Derrick Rose thinks he'll play in the regular season - panic time?

Derrick Rose thinks he'll play in the regular season - panic time?

K.C. Johnson asked Derrick Rose whether he'll play in the regular season, and Derrick Rose's response was "I think so". The words of an athlete frustrated by constantly being asked about his injury or the words of one constantly frustrated by the injury? Sadly, the later feels more likely.

April Fool's day is over, so now the title is no joke, Rose's comments should scare Bulls nation to the core. The situation seems awfully similar to Kevin Garnett in 08/09 who was simply day to day forever until he was ruled out of the playoffs.

You can see the full video clip here. I'll say this, Rose did at least sound upbeat while answering, but the fact that he's still doing little running and has no real timeline on his return can't be encouraging.

At this point, he'll almost certainly miss week, and we'll just have to see what happens. I think it's likely Rose returns prior to the end of the regular season unless there is another injury the Bulls medical staff hasn't disclosed, but let's start imagining various doomsday scenarios.

If Rose were to miss the first round of the playoffs, and the Bulls were able to advance out of it, he would have rested about eight and a half weeks before the start of the second round. It seems likely that his injury would recover by that point, so there's a decent chance that if he were to miss the first round he might still come back for the second and/or ECF.

Who could the Bulls beat in round 1?

Chicago could trivially beat the Knicks or Bucks without Rose, and if they can hang on to the one spot without him, they'll face one of those two teams. Thus hanging on to the #1 seed becomes far more important. If the Bulls end up in the #2 slot, their opponent could be just about anyone.

Presently just two games separate Indiana (5) and Philadelphia (7) with Boston (4) only separated by one game, but sitting in the fourth spot as the third division leader. The Bulls could reasonably face any of the three or Atlanta in the first round if they fall to the number two spot in the standings.

With 12 games left to play, their magic number on the #1 seed is 11 which really doesn't say much outside of the fact that they're holding on to a very tenuous lead.

A game against any of teams presently poised as a possibility for the seven slot would be a winnable contest without Rose, but I think the Bulls might be underdogs in all four situations.

I think Chicago would have the biggest edge on Boston with their ability to control the glass and Boston's inability to do so, but Boston has such polished veterans and can play both ends of the floor that they'd still likely have the upper hand.

Philly would overrun out backcourt with their athleticism, but they can go into long stretches of an inability to score much like our Bulls team without Rose.

Indiana is probably the most fearsome group of the four because they have a couple of consistent scorers, an offense that can score from all five positions, and a ton of perimeter defense. I don't think a Roseless team is likely to beat the Pacers.

Atlanta's a dyslexic team that could show up and kill you or completely fall apart, and I'd have no idea what to expect from them come playoff time. Whether the Bulls team wins or not would likely depend more on which Atlanta team they face as the Hawks run so hot and cold.

The good news about round two is it's no worse than round 1

The Bulls would face one of the above mentioned teams or the Orlando Magic, and I think Chicago actually stands a decent chance against the Magic even without Rose. Orlando relies heavily on Dwight, but that hasn't been a recipe for playoff success, and the Bulls have enough front court depth to frustrate him over a series.

The Magic don't have anyone else consistent on the perimeter, and I think the Bulls would stand a fair shot at beating them. Granted, there's plenty of reasons to believe the Magic could take out the Bulls as well, and as I described above, the Bulls could fall to any of those teams.

The miracle playoff run ends there if Rose isn't back

Chicago won't get past Miami without Derrick, they just won't. However, this point represents about 10.5 weeks since the initial injury, and while I suspect Rose is still two to three weeks away, this likely represents nearly eight weeks from today. It's hard to imagine Rose not being ready at that point unless the information regarding his injury has been purposefully deceptive.

Of course the Bulls will need and want Rose back earlier in order to get some type of chemistry together.

In other injury news, Hamilton held out by Thibodeau

Thibodeau says Rip is ready to go, but he's holding him back to make sure that he's healthy. He presumably wants to see Rip take on more hits in practice and still feel okay the next day. Unlike Rose, I think it's fair to say that Rip will probably make his return soon.

