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Welcome back to Draft Central for 2012.   It was a brutal end to the season, but I think we have learned a lot about this team after witnessing this.  Even though, it has been apparent we lean too much on Derrick Rose, I think it became more apparent this year in the playoffs.  I think it is obvious we need a consistent threat that can create for self and others; whether from the perimeter or post.  With Kyle Korver, C.J. Watson, and Ronnie Brewer being non guaranteed along with Omer being a restricted free agent, I expect this to be an interesting offseason.

I have enjoyed writing for the last two years on draft coverage and looking to pick it up again this year.  I am going to cover the draft a little different this year in adding a few things which I think is important for the draft.  This year the draft coverage will have the format listed below.  Teams usually have their own way of operating and the bulls typically look at core character, work ethic, and defensive ability.  While, I am going to measure drafting on what I know as on-court hustle/off-court (issues if any), this is something I don’t always have readily available access as teams drafting players do.   Again, the Bulls do a masterful job of drafting late first/early second, but need to take real risks now.

It still stings that Bulls lost Rose in which I thought they could get past the Heat, but while I will be posting prospects mainly in Bulls current range, I will be a little more open to posting my opinion on what the Bulls should do in this Draft.  I feel with the way the current team is set-up, we need to take more real chances players while still building around Rose and Noah (unless Howard signs and is traded to us).

Deng should be up for a trade in my opinion.   In fact, I think this is the time to trade Luol – while his value is high and I expect it will be a another basketball year before Rose looks like 100% Rose.  I hope Bulls will do what they can to get any value for Carlos Boozer; while productive this year, he struggles during the clutch and is on a decline and getting older. 

For the most part, the Bulls seem to be a risk-averse team; they have a really good team, but I don’t think can go all the way unless everything is falling.  Most great teams take calculated chances to get better.  The Thunder drafted James Harden when many thought they should have taken Ricky Rubio or Tyreke Evans, they also drafted the erratic (at the time) Russell Westbrook over Kevin Love, Brooke Lopez, and Eric Gordon.  The Spurs traded George Hill last year for unproven Kawhi Leonard.  The Lakers traded an established Vlade Divac for high-schooler, Kobe Bryant, etc…   I just think this is the time to make that calculated risk.

With all this said, let’s get ready for the Bulls Draft!

Criteria Below:

1) Athletic Ability
2) Size
3) Off Court Maturity
4) Basketball IQ and Will to Want It
5) Skill
6) Overall
7) Fit on Bulls
8) My opinion

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  • Welcome back. you were spot on with paul george. Epke eudoka is a decent player as well.

  • OK so what risky move can the Bulls make here? Boozer you'd have to pay draft picks to get rid of, Deng I can't really see getting a huge return for in terms of the draft. Maybe if you take on Biedrins' crappy contract from the GSW they'd give up their #7 pick for him? Still seems a stretch, and I'm not sure it improves the team to get Harrison Barnes who everyone is now saying is a Deng type of guy for his ceiling rather than an elite player. If we're talking risky move to get high in the draft Noah or Rose would have to be involved I'd think, and you're ruling that out.

    Maybe bundling Gibson with #29 they could move to mid first round, is there anybody worth that price there though? Is it time to cash in the Bobcats pick? Although of course if the Bobcats win the #1 pick the value of that pick tanks.

  • Forget about thinking of holding onto Boozer so the Bulls could Amnesty him. Jerry Reinsdorf will NEVER Amnesty Boozer, paying him $80mil for 2 years of service.

    The Bulls would rather trade Boozer for other bad contracts at a lesser price or lesser years. Teams usually can't trade bad contracts unless it's to swap for other bad contracts, so...'Bad Contract' ...for... 'Bad Contract'.

    I think the only 2 teams who have bad contracts they would trade Boozer for are...

    1) DET - Boozer+Korver ...for... Villanueva+Gordon

    DET gets another 'Big' to play alongside Monroe, but mainly, they shed 2 big deals for 1.

    CHI swaps Boozer's remaining 3 years for Villanueva and Gordon's remaining 2 years on their contracts. Taj is then allowed to start with Villanueva being a stretch-4 off the bench. Gordon becomes an off the bench 6th man where he thrives. And before people complain about Gordon making too much off the bench, realize about the past 5 of 6 '6th men of the year' were making a lot of money as well (Crawford, JET, Odom, Manu, etc).

    2) PHO - Boozer ...for... Frye+Warrick+Dudley

    PHO swaps 3 bad deals for 1.

    CHI gets a backup C (for when they decide to NOT match Asik's price). They get a backup PF, and a backup SF when they release Brewer.

  • First off, it might be hard to get rid of Boozer, but I think it is possible. Many teams still need a player to scorer and get their teams into playoffs or keep best friends happy (Dwight Howard), or interest from Nets, Pistons, and possibly Suns (which I would be happy with that trade with the Suns BTW).

    As for Deng, he most definitely would have a lot of suitors. Harrison Barnes might seem like a good comparison, but is not proven on both ends. When having a young talent with only 2 years left on contract, you have a good piece (especially young teams that need a good veteran to help them along). I bet we could get a piece for him.

