Do Rose's struggles in return prove the Hamilton signing is officially a bust?

Do Rose's struggles in return prove the Hamilton signing is officially a bust?

Derrick Rose returned to action for Chicago and immediately played 38 and a half minutes for the Bulls. He struggled mightily in these minutes. His first half was perhaps the worst half of basketball he's played all season and amongst the worst half in his career.

He piled up 29 points by the end of the night, but in the final three minutes and forty five seconds when the team failed to score, he went 0-4 from the field, 0-2 from the free throw line and committed two turnovers and used every possession the Bulls had outside of two missed free throws by Luol Deng.

Derrick Rose took the blame for the Bulls loss, as well he should, because the scoring drought at the end was a Derrick Rose drought.

That said, the Bulls were willing to drop a game to put Rose back immediately in the role that he plays for this team. They were willing to live with the bumps and bruises that a long layoff would cause. We saw the passiveness early as he tried to feel out his injury. We saw the lack of explosion later as he tried to get to the basket but wasn't all that successful in the second quarter.

We saw him find his grove in the third and early fourth period when he was finally able to knock down some shots and pick his spots. He still lacked some of his normal explosiveness, but he found ways to be effective.

This Bulls fan, and hopefully all Bulls fans, were fine with Rose going through the adjustment. Fine taking a loss in order to allow Rose to push through everything he needs to and accelerate the mental recovery he'll need to go through in order to get back to playing like an MVP caliber player.

This Bulls fan would be fine doing the same thing in regards to Rip Hamilton. Only with Hamilton, Tom Thibodeau is doing no such thing.

Lack of belief in ability or health?

Thibodeau hasn't held back on playing a single player the entire year as they return from injury. Derrick Rose, after sitting out nearly a month with an injury that can frequently be aggravated, returned to his normal minutes and role the game he was back. Luol Deng who tore a ligament in his wrist was back playing the same way he always does the game he returned.

Richard Hamilton? Well, he's playing the Keith Bogans role for the team now. He's still starting, but he's playing just 10 minutes at the beginning of the first and third and is never seen again. Initially, the Bulls appeared to have learned caution. They had learned not to rush back an injured player.

However, Hamilton's injury isn't one that's as likely to get aggravated through play, not compared to Derrick's, and Derrick went and played full minutes. That leaves one conclusion for me to draw.

Worst case, the Bulls have simply accepted 20 minutes a night as Hamilton's role and don't think he's worth playing more than that. Best case, they're giving him 20 minutes minimum and will consider extending that if he's hot. However, it doesn't look good for Hamilton. There's no benefit of the doubt like with Rose. There's no bringing him back with the other starters and letting him get some time in crunch time.

As of now, Richard Hamilton is the new Keith Bogans. A change of pace SG who's simply in the rotation. He's not a difference maker, he's not the guy who can put the Bulls over the top, and the Bulls appear done gifting him opportunities. He's been demoted, and he will only get more minutes by earning them back through solid play.


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  • Bust? I guess it depends what your expectations were.

    To me Ronnie Brewer is a starting quality SG. He also happens to be a guy who is at his best playing flat out for half a game rather than trying to get typical starter type minutes from. It also happens to be that he seems to fit best as part of the bench mob. So we have a quality SG on the roster, the decision then becomes what to do with the rest of the minutes.

    The answer last year was Keith Bogans. Someone who plays with the starters and eats up a good chunk of minutes, so we're not asking Brewer to go flat out for too long. And honestly, after his horrid start Bogans was perfectly fine for the role we wanted him for. There's no reason the Bulls shouldn't have just wanted another guy to fill that role, it's a formula that has worked for the team as constructed.

    Now obviously the ideal SG would be more than that ... but there's only half a dozen or so players in the league who fit the model of our ideal SG and none of them were ever available, so the Bogans role it is. As such no, I don't think Rip is a bust. Well at least not for this reason (if he ends up being injured for the playoffs however ...)

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Brewer as a 2 guard you cant be serious?

    He is the second worst shooter on the team second only to Asik and apparently you have not been watching the games to even suggest that Brewer can impact the game as a 2 guard.

    He is a horrible shooter every basket he makes I am surprised and how many air balls has he shot this season.

    Bogans and Brewer two guys who are defensively very decent but on the offensive end neither can carry Hamilton jock.

    Rip a bust well he has been injured I dont call that a bust even if he is injured in the play-offs a guy that cant play is a bust?

    Come on man did you consider Boozer and Noah busts for missing as many games as they did last season/ How about Rose missing games this year is he considered a bust if he cant play?

