Howard and without. Open looks make all the difference. That said my issue is more with management than Loul. He is doing what he can but he is no leader and the bulls have no scoring option that can initiate on their own outside of Rose. I mean they turned to Loul to try and be their closer last night which was laughable. When I say that it is a blast at Gar and Pax for leaving this team extremely fragile offensively.

    Why the F is your best option a Loul Deng outside of D Rose? Loul is a decent player but he is not worth 14.275 million. Maybe half that... You overpay for decent players enough like the Bulls have and it will catch up to you quickly. If you don't pay a Loul Deng and a Boozer then you have nearly 30 million in space. You just wait until you get a star worth that you just don't blow it because its there to blow. Maybe you take guys on 1-2 year deals in the mean time. Taj and a combo of Korver and Brewer could replace the two of them you would take a little hit at each position in the short term offensively but you would get a pickup on D so maybe the wins are slightly less until you get a star caliber player who is worth locking up to a long term massive contract.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Deng earns a bit over 12 million this year. Halve that and you basically have the MLE. Show me one guy on the MLE who is as good as Deng. Deng is basically paid market rate for what he does, like I said the salary cap rules ensure that everybody gets overpaid.

    If you want to take shots at him take them at him being and idiot and opting not to get surgery and play with one hand, because that's what is behind him playing like crap right now, not a lack of Rose.

  • About three phantom foul calls against the Bulls in the last two minutes

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    The last Evan Turner one was pretty bad, clock running down he just jumped into Asik and got bailed out. Should have been a no call, then the Bulls have the ball and it's a one point game.

  • Too many injuries for the Bulls and no go to scorer = 2 to 1 lead... Philly.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    After having a 14 point lead in the 4th the Bulls lose the game with The Sixers ending the game on a 23 to 5 run to end the game. I will be glad when this season is over for the Bulls cause its just sickening watching the Bulls offense.

  • Brilliant move by Thibs, bringing boozer in for Gibson, just brilliant, what a fucking moronhole. Result, 19-2 run.

    It cost us the game, even more-so than Noah getting hurt.

    Deng should just have surgery tomorrow, that way he might be able to actually play basketball in time for his Olympics.

    What a bunch of chokers(2 points in 9 minutes), even if the refs didn't do us any favors. Deng & Boozer Air Ball All-stars.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Gibson gave them those huge offensive rebounds which really changed the game for the Bulls. Then Boozer comes out and gives them what? An offensive foul and two or three missed jump shots from the corner which barely grazed the rim.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It's possible Gibson sat because of the hit he took to his knee.

  • Noah going down killed us in this game, and given how bad it looked hard to see him coming back this series, I think the Bulls are getting bounced now.

    Not sure if Watson was hurt and so he stayed on the bench in the 4th? Seemed weird to be running Lucas out there when the offense was falling apart, Lucas can't run an offense at the best of times and with Asik out there who is no threat at all it was a no win for the Bulls, can't play 4 on 5 and expect Lucas to create something against a top defense.

    Deng now has 30 total points for the whole series, only attempted 7 shots tonight, the decision to hold off on the surgery seems really bad right now in light of everything else that has happened. :(

  • Rose Noah and Taj is the only players that should be protected on the Bulls, everyone else need to go. This team has no heart and should be blown up, trades, expiring contracts, either or but the Bulls need a make over. Watson cant take the pressure, this aint Golden State son.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think you have to consider trading Gibson just because he's the only guy with trade value outside of Rose & Noah, and he's going to have to be paid in a year. Unless the Bulls will pay the tax keeping Gibson is going to be tough.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Like i said after the last game, this team needs to be blown up. get rid of everyone but rose and noah rebuild on those 2 core pieces. i would say amnesty boozer but atleast he can get you 18 and 10. deng is looking like the amnesty candidate as horrible as he's been. but of course he can do no wrong with so many delusional bull fans.