    Stay tuned and thanks all. I so far have been wrong on Ekpe Udoh though; hopefully with some playing experience and hopefully he can add a little weight as I still think he can be a solid player. Paul George can be a player, but he needs to be aggressive; the only thing stopping him from putting up 16/17 and his great defense.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    I think you're overly optimistic on Boozer & Deng. You seem to be basing it purely on their on court production when more than ever the NBA is a money ball league. When even the Lakers are looking to dump salary you know money matters, these teams teams aren't looking at production in isolation but production per dollar. Deng and especially Boozer lose a lot of their value when you factor in salary.

    Surprised you feel you were wrong on Udoh. GSW fans seemed to have been high on him before he was traded and I've seen more than a few proposed trades where they re-obtain him.

    Anyway looking forward to your draft prospect profiles, with the unexpectedly early exit there's not much else going on basketball wise to fill in the next month!

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I think you can trade for both; might not be stars, but you could trade either; you could salary dump Booz to the Nets or something like that and with only 2 years left on an all-star's contract in Deng, you will get something (he is only 27 after all). Might not mean you get the better overall player, but I'm sure you could take a chance to get something better offensively or move high enough for a good draft pick.

    So far, Udoh is a big man shooting about 40%. He took a while to blossom at Baylor, but I feel he needs to add weight to get better. Big men take long to develop. However, he really needs to add some weight without losing athleticism; if he can do that, I still think he can be solid. So far though, he has not produced; showed some promise, but not produced.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    The problem with trying to move a player like Deng for a good pick is the good picks are held by teams that suck. Teams that suck usually don't want to add big contracts of mature players already at their peak, they want to continue to suck while developing young players.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Sort of; depends on the team. If you have some good pieces, and are ready to make the next leap, you want to get to the playoffs. Minnesota desperately tried to trade the # 2 pick last year and land Gasol and such.

    Portland has a great piece in Alridge, I can see them wanting to get L. Deng and he fits their M.O. Hornets were missing E. Gordon practically all year and have two draft picks. If you get say, T. Robinson to pair with Deng, Jack, Okafor, and Gordon, you have a pretty good team.

    Wizards are at the number two spot and most people think they should take Drummond, but he is high bust material also. They added Nene, have Wall, two Power Forward Prospects that are young, Jordan Crawford as a Shooting Guard, Kevin Seraphin whom started to come on as the season went along. They probably want some stability instead of taking a chance to draft a bust. Kings are the same way, they have a bunch of talent, but misfit galore and Deng paired with Cousins, Thornton, etc... Warriors have always liked Deng and I am sure the 7th pick would be enticing. The Bobcats are the exception. The Raptors might want to go young, and possibly the Pistons.

    That's my take though.

  • Welcome back Kevin. I always enjoy your draft commentary and exchanges. This should be fun. Especially for a draft nut like myself. And post D.I(Derrick's Injury) we could use some. Thanks to DT for asking you to come back every year, and you having the time.

    And yes Paul George was a nice call. I never got to watch him enough. The one game I saw was the wrong game to watch. He certainly fit the prototype of a guy who had NBA potential written all over him. But still nice call. I'm still Waiting for Udoh(ha, ha). That was bad.

    If the Bulls simply stay at No. 29 is it(?) my short list includes Darius Johnson-Odom, Jae Crowder(two Marquette guys I know so sue me), Will Barton, and Marcus Denmon. Doron Lamb and Jeff Taylor also, but likely they will be gone. People talk about John Jenkins, but IMO his defense may be too sub par to garner my interest. But he can shoot the ball(threes in volume) that's for sure. Let the prospect parade begin!

  • Off topic, but what an ass whooping beat down of the Lakers by OKC. I hope the Thunder knock off Miami. Though Westbrook and Harden are proud members of the Flop Brigade. Durant too for that matter. But I'll take them winning over Wade and James any day.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I always appreciate your feedback. Udoh was brutal; he is so mechanical out there and needs to get tougher. Will be posting soon on some prospects listed. Hopefully, we won't be picking 29 and will be posting why.

  • There are 10-15 teams in the league that would be glad to get Boozer even with 3 years remaining on his contract. He still puts up near all-star numbers offensively, and with more touches, he'd still be a 20/10 guy. For a team just happy to make the playoffs, he'd be a great fit. Off of the top of my head, NO, Washington, and NJ would all trade for him today and give up something of value to get him. Deng has an even bigger market. If Pax could move Ben Wallace for value, you'll be pleasantly surprised what he can get for Boozer and Deng.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I don't know about 10-15, but I would think you could maybe entice 5-6 teams. I do agree with your premise of the type of teams that would be interested.

    Deng could get you a good player. People say he has a lot of money on his contract, but he only has 2 years and is producing for those 2 years. He probably will not get nearly as much money on his next contract either; 9-10 mill a year which makes him a bargain for a few years.

  • Good to read that u feel the same as myself and a few others on this blog about Boozer and Deng possibly having some interest from other teams Kevin. GarPax just need to be creative and as you mentioned, take some chances now that their plan of riding Rose has blown up in their face. Deng with this Olympic thing is very frustrating, the guy need to have the surgery to his wrist now so he will be ready to go game one next season and I also agree his value is as high as its going to get so why not put him on the block to be traded. And Boozer imo just doesn't fit the Bulls system and cannot be depended on a game to game basis. Bulls need better scorers and mire athletic players and I feel like they can get both with trying to grade Deng and Boozer in some sort of package and through the draft.

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