  • In reply to BulySixChicago:

    Has anybody seen Taj when Brewer shoots? Taj seems to make up his mind that he has to get the offensive rebound as soon as he sees Brewer shoot. That's one reason he gets so many offensive rebounds because he knows Brewer's shot is not going in.
    Brewer is a very smart player and he plays extremely well without the ball. But, he sucks as a shooter in the NBA

  • In reply to BulySixChicago:

    I'm very serious as Ronnie Brewer as a two guard and I point to two things. First, look at his defense. You can't just forget or dismiss the job he does on that side of the floor, especially against elite guys like Wade. Defense is 50% of the game and Brewer is very good at that half. And while he isn't the best shooter, that's not to say he's a bad offensive player. Offense is about shot selection, spacing, passing, and decision making along with shooting. You have to evaluate all of those things.

    Secondly, the Bulls have one quite a few games with Brewer starting and playing starter minutes and there's no reason why that wouldn't continue.

  • In reply to BulySixChicago:

    Yeah he can't shoot very well, I don't think you'll find anyone who disagrees, but why does everyone focus only on what he can't do rather than what he can? During a typical basketball game you spend half your time without the ball, and on that end Brewer is one of the best in the game. If Brewer could shoot he'd be an all-star and the Bulls wouldn't have him because he'd never have signed for 5 million a year.

    Also have you taken a look at the garbage that plays SG in the NBA today? There really aren't that many good players at the position, Brewer is absolutely capable of starting for a lot of teams.

    And yes, when you bring in a guy and he misses most of your games he's a bust. Is Greg Oden not a bust because he played well in those 82 games he played over the last 5 years?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Brewer would be a great starting SG for the Bulls if Noah was an offensively gifted Center. It is too difficult for Rose/Deng or even Thibs to create good offensive sets when two guys are left free and the other team has good offensive guys. It might work in the second unit because of a lack of talent on the other team's backups or even against bad defensive teams.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Do you really think we signed Hamilton with the idea that he would play 20 minutes a night in the Bogans role?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I don't know, do you honestly believe the Bulls didn't pay attention to how crap he was the last couple of years in Detroit? Surely the Bulls weren't expecting him to bounce back to mid 2000s form.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    While Hamilton was absolutely putrid the entire time that he played, getting absolutely destroyed by Shumpert(as did Rose by the way), I am very surprised by your headline.

    I expected Rose to struggle if not outright suck on his first game back no matter what. I don't think that one bad game on his first day back, makes Hamilton anything, bust or otherwise.

    There is so much blame to go around for this game, that making a long term call on the Hamilton signing after this particular game makes no sense what so ever.

    Deng recorded 12 minutes in the box score during the first quarter, yet he didn't play a single minute.

    We missed 4 free throws in the last 34 seconds only 1 of which was needed to clinch the victory.

    Rose and Deng choked(the Matapussy just disappeared when it matters as usual), as deng was an absolute ghost again for the entire 4rth quarter. All Stars just don't regularly dissappear for quarters at a time, multiple times per game.

    and finally, the Thibaboozer cost us the game again(Houston) by force feeding us boozer over Noah, supposedly, I assume for his offensive brilliance, as the Bulls went scoreless for the last 3.45 of regulation, and the last 3:00 in overtime.

    someday, everyone will figure out that the Matapussy is an absolute zero as a basketball player(not just on the defensive end, where describing him as an absolute zero is an insult to absolute zeros), who contributes nothing to winning and hugely to losing. In this regard he is even worse than Ben Gordon, you could actually make an argument that Gordon won, or contributed to the winning of some(several) basketball games in his bulls career.

    Unfortunately, by the time that the Thibaboozer, management and the fans figure it out we will have wasted several of Rose's chances to get to the championship level. It will never happen with the Matapussy as a starter, probably not even on the roster.

    But, hey Senile Sam Smith, basically lauded the Matapussy's play and blamed this one on Noah getting destroyed by Chandler, whom he wasn't even assigned to guard, because we were trying to find somewhere to hide the Matapussy on defense.

    13 & 16 that is all that matters, since all that anybody seems to care about these days is their fantasy league stats. Nominate him for the HOF, why not.

  • Wow, one game back and this is the conclusion you come to? I think you might be misplacing some angst about the bulls blowing a game because they couldn't hit even one of four free throws down the stretch.

    Rip was never going to be a 35+ minutes/night player. And I'd much rather have two guys who can play at a high level for 20 minutes each than one guy who drifts in and out over 35+. Plus, he doesn't have a year of experience with this team to fall back on, so Thibs is going to have a shorter leash. Give it some time.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Well nobody is mentioning that during the 4th or overtime that Hamilton was not on the floor.

    That has to change and I think it will, the more we get closer to the end of the season his minutes must increase we cant have him sitting out the 4th quarter when we need that second true scorer on the floor

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Thibs played Hamilton more minutes before and played him in important minutes before.

    Every other injured player has immediately gone back to their previous role except Hamilton. It would appear that his role has been cut.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Why not start Hamilton off like that though? Surely even though the Bulls can't have been expecting him to magically recapture his old form it's worth kicking the tires in a few games at the start of the year to see if maybe Hamilton can show something.