  • In reply to rob32:

    Yeah Deng and Boozer really need to be gone. I understand Deng is injured but even when he wasnt injured Deng seem to pull these disappering acts. Next year will be a down year for sure because of the injuries and sugeries that Rose and Deng will have to go through

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Who are you going to get for Deng though? I know everyone has talked about a swap for Iggy in the past but he's been even worse than Deng this series, and indeed this season, and he doesn't even have an injury as an excuse.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Who or what indeed, think about it, would any NBA general manager trade us a lottery or top10 pick for any of our players other than Rose or maybe Noah.

    I proposed trading him for Kevin Love over 2 years ago, when Love still couldn't get of the bench in Minny.

    Might as well start fantasizing about trades that we won't be able to make, since we won't have much to look forward to until the 2013-14 season at best.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Getting a top 10 pick is always hard though because the teams getting those sort of picks are bad and don't want to take on long term contracts. All the top teams are basically limited to smart free agent signings and trying to find a gem late in the draft.

    First thing to look forward to from here is the draft lottery ... 25% the Bobcats get the unibrow which could really ruin the pick. Dodging that is pretty critical to any hope the Bulls have of getting a major talent either through trade or the pick eventually coming to them.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Philly wouldn't take Deng for Iggy. Anyway, he is battling tendonitis; that's an injury. I don't think he's been worse than Deng this series. He had a timely steal on Deng just tonight. Plus his season has been better than Deng. Lower PPG but a solid 45% shooting percentage and 39% from three this season plus he's the leading assist man on the Sixers.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    I don't think either side would do it, I just mentioned it as the sort of return people had talked about in the past for Deng.

    And when I say Iggy has been worse I mean purely in scoring really since Deng not scoring in sufficient volume is the complaint people make about him.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I agree with you, but I would add Asik and maybe Butler to my keeper list

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Butler I would consider keeping but Asik will more than likely have to be trade bait, bottom line tho, the Bulls as a whole has been exposed, outside of Rose Noah and maybe Taj the Bulls are a very weak team offensively

  • It really seemed like Philly was going to give this game away with horrible shooting and rarely sharing the basketball. The Bulls one-upped them though. I called this series 50/50 after Derrick's injury and that's because the Bulls had a one game lead. Who wasn't bad in this game? Boozer cooled. Deng was invisible. C.J. and Lucas couldn't do a thing for the offense. Noah was playing well but unfortunately couldn't contribute toward the end of the game.. Rip got lucky on some overly aggressive defense from Iggy but shot the ball absolutely horribly (really the guy they chose to take pressure off DRose?).

    In reality the Bulls just need the next game and they should be in okay shape, but who thinks even if they got it that they'd do any damage at all in the second round? The momentum of this series immediately shifted when DRose got injured. The Bulls did a lot of talk then couldn't back it up, as much as I hate to say it.

    Evan Turner was the player of the game to me. He found a way to be effective with his shot not falling. Then he gave Philly that three-point lead on the crazy play at the end. He must have said "I'm either scoring in close or getting to the line" and he wanted it more. Then he knocked down both at the line. Stunning collapse for a veteran Bulls team that was up 13 fairly early in the fourth quarter and only scored a few points after that.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    The Bulls aren't winning the series, Noah will surely be out, from the looks of the replay that was a bad one, brave of him trying to come back but once it cools down it's going to swell like a balloon. So the Bulls are missing their top two players and their third best player is playing with one hand. If they get to the 2nd round from 2-1 down and these injuries then it's a miracle.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I know that. Ultimately they're only down one game, though. We just have no confidence in this team without Derrick. Their 18-9 record in the regular season is just that, the regular season.

    It was frustrating to see Thibs let Noah try to play twice when he was clearly limited badly. He could have aggravated the injury and who knows what else could have happened.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Well the first one was OK, let him shoot the FTs since if someone else takes them then you rule him out for the night. Before the medical staff got a chance to take a look at the ankle you don't want to do that. But letting him go out there a second time was silly not matter how much he said he wanted to go back in the game. But I guess he hit a jump shot while he was in there which nobody else on the team managed to do for like 8 minutes afterwards. :/

    I think it's the combination of injuries that's now the problem, not the regular season record being misleading. Noah means nearly as much to the team as Rose, the offense loses a lot if you go with Asik and the defense loses a lot of you try to play Boozer & Gibson together. I think if Noah and Rose were out together in the regular season we'd have gone 9-18, not 18-9.