While it hasn't been officially stated, I'd be quite surprised if Hamilton goes tonight. If he didn't show Thibodeau enough to play Sunday then he'll have no opportunity to really show him much prior to tonight's tip off. After tonight's game, the Bulls have two off days in which they can practice and Thibs can fully test out how healthy Hamilton is.

If Hamilton passes the test he would play against Boston on Thursday, but the Bulls wouldn't be crazy to rest him in that game if any concerns remain given that there are two more off days following it until Sunday's tip off against New York. At this point, I think Rip's likely to return in one of those two games though as once the player says he's ready to go, it's tough to see management holding him out for more than one additional week.

If Hamilton can come back and play well, it will ease some of the burden on the Roseless Bulls and increase the odds of them beating some of those middle of the pack teams above. Hopefully Rip can return, stay healthy, and contribute at a high level.


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  • Surely he should be back for the playoffs if it's just a groin strain given the time frame ... could the Bulls really cover up a more serious injury this well (eg osteitis pubis)? And why would they?

    I'm more worried about how close to 100% he'll be for the playoffs than the not coming back at all scenario. A gimpy Rose, Rip and Deng looks likely so even if the Bulls have the full team on paper does that leave them with enough?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    A severe groin strain can still be three months, so you never really know.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    A severe strain doesn't really fit with him being able to play out the game he injured it in.

  • 1. Rose's words are not encouraging. I don't know if he is frustrated and kind of saying in a depressed way or he is hoping on a miracle to cure his groin issues.
    2. The fact that he has not practiced or ran shows it is not healed. Atleast we had a better idea with Rip because of his ability to lift his hand or not. The only hope is Rose didn't look like he was limping yesterday compared to the walk he did last week.The camera was focused on his back/legs yesterday too close to tell correctly though.
    I am hoping for Noah or Boozer to blurt out something if the reporters press them. They are the two guys who seem to leak out info by chance compared to the other "company" guys.

  • He also told Ric Bucher that he hopes to be back sometime next week. I think we are approaching the point where this is concerning for the playoffs, but I don't know that we should read into his statements too much when he says "I think" I'll play in the regular season when he then says "next week" to some one else on the same day. It may have been more of how the question was asked to you think you'll play in the regular season? (yeah, I think so)...when do you think you'll be back? (next week).

    It is interesting and scary though to run through the potential playoff scenarios without Rose. I think any of those first and second round possibilities are toss ups without Rose. We've seen this Bulls team play great without Rose and bad, but what we don't know is how much the opponents will step it up for the playoffs. I fear that these other teams still have a "playoff" gear that they haven't hit yet, but I think we've already seen the top gear of this Rose-less Bulls team (obviously, not yesterday, but we have seen it). I wouldn't be surprised if we see a quick 1st round exit for the Bulls if Rose isn't ready by then.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    I'm not sure if Ric really had his own quote or if he was piggy backing off of other quotes though, and even so Rose saying he hopes to play sometime next week isn't all that encouraging to me either. It means he still has no idea, but just hopes it gets better.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Ric's was an interview that they showed during the game, I think during the first half after a commercial/timeout. I agree, still not encouraging though. I guess I'm just trying to stay positive and hopeful about it that's all.

  • The bulls aren't being up front about Derrick's injury. I think it's far worse than their letting on. I think he's done this season and post season. He had Internal bleeding..Iv'e never heard of that with a pulled groin. I mean it seems like he's not even kind of close. KC reported this morning that he's seen him run but it hasnt been good. Hard to imagine that by next week he will be ready to return. he hasn't practiced or anything. Granted he will be rested if (when) he returns but this just seems like there is something we're not being told. Bulls need atleast a 6-6 finish to the season to hold on to the 1 seed. Hard to see that happening if Derrick and Rip can't return

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    I have hard the internal bleeding thing, but I have seen no source for this information.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    On the March 24, 2011 blog, I posted here when it was broadcast on AM-1000 radio (the local ESPN affiliate in Chicago) at the end of the second Toronto game which was played in Chicago.