    He didn't and now we're close to the playoffs and the Bulls are using him in the role his abilities dictate. I don't really see why this is a big deal.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    The same reason they started Deng off that way, Rose off that way, and Hamilton off that way the last time he came back.

    I don't think its a big deal per se, but I think their use of him reflects their confidence and view that he is not the answer at SG. He's just mediocre fodder who gets run out in unimportant minutes ala Bogans.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    ESPN's reporter was saying that Thibs is scared of re-injuring Rip and that might be the reason for his low minutes. That might be true as long as the Bulls keep winning and Rip/Rose/Deng establish some good chemistry/offensive sets. Honestly, the Bulls can beat(maybe struggle a little bit) most of the East except for Miami without Rip.

    I think Rip is RIP until the ECF

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I just find it funny that your pre-season prediction was 24 MPG, and you're calling Hamilton a bust because he's playing 20ish the last 3 games ... are we really haggling over 4MPG? It puts him at the 24MPG average for the season anyway.

    I mean was your prediction from the start that he'd be a bust? It certainly didn't read like that.

  • I think Coach Thibbs is scared as hell to re-injure RIP. I think RIP was brought here for 1 reason only, to help eliminate the Heat. The same reason in 93 the Knicks brought Rolando Blackman in to match up with MJ. I think Thursday if Rip plays significant minutes against the Heat, it will show his purpose.

  • In reply to argie2333:

    Perhaps I just don't think talent wise he is much better than Brewer and that is why they are basically splitting minutes. I think Doug nailed it that he is going to play the Bogans role although I have been surprised a bit that we don't see him at all in crunch time.

  • In reply to Chad:

    You really don't think RIP is better then Ronnie Brewer. I cringe anytime Ronnie takes a shot. RIP can just be a decoy for 36 minutes on the court, not doing anything just standing in the corner, and he would create so much space for others. Brewer is a great defender and plays the baseline adequately, but no opponent respects his jumpshot. RIP needs more minutes to get fluid with the offense.

  • In reply to Chad:

    I don't even see how there is any comparison between Brewer(who will not be on the team next season) and Hamilton.

    The more appropriate comparison is Hamilton and Korver, who might still be here next year.

    Hamilton was putrid last night, he has 9 games to get his act together and give us what Bogans couldn't last season.

  • In reply to argie2333:

    I hate that you made the comparison of MJ and Blackman MJ just destroyed the suppose MJ stopper, I hope that this situation does not mirror that one

  • If we win it will because Deng has stepped it up and stopped getting lit up by every star SF we play. Yes your "Contender" for Defensive Player of the Year gets lit up by every star in sight. Just recently Durant and Melo have outscored him by vast margins and done so with extreme efficiency. I laugh every time someone calls him one of the top defenders in the league.

    Rose was understandably rusty and playing against a excellent defender in Shumpert whom would have caused him trouble even he wasn't rusty so other than missing the free throws I thought he played very well for the first game back in several weeks.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Deng defended Melo very well yersterday and yes he is one the best defender at the SF position if not the best. Name me 3 SFs who defends better than him.

  • In reply to deewaves:


  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I could see Lebron and Iguodala...LBJ is probably better on both ends of the floor and Iggy is arguably equally as good on both ends, just more athletic.

    Pierce though, at this point in his career, I'd take Deng's D over his (however, Pierce is obviously better on O).

    Battier, is arguably Deng's equal on D, but I'd take Deng's O over his.

    Artest - haven't seen many Lakers games this year, but he seems hot and cold at this point in his career and a bit of a headcase. I'm pretty sure 99% of coaches would take Deng over Artest on defense and offense.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    In that list Battier and Pierce are just silly.

    LeBron is definitely better when he's into it. I'd say Iguodala is probably better as well. I'd take Deng over Artest defensively due to consistency, but I could make the case both ways and haven't really watched the Lakers enough this year to see if he's regressed more with age or not.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I think this whole "Deng is great on D" thing is WAY overblown. He works in a better defensive system than the majority of the NBA. Same reason Rose is now a good defender... Luol isn't someone who will shut you down.

    He also gets blown the fuck out by so many SFs it's just silly.

    I know Battier is a defensive after thought now, but that's because he doesn't play enough minutes.

    Pierce is one of the few guys who can make Lebron struggle... Never an NBA all-defense team guy, but he plays good D against two guys who kill Deng - LBJ and Melo.

    Speaking of NBA all-defense... Gerald Wallace, anyone? Hell, Artest and Battier were there 3 years ago.