  • Wouldn't it make sense to tank next season? They clearly aren't bringing back Brewer. They might as well let CJ and Asik go.

    Keep Taj and eventually Amnesty Boozer after next year. Play Butler at the 3 position until Deng is healthy.

    I would gladly go through a winter of bad basketball if it meant getting Rose back healthy and strong and getting more athletic and younger.

    They should just keep Rose, Deng, Noah, Taj and Butler as their core players for a future run. The Boozer era probably wouldn't have produced a title anyways.

    Get a younger player maybe at the two in the draft. William Buford?

    Then go for it in 2013. Miami will be old and you may get the kid from Europe.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    SoulEater7, Your plan makes a lot of sense. Neither Rose nor Deng will be available until later in the season. Plus Bulls roster weaknesses have been clearly exposed in not one but two playoffs. The roster needs upgrading - no question.

    Or course we know Bulls won't take this approach, especially with Thibs as the head coach. I am beginning to have misgivings about resigning Thibs - the 3rd year is Bulls option. Anybody Else???

  • At season's end Derrick was playing at such a sub par level riust and injuries aside. Where was the team chesmitry supposed to be after two key players in Rose and Hamilton basically missed huge chunks of the season?

    Looking at championship teams the last five or six years the star players or top four players are all or nearly all of them healthy that season. Again, these regular season win totals can be fools gold. Look at San Antonio. The Bulls assist game is pretty to watch, but Miami is No.19 and OKC is No. 29.

    Does anyone think aside from Derrick the Bulls have any stars? John Lucas, C.J., Ronnie, it's questionable whether they would get any burn on championship contender level teams. Boozer is not a post player. He's an immobile defender slash jump shooter without the three ball.

    The answer at a vacant SG position: Importing a 34 year old who averaged 14ppg last season, shot for terrible percentages, and missed significant portions of his last two seasons in Detroit with injuries..

    Add Derrick's struggles as well as the whole team shooting historically low percentages in last year's playoffs, and what do you have? A big question mark with no off season answers.

    Thibs, he's a defensive genius or maybe the more accurate term is savant. His communication and presence is anything but sophisticated or charismatic. Pop, Phil, Larry Brown, Daly, Carlisle, Rivers they all have a presence and a dynamic take on their ball club. I just don't see that with Thibs. He's improved his rapport with the players no doubt, but after 30 years in the league he's never fit the role of a head coch in anybody's eyes.

    I remember when Paul Pierce talked about his interactions with Thibs with a somewhat condescending tone as if he was talking to a child. If Tom strikes anybody as a head coach persona I am not one of those people. Offensively I don't think he develops players with Taj and Jo becoming jump shooters, and Boozer not even getting plays run for him to get to the basket for a semblance of an inside game. Pals like Bogans and Lucas magically appearing on the Bulls roster who are both offensive nobodies..?

    Gar/Pax have drafted character guys. They have acquired character guys in C.J. and Ronnie. They also have brought in little offensive talent however: Noah, Taj, Ronnie, Rip 2011 verison, Boozer on a huge downside, Asik an offensive abomination including free throws that make him an opponent's late game security blanket for fouls.

    The Bulls would have been crushed and exposed by Dallas IMO. Now the defense and team play of college coaches dreams have worn off their luster. We are left with an offensively talentless ball club minus Derrick and somewhat Deng. The guy's always injured otherwise he has solid offensive numbers. Boozer is way too one dimensional and a one way player to boot.

    This Bulls team as currently constructed has no business being discussed a playoff contender. They are window dressing. I don't believe Thibs will succed in the end as a head coach due to his limitations interacting with players. But he is not the core problem. Other then Rose and Deng(who is chronically injured) the Bulls have nobody offensively. Nobody. We're a long way from Tiporary aka light year's from a championship. Noah seems like the only trading piece to possibly acquire some legit offensive talent. But not someone the level of an Eric Gordon..?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I agree with what you are saying RW, the only thing that I kind of disagree with is Thibs. This is not his fault with the offensive challenges that the Bulls have. He needs offensive players that can produce when they're suppose to. His only offensive weapon is Rose and he's not even close to being enough. I have been complaining about this teams offensive limitations for the past few years now and every other Bulls homer fan seem to think the team is fine as constructed . The Bulls have always been one big injury away (

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You trade Noah for a better offensive player and I'll bet you the offense actually gets worse. Asik is completely useless on that end, he's if anything regressed since his rookie year. You start him at C and the team is going to be in worse shape even if they upgrade elsewhere.