    At the end of the radio broadcast of the Bulls game, announcer Bill Wennington said he had personally spoken to Derrick Rose who told him about the groin injury and that blood had collected in the area (i.e. internal bleeding). Wennington indicated that the groin injury was rather severe and that Rose would be out a while.

    I too am skeptical about this talk of Rose returning for "the next game" or even making any kind of predictions for a return date when Rose isn't even running normally yet - let alone practicing at full speed.

    It is being reported that Rose can now walk without limping, whereas a week ago that was not the case. The beat reporters who travel with the team seem to have the most reliable information as they are around the players so much they can observe their movements and behavior.

  • Ill say the unpopular,"If Derrick Rose is injured, then he shouldnt play."Simple as that. It is obvious that its serious,plain to see he wont have his speed or quickness. If there is no explosiveness in him why trot him out to let Indiana and Philly and Miami thump on him.

    That saying that 80-90% of someone is better than most is complete BS. A Derrick Rose not able to run or give us that 40inch vertical is a sitting duck, an absolute sacrifice. If he cant do it, he shouldnt have to... and have us bitch and moan all off season about what he DIDNT do.

    This is ultimately up to GAR/PAX to give us more options . Courtney Lee, OJ Mayo,Eric Gordon , what can we do to get us more talent? And why do our competitors seem to have more talent while we grind things out with grit and desire?? I just see what happened yesterday and ask would one man have made a difference?

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    I agree. If he isn't 100% then whats the point.

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    I'm always asking myself that, mummu. Particularly when I look at these teams and the talent base that they have. Not just the top contenders like OKC, but the teams just playing around too like the Hawks and Pacers. Their starting lineups are just stacked. The Bulls never underachieved to the point that most of these teams did to consistently get high-level draft picks (besides the DRose blessing). It really hurts the Bulls and makes free agency all the more important, and all the more sad when you waste a precious year of championship window on Rip's 34-year-old body.

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    I would generally agree, he needs to be effective to play. You'd be better off letting him continue to rest and hoping to win without him and that he could come back in additional rounds than trotting him out half strength.

  • Does anyone else find Westbrook to be a douche?? Every time he does anything he has to beat his chest or say "MF" this or "MF" that. I mean no matter how the guy scores he has to say something..Be it a layup, a jumer, and especially a dunk he has to start with the theatrics. Even LBJ doesn't do that

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    Not only is theatrics and annoying, but hes ugly too. Which makes the experience even less savory. However JL3 does the same prancing too. We tolerate though cause hes on our team. Rodman was maniac but he was our maniac during the 2nd 3peat. Hell, John Starks made it here for a spell and he was theater central. Point im sayn is you put up with that when they are your home team

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    I cannot stand any and all of this self aggrandizing behavior(not that any of these clowns know what that is), For them it is just a reflection of the gang banging hip hop culture(or should I say lack there of) that they worship and glorify. That is why, as I have said many times before, I root for the team, not so much for the players, who for the most part are essentially worthless human beings, certainly no better than the average Joes who waste their lives whorshipping them.

    I am pretty sure that Walter Payton had more passion for the game, and enthusiasm for winning than any of these bums of today, and that is about all that needs to be said.

    Keep your mouth shut and play your ass off, thats what you get paid for, nothing else.

  • I think it's likely that a lot of NBA players (most notably michael jordan) are fueled by an unconcious rage disguised and justified as competitive spirit. I'm sure most of us (I know I have) have played sports better (at some pont, maybe not all the time) in a state of semi-rage. Westbrook seems like that raging type player (uber agressive ball hog, sometimes out of control), who the hell knows where it comes from...? Seems to work for him though, but I don't enjoy watching it either... who gives a damn anyway.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    this also makes for a good foul-drawing kind of player, cause there has to be something masochistic about ramming into giant people 48 min per night. That may be why Rose never drew many fouls, he is not that kind of raging masochist player, he doesn't like pain (like most people) and avoids it by going away from defenders.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    "unconcious rage disguised and justified as competitve spirit" That makes no sense (at least to me) And if you're playing sports in a "state of semi-rage" i'd hate to be in your rec league