    Deng is not who you think he is. I'm not saying I'd take Battier or Artest over him, but his D is consistently above average... That's it. I can't remember the last time someone had an unnecessarily out-of-character bad day against his D. I can recall him getting killed.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    lebron and Iggy arent better defender than Deng. I suppose you are joking when you name Pierce.
    However, Battier and Artest can defend as good as deng.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Not in order:

    J Smoove "Josh Smith"
    Rudy Gay
    Gerald Wallace
    Andre Iguodala
    Tony Allen
    Shawn Marion - Maybe haven't seen him play recently...
    Paul George
    Iman Shumpert
    Shane Battier

    Did you only say three? He is clearly not the Best SF Defensively in the game!

  • In reply to Chad:

    I'm fully on board with your feelings, but I think your list is a bit flawed.

    Josh Smith is a PF, Rudy Gay isn't that good defensively, TOny Allen is a SG, Shumpert is in no way a SF...

    Then again, I said Pierce just for simply having the keys to LBJ's game in his pocket...

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    True Allen and Smith play majority of their minutes at other positions but both have and do play at SF too. Shumpert was a positional reach for sure but the dude is a stud and belongs on all defensive lists :-)

  • In reply to Chad:

    Forgot to add:

    Ronnie Brewer
    Corey Brewer

    I maybe reaching a little now but Deng is probably top 10 for sure at the SF position but that is a far cry from DPOY category. I think he is good but way overated and limited by his lack of athletisicm which was the knock coming out of college. He gets a lot of credit for the team D in my oppinion.

  • In reply to Chad:

    thoses players aren't SFs. They are SGs.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Shumpert. george and tony allen aren't SFs.

    Lebron, Iggy, Smith and Wallace might be more athletic than deng but they don't defend better than him.

    Gay, Battier ? Are you kidding ?

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Interesting take, moronic, but interesting non the less.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Actually Melo was being defended yesterday by Gibson in certain situations and he was just hot. Who would You get to shut down LeBron,Melo, and Durant anyway?? Deng might not be the focal point of our offense ,but Paul Pierce might tell he can do a hell of a job filling in at times.

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    true but majority of the game including the game winner was with Deng on him.

  • In reply to Chad:


    Lol i agree with you 100%. i thought i was the only one who knew that deng is not this defensive ace that bulls fans make him out to be. the truth is people think contesting shots is playing great defense but anyone can contest a shot. even spudd webb can contest a shot but if the shot goes in then contesting the shot didnt matter(melo's game tying and winning shot for example).

    The 2 things that make a great defender is steals and blocked shots and deng doesnt do either great so he's clearly not a great defender. he's decent but thats it.

  • Wow!!!Doug has turned into Skip Bayless. How about giving some time for Rose and Rip to figure it out(5/6 games together). Bogans was ultimate crap and Rip is still tentative. If Rip is healthy and in rhythm, he is definitely better. Thibs has to just let them play together in the 4th quarter to have an idea. Rose sucked in the 1st quarter and you are blaming Rip for that?? Rip might eventually suck but it just doesn't make sense to make conclusions from yesterday on Rip's game. Deng sucked more adjusting to Rose.
    What about Thibs? He had a bad day yesterday.
    1. Thibs letting Rose go ISO rather than setting up any offense to use Rose as a decoy once in the last 5 min.
    2. Thibs not calling time-out when Rose fell down
    3. Thibs not getting his team prepared for early games(I know most of it is on the players). Maybe, Thibs has to try a new routine.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I think you are missing my point all together.

    I'm not blaming Rip for sucking or saying he did anything to make Rip suck. I'm noting that every other injured player has immediately returned to their normal role with full minutes regardless of their play.

    Deng has stunk up the court plenty, but his role hasn't changed. Rose stunk much of last game, his role didn't change.

    Rip's playing 20 minutes a night now instead of 30-35. It appears his role has changed, and the fact that Thibs immediately played Rose 38 minutes despite the fact that he looked slowed due to injury hints that its not because he's scared to play an injured guy.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Doug, I get your point, narrow as it might be, sort of. Your headline seems a bit over the top though.

    Hamilton was signed to be a role player, whether he fulfills that role in 20 minutes or 30 to 35, he is not comparable in the role that he fills to either Rose or Deng, or Noah for that matter. His role, is most similar to that of the Matapussy, only we were hoping that he would not suck quite as badly.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Pay attention Doug. Narrow view points and being over the top are his specialty. Fortunately, we can all have a good laugh at the time-honored hilarity of Matapussy.

  • Tough to lose that one when we had it in the bag with 3 minutes left. But overall just good to get Rose back in a the groove. He'll be much better tomorrow night at home looking for revenge on this Knicks team.

    I do agree we need to let Rip play more in crunch time to see if he make a differnce. I'm hoping Thibs' plan is to increase Rip's minutes these last 9 games particularly at the end of games. If both Rose and Rip stay healthy and on the court this stretch run things could work out pretty well for the Bulls. Both guys legs should be relatively fresh for the playoffs. Now its time to get the chemistry going.

    Go Bulls!