    I think more realistically you have to look at something more along the lines of what I posted the other day, flip Taj Gibson while he still has value on his rookie deal. I speculated maybe Klay Thompson would be a trade the Warriors would do, since they're after more interior toughness and really want to make the playoffs next year so would trade potential for production. I think that's probably the best the Bulls can do, acquire a young guy who has shown a bit and hope he develops into something more. The benefit of someone like Thompson is he's cheap for another 3 years and even if he doesn't develop he's already shown he has NBA level skill at 3 point shooting so he's still going to be a useful player.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    They didn't draft Klay Thompson 11th to trade him after a promising rookie season for Taj Gibson.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    They might get another wing in the draft assuming the lottery goes the right way for them to keep their pick which would make him expendable and they've explicitly said they want to upgrade their rebounding. I got the idea because I heard Warrior fans saying its something they'd like the team to do, so I don't think its the one sided deal you're making it out to be.

  • And they will absolutely not amnesty an albatross in Boozer which kills the payroll otpions. At No. 29 the one player who looks like a sure thing as an NBA contributor to me offensively is Darius Johnson-Odom out of Maruqette. He can shoot, score in volume, drives well for pull ups etc. , and is a better passer then his numbers indicate plus his athleticism is NBA caliber. And crucially he has the personality of a professional confident, agressive, and consistent.

  • The Bulls can't create against athletic defenses and that's where the team is going. They should draft an athletic backcourt player and then sign or trade for a young athletic shooting guard to finally pair with Rose. Rip was a great player but he was born in the wrong decade to be the answer for this team. Also, I love Noah, but why are all the players on the Bulls being paid eight figures so injury prone?

  • Bulls have little options for upgrading other than via trade and Paxson doesn't have a good track record of that. In fact he is highly likely to whiff on a big trade only to lead to collapse in team chemistry.

  • Rose+team defense+rebounding is what made this team so remarkable. Of course we've seen the dark side of having only one player that can carry the load offensively and the Bulls will have to address that. I thought a big reason we struggled was the poor defense at the pg spot, let's face it, CJ Watson and Lucas III are small shooting guards trying to play point guard. I assume they try to bring back Hinrich and let go of brewer,cj watson and korver. Maybe they try to get Christ Douglas Roberts who has shown interest in playing for the Bulls, at 6'7", he could fill in the gap and does address some of the athleticism/scoring deficiency the Bulls suffer from. Personally, I think the Bulls are wasting their time if they try to go for overpriced paul gasol or ray allen. I think they need to draft a young shooting guard with Asik or the charlotte pick as bait. Teams like Sacramento are loaded with wing talent but no interior defense, they might be willing to trade their mid level lottery pick because I assume they want to win now. I would love to see bradley beal or austin rivers on this bulls team, this is what derrick rose needs, a young hybrid guard that can take pressure off of him.

  • It's tough to watch Orlando (a team which should be much worse without D12 than the Bulls are without Rose) fight like hell against Indiana (a team which should be and is a lot better than Philly). They'll probably lose this game and almost definitely the series but damn it they haven't just folded like the Bulls seemed to.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    They lost the previous two by 15 and 23 points. Hardly fought like hell in those games.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    They WON the first game. Do we know the Bulls can win one yet? Plus they came within the final possession of winning this game. How much better is Indy compared to Philly? Bulls fans don't even want to know. Call it anything you want, this team folded.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    That's a good point. Although they had this game WON and blew it. The answer to can the bulls win one is No

  • i think paxson made a deal with the devil with the 1.7% in 08 and the check is being cashed right now. Better forfeit the rest of the series before deng dies in game 4.

  • lord, the thunder just won their series... i'm down to the spurs and the grizzlies as the only teams i could bear winning the title, these playoffs suck ass.

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