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    as always I'm misunderstood completely on this board... no comment on that... but, let me rephrase. It's semi or controlled rage... you dont go in trying to hurt anybody, it´s simply a little fuel that get's you to play harder and be more agressive. Competitiveness doesn't really mean anything other than, losing makes you angry (to varying degrees), any other explanation is bullshit. Now, I play basketball mostly for enjoyment and am rarely in that state, but i can see how a lot of pros would be helped by it (Jordan again). Westbrook's posturing is probably a manifestation of that kind of mentality, it's more of a post-jordan era thing.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I understand what you mean. Just your phrasing threw me off. I completely understand about how scoring tough baskets or getting in a rhythm can fuel you to want to keep going hard. I get it...I just was thrown when you used the term "semi rage" but whatever

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    my main point with this, if there was one, is that some guys like Westbrook can operate at that level consistently and can throw themselves at people and takes all kind of pain possibly because they have this pool of anger (jordan admitted as much). What I meant by I don't know where that comes from, is that it's an individual thing, and you don't know why they have it (unless they tell you, like jordan). The posturing is just a manifestation of that, and it's not unusual in today's league (it used to be). Some guys are total posers and they don't even go that hard and do that bs, but some guys I guess it really comes from within. Like I said, I dont enjoy watching it, but maybe it works for them. I'd rather watch Rose, who plays a more beautiful game than Westbrook.

  • Maybe the Bulls should get Yao Ming to do acupuncture on him.

  • what makes yesterday somewhat disappointing is how poorly our bigs played. Our frontcourt is what supposed to seperate us from the Heat and Thunder and while we cannot match their athletic star scoring power on the wings. We should dominate on the boards and inside scoring but the highly paid Boozer-Noah tandem somewhat dissapears and without quality perimeter help, it makes them less affective. The Bulls better get working this off season and get a real starting shooting guard that can actually play and is in his prime.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    I do think Noah would be more focused in a playoff game. I am sure Boozer/Noah have learnt from their failures against the Heat in the playoffs last year when they were benched by Thibs to play Asik/Gibson. The issue with them yesterday and in the last few weeks is the attention they are getting because of Rose not being there plus Lucas/CJ almost neglecting them for chucking purposed or passing with little time on the shot clock.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Boozer and Noah struggled the entire 2011 playoff run not just verse the heat. Albeit injuries and rust were some of the problem. Although they do not worry me what does is that Rose may not be ready or fully healthy and that Deng has been turned into Keith Bogans since his injury. Deng can't contribute on offense right now and that is a major blow to an already offense deficient lineup.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Chad the Stalker, you're back? Thought you were under house arrest after I had exposed you as a Noah hater who goes back since his college days.
    You've got the nerve to come back to this blog. Let me assure you that it's going to get real nasty here whenever you step out of line!

  • The Bulls are not disclosing the real injury. I don't think a strained groin bleeds I read that after the game that there was blood and that didn't make any sense. Not a doctor but a muscle pull doesn't break the skin and hence no blood.

    Deng is giving us nothing since aggravating his wrist at the ASG if Rose is out and Hamilton is rusty just getting out of the first round will be a miracle let alone making it to the ECFs! Hopefully I am wrong but at this point it is looking like way too many injuries heading into the playoffs.

    We have no fire power. Our leading scorer is out and our other "Allstar" has become a glorified Keith Bogans since his injury. I just hope Rose gets back otherwise we are doomed. Doug is right in that we will be the underdog against any team in the playoffs minus Rose.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Clearly you are no doctor, a person can die of internal bleeding and never even know they were bleeding.

    This must be your personal version of the no blood no foul rule, that may be fine on the playground, but not quite the way that the human body works.

    Now we know the reason for your irrational rants on Noah, no blood in the brain.