  • We have to give Hamilton-Rose a bit more time before we judge the combination. Just as long as they remain healthy going forward, we should be ok but the lingering issue of the 2 spot will go on, especially if the Bulls flame out against the Heat or worse, lose in the 2nd round. If the Bulls can not get a veteran 2 guard via trade, they should look to package Asik+charlotte pick and target bradley beal or doron lamb....young athletic scoring 2 guards that can take pressure off from Rose. Then use their late first round pick to take Fab Melo or Jeff Withey to replace the soon to be pricey Asik. With Deng and Boozer both overpaid, the Bulls will have to find creative ways to better this team after this season.

  • What the hell were GarPax expecting ? They passed on richardson, crawford and Mayo to sign a grandfather who can't play two full game in row.
    It looks like we have the same team who got almost swept by the heat. I don't see much improvement. It still a one man show when chicago plays. I think Rose should trust more his teammates and take less shots. Deng and Boozer barely took shots yersterday in the 4th quarter. And even when they get the ball, they constantly look for Rose, are they afraid of Rose or what ? they looked completly dependents in one game. that's awful !

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Mayo was certainly not available in the same way that the others were, and Crawford and Richardson are really ripping it up leading there teams to top seeds in the playoffs, right.

    While I have generally been in favor of Mayo as more or less my first choice for the long term solution to the Bulls shooting guard issues, I am also wary, that he might just become one of those guys that we turn on once we see him in action day in day out.

  • The Bulls are stuck with the Hamilton experiment, win or lose. This will be just one of a lot of ifs along the Bull's route to the championship. The Knicks' victory does demonstrate that a team can defeat the Bulls if it has a superstar and a talented supporting cast. (The Knicks did it without Stoudamire and Lin. ). Having someone like Chandler in the paint to neutralize the Bulls typical rebounding edge, of course, helps a lot too.

  • The idea of Hamilton as a bust is a non issue, as Thibs is consistent with his ideas: if someone is contributing then they play.. If not, they sit their asses down.

    You see Joakim sitting down as well, some nights he could be thought of as the heart of this team. Boozer was playing and some nights he could be seen as other things.

    Look, Hamilton was brought in as a means to an end. Hopefully that bears fruit in the ECF and the Finals. Its not a bust until we fall short of any of those goals.

    Rip is a veteran who knows the effort its gonna take and fresh legs might make that goal a whole lot more attainable at his age. Management is vested at this point and i dont see the Bulls amiling when

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    Perhaps, you don't see Rose/Deng sitting when they struggle, but it could simply be those two guys.

    That said, it'd be pretty rare for Noah/Boozer to play 20 minutes or less in a game where they aren't hurt. It would typically only happen if their backups were completely kicking ass too. Hamilton has sat at 20 minutes even when his backups have stunk every single game since coming back.

  • Sorry wrong button. I dont see the Bulls smiling when that prized acquisition is sitting and not participating during this odd type of season. A lot of variables and too quick coming on whether this was a bad signing or not. Playoffs will tell the tale.

  • I'm not willing to say that RIP is a bust just yet. I agree that with him being injured for most of this shortened season that RIP and Rose hasn't had time to develop any chemistry. And I know Rose has been injured and all, but to miss 2 crucial free throws yet again really bothers me. These guys need to learn to make clutch free throws in the worst way or thus will hurt them in the long run, and I'm not forgetting Deng either.

  • I don't mind lead guys like Rose and Deng missing one of two free throws in the clutch, but to miss them both, can't happen. Not if you're legit championship contenders. Rose missed two free throws toward the end of the game in New York earlier this year didn't he?

    Thib's theory of "if they're not playing well then sit their asses down" I think that is appropriate in a developing team or with an iffy player, but with cornerstones like Noah, I don't think you can do that. Not as often as he does anyway. You chew his ass, give him looks, give him ultimatums whatever, but you keep him playing because in the end he's your best hope. Playing your key players period and not giving up sometimes has to be done.

    I do think Thibs is somewhat misguided on this issue and his emphasis on being in 'control' clouds his judgement. That said, overall his demeanor thi year has been good and befitting a top flight coach. But I do see this as a remaining flaw or a lesson yet to be learned.

    The RIP issue I agree with Doug that Thibs doesn't trust him, but that doesn't mean he doesn't think he isn't the better player. There has been a quiet cloud of speculation hanging over Hamilton after he came back "coincidentally" and too soon form an injury to play his old team in the Pistons. Has he really become a me first guy as in his mutiny with Kuster, or does he just make some rash, immature decisions once in a while?

    Noah plays better anyway when he gets a lot of minutes IMO. Keep Noah in, and up RIP's minutes as with chemistry needing built it's now or never, you can't keep him in a glass jar until the playoffs. And Derrick needs to quit talking about how "the next time he has an opportunity he's going to make that damn shot or free throw." He just needs to do it. He looked Miami Rose in the closing minutes of that game, that's for sure.

