Chicago Bullseye #187 - The Drive Home

I joined Fred Pfeiffer on an episode of the Chicago Bullseye recorded on our drive home from the United Center after the Bulls overtime win against the Heat.

Chicago Bullseye 187 - The Drive Home w/ Doug Thonus


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  • Sounds like you guys had a great time at the game and on the ride home. Good for you. One of the many things that I miss about living in Chicago, is attending games in person.

    F.Y. I. Thibs to KC Johnson,

    That's a part of his game that gets overlooked a lot," Thibodeau said. "He's not a good screener. He's a great screener. When you come off Omer, you're open, whether it's catch-and-shoot or pick-and-roll.

    "He's a big-time multiple effort guy. Often he will set a pick-and-roll and then fly back out if there's nothing there to set another one. He keeps going. He adds a lot to our offense."

    If he really feels that way, why has he had such a short hook on Asik this season, and why the fuck has he been playing the Matasnoozer at center for several minutes a game the past few weeks.

    Sometimes, I wonder if these coaches try too hard to outsmart themselves.

    With Noah and Asik on the roster the Matapieceofshit(an undersized power forward, who cannot guard any other power forward in the league) should never play center, period, exclamation mark.

    Thibaboozer needs to stop channeling his inner Vinny Del Bimbo before it costs us in the playoffs.

    By the way, since they say that in the NBA you are what/who you can defend, what does that make the Matapussy, a nobody?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    read KC too...

    I would especially love to see Asik and Noah play together against the Heat. With Asik in the middle Noah can defend Bosh without worrying about protecting the paint. When he defends Bosh with Boozer is on the court, he is caught too often out of position. He knows, just like the Heat know, that Boozer cannot protect the rim.

    Taj just doesn't have the height to defend Bosh well, so I really would like to see what Jo can do when allowed to focus on him.

    When these two are on the court together, we need Jo to get back his offensive aggressiveness. I admit offense would be a concern with this lineup.

    A big issue with Asik getting more time, will be keeping him out of foul trouble. He has a tendency to pick up trivial fouls, but it doesn't hurt because his time is limited.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Great observations BigWay, I hope Bulls management read our observations and pose our questions. There is a lot of hypocrisy with this guy Thibs. If they don't, this baby monster they have created will rob the Bulls of winning their first NBA championship since Michael Jordan.

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