  • Doug, sorry to say but you are knucking futs, the Bulls will not beat anybody in the playoffs without Derrick Rose, nevermind everybody, but Miami.

    A seven game series in the playoffs, is not the same as one game in the regular season.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If NY slips to 9th which could very well happen and the Bulls played MIL they would win. Most Likely in 6. After that the bulls would be bounced.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I think we could win at the 8th without Rose. The Bucks or a Knicks team minus Lin and potentially Amare? I think we'd stand a chance against the other teams, but would likely be underdogs.

  • DNP: The story of the (Injury Plagued) 2012 Chicago Bulls.

    Has there been a team to win a championship in the last ten years where the star and key players like Deng and Hamilton have been seriously injured and missed this many games including in the latter part of the season? If so, it Certainly doesn't happen often.

    Yes It is possible that Hamilton comes back relatively healthy, and stays that way. It is possible D-Rose sits out a first round series, and the Bulls squeak by where a healthy Derrick then comes to the rescue. But that would be almost a story book ending at this point. You just get the feeling Rose's injury isn't going away any time soon. And so, More then likely, we're f-ed.

    Even so the Bulls can confirm some things about their team going forward. Noah and Boozer. You wonder if last year's playoffs made the case that a PF with no real inside game(or willingness to do so), and a center with no real offensive skills, how hampering is that in a playoff setting where ramped up D and opposing team schemes wither even skilled offensive games? This year's playoffs could settle that issue.

    Someone said the Bulls will have to "get working" and get a talented scoring guard in their prime. I agree as does everybody that's what we need, but realistically they would have to trade real value to make that work with their salary structure being in tax territory. Or Amesty a hefty contract such as Boozer's. Would Noah have gotten them perhaps a prolific scoring wing still in their prime? One we would have approved of?

    We all know the Bulls need scoring period as many have clamored for Iggy, Ellis etc. i.e a scorer. But not every scorer is a character guy who will play D, and be a good teammate. Yes some guys win who are jags in their personal lives, but not usually as a teammate black hole, lazy defender, miss practices etc.

    I have my doubts whether Deron Williams isn't kind of a prima donna like Melo, James etc. Still, I'd say amnesty Booz, and go full force after him as a F.A. or in a sign and trade possibly. I'd rather have Derrick at SG if it means playing with an All-Star caliber partner at guard. The Bulls need to do anything possible to get a second All-Star caliber scorer preferably at guard for D-Rose and this Bulls team.. Keep Taj as our defensive stalwart which amplifies with Jo. Lose Booz whose limited offense becomes near worthless in a playoff D setting..?

    It will be interesting to see what the Bulls will do this offseason especially if Noah and or Booz prove ineffective in the playoffs once again. Would Derrick break his code of silence or shyness, and make a point of personally talking to an upcoming F.A such as Deron Williams about joining the Bulls? Or if that's not necessary would the Bulls pursue him as the most likely avenue for a second All-Star scorer at guard? My answer would be no and no. If not, then where do you get that all-star scorer? Because we need one. Bad.

  • Let us not react to a bad outing yesterday. That said, the pundits especially on ESPN/talk radio are all in full force today saying that the Bulls need a second star. Off-course, the Bulls have too many one-way players except Rose and maybe a healthy Deng. Finding a two-way front court player is really difficult as we look at Miami is in the same boat. The Bulls are at worst the 3rd best team in the league. How do they vault over Miami/OKC in terms of match-ups? There is no point solving a problem to match-up against Indy or Philly or NY or Lakers. I don't think there is a realistic solution to vault over Miami/OKC even with all the proposed trades by everyone including me.
    Let's not write the obituary for this season until we know Rose/Rip's health diagnosis by tax day.

  • To me, Bulls looked worn-out and fatigued.
    How long can a team continue to win by out-hustling opponents?
    We are beginning to see the answer to that question.

    Houston was hustling more and out defending Bulls. This is the kind of effort that EVERY TEAM gives in the playoffs because they have coasted somewhat in the regular season and now have something left in the tank in reserve. Has Bulls well run dry?.

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