    Granted Derrick was rusty and may still be slightly limited, but those two misses at the line are not due to rust. Nor Deng being "tired."

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    For some reason, Noah was off yesterday. I think it is the early morning/afternoon thing with his energy and hopefully playoffs will ensure he has that focus and energy. Chandler is good but not that great to dominate Noah like yesterday. That said, if Noah doesn't make his shot consistently ...a mobile guy like Chandler will double team Rose along with a big guard like Shumpert in the last few minutes of a game. Rose has to throw up ridiculously impossible shots. Miami will use LeBron/Haslem or LeBron/Bosh or LeBron/Anthony to do the same to Rose if Noah doesn't make his man stick with him.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Noah was likely hungover.

    He loves him some Manhattan(s).

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    And noah will never make his man stick with him. he's not a threat offensively, never will be. this is why thibs needs to design plays were rose is without the ball, bring in watson to handle the ball. if he continues with the rose iso b.s. The bulls ain't winning a title. they may even be eliminated before the eastern conference finals by teams like n.y. or indy, both who are more talented all around than chi.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Chandler didn't dominate Noah, you fool.

    You and Chad should really watch the games before commenting, not just check the box score afterward.

    Chandler dominated boozer(whom he was matched up against most of the day) who just like all big dogs is the real mid day snoozer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Ok...I have never responded to your rants. Everybody who is a Bulls fan knows that Boozer sucks on defense. But, calling others as fools is something I don't do. You can have your opinion and dont' make that as absolute fact. It is just a game. I agree you are the ultimate authority on the Bulls and should be replacing Thibs as the coach.
    Gimme a break and get a life.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I don't usually respond to your posts either, but this one was particularly egregious(or foolish) due to the blatant disregard for the most basic of facts. It violated even the most generous everybody gets their opinion rule so badly that it required a response. Could I have left out the fool part, I suppose that I could have, and maybe I'd be the better person for doing so, but since you responded in kind, as a true fool would, it's on. That and the fact(or is it just the opinion of most everybody here)that you suffer from NDS, Noah derangement syndrome, which some might say is foolish on it own merit.

    Your comment was in point of fact foolish, because the fact is that from the opening tip boozer was the player that Thibs assigned to "guard" Chandler.

    This is not my opinion, it is an easily verifiable fact, one that doesn't require a Mensa membership to discover.

    Therefore your statement that Chandler dominated Noah is absolutely factually false, not just a poor(dare I say foolish) opinion. It is in actuality, by definition, ignorant, ignorant of the fact that Noah was not the assigned primary defender on Chandler(as boozer was) thus unable to be dominated by Chandler. Stating that Chandler dominated him would be generously described as foolish, others might be more harsh..

    Unless of course, in your "opinion", evidence be damned boozer was not assigned by Thibs to guard Chandler, and in your "opinion" Noah was indeed guarding Chandler, then you might not be a fool, but you might just be deranged, which many of your posts(or are they rants, what is your opinion) suggest that you are.

    Just because my "opinion" is different from yours(thank god) doesn't make mine a rant, and calling my opinion a rant is not essentially different than calling someone a fool, especially when the fool can be proven to be one by the obvious and objective facts of the situation, i.e. Chandler dominating Noah when in fact he was "guarded" by another player. Am I ranting or was your statement factually foolish.

    Whom is it that you are agreeing with about me replacing Thibs as coach, that on its face would also seem to be the statement of a fool.

    So why don't you give everybody on this site a break, and get some facts before you post your opinions or take umbridge at others. Solid opinions are generally formulated from solid facts, those who don't do so are often proven to be fools

    It is almost always the people like you, who think that everything in life is an opinion and that nothing is in fact ever a fact despite the evidence, that refer to my points as rants, and usually resort to the get a life canard, the fools default response, when FU isn't.

    But you can take comfort in the fact that Senile Sam Smith appears to agree with your take on the game, then again he probably feel asleep on the couch before tipoff.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Especially since he seems to apply this double standard, much more harshly to Noah than he does to the Matapussy.

    He will sit Noah(as he did yesterday) for one play(apparently this time, getting his shot blocked by chandler).

    If he applied this exact same standard to the Matapussy, he would never even play 10 minutes a game, actually he would never get off the bench.

    If Thibs has a whipping boy, it sure seems to be Noah. While I am not a fan, I guess if he has to have one, Noah is a better man to handle it since he isn't a phony bully or a pussy.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Great posts BigWay!
    I had a busy day yesterday, did some running around and didn't get home here in New York until late Monday night. But glad to know that there's one sound and non-senile man on this Blog.

    I think we have to focus on Thibs and the way he handles this team which can win a championship this year. We know its faults which lie in the form of people like Boozer, but Thibs is beginning to seriously worry me, and if Reinsdorf and Paxson are reading this I'm sure they, like me, have the same worry.
    For him to embarrass Noah at his birth home in New York by restricting his playing time is unforgivable and shows that Thibs is a volatile head case. He did the same thing last year in the playoffs against the Heat, and we know what was the result there.

