Derrick Rose practiced, possible for Boston game?

Derrick Rose practiced, possible for Boston game?

I've recently become more and more paranoid about the severity of Derrick Rose's injury, but the recent word from Bulls GM Gar Forman is that Rose is progressing nicely and hasn't been ruled out for Thursday's game against Boston.

Rose made it through a full practice on Tuesday and may do more work today. If everything is good, he might play against the Celtics on Thrusday.

"The encouraging thing about Derrick is he has never taken a step back," Forman said. "Obviously, the injury was pretty serious. Through the process, he has continued to make progress. (Tuesday) was his first day on the floor going full speed as far as a basketball workout — running, sliding, shooting. He was in a full lather for probably close to an hour. We'll see how he feels (Wednesday). This was the next step. Hopefully, we'll have a resolution pretty soon."

The Bulls will struggle mightily to beat the Celtics without Rose, however, groin injuries are prone to getting aggravated when pushed back too early. Chicago has been cautious with injuries in the second half of the season after learning some painful lessons about bringing guys along too soon earlier in the year. I expect the bar to be set fairly high for Rose's health in order for him to return.

On the other hand, I also expect Rose is itching to play badly enough that he may exaggerate his health in order to get into this game against Boston, particularly since the Bulls are coming off of consecutive losses.

It goes without saying that the sooner Rose is truly healthy the better, as it gives Chicago the best chance at hanging on to the #1 seed as well as developing chemistry with their fully healthy roster which they've had scant opportunities to do all season long.

Gar also indicated that the Bulls want to extend Tom Thibodeau and were in talks prior to the season starting which they cut off once the season got going. He noted that Jerry Reinsdorf was quoted as saying that they expect (and want) Tom Thibodeau to be the Chicago Bulls coach long beyond his existing contract.

Something will get done, the Bulls want Tom, but more importantly, Tom wants the Bulls.

OKC at Miami tonight

Should be an interesting game, Dwyane Wade sat out Miami's win over Philadelphia with a sore left knee. We'll find out tonight just how serious the knee is because Wade obviously won't want to miss this matchup against OKC tonight.

This is another statement game for OKC, but I'm not sure it means as much to Miami. The Heat went 0-3 last year and still had plenty of confidence to beat the Bulls in the playoffs. I think they'll still feel confident they can take out OKC in the finals [should the teams meet] even if they lose tonight.

It's also a big game for Bulls fans as Chicago clings to a one game advantage in the loss column presently, and this game represents an excellent change for Miami to pick up a loss. Worst case scenario, the Bulls still pick up a game on the Thunder in terms of potential finals seeding.


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  • Rose has been sitting out for a while, what are the chances his turf toe cleared up?

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    I would think his toe/back problems are resolved or at least in a non flared state.

  • I expect Rose to go crazy on his opponents IF his groin is healed and hopefully he doesn't reinjure it! We don't have a chance to win the championship, let alone get past a few rounds in the playoffs without Rose. Indy is like us a few years back before we were lucky enough to draft our local boy Derrick Rose. Indy has developed into a scary team and a power in the East as they have made some smart moves and have great wing length that they use both defensively and offensively!
    Hopefully we get back up to full strength soon and have no more injuries to our core guys and then we can and should go all the way or at least contend hard to do that!
    GO BULLS!!!!

  • He wont play tomorrow. Hopefully against the knicks

  • It may not matter to Miami if they lose regular season games to the Thunder, but it matters to the NBA. If Westbrook and Durant(and Harden) can pound Miami again with impressive numbers and performances, it bodes well for them getting calls in a series should it come to that.

    I'm hoping they keep Derrick out for say five to six days after he's been pain free whenever that may be. If he comes back truly healthy and Hamilton can do likewise, then it should be a fun playoffs. Hopefully at some point when seeding is decided Lu will get as many games rest as possible so his wrist feels optimum for the playoff push and punishment. And Jo at some point needs to step up every game, and not dissapear on certain nights so we know he's playoff ready. Though I give him a lot of respect for his solid, solid play overall Likewise Taj with his nasty rimrocking self. and baseline J's..

  • I believe Rose’s groin injury is a ‘partial tear’ rather than merely a ‘pull.’ I have two reasons:
    1) the reports that blood had collected in the injured area, and
    2) three weeks after injury, Rose now talks about ‘scar tissue’ limiting his motion.
    Neither internal bleeding nor the resulting scar tissue would occur with a groin pull, these are symptoms of tearing of tissue - at least a partial or minor tear.

    For Doug, here is the article from Nick Friedell about Rose experiencing bleeding in his groin injury. This article comes on the same day (March 24th) Biill Wennington stated on ESPN Radio AM-1000 that Rose told him personally he had blood collecting in the injured area and the injury was worse than he originally thought.

    I'm glad Rose is making progress, but if he can't run at full speed I think he's still at least a week away. Hopefully, San Antonio can soften up Boston tonight while the Bulls get some well-deserved rest. A Bulls win on Thursday would lessen the pressure on Rose to return too quickly.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Thanks for the link, yeah, blood collecting is obviously not something for a minor pulled muscle.

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    If hes in theres is no way the celts will win, if hes out the bulls will still win and i know why, if u wanna know come dow to my blog and check it out!

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