    Noah came into this game playing some of the best ball of any player on this team, and what Thibs did seems personal. He seems to be the sort of guy who stores up olds grudges and looks for situations where he can remind you who is boss.
    I'll say this now, The only way the Bulls don't win the NBA title this year is if Thibs lets his ego get in the way. Andy I think Reinsdorf has the same feeling and they will deal with Thibs at the end of the season.

  • It's pretty ridiculous how many late game free throws Rose misses. He missed two last night that would have iced the game. He miss two this season against the heat which would have probably won the game. He missed one last year against the clippers which would have sent the game into overtime. He missed two against the Cavs in the 2010 playoffs (they still won). He missed two against the Celtics late in the game in the 09 playoffs and still won and last but not least he missed a clutch free throw that would have most likely won the national championship when he was at Memphis against Kansas. He better figure this our soon or we are in trouble.

  • I wasn't saying that Rolando Blackman was a Jordan stopper, no one was, but he had a reputation of playing MJ tough throughout his career. MJ said it himself. Plus he made MJ work on the defensive end running him through so many screens. Doesn't that sound familiar. RIP has always played DWade tough throughout his career. Unfortunately for Blackman, he faced many injuries in 93 that limited him throughout the season.

  • I won't be as hard on Rip as I initially felt during the offseason when I first heard about the acquisition. I knew the free agent market was fairly thin, and I didn't really want the Bulls to make a hasty move for the short term(basically, I didn't want to see them trade away any of the core guys for the sake of an attempted title run in a shortened season). However, at "mid point" this year, I do think a trade for a SG was needed...and I was hoping at this season's trade deadline that they would've had an idea of what/who was movable. Especially after pretty much seeing what you're gonna get from Rip on-court, and now know what your perimeter backups can & can't offer in terms of taking pressure off Rose at times.
    Bottom line: Bulls should've made a strong move for O.J. Mayo. Clearly, he's the sort of off the ball guard needed to fill the complementary role to Derrick. And form one heck of a young, talented backcourt. There were rumors that he was on the radar since he's not likely to re-sign in Memphis. As much as i wanted to believe Rip would bring veteran leadership & savy for a title run, I just think our Bulls would've made a stronger and possibly long term statement by aquiring Mayo. Just my opinion...wishful thinking on my part.

  • Actually, I have to disaggree with the general sentiment that there was something wrong with Noah or his play. He didn't have it on the offensive end, but there was a sequence of several possessions in the third quarter(I believe) when he single handedly shut down, Melo, their power forward, Landry Fields, their small forward, and Shumpert and/or JR Smith their shooting guards, including multiple blocked shots.

    anybody else on the Bulls doing that, ever, at least since the Scottie Pippen days.

    In fact the Noah problem, if there is/was one, is totally caused by the Thibaboozer problem.

    The Bulls spent nearly the entire first quarter trying to figure out 2 different crossmatch problems caused entirely by the putrid presence of the Matapussy.

    The first was the everyday problem of figuring out where to hide the Matapussy on defense. The Thibaboozer went with the usual solution, putting the HPOF(that is the closed that he will ever get to the HOF) on Chandler, which ultimately lead to Chandlers unique double double 16 & 10(offensive rebounds).

    Secondly, because the Knicks now have Melo playing power forward, he was now guarding the Matapussy, creating what in effect for the Bulls was a 3 card monty cross match.

    on offense(for the bulls) the Knicks went with a straight up positional defense with Melo on HPOF, Chandler on Noah, and Fields on Deng. on defense the Bulls had HPOF on Chandler(power forward on center), Deng on Melo(small forward on power forward) and Noah on Fields(Center on small forward). In fact for a good part of the game, the bulls didn't seem to know what to do with Noah, all to accommodate the HPOF.

    This was the entire reason that the bulls fell behind by 21 points in the first quarter, as the Knicks got nothing but uncontested shots as the Bulls lost everybody in transition from offense to defense.

    Horrible job by the Thibaboozer and the individual players not reacting better to this. The situation stabalized and the bulls got back into the game the second that Melo and/or Chandler left the game.

    I am stunned that no one anywhere has mentioned this, it could not have been more obvious, and cost us the the game, early, late and often. It could well have been the reason that both Taj and Deng misplayed each of Melo's game tying/winning 3's. On both plays they appeared too timid to extend the defense beyond the 3 point line, which is what they were clearly supposed to do, in order to force Melo to either give up the ball or force him to drive inside the 3 point line.

    All of this stems primarily because the Thibaboozer is forced to go to extra ordinary measures to justify playing and paying that human piece of feces known as the Matapussy $75 million, regardless of his lack of individual effort and total lack of adherence to team play principles, and the obviously disastrous results on the court for everybody else forced to play with him.

    The Bulls despite all their horrid play would have won that game going away had the Matapussy not played a single minute, despite his "awesome" statline.

    I will wait until after the "unexpected" flameout in the playoffs for the rest of the world to join me, whether that occurs in the first round, the second round, or the ECF.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Again big, big points BigWay, I'm sure Reinsdorf pays particular attention to your assements regarding the Bulls. Keep it up!

  • 1) The loss in NYC was frustrating because is could and should have been a win.
    2) 0 for 4 in the last minute FTs was, statistically, about a 1 in 128 event (1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4 = 1/128). However, I saw Jack Sikma, a 93% FT shooter, miss 4 in a row against the Bulls in Milwaukee years ago, and the Bulls took the game by 2 points. That was even more improbable. It happens.
    I do agree, tho, that Rose has missed a number of critical FTs at the end of games.
    3) If I read these comments today without knowing the season the Bulls have had, I would think they were in the cellar! Aren't they in 1st place, despite a ton of injuries? How is this possible if everyone on the team is basically a crap player?
    4) The jury is still out on Rip - we'll see in the playoffs.
    5) Boozer and Deng have both won some games for the Bulls. They deserve more appreciation. Commend a guy every time he does something well and you'll see more of it!

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Crummy math, huh? Should be 1 in 256. O well, I'm old and the mind goes on a mid-game break at times, which happens with NBA players too.

  • It's troubling that Rip couldn't exploit his matchup yesterday with Baron Davis--the PG--on him. That's something the Bulls need from Rip. Unfortunately I expect little from old man Rip. The Bulls better be serious about bringing in a competent SG next year if they are at all serious about winning.

    I think the Bulls are pretty much cooked if they don't have home court against the Heat, with the way the Heat have played at home this season. DRose coming off injuries, old man Rip, torn ligament - no rest Deng, Loozer, and no offense + can't play against good centers Noah can't.... damn.. I'm ragging on them too much. It's just that the Bulls are on the cusp... I don't want them to dwindle away their window being one player away!

  • fb_avatar

    It's not fair to call Hamilton a bust. You gave only two options for why Hamilton is only playing 20 minutes a game instead of a starter role, but there are more than two. Hamilton has been hurt all year, he probably isn't in good enough condition to play 35 minutes yet, especially since he's what, 34 years old? Obviously he hasn't measured up, but this is the first time he has had an injury-riddled season in his career and it's unfortunate. If he can stay healthy, but still doesn't produce in the playoffs, then we can call it a bust, but it's too early to do that right now. You can't really compare Deng's injury because it isn't a lower-extremity issue, and it can't get any worse, so there was no reason for him to play only 25 minutes a game. And as for Rose, I thought he played about eight too many minutes, but it was an overtime game so he would have only had 33 at the end of regulation, not too bad there. Not too mention he is 12 years younger.

  • fb_avatar

    I dont think it means anything yet! I tghink the bulls will dispose of the knicks tonight and a good bet would be to take the bulls on th emoney line and the knicks with th epoints as well as the heat on the money line! come chekc out why on my blog!

  • Rip's got a long way to go to get the chemistry going and his performance at the same time. His ballhandling, post game, and passing are excellent. But he's routinely missing wide open 6 foot jumpers and his 3 pointer is for display purposes only. And it takes awhile to get integrated into Thibodeau's defense. Boozer didn't start looking comfortable in it for better than a season, about early February this year.

    Meanwhile, how long can you keep benching Ronnie Brewer for starters in name only? Even a good coach, with a good team will start to lose guys if you don't reward them with opportunity when they've been grinding for the team. Ronnie should be the starter right now. Not just for stability, not just because his jumper is improved, not just because he's got the best rapport to get Boozer going...but more than anything because he's the guy who's paid his f&%#ing dues!

  • Whew, i look away for some time to check back and this here blog is playoff intensity. Whoa! We have ripped apart flaws of heroes and villans. Agreed and Disagreed to one hell of a degree and aint shit settled yet..

    All thats missing now is pitchers of beer, platters of food, and big screens in every direction- oh and Bulls winning their 7th banner. Oh, wouldnt life be complete then??
    I mean until Next Year , right?

  • as i said all along, Rose is way too overrated, and can't handle the ball, and has more T/Os than assists in many games. Lin or Rondo is much better than him. If Rose didn't play in the last game, we would have won for sure. Trade him for Rondo already.

  • They signed Rip primary for the playoffs and Miami. He's given Wade problems in the past and creates movement offensively and I think it's about time Thibs plays him more so he can get some timing on his shot. Until he proves a bust in the playoffs it's too early to say. Rip will show up when the lights are bright. He's a mercenary for the playoffs.

  • Rip's ears must have been burning from this blog.
    Rip had his best game as a Bulls against Knicks. 20pts, 5 assists.
    Hope he can continue to play well. It was incredible to see another offensive weapon on the floor.

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